Questions Asked on
December 13, 2017

  1. History

    What was the purpose of the West India Company? trade African slaves in the West Indies promote free trade between India and Great Britain colonize the eastern shores of India trade American Indian slaves in Portugal and Spain

    asked by Kennedy
  2. math

    A gas has weight of 5 pounds and a volume of 100 cubic feet,What is the specific volume of the gas? 0.05ft/sup>/lb 5ft3/lb 20ft3/lb 100ft3/lb

    asked by simon
  3. ashworth

    a gas has weight of 5 pounds and a volume of 100 cubic feet.What is the specific volume of this gas? 0.05 ft3/lb 5ft3/lb 20ft3

    asked by simon
  4. english

    Identify the subject, object, and verb in this sentence: Paralegals need strong ethics. need is verb paralegals is subject strong is object am i right

    asked by ryan
  5. Physics

    Two gliders on an air track collide in a perfectly elastic collision. Glider A has mass 1.1 kg and is initially travelling at a velocity of 2.7 m/s [E]. It collides head-on with glider B with mass 2.4 kg, travelling at a velocity of 1.9 m/s [W]. Determine

    asked by ANN
  6. HVAC

    Two HVAC technicians are discussing the properties of water.Technician A says that if the pressure of water is raised,the boiling point will decrease.Technician B says that placing water in a vacuum will cause its boiling point to increase.Which of the

    asked by simon
  7. HVAC

    two HVAC technician are discussing units of energy.Technician A says that a BTU is defined as the work performed by a force of 1 neton[N] moving and object over a distance of 1 meter[M].Technician B says that that if you have a 60 watt light bulb that has

    asked by simon
  8. Algebra II

    Solve In(5x+7) = 8. Round to the nearest thousandth. Can someone walk me through this?

    asked by Nickie
  9. Language

    Which sentence contains a coordinating conjunction? Although the road was rough, we could drive on it. We drove along the rough, passable road Bouncing along, we drove slowly down the road. The road was rather rough yet still passable THIS ONE 2.Which

    asked by TheVroomin
  10. computer

    Which of the following is a form of cyberbullying? A. writing a friendly joke using etiquette B. posting embarrassing photos or secrets about somebody C. sharing a funny story about yourself D. posting a photo of someone with their permission I can't

    asked by Pepsi
  11. english

    True or False: the following sentence demonstrates parallelism: Cameron is an actor, a writer, and former model. true

    asked by ryan
  12. Algebra II

    Solve the logarithmic equation. Round to the nearest ten-thousandth if necessary. log 8x^3=4 Can someone walk me through this?

    asked by Nickie
  13. Chemistry

    In the reaction Al2S3(s) + 6HCl(aq) --> 2AlCl3(aq) + 3H2S(g), how many moles of HCl are used for each mole of AlCl3 formed? A.0 B.2 C.3 D.1 E.1.5 where do you start and how do you figure it out?

    asked by Rose
  14. Health

    Why is it important to learn refusal skills? A) in order to understand how peer pressure works B) so you can feel accepted by others around you C) to avoid situations in which alcohol is present and remain alcohol free D) you will feel worse about yourself

    asked by Brooklyn
  15. Algebra

    Which graph represents the solution to the given system? -2x + 5y = -10 and -3x + 5y = -20

    asked by Snow
  16. Physics

    A football player of mass 103 kg running with a velocity of 2.0 m/s [E] collides head-on with a 110 kg player on the opposing team travelling with a velocity of 3.2 m/s [W]. Immediately after the collision the two players move in the same direction.

    asked by ANN
  17. Physics

    A squid can propel itself by taking water into its body and then expelling it. A 0.60 kg squid expels 0.30 kg of water with a velocity of 20 m/s [S]. What is the speed of the squid immediately after expelling the water?

    asked by ANN
  18. basic word and excel

    _______ data would be useful for creating a weekly status report for your manager that should reflect changes in real time. A. Field B. Integrated C. Linked D. Embedded

    asked by LEE
  19. Social Studies

    What was the importance of slave codes? (A)They increased the personal freedoms of enslaved African Americans. (B)They were established as a step toward legal freedoms for African Americans. (C)They increased an owner’s control over enslaved African

    asked by Seiken Tsukai no World Break
  20. HVAC

    the density of a solid or liquid material divided by the density of water is called the_____ of the material. latent heat specific volume critical point specific gravity

    asked by simon
  21. math

    A gauge pressure of 30 psig is equivalent to an absolute pressure of______. 15.3 psia 30 psia 44.7 psia 64.7 psia

    asked by simon
  22. english

    Which of the following is important for an introduction in formal or academic writing? Entertaining the audience Establishing the key point the piece of writing will make Discussing your opinion on the topic for at least three sentences Providing all of

    asked by ryan
  23. math


    asked by manmath
  24. Chemistry

    In terms of its structure and intermolecular forces, why is neoprene able to stretch? I want to say it's because its carbons form a long chain which easily stretches, but I'm not sure how intermolecular forces factor into that. Thanks!

    asked by SarahF275
  25. Algebra

    Write the expression as a single logarithm. log_3 40-log_3 10 I'm completely confused with logarithmic equations!! Can someone please please help me understand?

    asked by Mitch n' Joey
  26. Algebra II

    Use natural logarithms to solve the equation.Round to the nearest thousandth. 5e^2x+11=30 Can someone explain it to me? So far, I got. e^2x+11=6 2x+11=In 6

    asked by Nickie
  27. Forces Within and Deciphering Earth's History

    Which of the following time spans represent the greatest length of time? A. Era B. Eon C. Period D. Epoch My answer is A.

    asked by Prisila
  28. Advanced Algebra

    Question: Which recursive equation represents the pattern? 1 answer below » n an 1 1 2 6 3 12 4 19 Which recursive equation represents the pattern? an = an – 1 + 3n + 1 an = an – 1 + 3(n + 1) an = an – 1 + (n+3) an = an – 1 + (n-3) My answer is

    asked by Steve
  29. algebra

    skater n 58.9 kg is moving north at a speed of 7.8 m/s when she collides with skate E 72.6 kg moving east at 3.5 m/s the two skates together in what direction and with what speed do they move after the collision draw and label a momentum vector diagram

    asked by Desire Ngarambe
  30. math

    An electric motor that rated at 5 horse power can produce _____ in equivalent work. 0.007 watts 5 watts 17.05 watts 3730 watts

    asked by simon
  31. Math

    Patty went to her cousins for the weekend. She drove 260 km in 2 h 45 min, some of it on a 100 km/h highway and the rest on 80 km/h roads. This has to be written as a linear equation

    asked by Hannah
  32. Physics

    A tennis ball with mass 57 g is travelling at 25 m/s [S] when it is intercepted by a tennis racquet for 4.0 ms after which the ball travels at 32 m/s [N]. What is the impulse imparted by the tennis racquet?

    asked by ANN
  33. Languege

    Which of the following sentences contains a linking verb? Teresa wore her favorite shoes today. Her shoes look really comfortable. THIS ONE She put them on with striped socks. Teresa walked for hours without a complaint. 2.Which of the following sentences

    asked by KYS
  34. Civics

    Which of the following rights would be most likely to be protected by the Ninth Amendment? Right to a public trial Protection from seizure of property Right to be protected from government interference Right to limit harmful actions by other people

    asked by Bri
  35. english

    A writer creates unity when topic sentences in an essay each relate to a main idea from an introduction or thesis statement. i pick true

    asked by ryan

    n the water gas shift reaction (below, unbalanced), equal masses of methane and water were placed in the reactor and the total mass of the reactants was 274 kg. _______ CH4 (g) + _______ H2O (g) → _______H2 (g) + _______ CO2 (g) Given: MW of CH4 is 16.04

    asked by Anonymous
  37. physics

    A copper Calorimeter of mass 150g,was half-filled with water of mass 300g and a temperature of 0°C.5g of ice of mass 0°C was added to the content, later some quantity of steam was passed into the mixture and the temperature rose by 20°C. Calculate the

    asked by tony
  38. physics

    A block of mass 12 kg starts from rest and slides a distance of 7 m down an inclined plane making an angle of 40◦ with the horizontal. The coefficient of sliding friction between block and plane is 0.4. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . What is

    asked by Zugey
  39. Posting Help

    Hey, I'm wondering how I should help other people on this site without getting banished, expeled, or otherwise in any kind of trouble. I really want to help, and get help, but I see so many people get banned and kicked out of their schools!

    asked by Hi!!!
  40. SS

    Temples were believed to be the homes of the gods. Which of these answer choices best supports this main idea? A. Statues of the gods in the temples were treated as if they were alive. Statues were washed, dressed, and given food. B. People prayed to the

    asked by May
  41. English

    1. You made last year so special for me. It is my greatest wish that this coming year be special for you. ------------------------------ Why is 'be' used in the last sentence? Can't we use 'will be' instead of 'be'?

    asked by rfvv

    1. 1/10 x 3/4 A.15/2 B.2/15 C.3/40 D.40/30 2.4/5 of 40 A.32 B.1/32 C.12 D.44/5 3.1/3 of 3 A.1/18 B.1/3 C.1 D.1/9 this is the Lesson 4: Multiplication of Fractions Review Math 6 A Unit 7: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions quiz, so if you know the rest of

    asked by nicholas
  43. Chem

    The brilliant color of fireworks is produced by shells containing lithium carbonate (Li2CO3) that are launched into the night sky and explode. The explosions produce enough energy to vaporize the Li2CO3 and produce excited state lithium atoms. These atoms

    asked by Charles
  44. Math

    1. Find the slope of the line that passes through the points (-1, 2), (0, 5). 2. Suppose y varies directly with x, and y = 15 and x = 5. Write a direct variation equation that relates x and y. What is the value of y when x = 9? 3. Write an equation in

    asked by PicturesDon'tChangeThePeopleInsideOfThemDo
  45. Art

    Which of the following would be appropriate criteria for analyzing this piece if art? Answer choices below: A: ability in predicting fashion trends B: creating abstract imagery using exaggeration of proportion C: using warm colors to create mood D:

    asked by Nashi Dragneel
  46. character education

    What types of emotion cloud our thinking process? Are there emotions that clarify thought?

    asked by Bri
  47. MATH

    HELP HELP The sum of the product of 16 and x and the product of 11 and y is 218. The difference of the product of 5 and x and the product of 11 and y is -134. What are the values of x and y? PLS

    asked by KennyT
  48. algebra

    Sylvia bought a 6-month $1900 certificate of deposit. At the end of 6 months, she received a $209 simple interest. What rate of interest did the certificate pay

    asked by bob
  49. Math please help !!!!!!

    How many blocks 1 inch on each edge would it take to fill a shoe box that is 12 inches long , 6inches wide , and 5 inches high ?

    asked by Angel
  50. Science - Climate change

    What does this paragraph mean? Why is the air sinking over the desert and how does it rise with rain systems thousands of kilometers away? In fact, it has been calculated that the Sahara Desert actually loses more infrared radiation than it gains solar

    asked by Jasmine373
  51. math

    3.50 is 2% of what number? answer : 175

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Forces Within and Deciphering Earth's History

    If you find a large piece of granite that, upon inspection, contains smaller fragments of sandstone, which would you say is older, the granite or the fragments of sandstone? A. Sandstone B. It's impossible to tell. C. They're both the same age. D. Granite

    asked by Prisila
  53. Math

    What is the 2011th term of the arithmetic sequence -4,-1,2,5...., where each term after the first is 3 more than the preceding term? (Remeber -4 is the first term of the sequence)

    asked by Bhbbbbb
  54. Math

    What is the area of a quadrilateral with vertices at (1, 1), (4, 1), (7, 5) and (4, 5)?

    asked by Tessa
  55. math

    Please tell me if I did a good job! (Question:) Write an equation with a variable on both sides of the equal sign that has infinitely many solutions. Solve the equation and explain why it has an infinite number of solutions. (My answer:) 3x + 5 = 3x + 5

    asked by Arthur
  56. Math

    Tamika’s dad bought a Mustang convertible for 12,000 dollars to celebrate his first job in 1978, which paid him 15,000 dollars a year. If Tamika is to use the same fraction of her salary as her dad to buy a Mustang convertible, which now sells for 32,000

    asked by Tessa
  57. Chem

    Calculate the pH at which free phenobarbital(an acid) will precipitate from a solution contain 0.0394M(Cs) sodium phenobarbital. Given: molar mass of phenobarbital=232 g/mol; Ka=3.9x10^-8; and water soluble of free phenobarbital(Co)=1g in 1000ml. Thank you

    asked by 123
  58. Geometry

    The captain of a boat is planning to travel to three islands in a triangular pattern where one side of the side island is 75 miles and the other side is 32 miles. What is the possible range for the number of miles round trip the boat will travel? Answer:

    asked by Sally
  59. Government

    “Congress first began to regulate the use of money in federal elections in 1907. In that year, it became unlawful for any corporation or national bank to make ‘a money contribution in any election’ to candidates for federal office.” Which of the

    asked by Michael
  60. algerba math

    Write the next two terms in the pattern. 9, 27, 81, 243, ___, ___

    asked by Andrew
  61. business finance

    a company intends to raise finance through the issue of 15% $200 corporate bond redeemable in 15 years. what is the fair value of the bond to an investor with an expected rate of return of 18%?

    asked by naz
  62. A big question

    IM IN CONNEXUS academy. there is a question that I need help on. it said, List your smart goasl for this course and briefly reflect upon your progress on each one. Are there any goals you need to revise? Ok the thing is I understand this question but I

    asked by there is hope
  63. math

    mary ageis 3times age of bhabna ,and sum of their ages 5years from now will be twices mary 's present old they are now

    asked by Devendra
  64. Math

    f + 8/9 = 9 1/9

    asked by Pepsi
  65. Chem Help

    For the reaction, XBr2(g) X(g) + Br2(g), if a container is charged to an initial concentration, [XBr2] = 2.00 mol/L and the system allowed to react and come to equilibrium, if Kc = 4.0 x 10-8, what is the concentration of X(g) at equilibrium? This is what

    asked by Steve
  66. Math 6 grade unit 6 lesson 11 unit test

    Pls need help with The unit 6 math test

    asked by Anonymous
  67. History

    Can someone help me or send me a good link to find more information about the Federalist Party and the Democratic Republican Party, preferably ones that state their differences and similarities? I can't really find any help on other websites

    asked by Baby_Banana
  68. Business

    “What Makes a Leader,” describe a recent boss you have had and what were this person’s strengths and weaknesses. Give examples of the impact on employees and teamwork

    asked by Mosess
  69. English

    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! [Which expression is grammatical?] ------------------------------------- 4. I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. 5. I

    asked by rfvv
  70. MATH

    Graph the inequality 2X - 4Y < 8 Use the intercepts of graphs

    asked by sai
  71. 5 - Portfolio Item: Cool Crafts Portfolio

    I really need help, I could not figure this out.

    asked by BruteForce
  72. English

    1. However, my parents loved me very much, and they never gave up on me. 2. However, my parents loved me very much, and they never gave up me. ------------------------------------ Which one is correct? Can we use both expressions, 'gave up on' and 'gave

    asked by rfvv
  73. Math (Check Answers Please)

    (Please tell me if I did a good job!) Write an equation with a variable on both sides of the equal sign that has infinitely many solutions. Solve the equation and explain why it has an infinite number of solutions. (My answer:) 3x + 5 = 3x + 5 This

    asked by My Little Pony
  74. Math

    Why is one fourth = 0.25 = 25%

    asked by Anonoumous
  75. Math

    Which ordered pair is for the solution. y=3x-5 y=1/2x (6,3),(1,-2),(2,1),(-2,1)

    asked by Hannah
  76. ss

    Contrast the educational opportunities available for white children and African American children in the North while education reform was going on.

    asked by jasmine
  77. science

    What are the genotypes and phenotypes of monarch butterfly What are the genotypes and phenotypes of viceroy butterfly

    asked by life sucks
  78. mechanicle engineering

    A train of mass 50,000kg and velocity of 30m/s collides with a stationary carraige of mass 10,000 kg. after the collision,both the train and the carraige moves off together as one body.determine the loss of kinetic energy due to the collision?

    asked by nav
  79. Languege

    Which sentence contains an opinion? Thomas Jefferson supported American independence from Great Britain. He was a lawyer in his home state of Virginia. Jefferson authored the Declaration of Independence, the most important document in history. THIS ONE He

    asked by KYS
  80. math

    in a parking lot, 16% of the cars are blue. There are 4 blue cars in the parking lot. How many cars in the parking lot are NOT blue?

    asked by robin
  81. Math

    A sixth grader weighs 90 pounds, which is 120% of what he weighed in fourth grade. How much did he weigh in fourth grade? He weighed _____ pounds in fourth grade.

    asked by Tevye
  82. geometry

    On the coordinate plane, ΔABC ≅ ΔDEF by SSS. ΔABC translates 2 units to the left and 3 units down. Do the triangles remain congruent? Explain why or why not. please help me

    asked by help please
  83. Science

    2C2H2+3O2—4CO+2H2O+Heat rasaynik abhikriya Kay aahe

    asked by Raj patil
  84. Math

    Whole numbers from 1-10 that are factors of… 1260 Whole numbers from 1-10 that are factors of... 73500 Whole numbers from 1-10 that are factors of... 3600 Can I have help ASAP with these three problems? Thank you in advance! :)

    asked by Melanie
  85. Business

    “What Makes a Leader,” describe a recent boss you have had and what were this person’s strengths and weaknesses. Give examples of the impact on employees and teamwork

    asked by Mosess
  86. ss .

    How are the viewpoints of Turkey’s urban and rural population likely to differ regarding the role of women in society? Explain. [ i dont need an actual answer , i just need a reference to help me . ]

    asked by riccaa .
  87. character education

    Knowing vs. Doing Consider one particularly striking instance. Some years ago, the New York Times ran a story about an author who had his manuscript, Telling Right From Wrong, accepted by a major publishing house. The publisher considered it a

    asked by Bri
  88. Social Studies

    The Egyptian worshiped many gods. This is known as polytheism. The root word "theism" means "belief in god." What do you think the prefix "poly" means?

    asked by May
  89. Gravity, fields

    Question 1) Consider two point-like objects, A and B, the first of which has four times the mass of the other (i.e. MA = 4MB). They are placed a certain distance d apart. (i) Sketch (in 2-dimensions) the gravitational field lines that are present in the

    asked by Anon
  90. Spanish

    Llena el blanco con el verbo en subjuntivo que se te pide en el paréntesis. 1. Aunque (haber + estar) _____ allí, no habríamos visto a los androides. 2. Siento mucho que no (haber + dormir) ____ después de que viéramos la televisión.

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Math

    A bottle contains 20 fluid ounces of lotion and sells for $5.80. The 20-fluid-ounce bottle contains 125% of the lotion in the next smallest size, which sells for $5.12. Which is the better buy? Explain. The bottle is the better buy. The -fluid ounce bottle

    asked by Tevye
  92. Math

    If James has 1 million one candy bars and he eats 1 million what does he have?

    asked by Savage
  93. science

    how do decentralize goverment reduce environmental degradation

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Geograph ( Help one question )

    Geographically, people in western Russia have tended to identify with Europe more than Asia because A) the soil is so similar. B) their languages are quite similar. C) the Mediterranean Sea connects them. D) the Ural Mountains seal them off from the rest

    asked by Sammy
  95. Science

    I have reviewed the types of reactions but am still not sure what it is. Cs2+H2O arrow CsOH+H2 In the products, where is the H in CsOH coming from? What type of reaction is it?

    asked by Emma
  96. US History

    How did the French and Indian War lead to a colonial movement to manufacture American-made products? The British boycotted American exports in response to colonial war protests. The British prosecuted smugglers who had brought in tax-free imports during

    asked by NANO
  97. Algebra

    The table shows the number of miles driven over time. Find the rate of change. x- y- 4 | 204 6 | 306 8 | 408 10 | 510 A.) 51/1; Your car travels 51 miles every 1 hour. * B.) 204; Car travels 204 miles C.) 1/51; Car travels 51 miles every 1 hour. * The

    asked by Dylan
  98. math 1

    explain what the solution to the equation f(x)=g(x) means, both graphically and algebraically. I have no idea what this question is asking but like I do know that f(x) has to do with next now rules correct? Please help im desperate

    asked by jaedin
  99. math

    A middle school is made up of grades 6, 7, and 8, and has about the same number of male and female students in each grade. Explain how to use a simulation to find the experimental probability that the first 50 students who arrive at school are male and 7th

    asked by Sorina
  100. chemistry

    Do you think that there is a high correlation between proficiency in mathematics and proficiency in chemistry? Explain why or why not. Use details about the components of each field to support your answer.

    asked by help please
  101. Universal gravitation, fields

    Really basic question but I wanted to just double check something. Im trying to work out where to place a point particle between two objects (one has a mass 4 times the other). Now ive used very basic approximations as its just a rough idea I need so ive

    asked by Anon
  102. Biology

    I need help identifying the rest of a digestive structure of an earthworm. I have identified the: Mouth, Pharynx, esophagus, Crop, Gizzard, and the intestine. apparently, I am missing one more digestive structure of an earthworm.

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Language arts

    I’m doing this essay or summary about the book always to rember the vision of maya Ying Lin can someone check my work please

    asked by Keily
  104. Math

    Which ordered pair is for the solution. y=3x-5 y=1/2x (6,3),(1,-2),(2,1),(-2,1)

    asked by Hannah
  105. Language arts

    Always to remember essay Can someone check my answer I need help I’ll post it if any one will help me and i read the book already I just need someone to help me check it

    asked by Keily
  106. character education

    How can you exhibit the values of generosity and gratitude in your life?

    asked by Bri
  107. character education

    What is the difference between knowing something is right and doing something right? Is this an ok answer? The difference between the two is a matter of one being a thought process (knowing), rather than an action performed (doing). One may know something,

    asked by Bri
  108. math

    A Gauge pressure of 30 psig is equivalent to an absolute pressure of 15.3 psia 30 psia 44.7 psia 64.7 psia

    asked by simon
  109. Spelling

    First goes Whirlwind, Breeze and then downpour and then what goes next?

    asked by Hannah
  110. algerba math

    Write the next two terms in the pattern. 9, 27, 81, 243, ___, ___

    asked by Andrew
  111. Language

    Passage from"Life Without Gravity" by Robert Zimmerman In space, the much weaker gravity makes the human body change in many unexpected ways. In microgravity, your blood is rerouted, flowing from the legs, which become thin and sticklike, to the head,

    asked by TheVroomin
  112. geometry

    On the coordinate plane, ΔABC ≅ ΔDEF by SSS. ΔABC translates 2 units to the left and 3 units down. Do the triangles remain congruent? Explain why or why not.

    asked by help please
  113. Chemistry

    A student breaks a thermometer and spills most of the mercury (Hg) onto the floor of the laboratory that measure 15.2 m long, 6.6 m wide and 2.4 m high. a) (1 mark) Calculate the volume of the room in m3 and L. b) (2 marks) If the vapour pressure of

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Chemistry

    1. Write the correct formulas for the following: A. A compound composed of melt X which has a +2 charge and nonment Y which has a -3 charge (write it as “XY” including the correct subscripts as necessary.) My answer: by adding or taking away a charge

    asked by Ummm
  115. Chemistry

    Which ones of they statements our true? And which ones are false? I. Coefficients can be fractions. II. Subscripts can be fractions. III. Coefficients represent the relative masses of the reactants and/or products. IV. Changing the subscripts to balance an

    asked by Rose
  116. Math

    80 is 40% of what number? A. 200* B. 32 C. 20 D. 112

    asked by Bhad Bhabie
  117. English

    A thesis statement clarifies the main point an essay will make. I say true

    asked by Ryan
  118. Math

    In a class of 120 students,60 play tennis,50 play polo and 20 play both. How many play only polo?

    asked by Anudeep
  119. Math

    Write the equation of a line in slope intercept form that is parallel to the given line and passes through the given point. y = 2x + 3 (1, 7)

    asked by Jan
  120. Math

    Lucy makes 37 get well cards and some thank you cards. She makes 60 cards in all. How many thank you cards does Lucy make?

    asked by Anthony