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December 21, 2017

  1. Math

    Write a ratio for the ratio for the situation in three ways, comparing the first quantity to the second quantity. In Largo City, about one in every nine homes contains four televisions. A. 1 to 9, 1:9, 1/9 B. 1 to 4, 1:4, 1/4** C. 4 to 9, 4:9, 4/9 D. 9 to

    asked by Nothing
  2. history

    Analyze the role the Quran played on Islamic art and architecture in the Muslim world. please help I can't find that answer anywhere.

    asked by hotdognibba70
  3. history

    Select one civilization you learned about during the semester. Write an essay in which you explain how the structure and nature of government in that civilization a) developed, b) responded to needs within society, and c) succeeded or failed. Be sure to

    asked by hotdognibba70
  4. English

    this question asks about your work in your reading character role. you may use your novel to help you answer the question. Think about the work you completed in your reading role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary

    asked by Rose
  5. Algebra

    Compare the function with the parent function. Without graphing, what are the vertex, axis of symmetry, and transformations of the given function? y= |10x-2|-7 A. (1/5,-7); x = 1/5; translated to the right 1/5 unit and down 7 units. B. (1/5,-7); x = 1/5;

    asked by |-/
  6. Math

    A ferris wheel has a radius of 20m and the bottom is 2m above the ground. The wheel makes one rev in 40 sec. If the rider gets on at 30^0 on the left of the lowest point going downwards, wirte the sine function to show this movement

    asked by Tom
  7. Algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  8. Algebra Help

    1. Verify that (-4, 12) is the solution to the system. Show work to justify your answer 2x+y=5 -5x-2y=-6 2. Solve the system by graphing. State the solution. x + y =2 2y – x = 10 3. Solve the system by substitution. State whether the system has one

    asked by PicturesDon'tChangeThePeopleInsideOfThemDo
  9. Math

    Calculate the percent of change of the hamburgers price each decade, and use your results to determine the average rate of change from 1960–2000. 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 $0.15 $0.30 $0.50 $0.75 $0.89

    asked by Help i need somebody not just anybody
  10. Language

    Think about the work you completed in your reading role. Determine the ideas that would be worthy to share in a literary discussion about The Watsons Go to Birmingham— 1963. Provide an explanation for your choices. How did the role you selected and the

    asked by Need Help Understanding
  11. Biology

    How is marfan syndrome accquired

    asked by Hannah
  12. Physics

    A train travels 30m/s then breaks are suddenly applied producing a retarding force equal to 1/10 of the weight of the train runs on the distance through which the train runs on the track before coming to rest in.

    asked by Naveen
  13. Math

    R is partly constant and partly varies with E when R=530,E=16000 and when R=730,E=3600. i)find the formula which connects R&E i)find R when E=1300.

    asked by Dorcas
  14. Algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  15. algebra math, 8th grade

    If point A is located at (0, -8) and B is located at (4, -5), what is the distance between them? A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8 I know I don't usually ask for just the answer (I generally give what I got) but this was due on the 6th! I was in the hospital for

    asked by Tazia
  16. MATH

    Suppose R = {1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17} and D = {3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27}. What is the R $ D? A. {3, 9, 15} B. {1, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17} **C. {1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 21, 24, 27} D. {6, 12, 18, 21, 24, 27} Please help

    asked by School Rocks
  17. Algebra

    Write the equation in slope-intercept form. What are the slop and y-intercept? -10x + 11y = -6 A. y = 10/11x-6/11 Slope: 6/11;y-intercept: -10/11 B. y = 10/11x-6/11 Slope:10/11;y-intercept: -6/11 C. y = 10/11x+6/11 Slope: 10/11;y-intercept: 6/11 D. y =

    asked by |-/
  18. science

    Should there be mandatory radon testing in schools? Which argument did you find more convincing? Radon is a radioactive element. Mandatory means like by law.

    asked by jase
  19. e.l.a

    Think about the work you completed in your reading role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about THE CAY . Provide an explanation for your choices. How did the role you selected and the work you completed help

    asked by connxus kid
  20. Physics

    A 2.5 kg falcon soaring at a height of 500 meters has a certain potential energy. Now suppose the falcon were carrying a 1.0 kg snake. What would the new height be if the total potential energy were to remain the same?

    asked by Anon
  21. Physics

    Calculate the potential energy of a 40 gram sparrow resting on a branch 30 feet above the ground. (Hint: 1 foot = 0.305 m)

    asked by Anon
  22. 6gr8 math

    It took 3.5 hours for an airplane traveling at a constant speed of 550 miles per hour to reach its destination. What distance did the airplane travel until it reached its destination?

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Social studies, History

    Compare and contrast the cultures of the Southwest Hopi Native American tribe and the west Cherokee.

    asked by Vompz
  24. Physics

    Calculate the potential energy of a 5.0 g (0.005 kg) paper airplane 5.0 meters above the ground

    asked by Anon
  25. Physics

    How much potential energy is required to lift a 50 gram arrow to a height of 100 meters?

    asked by Anon
  26. chemiestry

    One liter of buffered solution should be prepared with a general concentration of 0.320M with a pH of 5.83 : - Pyridine solution (formula: C5H5N) in water at a concentration of 1.00M - HCl solution in water at a concentration of 0.85M - Distilled water In

    asked by jehan
  27. Physics

    Calculate the potential energy of a 6.3 kg eagle flying at a height of 75 m.

    asked by Anon
  28. calculus 1-chemistry

    The relationship between the rate of a certain chemical reaction and temperature under certain circumstances is given byR(T)=0.1(−0.05T^3+4T^2+120)grams/sec, where Ris the rate of reaction and Tis the temperature (in °C). a)Find thetemperature T at

    asked by john
  29. AIS

    2. DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS Sawicki Music Supply is a mail-order business that accepts merchandise orders by telephone and mail. All payments must be prepaid with a major credit card. Once an order is received, either the item is found in inventory and shipped

    asked by UCF
  30. History

    How is the Supreme Court equal to the other branches of government? A:It has the same powers as the legislative branch and the executive branch. B:It enforces the laws along with the president. C:It creates laws like the legislative branch. D:It interprets

    asked by marylyn
  31. Physics

    Which has more potential energy: a 1.0 kg ball at a height of 10 m, or a 10 kg ball at a height of 1.0 m? Show all work.

    asked by Anon
  32. Science

    What is the difference between the number of electrons in an atom of bromine,Br, and the number of electrons in an atom of aluminum, Al?

    asked by Reed
  33. MATH

    An object is moving along a circular path of radius r. (5 marks) (a) Show that its velocity vector is perpendicular to the radial rays at any moment. This confirms that the velocity vector is tangent to the path, as it should be. (b) Show that its

    asked by ABHI
  34. MATH

    A lamp is located on the ground 10m from a building. A person 2m tall walks from thelighttowardthebuildingatarateof2m/s. Findtherateatwhichtheperson’sshadow on the wall is shortening when the person is 5m from the building.

    asked by ABHI
  35. Algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  36. Algebra HELP

    Why does it make sense for the Inverse Variation to be taught in the Rational Expressions Unit?

    asked by Hannah
  37. physics

    A 24.0 g metal cube at 85.5 °C is placed into a calorimeter containing 125 mL of water at 20.0 °C. The final equilibrium temperature of the metal cube and the water in the calorimeter is 24.8 °C. Determine the specific heat of the metal

    asked by emily
  38. Physics

    A rat experiences more inertia or a elephant

    asked by Revanth
  39. Science

    The path a star take in its life time is determined by Its location in the universe**** Its temperature Its luminosity Its mass I think its A, but I'm not quite sure. Could someone help me understand this better?

    asked by SwimmerGirl
  40. Algebra

    How does the constant of variation for an inverse variation relate to the x and y in the inverse variation function?

    asked by Hannah
  41. college computer science

    Write a pseudo code that allows a user to enter the names and phone numbers of up to 20 friends

    asked by alhassan fuseini Baba
  42. Chemistry

    Is the equivalence point always supposed to be equal to 7. I just did a lab and when plotting my data I calculated my equivalence point to be around 8.

    asked by Ben
  43. English

    Write down quotations and/or describe events from the play that will support your thesis. My thesis was Nature is important to Thoreau because of its infinite variety. and why the importance of nature was what Thoreau believe it. Please help stuck!!

    asked by Regina
  44. physics

    An ice cube at its freezing point is placed in nested Styrafoam cups which contain 240 g of water at 21.5 °C. If the final equilibrium temperature when the last trace of ice melts is 25.0 °C, what was the mass of the ice cube?

    asked by emily
  45. algebra math, 8th grade

    (Hiya, sorry to bother again! I'm not cheating this time, yay!) Which point is located on the x-axis? A. (-1,-1) B. (-4,0) C. (0,5) D. (3,3) I got A. This is correct, yes?

    asked by Tazia
  46. math


    asked by joshua
  47. Math

    Some one gets on to a ferris wheel 30^0 left of the bottom. What would be the phase shift if I am writing a sine Function? Is it -120^0 or + 120^0. Please explain.

    asked by Tom
  48. Physics

    What is the height of a 2.00 kg object if its potential energy is 100 J?

    asked by Anon
  49. Algebra and Geometry

    Can someone xplain what the golden ratio is and how we know that it MUST be irrational. What does this tell us about our Penrose tilings?

    asked by Katherine
  50. Algebra

    ∞∑n=1 -4(-1/2) n-1

    asked by |-/