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December 14, 2017

  1. Algebra

    The reflecting dish of a parabolic microphone has a cross-section in the shape of a parabola. The microphone itself is placed on the focus of the parabola. If the parabola is 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep, how far from the vertex should the microphone

    asked by |-/
  2. Math

    I am terrible at ellipse The base of an auditorium is in the form of an ellipse 200ft long and 100 ft wide. A pin dropped near one focus can clearly be heard at the other focus. Determine the distance between the foci to the nearest tenth of a foot. Show

    asked by Please help
  3. Physics

    A box is pushed by a 750 N force that acts at a 30 degree angle with a friction less surface.The force pushes a box that has a weight of 500N a distance of 15 meters. How much work is done on the box?

    asked by Ben
  4. Geometry

    Show that triangle ABC is a right triangle. point A: (-7,-2) point B: (-3,-3) point C: (-4,-7) I really don't know how to do this, please help.

    asked by Katrina
  5. Math

    I was baking 20 cookies for my family and me. My family has 8 people in it. My four friends came over, and wanted some I said sure. How many cookies could they have if Each person in my family had a cookie?

    asked by Mckenzie
  6. Algebra

    1. –9x – 5 = –95 a) 17 b) 11 c) 10 d) –10 2. x/4 – 5 = –8 a) –27 b) –12 c) –7 d) 12 3. x/5 + 6 = 10 a) 44 b) 30 c) 20 d) –20 4. –2(m – 30) = –6m a) –15 b) –13 c) –8 d) 8 5. 3.75x + 3.7 = 1.7 + 1.75x a) 10 b) –1 c) 1 d) .1

    asked by Baby_Banana
  7. Physics

    What acceleration would a 35 KG box have if we pushed it with a force of 275 N across a surface that has a coefficient of friction of .7?

    asked by Vanessa
  8. Language

    Walking is for everyone Walking is a popular form of exercise, and it is growing more popular each year. Walking is good for every age group: the rate of participation does not decline in the middle and later years. In a national survey, the highest

    asked by TheVroomin
  9. Art

    1. This drawing was made using what natural resource? A. Clay B. Wax based colored pencils c. graphite pencils* d. watercolors. Heres the link so you can see the image: (put a com after the dot) //imgur./a/dQ7OZ 2. The clay for pottery is usually acquired

    asked by Dejavu
  10. History

    What did the first civilization in Asia and Africa have in common? A They emerged along sea coast b. They had organized governments c. They lacked social hierarchies d. They practiced monotheism. My answer is D

    asked by Lost
  11. art

    Which of the following would be appropriate criteria for analyzing this piece if art? Answer choices below: A: ability in predicting fashion trends B: creating abstract imagery using exaggeration of proportion C: using warm colors to create mood D:

    asked by sdfghjkmsedrftgyhunjm
  12. history

    why did the southern states use poll taxes,literacy tests and grandfather clauses as reconstruction came to end??

    asked by Florida girl
  13. math

    The picture shows an orange parallelogram split into 8 equal parts and a green parallelogram split into 8 equal parts. Drag figures so that the total area is equal to the number given.

    asked by diamond
  14. math

    Show that a function f(n)= 2n^3+n^2+6n+3 always produces a number that is divisible by an odd number greater than 1, for any natural number, n. 2n^3+n^2+6n+3 = n^2(2n+1) + 3(2n+1) = (2n+1)(n^2 + 3) what's next?

    asked by emily
  15. Statistics

    The yearly rainfall in Vancouver, B.C. follows a normal distribution with standard deviation 172 mm. In 20% of years, the city gets over 1200 mm of rain. What is the mean annual rainfall in Vancouver (in mm)? The answer is 1055.5 mm....not sure how to get

    asked by May
  16. math

    Show that a function f(n)= 2n^3+n^2+6n+3 always produces a number that is divisible by an odd number greater than 1, for any natural number, n.

    asked by emily
  17. Math PLEASE HELP

    Recall that two angles are complementary if the sum of their measures is​ 90°. Find the measures of two complementary angles if one angle is five times the other angle.

    asked by zwgz123
  18. Algebra

    Identify the center and radius of a circle with equation (x+4) 2 + (y-2) 2 = 36

    asked by |-/
  19. Physics

    A block is released from rest on an inclined plane and moves 3.2 m during the next 3.9 s. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the block? Answer in units of m/s2. The block is 12kg and the incline is 36

    asked by Lyndsay
  20. History

    Which are examples of judicial restraint in the Supreme Court? Select all that apply. A:The verdict overturns the lower court's ruling and sets a new precedent. B:The verdict is narrowly for the defendant, letting the previous verdict stand.*** C:The court

    asked by marylyn
  21. Pre-Calculus

    Use applications of exponential functions and logarithmic functions to solve. The half-life of plutonium 241 is 14.4 years.If 100 grams is present now, How much will it take to reach 2 grams of plutonium 241? y=a(1/2)^(t/14.4) How do I solve for t? I'm not

    asked by Suga
  22. Pre-Algebra

    1. Write the fraction 8/9 as a percent. Round to the nearest hundredth of a percent where necessary. A. 88.89% B. 1.13% C. 44.44% D. 66.67% 2. Write 0.063 as a percent. A. 0.63% B. 6.3% C. 63% D. 630% 3. A study in your town found that 54 in 1,762 people

    asked by Check Please
  23. Chemistry 20

    which of the following indicators would show an intermediate endpoint of color of orange: bromocresol green, methyl red, phenolphthalein or methyl violet? No clue how to do this. And what does it mean to show an intermediate endpoint. Please help

    asked by Sarah
  24. tech

    Which of the following does a histogram resemble the most? A.picture graph B. line graph c. bar graph***** d. table

    asked by connxus kid
  25. Pre-Algebra

    I would like to have my multiple choice answers checked. 3w-10w A.13w B.-7w*** C.-7w D.7w y=1.2y=1.2z A.2.4yz B.1.3y+1.2z C.1.2y^2+1.2z D.2.2y+1.2z*** 6r+r-5r A.2r*** B.1r+r C.0r D.7r-5r 5x+2(x+6) A.7x+6*** B.7x^2+12 C.7x+12 D.7x(x+6) -3m+3m(m+6) A.6***

    asked by Hi!!!
  26. history

    what's some of the greatest ACCOMPLISHMENTS of William Shakespeare? I've got some down like he wrote romeo and juliet, and hes greatest british writer of all time.

    asked by hotdognibba70

    Determine algebraically if f(x) =(7x-2) / (4). And g(x) = (4x+2) / (7) are inverse functions. Show how you know, I do not understand this type of problem i have a test on these tmrw and need some help with how to figure these out pls help.

    asked by Anyki.
  28. trigonometry

    If a locomotive wheel with a diameter of 15 meters rolls 11.25 meters,through how many degrees and minutes does it turns?

    asked by Hazel
  29. Ela

    identify the principal part of the underlined verb. Dan is looking for his lost coat. "is looking" is underlined. a. present* b. past c. present participle d. past participle

    asked by PLZ HELP
  30. Science

    2C2H2+3O2—4CO+2H2O+Heat rasaynik abhikriya Kay aahe

    asked by Dilip isure
  31. chemistry

    Carbon tetrachloride, CCl4 is used as a solvent and a coolant. Its boiling point I s-22.9 degrees. By considering the intermolecular forces involved discuss whether you expect the boiling point of CHCL3 to be greater or lower than tis value. [6] Please

    asked by cylinder
  32. Pre-Algebra

    9. During the basketball season, Diane took 134 shots and made about 56% of them. a. How many shots did Diane make? b. The team made a total of 498 shots. What percent of the team's made shots did Diane make? A. 24 shots; 15.1% B. 753 shots; 27% C. 240

    asked by Help me!
  33. Chemistry

    Why are the hydrogen bonds of a certain molecule weaker in solution (with water as a solvent) than in a vacuum? I'm supposed to have three reasons, and so far all I can come up with is that the water lowers the activation energy required to form the bond

    asked by Sarah
  34. Pre-Cal

    What is the domain of f/g, given f(x)= x+2 and g(x)= x-7?

    asked by Kate
  35. tech 1 MORE TIME

    What is a bin range?

    asked by connxus kid
  36. math

    a rectangular lawn 80*60m has two roads each 10m wide running in the middle of it,one parallel to the length and the other parallel to the breadth.find the cost of graveling them at ₹1.20 per square metre

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Introduction to Graphic Design

    Hi! ____ 9. What is the most difficult color combination to read? (1 point) a) black and blue b) black and pale yellow c) pale orange and white d) red and black Could someone please help me? Thanks!

    asked by Da Fash
  38. chemistry

    What is the ∆G for the following reaction between O3 and O2? 3O2(g) 2O3(g) Given: O3: ∆H = 285.4 kJ ∆S = -137.14 J/K) 109.5 kJ 208.3 kJ 300.2 kJ 326.3 kJ

    asked by c.carolinaa
  39. History

    Which accomplishment most likely helped the Incan emperor maintain rule over widespread lands? A The Inca built a vast network of roads B The Inca developed a uniform system of writing C The Incan emperor claimed ownership of all land D The Incan emperor

    asked by Lost
  40. Math (Unit 7) 6th grade

    49, 55, 52, 46, 47, 42, 38 What is the Mean Absolute Deviation(MAD) of this data set?:My answer was 4.28571428571 What is the Mean of this data set?:My answer was 47 What is the distance of each number from the mean?:?

    asked by Help me
  41. Minnesota Studies 6 A

    1. What about Minnesota’s geography helped the sawmill industry thrive? (1 point) A. There was an abundance of trees along riverbanks where sawmills were established. B. Areas around the lakes were good places to establish sawmills because of access to

    asked by no name 4 u lmao
  42. History-Help Asap

    Which idea does this passage express? (Manifest Destiny, (Gospel of Wealth,(Wealth of the Nations, (Social Darwinism?

    asked by Roxieas
  43. math

    Find the equation of the line that passes through (-2,-4), (1,-3) is it y=1/3x + -2 or y=1/3x+-10/3

    asked by Samuel
  44. history

    What are Desiderius Erasmus greatest accomplishments? So far Ive got greatest northern renaissance scholar and that he was the the first to edit the New Testament.

    asked by hotdognibba70
  45. Maths

    Captain salman has 12m of fencing that he wants to use to make rectangular pens to put around his garden to make predators out. He wants to enclose the biggest possible region. What is the area he can enclosed by using the given pens

    asked by Kusumq
  46. character education

    What is the proper balance between relaxation and productive work?

    asked by Bri
  47. math

    suppose that the average number of snow globes per household is distributed between 3 and 9.

    asked by mark
  48. Math

    (Table Shown Below Question And Answers) Chris earns money working at the neighborhood grocery store. The table shows how much money he earned for four weeks. Based on this information, which is the independent variable and the dependent variable? A) Both

    asked by Kin
  49. Math

    The camp counselors bought a 6 pound bag of raisins for an afternoon snack for the campers. if the counselors package the raisins into 1/8 pound individual servings,how many individual servings can they make.

    asked by Anonymous
  50. social studies

    am i correct? progressive ida tarbell is credited with *writing a series of articles about the dangers of trusts ******* *creating blue laws *changing childlabor laws * writing a novel about dangerous practices in the meat packing industry my answer: A

    asked by Shannon
  51. Math

    How is solving a rational equation the same as solving any other equation?

    asked by Hannah
  52. Jade

    Which equation describes the line that contains (1, 5) and has a slope of 2? a. y = 2x - 9 b. y = 2x + 3 c. y = 2x + 9 d. y = 2x - 3

    asked by Geometry
  53. Math

    How is solving a rational equation different from solving linear equations like 3x+5=7x-2?

    asked by Hannah
  54. trigonometry

    find the number of radians in the central angle that subtends an arc of 6m on a circle of diameter 5m

    asked by Hazel
  55. Math

    Barb is making a beed necklace. She strings 1 white beed than 3 blue beeds than one what beed and so on. Write the numbers for the first eight beeds that are white. What is the rule for the pattern

    asked by Janiyah
  56. Chemistry

    Which of the following is the correct expression for the rate of the following reaction? Note: not all species are gaseous. CuO(s) + H2S (g) Cu(s) + H2O (g) a) [H2O] / [H2S] b) None of these are correct c) [Cu] x [H2O] / ([CuO] x [H2S]) d) [CuO] x [H2S] /

    asked by lomza
  57. Math

    2.29 + 2.89 + 4.75 + 4.59 + 1.39 + 1.29 = 17.2

    asked by Jeimy
  58. physics As

    The current carriers in a piece of semiconducting material have a charge of 1.6 x 10^-19C. Calculate the number of charge carriers entering the material per second when the current is 3 microamps so 3 x 10^-6 amps. ? Please help and do it step by step all

    asked by cylinder
  59. physics As

    Please help and do it step by step all parts of questions and use: T = time(s) I=current (amps) Q=net charge on object (Coulombs) N=no electrons (and write if added or removed from object and how) E=elementary charge A piece of fuse wire has a diameter of

    asked by cylinder
  60. History

    im writing an essay on the mexican and american war how is this? The Mexican-American War was a conflict between the United States and Mexico. It commenced on 25 April, 1846 and ended on 2 February, 1848. President Polk played a large role in the United

    asked by ineedhelpasap
  61. Language

    While television can be entertaining and educational, it also has a dark side, especially for children. On average children spend nearly 4 hours a day watching television. The harmful effects of television viewing far outweigh any benefits. Doing poorly in

    asked by TheVroomin
  62. Chemsitry

    How do you solve Potassium carbonate + Lead(ii) chloride and balance it?

    asked by Edme
  63. Math

    Write the percent as a fraction or mixed number in simplest form. 0.8% =

    asked by Tevye
  64. math

    find the area of an lsosceles triangle whose base 8cm and the length of each of the equal is 5 cm

    asked by neeraj
  65. Math

    Find the product and simplify. 4/9 of 15/8 A) 5/6 B) 5/12 C) 32/135 D) 135/32 What am I supposed to do?

    asked by Brooklyn
  66. geometry (check answer)

    Determine whether the line through (0, 4) and (2, 0) and the line through (−2, 3) and (−4, 2) are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. neither?

    asked by layla
  67. English

    Someone wishing to find employment at News Corp as a website developer would probably expect to engage in __________ before getting hired. A.a research-based interview B.a quick promotion C.writing an essay D.a job interview I believe its C

    asked by Kennedy
  68. chemistry

    Iodide and diamond crystals both contain covalent bonds and yet the physical properties of their crystals are very different. Their melting points are 387K and 3827K respectively. State this type of structure present in each case and explain why the

    asked by cylinder
  69. math

    what percent of 126 is 22

    asked by robin
  70. pre algebra

    The distance between 2 towns on a map is 2.5 inches. The actual distance is 35 miles. What is the scale?

    asked by Tracie
  71. Geometry

    The midpoint of PQ is M=2,−1 One endpoint is P=7,6. Find the coordinates of the other endpoint, Q.

    asked by Ryan
  72. Alegbra 1

    The author of a book on running receives a royalty of 75¢ per copy sold. If the royalty rate is 12% of the single copy price, how much money per copy does not go to the author?

    asked by bill
  73. math - factoring

    I'm having some trouble factoring a problem. It's 75x^2 - 27 I know I can first factor out a GCF of 3 which leaves me with 3(25x^2 - 9) This seems to me to be a differences of squares but I cannot figure out what to do next. Thank you.

    asked by Susan
  74. History

    What reason was given to the federalists to support the constitution? A, strong government to establish economic stability**? B, strong government to maintain control over all its states. C, to define state boundaries. D, in order to pass laws to bring law

    asked by Ace
  75. Math

    One equation in a system of linear equations has a slope of -3. the other equation has a slope of 4. how many solutions does the system have? explain

    asked by JTE
  76. Language

    The Latin root man means "hand" what is the meaning of the word manual in the following sentence. Manual laborers used hammer and nails to build the roof of dr.meehan's new house. done by machines done by humans done by tools THIS ONE don by roofers 2.

    asked by HAI MY NAME IS DK
  77. Math 6 A

    Find the quotient. 8 divided by 1/7 (1 point) A) 7/8 B) 7/64 C) 1 1/7 D) 56

    asked by Brooklyn
  78. History

    Compare and contrast the experiences of the Creeks and Cherokees in Georgia following the War of 1812.

    asked by Anonymous
  79. math

    3sin thita = 4 cos thita 4sin square- 3cos+2?

    asked by Ankita
  80. Mathermatics 2

    Plot three points with second coordinate Equal to (1.3) and join them.

    asked by james
  81. Social Studdies

    Explain how transportation innovations of the time period affected migration patterns in the United States. (This is The Age of Jackson) Transportation innovations affected migration in many ways, good ways too! Transportation helped migration happen

    asked by Checks
  82. Language

    assage from"Life Without Gravity" by Robert Zimmerman In space, the much weaker gravity makes the human body change in many unexpected ways. In microgravity, your blood is rerouted, flowing from the legs, which become thin and sticklike, to the head, which

    asked by TheVroomin
  83. sorry

    i will like to say sorrry to ms.sue for my disrespful behaver do you forgive me?

    asked by connxus kid
  84. Alegbra 1

    One of two complementary angles has a measure of 6º greater than the other. What is the measures of the larger angle?

    asked by Bill
  85. Alegbra 1

    This year Frank spends an average of 70 minutes each night doing homework. This is 30 minutes less than twice the time he averaged last year. What was his average time last year?

    asked by Bill
  86. Algebra 1

    Solve the following system of equations. You will type your x value in the first part and the y value in the second part of the question. If the answer is no solution then type NS in both parts and if the the answer is infinite solutions then type I in

    asked by Bill
  87. Language

    Let me introduce Javier Solas, who is running for president of the student council. As than Liu, last year's president, said " I can't imagine voting for anyone but Javier. He's clearly the best-qualified candidate. Nearly every other member of last year's

    asked by TheVroomin
  88. tech AGAIN

    3) Which of the following sets of data would be represented best in a bar graph? A.the number of hot dogs consumed by the people entered in a hot dog eating contest b. the percentage of hot dogs consumed by women c. the number of hot dogs consumed by the

    asked by connxus kid
  89. English

    Which of the following sentences contains a linking verb? Sammy made lunch for us yesterday I smelled the delicious fruit I said the turkey sandwiches looked delicious----< we want lunches from Sammy every day now! Which of the following sentence contains

    asked by TheVroomin
  90. Alegbra 1

    This year Frank spends an average of 70 minutes each night doing homework. This is 30 minutes less than twice the time he averaged last year. What was his average time last year?

    asked by Bill
  91. Chemistry

    how do you solve for bond energy, I have a test tomorrow and i do not understand this concept. Can someone please put some examples, with steps also

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Pre-Algebra

    I need help with one question. -6q+5.8=23.8 So first I add 6 to each side to cancel the 6, but do I add it to the 5.8 or the 23.8? I kinda need to get walked through the problem. . . Thanks!

    asked by Help me!
  93. Accounting

    Fender Company had the following data for four months. Total Cost Production Units January $50,000 1,000 February$53,750 1,150 March $61,250 1,450 April $65,250 1,610 Use the “high-low” method to calculate the estimated variable cost per unit. A. $25

    asked by Mike
  94. Math help please!

    y + 1.2y + 1.2z Someone told me that the answer was 2.2y + 1.2z 1. Is that true? 2. How did the 1.2y turn into 2.2y?

    asked by Confused
  95. Math

    What is the domain of f/g, given f(x)= x+2 and g(x)= x-7? I was told this below, all real numbers EXCEPT 7 But My choices are this, (-infinity,7) U (7,infinity) (-infinity,-7) U (-7,infinity) (-infinity,-2) U (-2,7)U (7,infinity) (-infinity,infinity)

    asked by Kate
  96. Physics

    A bowling bowl has a mass of 25 KG. What is the acceleration of the ball if an upward force of 110 N is applied?

    asked by Vanessa
  97. Math again ;-;

    I think this is the last question I need help on. . .I hope. 5x + 2(x + 6) How do I find the answer? Would I add the x to 5 making it 6x+2+6 and then adding them together to be 6x+8? But then again that is not an option so how would I get the answer?

    asked by Confused Again
  98. Physics

    The Sound of Tissue is 1550m/s. What frequency ultrasound wave should you use to make sure you probe 65mm into the body?

    asked by Tina
  99. Physics

    a 4,500 kg roller coaster starts from the top of a 45 m hill with a velocity of 3m/s. The car travels to the bottom through a loop and continues up the next hill. The end of the roller coaster has a level surface that is 4m off the ground. Assume that

    asked by Tina
  100. math

    A=P+Prt solve for t I don't know if it is either t= (a-p)/pr or t=-(1/r)+(A/Pr) or is it a completely different answer? Thank you in advance!!!

    asked by Samuel
  101. Math

    If there are 72 games in a series and each team plays every other team twice, once at home and once away, how many teams are there?

    asked by Ace
  102. Math.!

    Simplify f+ g/f-g when f(x)= x-2/x+5. And g(x)= x-5/x+2 Choices, A. 2x^2 -29/21 B. 21/2x^2 -29 C. - 2x^2 -29 /29 D. - 29/2x^2-29

    asked by Kate
  103. Spanish

    which construction expresses an action that has just take place? - Hace + tiempo + que - acabar de + infinitivo - ir + a + infinitivo

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Social Studies

    A tropical climate is key to which economic activity in the lowlands of central america and the Caribbeans? A commerce and manufacturing B production of cash crops C animal husbandry D mining Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by I am S
  105. math

    how to find the lcd of a number? plz help

    asked by connxus kid
  106. Math

    what is 420/69? :( help

    asked by athena
  107. Alegbra

    1. –9x – 5 = –95 a) 17 b) 11 c) 10 d) –10 2. x/4 – 5 = –8 a) –27 b) –12 c) –7 d) 12 3. x/5 + 6 = 10 a) 44 b) 30 c) 20 d) –20 4. –2(m – 30) = –6m a) –15 b) –13 c) –8 d) 8 5. 3.75x + 3.7 = 1.7 + 1.75x a) 10 b) –1 c) 1 d) .1

    asked by Redo because I pasted some of the wrong questions
  108. Physics

    A horse of mass 187 kg pulls a cart of mass 200 kg. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . What is the largest acceleration the horse can give if the coefficient of static friction between the horse’s hooves and the road is 0.612? Answer in units of

    asked by Lyndsay
  109. social studies

    Help!im stuck on this question: What was not one of the accomplishments of progressives? *income tax *larger companies *blue laws *building codes

    asked by Shannon
  110. social studies

    Am I correct? What effect did the passage of jim crow laws in the 1880s have on the lives of african americans? My answer was: *it made racial segregation legal in the south******* need answer by today

    asked by Shannon
  111. Pre-algebra

    1.-2v-7=-23 2.x/4-5=-8 3.x/5+6=10 4.2(2-2x)=-3x 5.2.9n+1.7=3.5+2.3n 6.-9-6(w+5) 7.3x+4(x-6)-3(x-7) 8.p+4-3 10.-3p>-48

    asked by Hxhxhdhd
  112. Math

    Carmike Company can further process Product A to produce Product B. Product A is currently selling for $25 per pound and costs $10 per pound to produce. Product B would sell for $32 per pound and would require an additional cost of $10 per pound to

    asked by Mike
  113. character education

    what is the difference between important and urgent?

    asked by Bri
  114. Calculus

    water drips into an upside down cone, whose diameter at the base is 10 cm , and whose height is 15 cm. If the water is dripping int a rate of 2cm^3 per minute, how fast is the height rising.

    asked by Angel
  115. Riddle

    What come once in a moment, twice in a minute and never in a thousand years?

    asked by Joan
  116. English

    Choose the term that describes the type of sentence shown. The senior class took a trip to Washington, D.C. and Annapolis for their research project. A Compound B Simple C Complex D Compound-Complex I think its C Correct me if I am wrong.

    asked by Blaw
  117. Hard Math

    Simplify f+ g/f-g when f(x)= x-2/x+5. And g(x)= x-5/x+2 Choices, A. 2x^2 -29/21 B. 21/2x^2 -29 C. - 2x^2 -29 /29 D. - 29/2x^2-29

    asked by Kate