Questions Asked on
January 1, 2018

  1. Science

    Explain the factors that affect the intensities of absorption in IR spectroscopy. #Please anyone to help me with explanation i have to attend test by tomorrow help me out.

    asked by kelvin
  2. Math

    Prove:- arctan(1/4)+ arctan(1/9)= (1/2)arccos(3/5)

    asked by Arpan
  3. Math

    It costs $45 to rent car each day. There is a fee of $12 How much to rent car for five days including the fee?

    asked by Chyanne
  4. Physics

    0.02kg of ice and 0.1kg of water at 0celsius are in a container. Steam at 100celsuis is passed in until all the ice just melted. How much water is now in the container?

    asked by Rauda
  5. Math

    Jesse spends 1 hour every Tuesday exercising.He spends 2 hours every Saturday. How many hours does he get in 3 weeks?

    asked by Chyanne
  6. Math

    There are 3 shelves.each has 28 books.there is also a stack of more books.there are a total of 85 books how many are in stack?

    asked by Chyanne
  7. Physics

    The RAM of copper is 63.5g\mol and its density is 8.93×10^3kgm^ each cubic metre of the metal,there are 8.24×10^28free electrons. Calculate the number of free electrons contributed per atom

    asked by Rauda
  8. Physics

    I really need some help here.please can someone explain the mechanism of electrical conduction in metals

    asked by Rauda
  9. Social Studies

    1.For what reason are Serhiy and his friends most likely to leave there village after High School? A.They cannot afford to afford to continue their education B.They are forced to join the military after they graduate from High School C.They want to look

    asked by Gracie
  10. Math

    How do we find ths next number in the sequence 0.2 , 4 , 3 , 10 , 14

    asked by Anna
  11. One of the ways humans can preserve biodiversity i

    One of the ways humans can preserve biodiversity is (blank)

    asked by Anonymous
  12. New Years

    Happy New Years Everyone!!!!!

    asked by Tesla
  13. I need help!

    1. Write a ratio and a percent for the shaded area. A 6x6 grid with 12 blocks shaded i don't want the answer i just need help figuring this out.

    asked by DJ
  14. science

    an elephant of mass 50kg stands with all four feet on the ground. each foot has an area of 0.2m^2calculate the pressure exerted on the ground.[g=10m/s^2]

    asked by daniel
  15. Math.....

    One: plz don't judge the fact that I'm horrible at dividing fractions. Two: Here's the question: A cookie factory uses 1/6 of a barrel of oatmeal in each batch of cookies. The factory used 2/3 of a barrel of oatmeal yesterday. How many batches of cookies

    asked by Abby
  16. Math

    a woman looking out from a window of a building at a height of 30meters observed that the angle of depression of a flag pole was 44°. if the foot of the pole is 25meters from the foot of the building from the same horizontal, find (a) correct to the

    asked by Precious
  17. language :D

    What is a subjunctive? i have been trying to figure this out for like ever and im in eight grade CRAZY RIGHT?!? well please help me thanks!!

    asked by Yuri Katsuki
  18. history / ela

    In his famous speech at the March on Washington in 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their

    asked by connxus kid
  19. statistics

    ⦁ Find the probability that a data value picked at random from a normal population will have a standard score (z) that lies between the following pairs of z-values. ⦁ z = 0 to z = 2.10 ⦁ X

    asked by sharon
  20. Math

    How much does Taryn charge to mow a lawn

    asked by Anonymous
  21. 11-science

    A car travelling at a speed of30km/h is bought to rest in a distance of 8m by applying brakes. If the same car is moving at a speed of 60km/h the in it can be brought to rest with same brakes in???

    asked by Pranjal