Questions Asked on
December 30, 2017

  1. Correct me if i'm wrong

    A bike was originally $240.00. The price war marked up 15%. What is the new price of the bike? A. $250.00 B. $264.00 C. $268.00 D. $276.00***

    asked by DJ
  2. History

    Why did Nicholas Copernicus wait to publish his works on his deathbed? His work on the three laws of motion contradicted the Lutheran Church. His work on heliocentric theory went against Catholic doctrine and beliefs. His work included the dissection of

    asked by Storm
  3. English

    What does the narrator of “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace” want? people to reject computers computers to rule man and animal the natural world to swallow up technology computers and living things to live together in a natural harmony My

    asked by Kaylee
  4. English

    How is Penelope's character in The Penelopiad different from her character in The Odyssey? A) she is more bitter*** B) she is more courageous C) she is more subservient In The Penelopia, which of the following BEST describes the tone kept by Penelope when

    asked by Kaylee
  5. math

    Which number completes the Pythagorean Triple of 9, 12, x? A) 5/3 B)5 C)10 D)15 Plzz Help Meh

    asked by I Dont Matter
  6. Chem

    The solubility of argon in water at 25°C is 0.0150 mol/L. What is the Henry's Law constant for argon if the partial pressure of argon in air is 0.00934 atm?

    asked by Esra
  7. Maths

    Sin theta,cos theta,tan theta are in g.p. prove that cot^6 theta-cot^2 theta =1

    asked by Sumathi
  8. La

    Which of the following text examples best supports the conclusion that Phillip's attitude toward timothy changing? The Book title is the cay. and I think the answer is d but I am not sure. Can someone please help me revise A. He share's Timothy's

    asked by SmellyBird
  9. Math

    There is a picture of a square - BCAD, and then there is a triangle EAD. B. E C A. D FIGURE NOT DRAWN TO SCALE In the figure above, the perimeter of the equilateral triangle AED IS 6. What is the area of the rectangle ABCD? A) 6 B) 4 C) 4 radical 3 D) 3

    asked by Jessica
  10. Earth's Dynamic Atmosphere

    Which of the following is the most common gas in the atmosphere? A. Oxygen End of exam B. Methane C. Carbon dioxide D. Nitrogen my answer s d.

    asked by Prisila
  11. physics

    a bullet of mass 5.0g was fired at a stationary ball of lead. the head on impact moved the 10 kg ball at a velocity of .50m/s. of energy losses due heat the internal energy are ignored, what was the speed of the bullet?

    asked by colton
  12. mathh

    using 9 odd numbers the total should be 90

    asked by trilok kumar
  13. Earth's Dynamic Atmosphere

    Air pressure doesn't crush everything underneath it because A. air pressure is hypothetical and not a real force. B. air pressure is strong enough. C. things on earth have learned to withstand the constant pressure. D. air pressure is exerted in all

    asked by Prisila
  14. physics

    if an object is pushed along a rough horizontal surface and moves at a constant velocity, then...

    asked by Manny
  15. math

    find the no of terms in an AP given that its first and last terms are a and 37a respectively and that its common difference is 4a

    asked by tracy
  16. Algebra

    If you have a standard deck of 52 cards. You pick one card from the deck and then without putting it back you pick another card . What is the probability that both cards will be 9's

    asked by Diana
  17. Math

    If x^2 - x - 6 = 0 and x^2 + 5x+6=0, what is the value of x? A) -3 B) -2 C) 2 D) 3 E) it can't be determined from the information given. I got B. By plugging in the answers. Is there an another way to solve this?

    asked by Jessica
  18. Math

    A certain college had 5,000 applicants and 3/8 of thes applicants were female. The college admitted 40 percent of all applicants and an equal number of male and female applicants. What is the percentage of female applicants admitted to the college? What is

    asked by Jessica
  19. Math

    2 adults and 4 children are going to disney it cost $107 for adults and $101 for kids. They dont want to spend more than $650 and want to give the kids the same amount of money to spend at the park after buying the tickets. how much money can they spend on

    asked by Lauren
  20. Math

    (k + 1/k) ^2 =36 what is k^2 + (1/k)^2 34?

    asked by Jessica
  21. Literature

    What is another way the government in Fahrenheit 451 is not giving people choice or freedom other than not being able to read books.

    asked by Katherine
  22. math

    the first and last terms of an AP are 6.1 and 7.1 respectively if there are 14 terms in the sequence find its common difference

    asked by tracy
  23. Math

    find the simple interest on rupees500 at 6% per annum for 1 year

    asked by Mani
  24. English

    He was as fresh as in the month of may

    asked by Anonymous