Questions Asked on
December 12, 2017

  1. Science

    If a chemical reaction such as photosynthesis begins with 6 atoms of carbon (C), how many atoms of carbon (C) should be in the products? A) 2 atoms of carbon (C) B) 3 atoms of carbon (C) C) 6 atoms of carbon (C)**** D) 12 atoms of carbon (C)

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Chemistry

    13. Solid sodium reacts violently with water, producing heat, hydrogen gas, and sodium hydroxide. How many molecules of hydrogen gas are formed when 48.7 g of sodium are added to water? 2Na + 2H2O = 2NaOH + H2 So far I have this much figured out: Mass to

    asked by Mitch n' Joey
  3. Spanish

    Describe one similarity and one difference between the musical styles cumbia and vallenato. If somebody could give me some links or anything that would be useful, thanks! :)

    asked by Renee
  4. ELA

    Think about the work you completed in your reading character role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about Johnny Tremain. Provide an explanation for your choices. How did the role you selected and the work you

    asked by jules
  5. History

    How did European imperialism influence Asia? European nations overthrew local leaders to establish a trade network, which reduced the profitability of the Chinese tea industry. Lack of interest in European goods led to the distribution of opium, which

    asked by Erick
  6. reading the cay

    What is the most likely conclusion about Timothy’s feelings regarding stew cat? He is angry at stew cat He is a protective of stew cat as he is Phillip He understands Phillips affection for stew cat He is indifferent toward stew cat when rescue does not

    asked by hi
  7. Spanish

    In which country is baseball more popular than soccer? A. la Repúplica Dominicana B. Argentina C. Espana D. Perú I think the answer is B, am I correct? If not B then C.

    asked by Someone
  8. Art

    Individuals can use different criteria to analyze artwork. What would be an example of inappropriate criteria for analyzing this piece of art. A- Capturing daily scenes B- capturing likeness to the individuals C- Creating an image using photo-realism( I

    asked by Jaidyn
  9. Social studies

    How were the lives of children in the middle of the nineteenth century different from previous generations? a. they were working in factories or fields b. they were children of professional parents c. they were given the opportunity to go to college.

    asked by softball lover
  10. Math

    A brick patio has the approximate shape of a trapezoid. The patio has 16 rows of bricks. The first row has a = 13 bricks and the 16th row has b = 28 bricks. How many bricks are in the patio?

    asked by Sarah
  11. Science

    If water with the mass of 15.0 grams is heated into water vapor in a closed system such as a closed glass jar, what is the mass of the gas after the water completely vaporizes? A) 13.5 grams B) 15.0 grams C) 16.5 grams D) The mass cannot be determined

    asked by Anonymous
  12. The Global Ocean

    The rising of cold water from deeper layers to replace warmer surface water is a wind-induced vertical movement called A. downwelling. B. upwelling. C. thermohaline circulation. D. tidal action. my answer is b.

    asked by Prisila
  13. Language Arts

    The football team cannot play ____ best when it is so hot. A. its ** B. our C. their D. you're I had this question in a language arts meeting with my teacher but I forgot the answer. I know that she talked about it being a trick question though so I'm not

    asked by Mark
  14. Science

    How does the mass of a bowling ball that has been rolled down the lane affect the kinetic energy? A) The kinetic energy does not depend on the mass of the bowling ball. B) The kinetic energy is increases proportional to the mass of the bowling ball. C) The

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Precalculus

    A ship is heading due north at 10 mph. The current is flowing southwest at 3 mph. Find the actual bearing and speed of the ship.

    asked by KG
  16. Art History

    Which of the following best characterizes the new kingdom? A. Political strength and cultural change in Egypt. B. It represents the period when Egyptian culture began to decline. C. It was a period during which the arts thrived despite the political

    asked by Renee
  17. basic word & excel

    6. _______ data updates in your destination document if there are changes to the source data. A. Linked B. Integrated C. Embedded D. Field

    asked by LEE
  18. Science

    What can scientists learn from the rate at which radioactive elements decay?

    asked by I Love Jesus
  19. Geometry

    A ladder leaning against a house makes an angle of 60 degrees. The foot of the ladder is 7 feet from the house. How long is the ladder and what would the situtaion look like as a right triangle?

    asked by Skylar
  20. Science

    Jill is making lemonade. She mixes together some water, ice, lemon juice, and sugar. The lemonade is classified as a(n) _________. A) compound B) element C) mixture **** D) solution

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Social Studies

    Why were many countries still dependent on outside help from other nations, such as the United States, following their independence in the 1800s? A. The colonies were weak, and other nations promised to maintain military bases in their countries in order

    asked by Yellowkittycorn
  22. Calculus

    Calculate the area of the region bounded by the graphs of the given equations y=x^2-5x+4 and y=-(x-1)^2 The answer is supposed to be 9/8, but I'm getting -111/8. Idk what I'm doing wrong

    asked by Mike
  23. Science

    Which of the following is NOT a function of the skeletal system? 1)supports the body 2)works with other body systems to allow movement 3)manufactures new blood cells 4)sends signals to the brain I think #3. Can you check? Thanks

    asked by Jamie
  24. Math

    A scale model of a car is 10 in. long. The actual car is 15 ft long. What is the scale of the model? 1 in. : 1.5 in. ** 1 in. : 18 in. 1 in. : 24 in. 1 in. : 18 ft --------------------- Apples cost $2.40 for 3 lb. At that rate, how many pounds of apples

    asked by Evie Swan
  25. Calculus

    Measurements of a lake’s width were taken at 15-foot intervals, as shown: x= 0 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 f(x)= 0 15 18 20 19 23 24 22 12 Estimate integral (0,120) f(x) dx with n = 4, using the left-hand approximation, the right hand approximation, and

    asked by Michael
  26. Algebra

    a. For the first company, express in words the amount the cab company charges per ride and per mile. Charge per ride: $3 per mile $0.50 b. Write an equation in slope-intercept, point-slope, or standard form. Explain why you chose the form you did.

    asked by Samuel
  27. Social Studies

    Why were many countries still dependent on outside help from other nations, such as the United States, following their independence in the 1800s? A. The colonies were weak, and other nations promised to maintain military bases in their countries in order

    asked by BabyKittyKat
  28. Math

    Jalisa is using 5/6 ward of ribbon to make bows for her party favors. Jalisa needs to make 6 bows. What is the length of the ribbon used for each bow?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Social Studies

    Even though the United States had just had its own revolution to overthrow a colonial power, it did not support the revolution in Haiti because, A. The united states regretted breaking with England because of the economic problems it caused. B. The united

    asked by HoneyKitty
  30. Science

    Which of these is a natural factor that affects the environment? Domestication Oxygen Research Factories My answer is oxygen

    asked by Lost
  31. Intensive Reading (CHECK MS SUE)

    Which statement best reveals an author's purpose? A.In the article, it is clear the author has talked to many people who fought for civil rights. B.The author wants readers to understand the development of voting rights in America. C.The author offers an

    asked by Bobby Newberry
  32. Chemistry - Liquid Methane?

    "The planets Uranus and Neptune are so far from the Sun that temperatures are low enough for atmospheric methane, CH4, to condense and form clouds. How is it possible for methane, a nonpolar substance, to exist in this liquid state?" I want to say it's

    asked by Sarah
  33. Math

    Karen saved $200.00 this week from her allowance.If this amount is $50.00 more than twice the amount she saved last week,how much did she saved last week?

    asked by Allena
  34. English 12th

    1. A fable’s moral may be explicitly stated, or it may simply be implied. (1 point) A) independent clause B) adverbial clause C) adjectival clause D) noun clause 2. If you look at most cultures, you will find evidence of fables passed down through oral

    asked by Vi
  35. physics

    A ball thrown with a speed of 100m/s,attains a height of 150m (g is 9.8m/s2.Calculate (i) time of flight (ii)angle of projection

    asked by Y.Abdulsalam
  36. Math (Questions)

    Drinking 8 fluid ounces of milk provides 270.0 milligrams of calcium. How many fluid ounces of milk provide 72.5 milligrams of calcium? Round to the nearest tenth. 2.6 fluid ounces 2.3 fluid ounces ** 1.8 fluid ounces 2.1 fluid ounces

    asked by Evie Swan
  37. Dont need to answer if you dont want to

    I was wondering, Since Ms. Sue answers almost every question and comments a lot, is Ms. Sue a teacher? Does she work here?

    asked by Anonoumous
  38. physics

    The density of a gas is 1.25 kg m – 3 at N.T.P. Find the Root mean square velocity of its molecules.

    asked by aat
  39. Chemistry

    The question on one of my assignments says, "Explain why a thick layer of ice on the lake can support the weight of a person, but the liquid water cannot." I would assume it's because solids are solid and liquids are liquid, but I feel like they want a

    asked by Sarah
  40. Science

    Which of these is an example of how an abiotic factor affects a biotic factor? 1 Taming of a wild animal, like Cockatoo, for commercial purposes. 2. A fungus infects the population of frogs causing a population decline 3. An increase in rainfall leads to

    asked by Lost
  41. Math

    The new facility is the square in shape the link of one of the walls is 20 feet how many square feet is the facility

    asked by Eric
  42. The Global Ocean

    The phrase circular orbital motion refers to what type of water motion? A. Deep ocean currents B. Tidal flow C. Wave action D. Surface currents my answer is c.

    asked by Prisila
  43. Calculus

    I need some help with this Calculus problem. A bacteria population starts with 500 bacteria and grows at a rate of r(t) = 548e^6.5t bacteria per hour. A. Determine the function P(t) which gives the population at time t. C. How long does it take the initial

    asked by James
  44. Science

    A cold cast iron skillet is placed onto a stove top. When the stove is turned on, the skillet becomes very hot. Why does the skillet become hot? A) The skillet is losing energy (heat) to the stove. B) The stove is gaining energy (heat) from the skillet. C)

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Science

    Evidence of a chemical change does NOT include A) evolving a gas. B) change in color. C) change in shape.*** D) change in temperature.

    asked by Anonymous
  46. algebra

    Automakers’, Inc. is a car manufacturer and currently has three operational plants cleverly named Plant A, Plant B and Plant C. Plant A can produce 100 cars a day. Plant B can produce 80 cars a day. Plant C can produce only 70 cars a day. If all three

    asked by Anonymous
  47. math

    On three 150point geography tests, you earned grades of 88%, 94%, and 90%. The final test is worth 250 points. What percent do you need on the final to earn 93% of the total points on all tests?

    asked by robin
  48. Calculus

    I just need help with one question. A bacteria population starts with 500 bacteria and grows at a rate of r(t) = 548e^(6.5t) bacteria per hour. Determine the number of bacteria after 1 hour. Thank you!

    asked by James
  49. art

    We are going to make New Year's Day cards. Where can we fnd useful expressions for the cards on the Internet?

    asked by rfvv
  50. SCIENCe the componets of the respiratory system in the order incoming encounter them during breathing. 1.trachea,pharynx,larynx,alveoli,bronchi 2.bronchi,larynx,alveoli,trachea,pharynx 3.larynx,trachea,bronchi,pharynx,alveoli

    asked by Masey
  51. science

    A sample weighing 1.25 mg containing a certain compound M (FW 292.16 g/mol) was dissolved in solvent in a 5.00 mL volumetric flask. A 1.00 mL aliquot was drawn up, placed in a 10.00 mL volumetric and diluted to the mark with solvent. The absorbance of this

    asked by Ibrahim
  52. Physics! Help!

    Two planets of mass 3 x 1025kg are release from rest 1.5 x 1012 m apart. What is the speed of the planets when they are half this distance apart? Help! I've been stuck on this for a good bit! I cant seem to find a formula that can help me solve this! I can

    asked by James
  53. geography help

    What factors are contributing to a aging popluation?

    asked by James
  54. Chemistry

    I've been given a table with the following information: Br-Br bonding energy (298 K): 192.807 kJ/mol Br2 vaporization energy: 30.91 kJ/mol boiling point of bromine: 332 K The question reads, "A chemist heats liquid bromine to 335K, and a gas forms. Is the

    asked by Sarah
  55. Science - Climate change

    This is from my textbook, about sea breeze. "A water breeze occurs during the day when the solar energy warms up the land faster than the nearby water. Remember that water is a better heat sink than land, and so can absorb a lot of energy without getting

    asked by Jasmine
  56. Social Studies

    Upper and Lower Egypt Long, long ago, Egypt was divided. There were two kingdoms in Egypt. They were called Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. Lower Egypt was the land around the mouth of the Nile River in northern Egypt. Upper Egypt was in the south. It is

    asked by May
  57. Science

    What would be the best metric unit for measuring how far a horse can run in 10 seconds?

    asked by Devaria
  58. Algebra 1

    Which cannot describe a system of linear equations? a) no solution b) exactly two solutions c) infinite solutions**** d) exactly one solution To be honest I think the answer is C. Please Help!

    asked by In Need Of Help
  59. languge arts

    Which of theses is an example of direct characterization A: Trey's voice remained calm as he shared the news. B: taya was well know for her good looks . C: Marcus is shy and has difuclity speaking to crowd. D:haley as the first in the class to finish her

    asked by britney
  60. Geometry

    Write a coordinate proof to show that triangle FGH congruent triangle FDC

    asked by Anon
  61. Intensive Reading (CHECK)

    Evidence to support your understanding of an essay or article should come mainly from A. articles you research*** B. biographies of the author C.fellow students D.the text itself Is it A or D?

    asked by Bobby Newberry
  62. Sociology

    Race is socially constructed. What are the social consequences of the construction of race on a society? Do you think they can be undone?

    asked by Ryan
  63. math

    is this correct? 5/18 and 25/90 = a proportion?

    asked by Shannon
  64. Cultural Anthro

    Last one: Anthropologists who participate in development initiatives/projects: 1 may recommend that the projects end to avoid cultural and/or other damage. 2 may suggest changes in projects design. 3 assert that the earlier their involvement in project

    asked by Naomi :)
  65. biology

    Why do biologists believe that a primitive choanoflagellate protist is an ancestor of all animals?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Chemistry

    The equation below could be best read as _____. H2(g) + Cl2(g) --> 2HCl(g)

    asked by Rose
  67. English

    I need help doing a thesis for Macbeth by Shakespeare. I'm focusing on the character Macbeth and my theme is ambition. Intially: -He is shown as a loyal soldier who is kind (fill with the mill of human kindness) -He gets startled when the witches tell him

    asked by Sarah
  68. Math

    Can I please get help with math involving percents?

    asked by Anonoumous
  69. As physics

    Please help and do it step by step all parts of questions and use: T = time(s) I=current (amps) Q=net charge on object (Coulombs) N=no electrons (and write if added or removed from object and how) E=elementary charge A piece of fuse wire has a diameter of

    asked by cylinder
  70. Math

    If a garden path is 85 meters long, how many decimeters long is it?

    asked by Dandrae
  71. Alg 1

    Tamika’s dad bought a Mustang convertible for 12,000 dollars to celebrate his first job in 1978, which paid him 15,000 dollars a year. If Tamika is to use the same fraction of her salary as her dad to buy a Mustang convertible, which now sells for 32,000

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Chemistry

    My teacher wants me to solve this but she/he never thought us how so I need help solving this because I’m kind of confused on what to do and how to do it. 1. Write the correct formulas for the following: A. A compound composed of melt X which has a +2

    asked by Ummm
  73. Math

    Pls help, Anyone know the easiest ways to find if rations form a proportion?

    asked by Anonoumous
  74. character education

    Which type of response is most likely to be in line with your moral judgment? no action taken a reflex action an action taken after reflection A?

    asked by Bri
  75. Geography

    What is the capital of the country just east of the heel of the boot of Italy? Tirana, Albania? Another possibility is Athens, Greece.

    asked by Nicole
  76. English

    I am having trouble with an analysis of “There is a beauty at the goal of life” I am needing help in identifying the speaker, basic situation and though development, mood, tone, and theme or universal truth.

    asked by Devon
  77. 5th grade LA

    Can you check this sentence. Each pair has a problem with a change in verb tense. Rewrite the sentences so that verbs are correct. 1. Honey never spoils. Honey from tombs of ancient Egypt still tasted good today. answer: Honey never spoils. Honey from

    asked by Jared
  78. Biology

    what are the changes that occur in the male and female reproductive systems during puberty?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Physics

    A force of 20.0 N gives an object an acceleration of 12.5 m/s2. What is the mass of the object?

    asked by Me
  80. Physics

    The slope of a position vs. time graph represent's the object's... acceleration displacement position speed I thought the answer should be velocity, but that's not an option. Should it be displacement then?

    asked by Max
  81. character education

    What is the categorical imperative? philsophical lingo that means you cannot do something an ethical rule that says that your decisions should be good enough to serve as a basis for everyone's decisions a motto that everyone should do good A?

    asked by Bri
  82. Law and ethics

    On Sunday I was rear ended while waiting in line at a McDonald’s drive thru. I got out right after it happened while still in line to see if I could see any damages because I did hear and feel the impact. The person who hit me yelled at me that there was

    asked by TayB
  83. algebra

    The mean score on Mr. Pascal’s first semester exam for his 28 students is 73 points. If he removes the lowest score of 19 points, what is the adjusted class average (arithmetic mean)?

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Sociology

    Analyze the functions of the family by addressing the ideal family structure as it compares to real family structures. In essence, compare the ideal and real culture of the American family.

    asked by Ryan
  85. Culutral Anthro

    I left my book at school and now trying to search everywhere to find some of these answers. I've complete more than half of my questions but have 4 that I cant figure out to include this one: Which of the following is NOT valid? 1 Outside forces have lead

    asked by Naomi :)
  86. math

    Could you please explain how to scale up? I have something that is worth 110 points that needs to be scaled up to 200 points but I'm not sure how to do it. Thank you.

    asked by Susan
  87. precalc

    find the standard form of the hyperbola, the center and vertices given the foci (0, -+8) and asymptotes at y=4x

    asked by nick
  88. just writing

    So, this isn't for school or anything- but I want to know if just by this first page if you would read this book. It's got facts about history and helping you plan for the future. Let me know what you think! Written on the Wall Life is rarely fair.

    asked by Rylee
  89. character education

    What is the difference between a value and an attitude? a value is the worth of a principle to you; attitude is how you feel it currently fits your life a value is temporary; attitudes are permanent a value is objective; attitudes are subjective A?

    asked by Bri
  90. math

    find the whole. 125% of ___ is 25

    asked by robin
  91. physics

    Why air pressure in a car tyre increases during driving?

    asked by kanchan
  92. geometry

    If a triangle has a 4 meter side and a 9 meter side, between what lengths could the last side be? I have the answer, but I can't figure out why/how. Thanks!

    asked by Katie
  93. As physics

    change in mass___total charge_____no of elect for each of______delivered by_______rons pass objects_________circuit(eachtest)_(thrcathod) _____________________________________________0.14____________144__________9 x 10^20___

    asked by cylinder
  94. character education

    How can you establish lifelong habits of moral action? only your parents can establish life-long habits in you spend two weeks focusing on each habit you wish to establish before starting another one think a lot about each habit you wish to establish and

    asked by Bri
  95. Science

    A solar panel and example of converting light energy to electrical energy?

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Presentation

    I'm not sure what Cenozoic and Mesozoic means. Can someone please explain?

    asked by Wishwash
  97. Sociology

    Do you feel there are there systemic consequences in our society from the polarizing of our genders? Explain your point of view and offer examples for support.

    asked by Ryan
  98. Ela

    So I'm doing an essay on comparing and contrasting bears and wolves. But I can't find a similarity between the two. At least one that has a lot of information to support the text. If someone could maybe just list a few ideas that'd really help. Thank you..

    asked by Pepsi
  99. Cultural Anthro

    Contemporary anthropologists: 1 study global conflict to better understand effective conflict resolution solutions. 2 never would work to promote effective peace-keeping solutions because of their aversion to social interference. 3 only study foraging and

    asked by Naomi
  100. Geography

    In what country in the Northern Hemispheres do you find the seaport of Alexandria? United States?

    asked by Nicole
  101. History

    In 1992, it used to take 16 minutes, now it only takes 7. What is it?

    asked by Dylan C
  102. As physics

    The current carriers in a piece of semiconducting material have a charge of 1.6 x 10^-19C. Calculate the number of charge carriers entering the material per second when the current is 3 microamps so 3 x 10^-6 amps. ? Please help and do it step by step all

    asked by cylinder
  103. As physics

    Please help and do it step by step all parts of questions and use: T = time(s) I=current (amps) Q=net charge on object (Coulombs) N=no electrons (and write if added or removed from object and how) E=elementary charge Calculate the number of free electrons

    asked by cylinder
  104. Physics

    When an object is moving at a normal speed, is it's weight larger than when it's stationary?

    asked by Eric
  105. Geography

    Why are map's elevation scales often given in feet and meters? ??? How many degrees separate the Tropic of Capricorn from the Arctic Circle? 93.5 degrees latitude???

    asked by Nicole
  106. Does anyone know how to do calculous easy?

    Does anyone know how to do calculous easy?

    asked by Anonoumous
  107. Science

    How many atoms of zerconium are there in 1 gram of it?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Chemistry

    Just to make sure I'm on the right track here, is it correct to say that larger molecules have a higher heat of vaporization/condensation than smaller molecules? I figure that since larger molecules have stronger dispersion forces, it takes more energy for

    asked by Sarah
  109. Social

    It is our duty to follows the social rules . Explain

    asked by Shreejita
  110. Sociology of Globalization

    What was the Banana Wars?

    asked by Seth
  111. Borrowing money

    Derek used her credit card to buy a hay ride for him and his friends. The ride cost $500 plus 5% GST. He did not pay his bill within the grace period and must pay interest on his bill. The interest rate is 15% compounded daily from the date of purchase. A)

    asked by Anon
  112. As physics

    Please help and do it step by step all parts of questions and use: T = time(s) I=current (amps) Q=net charge on object (Coulombs) N=no electrons (and write if added or removed from object and how) E=elementary charge Two copper wires of diameter 1 mm and 2

    asked by cylinder
  113. Math

    2/3 of a blueberry pie is left in the refrigerator if the leftover pie is cut into six equal slices which fraction of the original pie is in each slice

    asked by Anonymous
  114. math

    help please A line of credit at 15% interest compounded monthly, with a monthly payment of $60 a) How long will it take to pay off the loan? b) What is the total paid back?

    asked by latrell
  115. Science - Climate change

    What does this paragraph mean? Why is the air sinking over the desert and how does it rise with rain systems thousands of kilometers away? In fact, it has been calculated that the Sahara Desert actually loses more infrared radiation than it gains solar

    asked by Jasmine373
  116. science

    how electron and proton can deflect with same radius

    asked by usama rajput
  117. Sociology of Globalization

    What does it mean to say that nations are fictions?

    asked by Seth
  118. Science

    If there's 1 gram of nitrogen (N2) at 1 L and 1 gram of hydrogen (H2) at 1 L, would the pressure of H2 be greater than the pressure of N2? And would the density of H2 = the density of N2 at these conditions? There would be more moles of H2 than N2, but the

    asked by Lee