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December 26, 2017

  1. statistics

    A box contains 10 items, of which 3 are defective and 7 are non-defective. Two items are randomly selected, one at a time, with replacement, and x is the number of defectives in the sample of two. Explain why x is a binomial random variable. & For the

    asked by sharon
  2. Math


    asked by HIRDESH
  3. Earth's Dynamic Atmosphere

    Which one of the following statements is true about the equinoxes? A. They occur in June and December. B. Days and nights are equal in length everywhere. C. The length of daylight at the Arctic and Antarctic Circles is 24 hours. D. The Sun's vertical rays

    asked by Prisila
  4. geometry

    pqrs is a parallelogram. pr and sq are its diagonals prove area triangle sor =area triangle pqo

    asked by DIPI
  5. Earth's Dynamic Atmosphere

    Variations in air pressure are shown as _______ on surface weather maps. A. geostrophic B. barograph C. topographical D. isobars my naswer is d.

    asked by Prisila
  6. Earth's Dynamic Atmosphere

    The Sun heats the Earth. The Earth then reradiates this heat energy back into space. However, the amount of _______ in the air plays a key role in absorbing much of this exiting heat and warming Earth's atmosphere. A. carbon dioxide B. nitrogen C. oxygen

    asked by Prisila
  7. Maths

    If the sum of circumferences of two circles wirh radii r1 & r2 is equal to the circumference of a circle of radius r, then what is true 1 r1+ r2 = r or sum of their squares= r2

    asked by Sanjay
  8. Earth's Dynamic Atmosphere

    Because scientists were so puzzled by the phenomenon of energy through the vacuum of space, what did they call the material they assumed existed between the Earth and the Sun? A. Ether B. Sciosphere C. Plasma D. Albedo my answer is a.

    asked by Prisila
  9. Earth's Dynamic Atmosphere

    In global circulation, _______ move toward the equator and are deflected by the Coriolis effect. A. westerlies B. trade winds C. polar easterlies D. subtropic winds my answer is b.

    asked by Prisila
  10. Earth's Dynamic Atmosphere

    The only substance that exists in the atmosphere as a solid, liquid, and gas is A. glucose. B. water. C. oxygen. D. nitrogen. My answer is b.

    asked by Prisila
  11. Earth's Dynamic Atmosphere

    What process of air lifting can cause deserts to form? A. Frontal wedging B. Localized convective C. Convergence D. Orographic my naswer is d.

    asked by Prisila

    For the function f(x)=e^(x^(1/2)) , determine the error between the actual function value and the 3rd degree Taylor Polynomial (centered at a = 4) , at x = 4.1 a) 7.57 x 10^-8 b) 1.46 x 10^-8 c) 1.46 x 10^-7 d) 1.46 x 10^-9 e) 7.57 x 10^0

    asked by anonymous
  13. math

    Manas has five piece of string, each 1m 20cm.long.he joins the five Strings. Is the length of the joined pieces less than,equal to or greater than 5?

    asked by chanu
  14. Maths

    John bought hundred eggs for Rs.40 out of these four eggs were found to be broken and he sold the remaining eggs at the rate of Rs.7.50 per dozen.find his gain or loss percent

    asked by Dipeeka
  15. Earth's Dynamic Atmosphere

    Earth's weather and climate are directly associated with the amount and angle of incoming solar radiation. In particular, the angle of incoming solar radiation is constantly changing due to Earth's wobbling, or tilting, on its axis. This is called Earth's

    asked by Prisila
  16. communication

    I need help for coming up with an idea of a new product or service in an existing company or brand.

    asked by aitch
  17. algebra

    the width of a rectangle is 6 1/2 inches the length of the rectangle is 2wice its width. what is the perimeter of the rectangle?

    asked by diamond
  18. aneconomicsalytic metheds of

    find the max and min distance from the origin to the ellipse x^2+xy+y^2=3

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Business

    Soi had to find out what inventory valuation method Cineplex uses for an assignment, but I searched their annual reports continuously and I cannot find an answer, does anyone know?

    asked by Please Help
  20. Calculus

    I'm trying to find the integral from -1 to 0 of 1/x^(1/3). Calculators show the answer to be -3/2, but I keep ending up with 0 - (3(-1)^(2/3))/2, which seems to be an irrational number. What am I missing here?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Earth's Dynamic Atmosphere

    What is the mainstream unit of measuring air pressure? A. Inches of mercury B. PSI C. Pounds per square foot D. Centimeters of mercury my answer is a.

    asked by Prisila
  22. Chemistry

    A 2.55-g piece of stainless steel absorbs 131J of heat when its temperature increases by 152°C. What is the specific heat of the stainless steel? How do I do this???

    asked by Clueless
  23. Language Arts

    Choose the term that describes the type of sentence shown. The senior class took a trip to Washington, D.C. and Annapolis for their research project. A Compound** B Simple C Complex D Compound-Complex If not A, I was thinking D.

    asked by Anonymous
  24. calc

    2cos2x=-sinx solve for x over the interval [-pi,+pi] x= 0.6349radians x=2.507radians x= 1.003 radians x= 2.138 radians

    asked by SkiMasktheSlumpGod
  25. English

    Is 'inability' the same as 'disability'? According to the dictionary, they seem to be a little different in use. What about that?

    asked by rfvv
  26. English

    1. I'm not going to give up on love. 2. I'm not going to give up love. [Are both the same in meaning? Is there any meaningful differences between them?] 3. I want to get over my limitations. 4. I want to get over my limits. [Can we use both 'limitations'

    asked by rfvv
  27. English

    1. I made up my mind to stop playing computer games. 2. I made a decision to stop playing computer games. 3. I made decisions to stop playing computer games. 4. I made a determination to stop playing computer games. 5. I made determinations to stop playing

    asked by rfvv
  28. Environmental science

    Explain the difference between humidity, relative humidity, and dew point.

    asked by Kashwin Shiekh
  29. Japanese

    Translate= Ko nu shu ke oo se wa da. dai no kai nu oo see wa da. Hay cafhs scdx

    asked by karly barbaer