Questions Asked on
December 19, 2017

  1. History

    Which accurately describes how the transmission of disease impacted the indigenous people of North and South America? European explorers transmitted the bubonic plague, decimating the native people of North and South America. European explorers transmitted

    asked by Charity
  2. english

    what roles are played by the female characters you encountered in this unit? describe some of these females characters, their traits, and the roles they played within the selections you read, especially considering that all of those selections had male

    asked by anne
  3. Math

    Jake sold 39 tickets to the school fair, and Jeanne sold 12 tickets. What is the ratio, in simplest form, of the number of tickets Jeanne sold to the number of tickets Jake sold? A. 13/4 B. 39/12 C. 12/39* D. 4.13 Is it C?

    asked by ---}=======>
  4. algebra 1

    Soda is on sale for $0.75 a can, and you have a coupon for $0.50 off your total purchase. write a function rule for the cost of n sodas, how much would 10 sodas cost? A.C(n)=0.5n-0.75;$4.25 B. C(n)=0.75n-0.5;$7.00** C C(n)0.5n-0.5;$4.50 D C(n)=0.75n;$7.50

    asked by amanda
  5. Chemistry

    which atomic model best explains the helium atom? A. Bohr's Model B. Dalton's Model c. Quantum mechanical model D. Thompson Model Not really sure what this question is asking.

    asked by Otice
  6. physics

    An aluminum block absorbs 1.0 x 104 J of energy from the Sun when its temperature increases by 5.0 °C. What is the mass of the block? the specific heat capacity of aluminum is 920

    asked by emily
  7. Music

    1. Which of the following is longest? A) motive B) cadence C) climax D) phrase 2. What is the focal point in a melody? A) the general shape B) the highest note C) a place of rest D) the beginning 3. What is a phrase? A) a place of rest in the music B) a

    asked by Brooklyn
  8. Physics

    A bead slides without friction around a loopthe-loop. The bead is released from a height of 18.6 m from the bottom of the loop-theloop which has a radius 7 m. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . 18.6 m 7 m A What is its speed at point A ? Answer in

    asked by Chelsey Maher
  9. Science

    A golfer hits a golf ball with a club. The mass of the ball is 0.05 kg. The ball accelerates at 2,000 m/s2. What is the net force, to the nearest newton, that accelerates the ball? I know the answer is 50, but I don't know how to do it!

    asked by Kathrin
  10. Math (fractions)

    How many twelfths are equal to 1/2?

    asked by Nathan
  11. Social Studies

    Athens, Sparta, and Troy are in which area? A. Egypt* B. Greece C. Asia Minor D. Greek Colonies May I get an answer?

    asked by Fusion
  12. geometry

    Determine whether the polygons with the given vertices are similar. Quadrilateral ABCD with vertices: A(-5, 4), B(-2, 4), C(-2, 2), D(-5, 2) Quadrilateral EFGH with vertices: E(-2, 0), F(4, 0), G(4, -6), H(-2, -6) a The polygons are similar. ABCD can be

    asked by suzie
  13. Biology

    In the 1940’s, Avery, MacCleod, and McCarty transformed nonencapsulated bacteria into encapsulated forms by growing the nonencapsulated cells in a cultre containing an extract made from dead encapsulated cells. The transformed cells produced colonies of

    asked by Lyndsay
  14. Algebra 1

    the functionb(n)=12n represents the number of baseballs b(n) that are needed for n games how many baseballs are needed for 15 games? A. 27 balls B. 150 balls** C. 180 balls D. 200 balls

    asked by harmony
  15. Math

    Kaitlyn needs 3 pounds of fruit for a salad. She already has 3/4 pound of apples and 1/3 pound of grapes. What fruits Kalen can add she already has to make exactly 3 pounds of fruit. Choices are 2/3 1/8 3/4

    asked by Jess
  16. Chemistry

    Can someone please help me I’m being timed and need help with 2 questions 1. Calculate the mass of oxygen in 418g of Co2 2. Calculate the number of atoms in 7.38 moles of carbon atoms

    asked by Help MeGodHelpMe
  17. MATH

    Tell whether the lines are parallel perpendicular or neither y=-4/5x+3 4x-5y=-15 parallel perpendicular** neither

    asked by School Rocks
  18. Georgraphy

    Under the reign of Louis XIV, the government in France was a/an

    asked by Stennesha
  19. Math

    Multiple Choice 1. Write the ratio in the simplest form. 45:15 (1 point) 9:3 3:1 1:3 4:1 2. Solve the following proportion. r over five equals nine over twenty-one (1 point) r = 2.14 r = 9 r = 11.66 r = 37.8 3. Sarah’s mother has a miniature village

    asked by Jameron :P
  20. Science

    Animals from the deepest places on Earth have been found with plastic in their stomachs. The discovery confirms fears that man-made fibers have contaminated the most remote places on the planet. The study was led by academics at Newcastle University. It

    asked by PLZ HELP
  21. English

    The suggestion that Jim run for student body president was greeted with enthusiasm. (with enthusiasm is underlined) a. adverb phrase*** b. adjective c. apositive phrase d. gerund phrase

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Spanish

    Which statement is accurate? A. Fútbol is more important that béisbol in all Spanish­speaking countries. B. Béisbol is more important than fútbol in México. C. Béisbol is more important than fútbol in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and la República

    asked by Reed
  23. Science -- Check my answers!

    Which of the following has the most significant impact on the environment? Natural Disasters Humans *** Ecosystems Carbon Dioxide Which step of the scientific method applies to the following scenario? Rick wants to know if rising carbon dioxide levels in

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Math

    one elegant hotel has a grand dining room. each of the room's three walls facing the gardens contains 8 insulated windows. the dimensions of the window are shown. when the windows were insulated, a glaze was applied to the exterior face to seal each window

    asked by SkittishKitten
  25. algebra 1

    Suppose that the function f(x)=6x+4 represents the number of cars that drive by in x minutes. how many cars will drive by in 10 minutes? A. 60 B. 100** C.46 D.64

    asked by amanda
  26. History

    Who was Alexander the great and how did he become king?? This is a write out question! I need help on the how he became king part. PLS HELP!

    asked by ????
  27. Math

    There are 350 red flowers in a room there are 70 more yellow flowers then red flowers there are 140 fewer white flowers then yellow flowers what is the ratio of the number of red flowers to the yellow flowers to the white flowers

    asked by Anonymous
  28. geometry

    Apply the dilation D to the polygon with the given vertices. Name the coordinates of the image points. D:(x, y) -->(3x, 3y) J(1, 4), K(6, 4), L(6, 1) and M(1, 1) a J'(12, 3), K'(12, 18), L'(3, 18), M'(3, 3) b J'(-3, -12), K'(-18, -12), L'(-18, -3), M'(-3,

    asked by suzie
  29. Math

    The ordered pairs (1, 5), (2, 25), (3, 125), (4, 625), and (5, 3125) represent a function. What is a rule that represents this function? A. y = x5 **B. y = 5x C. y = 5x D. y = x + 5

    asked by School Rocks
  30. Criminal Investigation

    Use the Internet to locate a news article on search and seizure. Ensure that you document the citation information. Analyze the article and identify the legal concepts followed or not followed in the situation, ensuring that you address the following

    asked by M
  31. Science

    Why is Earth is the omnipresent conductive surface?

    asked by Michelle
  32. history

    Have wars become worse after WWII?

    asked by ramsey
  33. Biology

    Which zone is home to some decomposers, but no producers?

    asked by Liz
  34. calculus/ trig

    explain how to find the time it takes for a rocket following the path of the parametric equations, x = 3t 2 and y = -9t + 18, to hit the ground

    asked by delanie
  35. Math

    In order for me to change this decimal to a complex Fraction, and simplify did I di it correctly? .12 1/2 = 0.06

    asked by Ann
  36. Sign Language

    Is it necessary to use classifiers within the context of the conversation you are having? A:True*** B:False Is this correct?

    asked by marylyn
  37. Math

    -9p minus 17=10 A)-3 B)16 C)18 D)-16

    asked by Anonymous
  38. History

    What were the major differences between the 13colonies

    asked by Jewel
  39. math

    Solve the system by elimination. State whether the system has one solution, infinite solutions, or no solution. x + 3y = –5 4x – y = 6 please help thanks

    asked by jade
  40. Science

    If a black coat that is coat dominant over a red coat but is heterozygousfor coat color and breeds with a red cow, what percentage of their offsprings would be black coat

    asked by Barb
  41. Math

    There's a table that shows time and depth and I'm supposed to make a scatter plot with it, wouldn't the time go on the y and the depth go on the x? Since the depth depends on the time?

    asked by PicturesDon'tChangeThePeopleInsideOfThemDo
  42. Science! Please help!

    Select all that apply: Which issue(s) followed Chernobyl's nuclear meltdown? Select all that apply. Radiation/ Radioactive waste *** Loss of farmland *** Death rates exceeded the birth rates Mutation rates increased in both local wild life and human

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Math

    Sketch a graph y = |x – 3| – 2 and describe the translations. I don't understand this at all

    asked by PicturesDon'tChangeThePeopleInsideOfThemDo
  44. Math

    The table below shows the temperature in degrees for eight consecutive days as well as the respective number of ice cream cones an ice cream shop sold on each of these days temp tempurature= 68,77,83,85,89,94,96,99 number of

    asked by School Rocks
  45. math

    Hello, so can someone please go to brainly and help me my username is minnielifton and my questions are recent and are about math and they are attachments so that's why I cant post it here.

    asked by some girl
  46. Algebra 1

    Solve by whatever method you would prefer. (Leave answers as improper fractions) 3x + 2y = -10 2x – 5y = 3 Can someone give step by step?

    asked by Abi
  47. Minnesota Studies 6 A

    Which of the following practices was adopted during the establishment of Minnesota statehood and allowed settlers to buy a tract of land, break it down into smaller lots, and sell the lots for a profit? A. homesteading B. land speculation C. land

    asked by no name 4 u lmao
  48. MATH

    Write an equation in point slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope. (-4,6);m=3/4 y-6=3/4 x+4 y-6=3/4 (x-4) y-6=3/4 (x+4)** y+6=3/4 (x+4) Please help

    asked by School Rocks
  49. Math

    SO if I want to simplify this 15 1/5 will it be 3/40?

    asked by Cindy
  50. Science :))

    Earth's inner core is responsible for Earth's ... Magnetic field *** Ocean currents Volcanic activity Tectonic plate movement _____ make up ______ which make up ______. Organs, tissues, cells Cells, organs, tissues Tissues, cells, organs Cells, tissues,

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Minnesota Studies 6 A

    9. Name three key figures discussed in this unit who contributed to the growth and establishment of Minnesota as a state, and describe their contributions. (3 points)

    asked by no name 4 u lmao
  52. Religion (Christian)

    How is the devil described in Revelation 12:10? How does the devil's accusations compare to God's conviction of sin? I'm more stuck on the second question

    asked by Molly
  53. science help

    Last one. Idk abt this one The picture above shows two phenotypes of peppered moths (dark and light). The dark moth has an advantage over the light moth because it can blend in with its environment better. As a result, the darker moth is more fit to

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Social Studies

    did the people in the north have slaves in the 1800s?

    asked by I know this
  55. HELP

    Explain how Charles Darwin used the theory of natural selection to rationalize why each species of finch of the Galapagos Island had a different type of beak.

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Applied Math

    can you explain the concept of multiplying this to me please $42.25 X .67. Thank you in advance for the help

    asked by Amie
  57. Fashion design

    Why is understanding the customer vital to creating the right brand identity? The brand is determined by the customer’s identity. The brand must appeal to all customer types. The brand makes customers engage in forecasting. The brand must appeal to the

    asked by Bri
  58. Math

    $2,035.50 X 12.45 How would this be multiplied?

    asked by Sandi
  59. educational tech.

    1. why is it important to have good study skill 2. why is it important to know how much time you spend on tasks 3. how can a schedule help you stay organized

    asked by riah1235
  60. grammar

    Ok i just wants to meke sure if this is grammatically correct. Here is the phrase: "The personal growth throughout one's life" or is it "The personal growth throughout ones life" or is it "The personal growth throughout ones' life" I know basic possessive

    asked by william
  61. Math

    One book weighs 1 kilogram the other book weighs 200 grams. What book weighs more, show your work.

    asked by Megan
  62. precalculus

    tan4theta = (radical 3) / 3 theta = 7pi/24, 13pi/24, 19pi/24 Let me know if im right.

    asked by SkiMasktheSlumpGod
  63. Fashion design

    Which option is a trait a good merchandiser must have? CAD skills analytical ability patternmaking skills sketching ability A?

    asked by Bri
  64. Math

    There are 24girls in a class of 40 pupils. What percccetage of the pupils are girls?,

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Maths

    The formula for a simple interest rate is I = PRT and Total Balance = P + I The formula for compound interest is B = P × (1 + 〖r/n)〗^nt Adam invests £55,000 at interest rate of 4% per annum

    asked by Jean
  66. Math

    Find 3 and 2/7 + 2 and 3/14 + 4 and 3/7 A:9 and 8/14 B: 10 and 1/7 C:9 and 3/7 D: 9 and 13/14

    asked by XXX
  67. math

    n=0hrf solve for f?

    asked by I am awesome
  68. Math

    A population of 1000 individuals has 110 births and 10 deaths in a year. Its growth rate (r) is equal to?

    asked by Veronica
  69. World History

    King Nebuchadnezzar did which of the following? A. Rebuilt Babylon B. Created a list of laws C. Proposed that there was only one god D. Conquered the Persian Empire

    asked by Dylan
  70. science

    how many cells in the human body?

    asked by I am awesome
  71. Math 7th grade

    What is the area that of the screen of a cell phone when the width is 4.2 and the length is 7.6 cm?

    asked by Jay ❤️
  72. Math

    Help on, what is this in word form. $10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. I need to know like 1 Million, trillion?

    asked by Keekie
  73. Math

    If 1/2 of a given number is 12, What is 1/3 of the given number?

    asked by Candi
  74. calc

    2sec^2x - 3tanx - 5 = 0 I got x= 1.24 radians x= 4.38 radians x= -0.74 radians x= -3.88 radians

    asked by SkiMasktheSlumpGod
  75. Algebra

    (3x-2) (2x-3) put this back into standard form?

    asked by Lily
  76. Math

    Amy and Mike are going to an amusement park. They each bought ice cream, and Mike got a soda. Amy had a $10 coupon to put toward the cost, and Mike paid the rest, which came to $30.25. Admission for one person costs $18.00, and ice cream costs $1.50. How

    asked by School Rocks
  77. Algebra

    One of two complementary angles has a measure of 6º greater than the other. What is the measures of the larger angle?

    asked by Pat
  78. Algebra

    The author of a book on running receives a royalty of 75¢ per copy sold. If the royalty rate is 12% of the single copy price, how much money per copy does not go to the author?

    asked by Pat
  79. science

    A flask of volume V contain some mercury it is found that at different temperature the volume of air inside theflaskremains the same. If gamma g and gamma m are the coefficient of cubical expansion of glass and mercuryrespectively. Find the volvolume of

    asked by Diwanshu Singh
  80. algebra

    Jacob and Robert work at a restaurant. On Friday night, Jacob earns $12 per hour and Robert earns $7.50 per hour in addition to $15 in tips. Which graph shows the amount of money earned by Jacob and Robert?

    asked by Na
  81. Physics

    A 21kg crate is pushed across the floor at a constant velocity by a 350N force. Determine the coefficient of kinetic friction.

    asked by Dillon
  82. Math

    What is the exact value of x in the equation 3^(x+2)=5^(7x)?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. English

    Essay on winter

    asked by Hammaad
  84. math

    Whatis the integration of ∫▒〖 ( dx)/(〖sin〗^4 x+〖sin〗^2 x 〖cos〗^2 x+cos^4⁡x )〗

    asked by p c tima
  85. Chemistry (Easy)

    So say if we're doing an electronic configuration for the element "Lead", We would do [Xe] 6s^2 and 4F^14, but we still need to add in the "d" block. Would it be 5d^9 or 5d^10?

    asked by Molly
  86. Math

    Which scale will produce the smallest drawing? A) 1cm: 5m B) 1mm: 50m C) 5cm: 10m D) 10cm: 25m

    asked by Jorge
  87. math

    The area ratio between 2 similar triangles is 225/81. Find the perimeter ratio of these triangles. a) 3/2 b) 225/81 c) 15/9

    asked by Kilani
  88. physics

    A liquid absorbs 45 kJ of heat, and its temperature increases from 305 K to 315 K. Determine the heat capacity of this liquid.

    asked by emily
  89. Math

    The pair of polygons is similar. Find the value of x. A. 2 in. B. 12 in. C. 13 in. D. 20 in.

    asked by Unknown
  90. math

    Ben can run six miles in forty-eight minutes. If Luke can run twenty percent faster than Ben, how many minutes will Luke take to run nine miles? Please provide COMPLETE solutions with explanation please

    asked by K
  91. math probability

    Three cards are drawn at random without replacement from a standard fifty-two card deck of playing cards. What is the probability that among the three cards there is a pair or three of a kind? please provide complete solution with explanations:)

    asked by K
  92. Texas History

    How did fighting in the Civil War change the lives of Texas Soldiers? Select all that apply A. They came to support the cause of secession B. They traveled far from home to participate in bloody battles C. They earned enough money to buy cotton plantations

    asked by Tommy J.
  93. math

    You need 2 cups of orange juice to make 3 quarts of punch. How many cups of orange juice do you need to make 3 gallons of punch?

    asked by human
  94. Math

    This is about average gas prices from 2005-2015 2005 - $2.27 2006 - $2.57 2007 - $2.80 2008 - $3.25 2009 - $2.35 2010 - $2.78 2011 - $3.52 2012 - $3.62 2013 - $3.51 2014 - $3.36 2015 - $2.43 c. What equation models the data? What are the domain and range

    asked by PicturesDon'tChangeThePeopleInsideOfThemDo
  95. Physics

    It saves human life from the danger of electrical shock which can cause death, by blowing a fuse. How can “blowing a fuse” can rescue someone's life? Please answer. Thank you.

    asked by Michelle
  96. Language (HELP ASAP pls)

    I didn't know where else to ask this. Does anyone here know any websites that help you find a book from a different language. I need help asap its currently 10:25 pm where I live and if I want to sleep by 1:00 am i need help now. Pls help

    asked by Lily Pichu
  97. MATH

    for the data in the table does y vary directly with x if it does write an equation for the direct variation x y 4 28 6 48 8 72 yes;y=2x yes;y=5x** yes;y=7x no

    asked by School Rocks
  98. Maths

    An isosceles right triangle has a hypotenuse of 18 m. Find the other two sides

    asked by Abc
  99. Math

    If f(x)= x+1/x-1 show that x=f(y)

    asked by Mandar
  100. math

    The Southeastern Conference (SEC), has fourteen universities, each of which fields a football team. The football teams are divided into two seven-team divisions. Each season, every team plays every other team in its division once, and also plays two teams

    asked by K
  101. math

    A right circular cone has a base diameter of 10 and a height of 18. A second right circular cone has a base diameter of 15. If the volume of the second cone is equal to the volume of the first cone, then what is the height of the second cone?

    asked by K
  102. Social studies

    Which describes the group known as watermen?

    asked by Unknown
  103. Physics

    I am curious how the earth work as an omnipresent conductive surface in an electrical distribution system?

    asked by Michelle
  104. English

    The suffix -ous frequently indicates that a word is a(n) ___. A. Adverb B. Adjective C. Verb D. Noun I think its either a adverb or Adjective.

    asked by |-/
  105. Movies

    In the movie Zootopia, the character Judy Hopps has which police duty on her first day of work? traffic control parking duty desk work detective I Think its Parking Duty

    asked by mustlemar
  106. math geometry

    A right circular cone has a base diameter of 10 and a height of 18. A second right circular cone has a base diameter of 15. If the volume of the second cone is equal to the volume of the first cone, then what is the height of the second cone? provide

    asked by k
  107. Math

    I want to understand what the stept in finding 135 is 3/7 of what number?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. math

    What is the area of the region bounded by the x-axis and the lines x+y=24 and 3x-2y=12? Please show full solution and explanation

    asked by K
  109. algebra

    A farmer has 25 yards of fencing to make a pig pen. He is going to use the side of the barn as one of the sides of the fence, so he only needs to fence 3 sides. What should be the dimensions of the fence in order to maximize the area?

    asked by shamsia
  110. Math

    My question is if 114 is 2/3 of what number . so do I 114 = 2 x 3 x 19 to get my answer or ?

    asked by Anonymous