Questions Asked on
December 29, 2017

  1. AP Chemistry

    Write the formula for each of the following compounds, being sure to use brackets to indicate the coordination sphere. (b) bis(bipyridyl)cadmium(II) chloride (c) potassium tetrabromo(ortho-phenanthroline)- cobaltate(III) (d) cesium

    asked by Sal
  2. English

    The hamburger came from Hamburg, Germany, and the hot dog came from Frankfurt. a. simple b. compound **** c. complex d. compound-complex

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Calculus AB

    Which of the following functions is continuous at x = 3? (5 points) Select one: a. f of x equals the quotient of the quantity x squared minus 9 and the quantity x plus 3 b. f of x equals the quotient of the quantity x squared minus 9 and the quantity x

    asked by Mayur
  4. History

    Why was the last battle of the civil war, battle of palmito ranch, fought in Texas? (check all that applies) A. All Texan troops refused to quit fighting. B. Grant had brought the majority of his troops to Texas. C. Lee had refused to surrender and

    asked by |-/
  5. economics

    P=100-30+4a½ Tc=4q²+10q+a find q,p,a values

    asked by muhabaw

    in a stationary shop,pen and pencil are in ratio 4:9 .if there are 100 pens, find a number of pencil

    asked by RENU
  7. English

    Which best describes the underlined phrase in the sentence? Living in Salt Lake City was Leatitia's dream. (Living in Salt Lake City is underlined) a. gerund phrase b. participial phrase c. infinitive phrase

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Texas History

    Last two questions, I just need the basic details of these so I can write a short response. 1. How did Francis Lubbock's actions affect Texas' history over the next four years? 2. Which of the main reasons for secession was most important in Texas'

    asked by |-/
  9. Math

    need some quick help with my homework. "Harry rides his bike 25 3/8 miles. Karen rides her bike 25 2/5 miles. Who rides farther?" Need some help before New Years, please.

    asked by min yoonghy
  10. Calculus

    A particle moves on a line away from its initial position so that after t hours it is s = 6t2 + 2t miles from its initial position. Find the average velocity of the particle over the interval [1, 4]. Include units in your answer. I started by taking the

    asked by Kailey
  11. Question and Comment

    You do not need to answer this but: Who is the creator of Jiskha? And why was Jiskha created? I think when a bad word is posted, it should be replaced with something cutting it off....

    asked by Anonymous
  12. chemistry

    a metal p forms 2 different chlorides x and y. if 12.7g of chloride x and 16.3g of chloride y contain 7.1g 10.7g of chlorine respectively, show that the figures agree with the law of multiple proportion

    asked by Anonymous
  13. math

    write an inequality to model the situation the number n of people who ate hot lunch as school was at most 107

    asked by hannah
  14. Math - Cubes

    Consider a cube of side 100cm. Consider two diaganolly opposite points (the main body diagnol) as A and B. The cube is kept flat on the ground, and is filled with water upto a 40cm height. Now, the cube is tilted such that AB is vertical. What's the height

    asked by Arora
  15. Algebra

    Abby baked 48 dinner rolls and divided them evenly into bags. Let b represent the number of bags. Write an algebraic expression to represent the number of dinner rolls in each back

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Algebra

    Jill, Meg, and Beth are sisters. Jill is 2 years younger than Meg. Beth is half as old as Meg. Let m represent Meg's age. Write 2 other algebraic expressions based on the situation. Tell what each expression represents, and what the variable stands for in

    asked by Anonymous
  17. math 5th

    Alisha had 114 more beads than Beena. After Alisha gave 96 beads to Beena, Beena had twice as many beads as Alisha. How many beads did Beena have at first?

    asked by sreekar
  18. Algebra

    Eli is driving at a speed of 66 miles per hour. Let h represent the number of hours Eli drives at this speed. Write an algebraic expression to represent the number of miles that Eli travels during this time.

    asked by Riona
  19. math 5th

    4/7 of the children in the hall are girls and the rest are boys. If there are 12 more girls than boys, how many children are there in the hall?

    asked by sreekar
  20. math

    erin owns about 4 times as many shoes as ewan. erin owns 28 pairs of shoes write an equation and use it to estimate the number n of pairs of shoes ewan owns

    asked by hannah
  21. statistics

    Please help. I have no idea what I am doing Use the standard normal (z score) table to find: P(-1.00 ≤ z) & Find the probability that a data value picked at random from a normal population will have a standard score (z) that lies between the following

    asked by sharon
  22. English

    What is a thesis? And how do I write one? Select a topic for an argumentative essay and write a thesis (claim) statement. I already have my topic *Are school uniforms a bad idea?*

    asked by Clueless
  23. math

    A ribbon is 3 meters long. Can we cut it in to 50 cm pieces and have nothing left over? Write the reason why or why not?

    asked by multiple
  24. maths

    common tangents pq and RS to two circles intersect at a, proove taht pq=rs

    asked by Anonymous
  25. maths

    quadrilateral abcd circumscribing a circle and touching it at points p, q, r, s such that

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Science

    Insert six G.M's between 8/27 and -81/16

    asked by Nigam kumar
  27. math

    nikki makes 6.50 an hour she plans to buy a cd burner that costs 275.20 write and solve an inequality describing how long nikki will have to work to be able to buy the burner answer to the nearest hour a h>268.70 b h>42.3 c h 43

    asked by hannah
  28. math

    the cost in dollars of a concert is 7+15n where n is the number of people attending what is the cost for a family of 5 people?

    asked by hannah
  29. Algebra

    The second term of a geometric sequence is 9 and the fourth term is 81. Find the sum of the first 10 terms of this sequence. How can I find the answer?

    asked by Clueless
  30. AP Calculus AB

    If f(x) = |(x2 - 4)(x2 + 2)|, how many numbers in the interval [0, 1] satisfy the conclusion of the Mean Value Theorem?

    asked by Maya
  31. calculus1

    Let f(x) = x^5 + 3x^2 − 5x − 7, find the interval(s) where f is increasing and decreasing.

    asked by john
  32. physics

    A liquid is under stream lined motion through a horizontal pipe of non uniform cross section of the volume rate of flow at cross section a is v the volume rate of flow at cross section a/2 is Ans:V

    asked by Thousif
  33. social studies

    What concept is best described by the first sentence the Declaration of Independence?

    asked by loop
  34. Geography

    Draw a plain scale when the representative fraction=1:100000 showing kilometers and meters for a distance of 20 kilometers

    asked by Rf
  35. math

    estimate 6 4/5*1 5/8

    asked by hannah
  36. math

    plz help d+g//h for d=15, g=27, and h=7 a 1.2 b 7 c 1.7 d 6

    asked by hannah
  37. math

    which word phrase can be written as p/5 1 the total amount of bill if 5 people order the same item. 2 the price of the meal plus a 5 tips 3 the amount of the bill paid by each of the five dinner 4 the price of the meal after a five dollar discount

    asked by hannah
  38. math

    estimate 171/5-5/6

    asked by hannah
  39. math

    find 8 1/2in +2ft round your answer appropriately

    asked by hannah
  40. math


    asked by hannah
  41. math

    15pt= square qt a 30 b 71/2 c45 d 22 1/2

    asked by hannah