Questions Asked on
December 10, 2017

  1. math

    A rectangular playground is to be fenced off and divided in two by another fence parallel to one side of the playground. Five hundred and forty feet of fencing is used. Find the dimensions of the playground that maximize the total enclosed area. What is

    asked by rachel
  2. Calculus

    A rectangular box with a square base and cover is to have a volume of 2500 cubic feet. If the cost per square foot for the bottom is $2, for the top is $3, and for the sides is $1, what should the dimensions be in order to minimize the cost?

    asked by Greg
  3. Chemistry

    Write the net ionic equation for the following reaction : Na3SO4(aq) + Ba(NO3)2(aq) —> BaSO4 (s) + 2 NaNO3(aq)

    asked by Lauren
  4. Chem help

    Consider the following system, which is at equilibrium, CO(g) + 3 H2(g) CH4(g) + H2O(g). The result of removing some CH4(g) and H2O(g) from the system will be A. more CH4 is consumed to restore the equilibrium B. Kc decreases C. more H2O(g) is consumed to

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Sociology

    Soot plays an important role in climate change, but ______ is still the leading cause of Earth's changing climate. A. acid rain B. nitrous oxide C. carbon monoxide D. carbon dioxide I can't decide between B and D

    asked by M
  6. math

    A cockroach traveling 2 feet per second takes how long to scurry a distance of 46 feet? seconds

    asked by Jen
  7. Computer Science JAVA

    Project 4 Introduction - the SeaPort Project series For this set of projects for the course, we wish to simulate some of the aspects of a number of Sea Ports. Here are the classes and their instance variables we wish to define:  SeaPortProgram extends

    asked by Moe
  8. Math

    Can someone explain how to use AAS to create a congruent triangle using this "Measure two angles and a side of the triangle not connected to those angles." So I already have two angles one is 25 and the other is 30. Can someone help now I already know one

    asked by Ember Lovet
  9. math

    What is the smallest number that is divisible by the numbers 315, 455, and 875. Can you show me how to get this answer?

    asked by Kelley
  10. Chemistry

    Using the Krevzi method construct histidine and pyridoxine(Vitamin B6).

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Physics

    A person exerts a force of 28 N on the end of a door 84 cm wide. What is the magnitude of the torque if the force is exerted a. perpendicular to the door? b. at a 45 degree angle to the face of the door? c. parallel to the door?

    asked by Anon
  12. Accounting

    A company is considering replacing an old machine which had an initial cost of $100,000 and has $75,000 of accumulated depreciation to date.The company is considering purchasing a new machine which costs $195,000.The old machine could be sold for

    asked by Mike
  13. Psychology

    Please help! List the dependent variable: Article: Zapata-Phelan, C.P., Colquitt, J.A. Scott, B.A., & Livingston, B. (2009). Procedural justice, interactional justice, and task performance: The mediating role of intrinsic motivation. Organizational

    asked by Genesis
  14. trigonometric identities


    asked by jay
  15. Geometry

    If RS is a midsegment of triangle HIT and parallel to side HI, and RS is 2x + 6 and HI is 5x + 9, write and solve an equation to find the lengths of the segments. How do I go about doing this?

    asked by Steeb
  16. physics

    Show that the atm.pressure of 1.013x10^5Pa will support (a)10.3m of water (b)760mmHg of Hg.If the density of water is 10^3kg/m3 and density of mercury is 13.6x10^3kg/m3.

    asked by Y.Abdulsalam
  17. Math

    A metalworker has a metal alloy that is 25% copper and another alloy that is 65% copper. How many kilograms of each alloy should the metalworker combine to create 50 kg of a 57% copper alloy?

    asked by Vanessa
  18. Math

    The flat fee of a cab is $3.50 plus an additional $2.25 every mile. b. Write an equation in slope-intercept, point-slope, or standard form. Explain why you chose the form you did What does that mean?

    asked by IWouldAlwaysOpenUpTheDoor
  19. Math

    You write 5 1⁄2 pages of a report in 2 1/3 hours. What is the average number of pages you write per hour?

    asked by Samuel
  20. math

    A spinner with 9 equally side slices 1 white, 1 black, 7 grey, what are the odds in favor of landing on a grey?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. math

    a hang glider flying in the air is 56 meter from an observation point on the ground. if it is 50 meter along level ground from the observation to a point directly under the glider, how high is the glider?

    asked by jade
  22. Math

    Meredith worked 5 hours on Tuesday and 7 hours on Friday. Her total gross pay for the week was 72 dollars. How much does Meredith earn in 1 hour? a. Write an equation to represent the situation and solve the equation algebraically.

    asked by Paige
  23. basic chem HELP

    Hello I have a couple questions first is How man grams of Fe(OH)3 can be produced by the addition of .25 moles of Fecl3 to 1.2L of a .85M NaOH solution . I know we use the molarity equation MOlarity= moles of solute/ mass of solvent but i keep gettin gthe

    asked by Elizabeth
  24. Sociology

    The tropical rain forest is the most diverse ecosystem in the world. The extinction rates of organisms are on the rise because A. rain forests receive too much rain B. human are destroying the rain forests C. rain forests are not receiving enough rain D.

    asked by M
  25. math

    Can an equation be considered standard form if it has more than 3 terms for example is this considered standard form? 21x^3+6x^2-43x+20 also can standard form contain fractions? for example 2x+3+[11/(x-3)]

    asked by Quick math question
  26. Math [Algebra]

    Josh simplified 4x - 8x ÷ 2 and said the answer was -2x. What was Josh's error? What should his answer should've been?

    asked by Joe
  27. Math

    How would I simplify this and then write it in standard form (2x^2 -3x+2)/(x-3)

    asked by Quick math question

    A collector has 120 movie posters and 80 band posters. She wants to sell 24 movie posters but still have her poster collection maintain the same ratio of 120:80. If she sells 24 movie posters, how many band posters should she sell? Complete the explanation

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Chemistry

    In the 18th century Lavoisier experimented with oxides, such as CO2 and SO2. He observed that they formed acidic solutions. His observations led him to infer that tot exhibit acidic behavior, a substance must contain oxygen. However, today that inference

    asked by Lauren
  30. History

    All of the following were Union Army objectives leading to the Battle of Shiloh EXCEPT a. the seizure of major rail lines near the Mississippi-Tennessee border b. the continued control of major rivers in the South c. the continued division of the CSA into

    asked by Elizabeth
  31. Math

    The distance from Greg’s house to Tom’s house is 3/8 of a mile. Which decimal represents this distance?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Chemistry

    What is the mass number for a neutral atom that has an atomic number of 33 and 35 neutrons? How do you get the answer

    asked by Kevin
  33. Economics

    What does Canadian parliament do when it comes to registration? Can someone please explain to me briefly so I understand, thanks in advance.

    asked by Please Help
  34. Sign Language

    What type of sentence are you signing when you also shake your head back and forth? A:Statement B:Question C:Negative*** A non-manual marker is when you point to something instead of signing it's name....true or false? false*** Are these correct?

    asked by marylyn
  35. History

    All of the following were Union Army objectives leading up to the Battle of Shiloh except A. The seizure of major rail lines near the Mississippi-Tennessee line B. The continued control of major rivers in the South C. The continued division of the CSA into

    asked by Elizabeth
  36. Chemistry Basic

    Hello I understand How to do empirical problems, but the way this problem is worded has me so confused. when 1.00g lithium metal is reacted with fluorine gas, the RESULTING COMPOUND has a mass of 3.73g. Calc the emprical fromula of lithium fluoride. I know

    asked by Elizabeth
  37. Math

    If there are 45 animals in the farm. The ratio of goats: cows: ducks is 5:3:8. If there are 24 ducks, how many of the animals are cows? Pls answer

    asked by Mary Antonette
  38. Math

    A ribbon was cur into twi pieces in the ratio of 3:7. If the shorter ribbon is 21 meters, how long is the longer one?

    asked by Mary Antonette
  39. Math

    A school has bought 20 desks and 4o chairs at a total cost of 2400. The cost of one desk was equal to the cost of three chairs. How much did a desk and a chair cost respectively?

    asked by Cons
  40. math

    Julia's English test score is 11 points more than Juana's, and Juan's English test score is 6 points less than Juana's. Julia and Juan's scores are added to 183 points. What's the test score of Juana? Use the equation to solve the problem. Set the variable

    asked by Cons
  41. physics

    A body is executing of amplitude 1m . Its velocity while passing through mean position is 10m/s . Find its frequency

    asked by kala
  42. physics

    a car is pared on a cliff overlooking the ocean on an incline that makes an angle of 24 below the horizontal. the negligent driver leaves the car in a neutral and emergency brakes are defective. the car rolls down the incline with a constant acceleration

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Forces Within and Deciphering Earth's History

    Which of the following time spans represent the greatest length of time? A. Era B. Eon C. Period D. Epoch my answer is b.

    asked by Prisila
  44. physics

    A NAL is dropped from rest at a height of 40 m after striking it losses 25% of its energy to what height does it rebound and what is the velocity at the highest point.

    asked by joyshree
  45. Math

    An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) carries 45 gallons of fuel. It burns fuel at a rate of 3 gph (gallons/hour) and flies at a speed of 160 mph (miles/hour). We want to fly it to a location X, fly around the area for 1 hour, and then fly it back to the

    asked by School123- I posted this before but i did not get
  46. chemistry

    Calculate the free energy change of the following reaction (in kJ). 3A^2+ +2B------->3A + 2B^3+ Ecell= 1.66 -(5 mol)*(9.65*10^4)*1.66= -8.0095*10^5 Did I do it right? or is the number of electrons wrong?

    asked by i just need to know if im doing it right or not
  47. math

    Does ^ mean like 3^4 which I think is 81.

    asked by Pepsi
  48. Physics

    A pendulum with a bob of mass 150 g has the same period as a thin rod (not massless) of the same mass and length 17 cm when the rod is pivoted about its end. What is the length of the pendulum?

    asked by Fatima
  49. Math

    what is 420/69

    asked by Xavier
  50. Alg II/Trig

    Graph 2x^3 + 9x^2 + 4x - 15 = 0

    asked by John
  51. Physics

    A workman uses a wrench to apply a 100 N force at a distance 0.15 meters away from the center of a bolt. Calculate the torque created by this force.

    asked by Anon
  52. Science

    What is the primary land use in the ogallala aquifer area of the U.S?

    asked by Niki
  53. physics

    In a uniform magnetic field, can an Amperian loop ever have a non-zero value

    asked by Anonymous
  54. nursing ATI maternity test

    practice test

    asked by taylor
  55. Physics

    Dahnay Travels On A Bus To School.He Gets On The Onthe Bus Which Then Accelerates From Rest To 18m/s In 20secnds.The Bus Travelr At This Velocity For 60seconds.Tge Bus Slows Down And Comesto Rest In 15seconds.Itis Stationary For 30seconds While People Get

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Science

    Would heavy snowfall in the ogallala aquifer region affect the recharge of ghe aquifer over the long term?

    asked by Niki