Questions Asked on
December 20, 2017

  1. music

    1. Which of the following is a brass instrument? (1 point) flute bassoon saxophone trombone 2. Which of the following correctly orders the instruments from highest pitch to lowest pitch? (1 point) cello, violin, viola, double bass violin, viola, cello,

    asked by BZG
  2. Criminal Investigation

    Criminal investigation help please Discuss the searching sweep methods that should be employed when attempting to locate a bomb or Booby trap.

    asked by M
  3. Math

    Which property is illustrated by the statement. (2+3.4) + 6 = 2 + (3.4 + 6) Associative property of addition (i chose this) Commutative property of multipliction Inverse property of multiplication Commutative property of addition I know its not commutative

  4. Geometry

    1. If RST=NPQ, which of the following is true? A) R=P B) R=Q C) T=P D) T=Q

    asked by anonymous
  5. Math

    Thomas walks his dog for 30 minutes today 15 more minutes than yesterday express as a percent his walking time today compared to his walking time yesterday round to the nearest percent 150 175 200 125

    asked by HiThere
  6. Math

    The graph shows the height, y, in centimeters, of a plant after a certain number of weeks, x. Linda drew the line of best fit on the graph. A graph titled Plant Height shows Number of Weeks on x axis and Height of Plant in cm on y axis. The scales on both

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Spanish help

    Ella’s_____ inglés? A.enseño B.enseñas** C.enseña D.enseñan

    asked by Hailey
  8. English

    (Although is underlined) Although he had never tried it, Jeff knew he would like hot and sour soup. a. relative pronoun b. subordinating conjunction c. personal pronoun d. preposition

    asked by Anonymous
  9. chemistry

    2gm of a mixture of na2co3 and nahco3 on heating to a constant weight gave 224ml of co2 stp. Calculate the percentage of na2co3 in the mixture?

    asked by Raj Aryan
  10. English 12

    Identify the term that best describes the italicized word. Nobody was really surprised when the votes were counted and Frank became class president. (Became is italicized) A. Transitive Verb B. Intransitive Verb

    asked by FMSLION
  11. English

    Each year, Americans eat 152 pounds of refined sugar per person; this is 24 pounds more than in 1970. a. simple b. compound c. complex **** d, compound complex

    asked by Anonymous

    Choose the meaning that best matches the word in [] The teacher managed to talk above the [ drone] of the students’ conversation. A. clamor B. hum

    asked by connxus kid
  13. Algebra

    I don’t understand how to solve these last three problems. Can someone please help me? Determine whether the graphs of the given equations are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. (questions 6-8) 6.) y = -2x + 3 2x + y = 7 A: Parallel B: Perpendicular C:

    asked by BreAna
  14. Criminal Investigation

    Which is not a key factor in the use of reasonable force when making an arrest? A. The crime committed is severe. B. The suspect poses an immediate threat to others safety C. The suspect has a criminal record D. The suspect is attempting to flee I'm pretty

    asked by M
  15. Math

    The wheel of Bullock cart has a diameter of many rotation will the wheel complete as the cart travels 1.1km

    asked by Rohan Vishwakarma
  16. Chemistry

    1. How many liters of carbon are produced at STP when 295g of methane gas (C3H8) is reacted with excess oxygen? The other products is water vapor. Write out a balanced equation. My answer: C3H8+O—-> CO3+OH8?

    asked by Help MeGodHelpMe
  17. algebra

    find the sixth term of the sequence a(n)=6+(n-1)(-2) please explain

    asked by nani
  18. More science help!!

    A line of volcanoes occurs along the western coast of South America. Based on the information about plate movement on the map below, which process explains the formation of these volcanoes? A. subducting of one plate under the other causing melting of the

    asked by ¯\_('-')_/¯
  19. Math

    Triangle ABC has angles measuring 137°, 15°, and 28°. Classify the triangle by its angle measures. right triangle acute triangle obtuse triangle multiangular triangle I thinks it's c

    asked by Connexus Girl
  20. Criminal Investigation

    Which of the following is not a provision of the exclusionary rule for illegally obtained evidence? A. Good faith exception B. Inevitable discovery doctrine C. Computer errors exception D. Self-incrimination clause My answer is B

    asked by M
  21. MATH

    A runner sprints around a circular track of radius 100m at a constant speed of 7 m/s. The runner’s friend is standing at a distance 200m from the center of the track. How fast is the distance between the friends changing when the distance between them is

    asked by ABHI
  22. ELA

    Which of these sentences contains an error in verb usage? A) I just want to lay in bed all morning. B) I taught my dog to lie down. C) My brother set his books on the counter. D) My mother told us to sit right there. I think it is A.

    asked by Brooklyn
  23. Criminal investigation

    When a bomb is suspected of being planted in a room, how is a search for the bomb generally conducted? A. By dividing the room into quadrants, then sweeping one quadrant at a time B. By type of material : metal object are inspected first, then plastic,

    asked by M
  24. Language arts

    Which sentence uses the past form of an irregular verb friend is keeping a journal 2. Adam has seen that show twice 3. Elsa gave me this book 4. We listened to the weather report I think it’s 3

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Science Help

    A satellite image shows a portion of the Namib Desert in Africa. This is an ancient, sandy desert with dunes that can be up to 305 m tall. The Namib Desert extends inland from the Atlantic Ocean between 80 km and 200 km and receives only 5 mm to 76 mm of

    asked by ¯\_('-')_/¯
  26. social studies

    What percentage of the worlds earthquakes and active volcanoes occur on the "ring of fire"? 1: 10% 2: 20% 3: 50% 4: 80% **** Is this answer correct.

    asked by helpmeplease
  27. Sosial Studies

    Describe the political and cultural history of the Iran, Turkey, and Cyprus. ~~~My Answer~~~ Cyprus is an Island in Mediterranean Sea. Iran is Ringed in mountains with the Iranian Plateau in the middle. Turkey located on two continents, Europe and Asia.

    asked by Essme
  28. Science

    A boat is floating on top of the water in there arrows pointing down bouncing off of the boat on the ocean floor and arrows are bouncing off the boat on the floor back up to the back of the boat. What is happening in this diagram

    asked by ChanAdler bong
  29. 7th grade science

    How does the insulin pump help a person with type 1 diabetes maintain homeostasis?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    While walking from her house to school, Miriam walks at a pace of 5 km/h. When she walks in the hallways at school, she slows down to 3 ½ km/h. If she spent 2 ½ hours walking to and from school and ¾ of an hour walking in the hallways, what was her

    asked by Lara
  31. Math Algebra 1

    Suppose you and your friends form a band and you want to record a demo. Studio A rents $125 plus $50 an hour Studio B rents for $200 and $25 and hour. Let t=the number of hours and c = cost. Solve/Write and equation to represent the cost of each studio

    asked by Carlos
  32. Math

    A store is having a 20% off sale. It gives an additional 10% off if the item is still above 100 dollars after the first discount. A jacket cost 149.99 will you get the second discount and if so, how many dollars will you save in total? Yes; 43.00 yes;

    asked by LoominVroomin
  33. math

    please help!!I've been staring at this forever!! 1. Every year, Annie makes a graph showing the amount in her bank account over time. Sketch a graph showing the amount in her bank account over time from the description given. Draw a separate graph for each

    asked by iesha
  34. MaTh

    i'm dumb help. The ratio of apples to oranges in a fruit basket is 3/4. The total number of oranges is 8. How many apples are in the fruit basket?

    asked by human
  35. LA

    in what order the lawyer ask for the following books? A. love stories, the gospel, language books, the classics B. the gospel, the classics, language books, love stories C. the classics, love stories, language books, the gospel D. love stories, the

    asked by ...
  36. algebra

    parallel lines have ____ slopes. same?? perpendicular lines have ____ slopes. ??

    asked by frank
  37. Math

    Marco can walk 2 miles in 30 minutes. At that rate, how many miles will he walk in 90 minutes?

    asked by human
  38. MS 1

    you finally have your holiday shopping money! you put $2 away in January, $4 away in February, $8 away in March, $16 away in April and followed this savings pattern through to Decemberf, How much money do you have to shop with? It's tricky for me 'coz I

    asked by Malia
  39. Fashion design

    Which option is a trait a good merchandiser must have? CAD skills analytical ability patternmaking skills sketching ability B?

    asked by Bri
  40. chemiestry

    What is the pH of aqueous solution of KC6H7O2 at 373 molar concentration? A figure for sorbic acid C6H7O2H pKa = 4.77

    asked by jehan
  41. AP Calculus 12

    Please help me with this question: lim __1_-_cosx__ x-0 sinx Thank you!

    asked by Rayan
  42. algebra 1

    suppose you deliver mail in an office building. You leave the mailroom and enter the elevator next door. you go up 4 floors, down 7, and up nine to the top floor. Then,you go down 6, up 2 and down 8 to the lobby on the first floor. What floor is the

    asked by Donna
  43. Math

    Last year it rained 2 and 1/2 in. in April and 1 and 1/3 in. in May. What is the total rainfall for the two months? A:2 and 10/12 in B:3 and 2/5 in C: 3 and 5/6 D: 3 and 1/2 in

    asked by Finn Wolfhard
  44. English

    I have to write a 3-5 paragraph essay answering this question: what is the difference between a credible and a non-credible website. I need ideas on what to write or how to answer because i suck at writing :( but this is worth 6 points and i neeeed them.

    asked by Clueless
  45. Math

    A scale model of a building is 8 in. by 12 in. The scale is l in:15 ft. What are the dimensions of the actual building

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Chemistry

    Afirst order reaction completed the 90%in 30minute find the time for99.9%,,,,

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Chemistry

    I have to write a X and Y subscript. If I wanted to put Fe(iron II) charge +2 and N (niterogen) -3 how would that subscript look? Im not use if those would even be able to go together. But if not can you help me fine a +2 and -3 charge is be able to turn

    asked by Help MeGodHelpMe
  48. Environmental science

    I have to make a paper mache animal and show changes in that animal because they needed to adapt. I wanted to make a dog fly but then I couldn't really find any research on why that species would fly. Can you point me to an animal I could change besides a

    asked by Julia
  49. Sosial Studies

    Identify major events and leaders in regional history

    asked by Essme
  50. History

    Nation sates mostly use constitution to

    asked by Aa
  51. Physics

    How can grounding prevent property damage and harm, even death when lightning strikes?

    asked by Michael
  52. Physics

    Why were two-prong outlets replaced with three-prong outlets?

    asked by Michael
  53. Trig

    Tan 75/2 solve this

    asked by Shahid Siddiqui
  54. Chemistry

    The following data was obtained by Odar Sverk when he completed this investigation: a) 220 mL of acid (0,1 M HCl) was added to two tablets of Divol , a brand of antacid. The total mass of the two tablets was 2.50 g. 15 mL of base was used to complete the

    asked by Max
  55. math

    In triangle FGH, mF is 100°, mG is 40°, and mH is 40°. The exterior angles of triangle FGH are J, K, and L, and they are adjacent to F, G, and H, respectively. What is mK?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. ASCA

    Justin and Mike are learning to how to ski. Justin falls down every 30 feet. Mike falls down every 25 feet. if they start skiing from the same point , how far is the first point where they will both fall down?

    asked by abbey
  57. Algebra

    What is the domain of the inverse f^-1(X)= (x^2)-4/5

    asked by Taylor
  58. Literature

    I just have a stupid question.. Does the phoenix in Fahrenheit 451 symbolize any type of freedom? Because I searched online, but it mostly says rebirth. But could it?

    asked by Katherine
  59. Algebra

    if 3- 3/x = x+7 , and x=0 which of the following is a possible value for x A. -7 B.-1 C. 1 D. 3

    asked by Delila
  60. mathmatics

    4. Annie finds another bank, Star Bank, that offers a CD account with a 2% interest rate every month. Star Bank's interest is not compounded. The interest is based on the original amount of deposit. Remember that Annie has $500 to start the account. She

    asked by sabrina
  61. algebra

    find the approximate side lenght of a square with an area of 160in^2 to the nearest whole inch pls explain how u got the answer, i don’t understand :/

    asked by nani
  62. Math

    How is log(base(x))x^m-1=1 My Answer Key says m-1+1=0 but I don't understand that solution

    asked by Jack
  63. Calc

    Given lim_(x->2) (2x-2) = -6, what is the best choice of d such that |(2x-2)-(-6)| < 0.03 whenever |x+2| < d?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Math

    Please show me how to factor X^3 + 125

    asked by Rayan
  65. Math

    What is -2a+7-3(-9-4a)

    asked by Taylor
  66. Middle Chinese

    Which has become an art form in the Mandarin speaking world? A.Drinking tea B.Making congee C.Making sticky rice in a bamboo or reed leaf. I think it is drinking tea. I can't find it in my lesson, I searched this site, I even goggled it, nothing.

    asked by Hi!!!