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December 18, 2017

  1. Geometry

    8. The lateral area of a cone is 555πcm^2. The radius is 15.1 cm. What is the slant height to the nearest tenth of a centimeter? A. 36.8 cm B. 11.7 cm C. 83.8 cm*** D. 25.5 cm 10. What is the volume of the given prism? Round the answer to the nearest

    asked by Jessica
  2. geometry

    use the figure to answer the question. Name a pair of vertical angles. A)2 and 5 B)2 and 6** C)3 and 4 D)5 and 6

    asked by help
  3. Algebra Readiness

    Write and solve inequality. 17. The speed limit of a highway is 55 miles per hour. A car is traveling at least 65 miles per hour. How many miles per hour m over the speed limit is the cart traveling? (Every time I put one of these "" they are underlined)

    asked by ._.
  4. English

    For questions 4–8, match each word to its definition by filling in the correct letter. A. wise B. enormous C. passion D. competing E. sinister; threatening 4. ardor (1 point) 5. sage (1 point) 6. contending (1 point) 7. prodigious (1 point) 8. foreboding

    asked by F1r3B3ar
  5. English

    Which line from "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" best develops Walter's character? a. "You're not a young man any longer." b. "The Old Man'll get us through.' they said to one another **** c. " They're so d--n cocky, thought Walter Mitty, walking along

    asked by Anonymous
  6. music,making meladieos ms.sues? i need help

    1.which of the following is the longest? A. motive B. cadence C. climax D. phrase 2.what is the focal point in melody? A. the general shape B. the highest note C. the place of rest D. the beginning 3.what is a phrase? A. a place of rest in the music B. a

    asked by cuteypie
  7. Chemistry

    A compound is formed when 12.2 g Mg combines completely with 5.16 g N. What is the percent composition of this compound? Please show all work and include the percentage of both magnesium and nitrogen.

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Math.

    A human red blood cell is about 0.000008 meters in diameter which of the following represents this number in scientific notation -6 A. 0.8 x10 -6 B . 8.0 x 10 6 C. 0.8 x 10 6 D. 8.0 x 10 MR loya stayed that the circumference of earth at the equator is

    asked by Tessa
  9. math

    The books for Mathematics, Geography and Science in a school are in the ratio 5:7:8. There is a proposal to increase these books by 40%, 50% and 75% respectively. What will be the ratio of the increased books? #Please anyone who can help me out with the

    asked by kelvin
  10. Math How do I solve this

    A music store charges $18.50 for a CD plus a 0.5% city tax and a separate 4% state tax. a. How much will you pay for the CD? Round to the nearest cent. b. How many more tax dollars does the state get than the city? Round to the nearest cent. Confused!

    asked by Evie
  11. math

    Mark wants to use a grid to model 2/3 like the grids in questions 1 and 2. Its a 100 box grid . help

    asked by Jennifer
  12. Geometry

    I have a few questions I am confused on. #4. Use formulas to find the lateral area and surface area of the given prism. Round your answer to the nearest whole number. The figure is not drawn to scale. A. 795 m^2; 809 m^2 B. 758 m^2; 849 m^2 C. 795 m^2;

    asked by Jessica
  13. History

    Which of the following statement best illustrates the political and social climate of the world in the 1940's? a) Civil unrest lead to peaceful demonstrations against world leaders b) The global economy was gaining strength, and oil production increased c)

    asked by Princess
  14. English

    1. This year may I wish you finally learn how to use your smartphone properly. 2. This year may I wish you finally learn how to use your smartphone properly? [Do we have to use a period or a question mark?]

    asked by rfvv
  15. ELA

    Which of these sentences contains an error in verb usage? 1. I just want to lay in bed all morning. 2. I taught my dog to lie down. 3. My brother set his books on the counter. 4. My mother told us to sit right here.

    asked by connxus kid
  16. math

    The dilation D: (x, y) → (0.2x, 0.2y) has been applied to the polygon S(–5, 5), T(–5, 10), U(5, 15). What are the coordinates of the image points? a S'(–1, 1), T'(–1, 2), U'(1, 3) b S'(–4.8, 5.2), T'(–4.8, 10.2), U'(5.2, 15.2) c S'(–5.2,

    asked by darren
  17. math

    a restaurant has lemonade that is 12% sugar and another that is 7% sugar. How many gallons of each type does the restaurant need to make 20 gallons of a lemonade mixture that is 10% sugar. A.) 12 gallons of 12% and 8 gallons of 7% B.) 10 gallons of 12% and

    asked by worried student
  18. Algebra I

    The two equal sides of an isosceles triangle are 11 feet longer than the third side. The perimeter of this triangle is 56 feet. What is the length of the third (nonequal) side?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Health and PE

    10. A daily value of 10% means that A. 10% of your calories should come from a particular nutrient B. A food consists of 10 of a particular nutrient C. A food package can bear the nutrient claim "light D. One serving provides 10% of the daily amount for a

    asked by Molly
  20. Algebra 2

    Consider the mortgage loan of $150,000 at a nominal 6% yearly interest applied monthly at a rate of .5% per month. Monthly payments of $1,000 are being made on this loan. Evaluate how much is owed after 1 month.

    asked by Izzy
  21. Chemistry

    Hi there, can someone please help me with this chemistry problem? Write the equation for the acid-base reaction that takes place when nitric acid (HNO3) dissolves in H2O. (Include the phase of each substance.) I got HNO3(aq) + H2O --> H3O+(aq) + NO3−(aq)

    asked by Amy
  22. math

    11. Janet bought a pair of sandals for $120.00. She needs to pay the 7% sales tax. How much will Janet pay in sales tax?

    asked by hi
  23. Art ASAP Please!!

    I need a 100 in this quiz Which of the following would be appropriate criteria for analyzing this piece if art? Answer choices below: A: ability in predicting fashion trends B: creating abstract imagery using exaggeration of proportion C: using warm colors

    asked by sdfghjkmsedrftgyhunjm
  24. Maths

    The area of a parallelogram is 72 CM square and its altitude is twice the corresponding base. the length of a base is

    asked by Hs
  25. physics

    A 4kg mass moves in a circular path of 7m radius on a frictionless horizontal table. It is attached to a string that passes through a frictionless hole in the center of the table. A second 87kg mass is attached to the other end of the string. Acceleration

    asked by jay
  26. Music

    What is a contour? I just need a definition please!

    asked by Brooklyn
  27. health human services

    Our health system went from a Prospective payment system to a fee-for-service system? i picked false

    asked by ryan
  28. Maths

    A field in the form of a parallelogram has base 15 dam and altitude is 8 dam. find the cost of watering the field at 10 P per square metre.

    asked by Hs
  29. Math

    Six kids share 5 candy bars equally, what fraction will each kid get?

    asked by Orlando
  30. AP Chemistry

    When does absorption occur in infrared spectroscopy? A. When the frequency of the infrared radiation is the same as the rotational frequency of the bond B. When the frequency of the infrared radiation is less than the frequency of the bond C. When the

    asked by Andrea
  31. Algebraic inequalities

    Julie earned a $1500 bonus at work for doing a good job. She placed part of the money in a regular savings account earning 2.5% annual interest. She placed the remaining amount in a money market account earning 5% interest annually. At the end of the year

    asked by Logan
  32. science

    Computers are built with elements that are average conductors of heat. What other properties do these elements have? •brittle and dull •dull and malleable*** •shiny and brittle

    asked by payton
  33. Algebraic inequalities

    Julie earned a $1500 bonus at work for doing a good job. She placed part of the money in a regular savings account earning 2.5% annual interest. She placed the remaining amount in a money market account earning 5% interest annually. At the end of the year

    asked by Logan
  34. MATH

    Michael spends three hours cleaning his house you spend equal amount of time cleaning each room you spend a half an hour cleaning its room how many rooms does he have left

    asked by Aalyiah
  35. English

    posted by rfvv yesterday at 3:54pm. 1. I wish for you that, with every year, you achieve all of your dreams. [Is it grammatical? Do we have to delete 'for'?] 2. You’re supposed to let go of the past and start off new. [Do we have to put 'the '

    asked by rfvv
  36. Math

    Six kids share 5 candy bars equally, what fraction will each kid get? Help

    asked by Orlando
  37. science

    You would know that you were in the troposphere if (4 points) it were raining on you you were floating in space you were flying in a high altitude jet you were in the ozone layer 2. If the atmosphere did not contain an ozone layer, which of the following

    asked by in need of science
  38. algebra

    match the equation with its graph. -6/7x - 1/2y = 3/7

    asked by rhia
  39. Math

    Which list shows least to greatest A. 60% 2/3 0.75 4/5 B. 60% 0.75 2/3 4/5 C. 4/5 0.75 2/3 60% D. 2/3 4/5 60% 0.75

    asked by Tessa
  40. social studies

    Which of these were a result of the Nile River's flooding? A. development of papermaking B. fertile soil C. development of surveying D. both B and C. I got D. Is this correct? Thanks!

    asked by Tazia
  41. math

    a rate of 4 centimeters per second is equal to how many meters per hour?

    asked by robin
  42. Physics

    A man pulls a bucket of water of mass 10kg from a well 5meter deep in 5 sec. Calculate the power of the man.

    asked by Vivek
  43. Social Studies

    One of the main causes of the _____ was the practice of pressing American sailors into service in the British Navy. A. War of 1812 B. Semi War C. Quasi War D. Whiskey Rebellion** Can someone please check my answer, if it’s not D then I think it’s A.

    asked by Random person
  44. math

    On a loan of $2300 a person pays back $310 monthly over 3 years. How much was paid on the loan? A) 8860 B) 1060 C) 930 D) 11160

    asked by help me pls
  45. Math

    3 3/15+4 and 2/ I'm terrible at math I need some help on this one 2

    asked by Emma Arroyo
  46. Algebra

    At the spring fling, john can make 5 cups of hot tea in 2 minutes. Sammy can make 6 cups of hot tea in 2.5 minutes. How long should it take them to make hot tea for all 245

    asked by Jane
  47. Math

    A person wants to buy a rare coin because he believes it will increase in value within a year. He plans to get a loan to buy the coin, at 5.7% compounded monthly. He plans to make to make a single payment of $3500 at the end of 5 years. What is the

    asked by Help me pls
  48. Social Studies

    7th grade history - How does the growth of the world's population today compare with its growth 100 years ago? Explain why the changes have taken place.

    asked by J the 2nd in my class -_-
  49. math

    20% of what number is 12

    asked by robin
  50. chemistry

    How to find delta H using calorimetry?? I know the answer but I m having trouble getting there!? 5.5 grams of C2H6 are burned in a bomb calorimeter with the heat of 4.96kJ/degree Celsius and holds 1000g of H20. the change in temperature is 11.34 which i

    asked by homework
  51. Math

    A loan for $2000 is paid back over a period of 5 years. The interest rate is 5% compounded monthly. Determine the monthly payment. A) 37.74 B) 43.90 C) 41.76 D) 42.18

    asked by Ajsjdjdjjd
  52. biolagy

    how can you make a cat pregnat with out another cat

    asked by Dorien
  53. physics

    a plane is flying in a horizontal circle at 99.5 m/s. The 92.6 kg pilot does not want his radial acceleration to exceed 9.25g. What is the minimum radius of the circular path. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2.

    asked by jay
  54. History

    Comparing and contrasting both the early modern period (until the late eighteenth century) and the modern period (1800-to the present

    asked by ashley
  55. calc

    lnx = x^3 + 1 i know x=1 but can you solve this algebraically?

    asked by tom
  56. Math

    if 20% of m is 80$ of p, then p is x% of m?

    asked by Jefferson
  57. European History

    How have issues related to identity changed, especially using the French Religious Wars and the French Algerian conflict? How these issues have changed from the early modern to modern periods.

    asked by ashley
  58. Math

    PLEASE help I need this in by today. My question is, what is 5 and 9/13+ 5 and 9/13. Someone please help I'm so confused. I hate Math!

    asked by Emma Arroyo
  59. Math

    Bob took out a bank loan for 60 000 that must be repaid with regular monthly payments of $1000. The bank charges him an interest rate of 3.0% compounded monthly. How many payments will Bob have to make to pay off the loan? a) 70 b) 59 c) 72 d) 66 I got B

    asked by .
  60. Maths

    If the sum of two natural numbers is 77 and its gusa 7, then all the pairs of searches will be done How to write the sum?Steps send plz

    asked by Dev
  61. history

    Analyze the roles of water and oil in regional land use, settlement patterns, and economies

    asked by Macarla
  62. assets

    a person has total assets = 1646.08 calculate the net worth a) 3257.14 b) 33.57 c) -3257.14 d) 1038.10

    asked by .
  63. MATHS

    on january 1 2017 simon deposited rupees 30000 in a bank giving 9% interest compounded every 4 the end of 4 months he deposited 5000 rupees.again after 4 months he deposited 10000 rupees . how much will he get back on january 1 2018?

    asked by NANDANA
  64. history

    . Evaluate the following statement: “Religious conflicts in the early modern period were replaced by nationalistic ones in the modern period.” Discuss and analyze the accuracy of this statement with reference to at least two conflicts in both time

    asked by jslaj
  65. Math

    Evaluate the expression: 4⋅9+6−3 Evaluate the expression: 53−122+25 39 and -44

    asked by Bri
  66. Please Help asap: Math

    X is greater than or equal to 3 I'm pretty sure that its D, but i'm not sure 0=open dot @=closed dot A) @-------> 3 5 B)

    asked by Ace
  67. English

    Hi,i'm an ESL student right now in High School,so i got stuck in writing sentence in present and past tense,i want to say this "After a long research for a perfect profession,I have chosen of *becoming or being (which one do i use ?)* accountant.

    asked by Murad
  68. algebra

    Please reference the photo at: screenshotsfirefoxcom/ak1Ss85a8nhM4o2t/brilliantorg for the question. What is the value of XY??? Thank you

    asked by unowen
  69. Sosial Studies

    Describe the physical geography of the region, including mountain influence on climate and rainfall

    asked by Reign K
  70. Macroeconomics

    What will be the impact of Trump’s tax proposal? Describe the impact of the proposed tax cuts on the US economy for the next few years. Will there be any decreases in Government spending if the GOP tax proposals pass. Explain. Does Trump’s

    asked by Billy
  71. history

    Which European country was controlled by Muslims throughout the Middle Ages, and what year did Christian rulers finally take power away from the Muslims?

    asked by Sara
  72. French

    Are the past perfect and past conditional used correctly in the sentence below? Si elle n'était pas devenue malade, elle aurait travaillé. If she had not gotten sick, she would have worked.

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Mortgage (gr 11)

    a person purchases a house for 129000. the person makes a down payment of $5000 with the remaining amount on a loan that is paid back over a period of 17 years with monthly payments. the interest rate is 7% compounded semi annually. determine the monthly

    asked by Ajsjdjdjjd
  74. Math

    a person has total assets = 384 860 and total liabilities = 122 110. the mortgage is worth 29 898. calculate the debt to equity ratio. a 35.09 b 31.73 c 284.84 d 46.47

    asked by help me