Questions Asked on
December 1, 2017

  1. History

    What were the history and purpose of the Dutch East India Company? (Select all that apply.) The Dutch East India Company received a royal charter in 1606 by King James I and established the first British colony in North America. The Dutch East India

    asked by Rylee
  2. History

    Which accurately describes the Columbian Exchange during the Age of Discovery? The Columbian Exchange was a system of cultural sharing developed by Columbus and the natives on the island of Hispaniola. The Columbian Exchange was the transfer of plants,

    asked by Rylee
  3. World History

    Which best describes Karl Marx’s viewpoint on capitalism and the emergence of communism? The government should exist to support private business and the import and export of goods. The bourgeoisie will overthrow the proletariat due to inequalities,

    asked by Rylee
  4. World History

    Which theological teaching stated that the church and the state are two separate spheres of influence that can advise one another, but each is its own distinct area? containment policy two kingdoms doctrine dominion theology interdependency theory Google

    asked by Rylee
  5. math

    what is the reciprocal of 9/11?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. History

    Which accurately describes the impact of the Treaty of Tordesillas? The Treaty of Tordesillas marked the first time in history that the Netherlands, England, and Spain joined forces to conquer Napoleon. The Treaty of Tordesillas marked the first time in

    asked by Rylee
  7. World History

    What were the social effects of the bubonic plague spreading from Asia to Europe? (Select all that apply.) Millions of European Christians fled to the Holy Land of Jerusalem. Approximately 30 percent of the Persian population was killed. Fathers would

    asked by DeafeninGaming
  8. World History

    Which seminal document influenced James Madison’s writing of the United States Constitution? Madison was influenced by John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty, which defends individual freedom and an open society. Madison was influenced by Edmund Burke’s

    asked by DeafeninGaming
  9. World History

    Which event is known as the start of the French Revolution when rioters stormed the Bastille fortress to steal weapons? The Inquisition The Crusades The Great Fear The Long March Is it B?

    asked by Rylee
  10. World History

    Which doctrine devised by Adam Smith argued that government should not interfere with economic matters? laissez-faire pro bono affidavit quid pro quo On google, it says that Pr Bono was something clinics switched to, so it seems pretty obvious that that's

    asked by Rylee
  11. World History

    What were the outcomes of Francisco Madera challenging Porfirio Diaz for the Mexican presidency? Diaz lost in a landslide election to Madero, resulting in the first free election in Mexico using democratic processes. Madero was assassinated by Diaz, and

    asked by Rylee
  12. World History

    Which accurately describes causes and effects of the French Revolution? French citizens revolted against Napoleon Bonaparte, sending him to live in exile on St. Helena. French citizens revolted against their monarchy, causing one of the most violent

    asked by Rylee
  13. World History

    Which accurately describes 19th-century revolutions in Latin America? Simón Bolívar mounted a revolution against Spain, gaining independence for Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Columbia. Fidel Castro, a devout reader of Marx and Lenin, organized a

    asked by Rylee
  14. linear algebra

    Let L1 be the line passing through the point P1=(9, 0, 0) with direction vector →d1=[3, 2, −2]T, and let L2 be the line passing through the point P2=(−10, 8, 4) with direction vector →d2=[3, 0, 2]T. Find the shortest distance d between these two

    asked by angel
  15. Social Studies

    Which group made up the majority of white Southerners? A. Planters B. Capitalists C. Middle class D. Small farmers(i think its this one)

    asked by XOXOKitty
  16. History

    Which accurately describes the achievements of Amerigo Vespucci and his role during the Age of Discovery? He was an English explorer who was granted a charter by Queen Elizabeth and established the first European colonies in Virginia. He proved the New

    asked by Rylee
  17. LA

    "Always to remember" is an essay about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It also includes photographs of the memorial and of Maya Lin. In an essay, explain whether the text and pictures together give you enough information to understand why the Vietnam

    asked by Please help now
  18. Chemistry

    What is the chemical equation for solid aluminum reacts w/ solid iodine to produce solid aluminum iodide?

    asked by Rosalee
  19. World History

    Which option most accurately explains Emperor Constantine’s impact on Christianity? Under Constantine’s direction, Christians and Muslims began a holy war that resulted in the destruction of the basilica of Hagia Sophia. Under Constantine’s

    asked by DeafeninGaming
  20. World History

    Which option most accurately explains the shift toward humanist thought on people’s self-perceptions during the Renaissance? A.People who embraced humanist thought practiced flagellantism (whipped themselves with a belt) to repent for their sins.

    asked by Frank
  21. World History

    Which option best describes the impact of Alexander the Great and the Greek Empire on Egyptian culture? Alexander the Great and his conquering forces drove out the Persians, annexed Egypt, and established the capital city of Alexandria. Alexander the Great

    asked by DeafeninGaming
  22. World History

    How did Simón Bolívar impact the creation of Gran Colombia? The countries of Curaçao, Trinidad, Tobago, Antigua, and Tortola united to form Gran Colombia, in which Simón Bolívar served as prime minister. The countries of Venezuela, Colombia, Panama,

    asked by Rylee
  23. LA

    Both Ernesto from barrio boy and the boy in "A Day's Wait" interact with adults. Ernesto interacts with Miss Ryan, while the sick boy interacts with his father. In a paragraph, compare and contrast how the boys interact with the adults. Focus on how the

    asked by Julio
  24. Algebra

    Which equation matches the statement "The product of 3 and the difference of a number and 10 is 15?" A. 3 + (x-10)=15 B. 3x-10=15 (My answer) C. 3 (x-10) = 15 D. 3 x/10 = 15 Can you please check to see if I'm right? If I'm not explain, please and thank you

    asked by Baby_Banana
  25. World History

    What were the first battles of the American Revolution? Shiloh and Antietam Lexington and Concord Iwo Jima and the Bulge Gettysburg and Fort Sumter B?

    asked by Rylee
  26. math;)

    Apollo 8 orbited the moon in a circular orbit. Its average altitude was 185 km above the moon's surface. Create an equation to model the path of Apollo 8 using the center of the moon as the origin. Note that the radius of the moon 1,737 km. a.

    asked by girly girl
  27. math

    In how many years will RS 150 double itself at 4 persent simple interest?

    asked by rahul
  28. World History

    Which scholar developed the heliocentric theory and influenced the beginning of the Scientific Revolution but did not publish his findings until a year before his death because he feared persecution from the Catholic Church? Copernicus Galileo Newton

    asked by Rylee
  29. Chemistry

    Which is the strongest interparticle force present in a sample of H3PO4? ion―dipole forces dipole―induced dipole forces hydrogen bonding forces ionic bonding forces ion―induced dipole forces dispersion forces dipole―dipole forces

    asked by Subash
  30. probability and statistics

    Roll a fair six-sided die until you roll a number that is less than one of your previous rolls. To three decimal places, what is the expected value of the number of rolls made?

    asked by unowen
  31. World History

    Which American inventor revolutionized the production of cotton with his invention of the cotton gin? Benjamin Franklin Eli Whitney Alexander Graham Bell Thomas Edison B?

    asked by Rylee
  32. chemistry

    The normal boiling point of liquid butanol is 391 K. Assuming that its molar heat of vaporization is constant at 45.9 kJ/mol, the boiling point of C4H9OH when the external pressure is 0.647 atm is

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Texas History

    Name one main success and one main failure of the Republic of Texas government. Then, tell how these factors contributed to Texas’ annexation by the United States. Anyone know a good example of this question?

    asked by Rocky
  34. TX History

    What gave a sense of urgency to the Constitutional Convention of 1836? a.the presence of Santa Anna's army b.U.S. interest in the annexation of Texas c.disagreements over slavery in Texas d.unfair British taxes and and tariffs on imports

    asked by Pepsi-Man
  35. Educational Tech and Online learning

    What happens when a filter is applied to a database? All records that dont meet the criteria are removed from view** all records that dont meet the criteria are permanently removed from the database. Some records are permanently removed from the database

    asked by freaking anonymoose
  36. Algebra

    I cooler at a soccer game holds 10 apple juices and 10 orange juices if the first player chooses a juice and drinks it then the second player chooses a juice what is the probability that both players would choose orange juice

    asked by Anonymous
  37. health

    8. Roger broke out in an awful rash after hiking in an area where poison oak grows. he is likely suffering from______. A) asthma B) an allergy

    asked by kaliyah
  38. Chemistry

    Consider separate 1.0-L samples of He (g) and UF6 (g), both at 1.00 atm and containing the same number of moles. What ratio of temperatures for the two samples would produce the same root mean square velocity? T UF6/T He= x/1.0

    asked by Anonymous
  39. TX History

    How did the Fall of the Alamo change the outcome of the Texas Revolution in two ways? How was the belief of Manifest Destiny a cause of the Mexican-American War ? (I already know what Manifest Destiny is but why was it a cause of the war) What was one main

    asked by Jasmine
  40. World History

    Which accurately describes the contributions of Evangelista Torricelli to the Scientific Revolution? He created a sustained vacuum and discovered the principle of a barometer. He discovered calculus after his university closed due to a plague outbreak. He

    asked by Rylee
  41. Math help please!

    Mrs. Miller sells a house for $179,000. If she earns a commission of 6%, how much money does she earn? Write a porportion and show your work. Can someone help Me understand how I would solve this? Thanks!

    asked by ABC
  42. Finance

    Assume that Jocelyn is comparing two fixed-rate loan options, a 15 year and a 30 year mortgage. Both options have the same interest rate and amount borrowed. The 30 year, when compared to the 15 year loan will have a 1)_____________ monthly payment and a

    asked by Jamye
  43. physics

    help please?? A bocce ball with a diameter of 6.00 cm rolls without slipping on a level lawn. It has an initial angular speed of 2.35 rad/s and comes to rest after 2.50 m. Assuming constant deceleration, determine (a) the magnitude of its angular

    asked by lala
  44. World History

    How did Sir Edward Coke’s interpretation of English common law and the Magna Carta lead to the creation of the Declaration of Independence? Colonists’ loose interpretations of Sir Coke’s judicial precedent provided cause for detailed

    asked by Rylee
  45. Sociology

    What are the connections between larger economic forces and the economic stratification and racism that results? Do you agree that racial discrimination against African Americans might be related to economic stratification? Justify your position with

    asked by M
  46. Chemistry

    In a solution of .200M NaI, solid AgI was placed in. Calculate the solubility if AgI (Ksp=1.5*10^-16)

    asked by Darcy
  47. physics

    In a simple model of the hydrogen atom, the electron revolves in a circular orbit around the proton with a speed of 3.4 ✕ 106 m/s. Determine the radius of the electron's orbit. ___m

    asked by mary
  48. Algebra

    Use synthetic division to find P(-3) for P(X)= x^4 - 2x^3 - 4x + 4 So I know how to do synthetic division and all, but I'm still somehow not coming up with the correct answer! Below is my work so far. Please help me interpret it so that I can get the

    asked by Mitch n' Joey
  49. chemistry


    asked by Anonymous
  50. math

    A credit card had an APR of 23.51% all of last year and compounded interest daily. What was the credit card's effective interest rate(EIR) last year? Show your work.

    asked by sarah
  51. chemistry

    Does N2O violates the octet rule?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Mathematics

    A rectangular pyramid that measure 10cm by 7cm. Calculate A the surface area B.volume of the pyramid C.the sides of a triangle.

    asked by Emmanuel
  53. Ms. Sue Help me please!

    Mrs. Miller sells a house for $179,000. If she earns a commission of 6%, how much money does she earn? Write a porportion and show your work. I don't understand how to do it, I have seen the other questions and I don't get how you got 1074000. Can this be

    asked by Help me!
  54. physical

    Hi! I really need help! have plans this weekend and they start today but I have to do this and soon! What is the best definition of friendship? 1:A LONG-TERM CONNECTION WITH ANOTHER PERSON. 2:A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PEOPLE WHO ENJOY BEING TOGETHER.

    asked by The carpenters
  55. world history

    Which economic impact did the Crusades have on medieval Europe?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. World History

    What ideas were brought forth by John Locke’s Two Treatises of Civil Government? (Select all that apply.) religious freedom checks and balances social contract natural rights I googled this question, but I never really saw any clear answer, just a lot

    asked by Rylee
  57. Criminology and Forensics

    Which of these rights can be found in the victims' rights laws of most jurisdictions? (Select all that apply.) the right to ​ restitution the right to ​ be included in all communication about the case the right to ​ be informed the right to be

    asked by DeafeninGaming
  58. Math

    P=20x+30y subject to: 2x+3y>30 2x+y

    asked by VIctoria
  59. algebra

    you pull out the plug from the bathtub. after 30 seconds, there are 14 gallons of water left in the tub. one minute after you pull the plug, there are 9 gallons left. how many gallons of water were in the tub initially, that is before the plug was pulled?

    asked by cats - Please help
  60. Help PHYSICS

    (a) If your relaxed eye has a refractive power of 56.0 D, and your lens-to-retina distance is 2.35 cm, determine if you are nearsighted or farsighted. (b) If you are nearsighted, determine your far point. If you are farsighted, determine your near point.

    asked by Tanner
  61. public and health

    Outcomes research is the study of: A. Public opinion after exposure to varying political viewpoints B. Connections between lifestyle factors and genetic makeup C. Understanding benefits, risks, and results of medical interventions D. Reaction times after

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Maths

    A sheet of paper measuring 30cm by 20cm . A strip of Wide 4cm cut from it all around. Find the área of the remaining sheet and also the área of the cut strip

    asked by Anonymous
  63. physics

    A car moving with a constant speed of 83 km/h enters a circular, flat curve with a radius of curvature of 0.40 km. If the friction between the road and the car’s tires can support a centripetal acceleration of 1.25 m/s2, without slipping, does the car

    asked by kayla
  64. character education

    Which of the following characterizes an equitable solution to conflict? one side gets everything he or she wants nobody gets what he or she wants each person gets something; nobody gets everything C?

    asked by Bri
  65. PHYsics HELP

    When you hold an insect at the near point of your eye it subtends an angle of 5.00 10-3 rad. Determine the angular size (magnitude only) of the insect when viewed through a microscope that has an angular magnification with a magnitude of 117.

    asked by Jeff
  66. math

    What is the area of a triangle whose vertices are R(−4, 2) , S(1, 2) , and T(−5, −4)

    asked by mouse
  67. character education

    What is the difference between conflict and contention? conflict involves disagreement; contention involves anger conflicts can be avoided; contention cannot they are the same thing B? With which of the following are you most likely to have conflicts?

    asked by Bri
  68. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume of 1.86M Na3PO4 solution that can be prepared from 5.45 g of Na3PO4

    asked by Lauren
  69. maths

    if the diameter of a bullock cart is 1.4 how much rotation it will take to cover the distance off 1.1km

    asked by zainab
  70. physics

    Please reference the illustration at: screenshotsfirefoxcom/kBXqJ4tycTCPwjUw/brilliantorg to answer the following question: On the edge of a wall, you build a brick tower that only holds because of the bricks' own weight. Your goal is to build a stable

    asked by unowen
  71. @Ms. Sue

    Why does everyone be rude and/or salty to you? You have helped me a lot as a student, and I am very thankful for it.

    asked by Rocky
  72. Calculus

    assuming the population of the earth changes at a rate proportional to the current population further, it is estimated that at time t=0, the earth's population was 600 million, at t=300, it's population was 2.8 billion. find an expression giving the

    asked by Brian
  73. Math

    Hello, I have an assignment where I have to create a model/sculpture and I am faced with this question during the analysis: Determine the scale you will need to use to render your design in a 3D model. Explain your choice. And: Determine the scale you will

    asked by Max
  74. As physics

    The table below shows how the braking distance x for a car depends on its initial speed u u / ms-1 5.0 10 20 4 x / m 2.0 8.0 32 128 the reaction time of a driver is 0.60s. Calculate the sopping distance of the car when u= 30ms-1. The mark scheme says:

    asked by Jan
  75. History

    How did slavery in Louisiana change under Spanish control? Check all that apply. The number of enslaved people increased rapidly. Those enslaved were encouraged to get a formal education and learn a skill. The trade of enslaved American Indians was

    asked by Skyler
  76. physics

    A compact disc (CD), initially at rest, reaches an angular speed of 40 rad/s in 5.0 s. a. What is the magnitude of its angular acceleration? b. How many revolutions does the CD make in 5.0 s?

    asked by ricky
  77. physics

    A driver of a car traveling at 17.4 m/s applies the brakes, causing a uniform deceleration of 1.8 m/s2 . How long does it take the car to accelerate to a final speed of 13.4 m/s? Answer in units of s.

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Math

    In a particular orchard, there are two times the number of oranges as there are apples and six times the number of oranges as there are pears. The expression j+k+6k represents the total number of fruits at the orchard.

    asked by Dee
  79. business finance

    a 15 year constant cash flow of $1200 starts from today. i. what is the present value if the ruling interest is 20%? ii. what would be the present value if the cash flow were to start at the beginning of year 3?

    asked by naz
  80. math

    Solve the following system: 2x-6y = 26 3x+5y = -3

    asked by Anonymous
  81. physics

    calculate the horizontal force that must be applied to produce an acceleration of 72 m/s^2 for a 0.034 kg punk on a friction less air table

    asked by danny
  82. English-Sci

    I'm writing a paper about book that purposely has no theme that I can read, " Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy." The problem I am having is that I am asked to write what theme is and find a qoute that explains it. I'm not exactly sure what to do, I've

    asked by Bee
  83. Math

    I made a post earlier today relating to the same assignment: I have to make a model/sculpture. I am presented with this question in the data: Make a table with your measurements. The four columns should represent the dimension being measured, the line

    asked by Max
  84. physics

    Star A is four times as far away as star B, but they have the same luminosity. Which appears brighter from Earth. and by how much?

    asked by fun times
  85. Algebra

    To help open a jewelry store, Chang borrowed money from his credit union. He took out a personal, amortized loan for $45,000, at an interest rate of 6.45%, with monthly payments for a term of 8 years. For each part, do not round any intermediate

    asked by Harry
  86. Calculus

    Assuming the population of the earth changes at a rate proportional to the current population further, it is estimated that at time t=0, the earth's population was 600 million, at t=300, it's population was 2.8 billion. find an expression giving the

    asked by Brian J
  87. English

    What is a metaphor for religion

    asked by Name
  88. Science

    Explain the relationship between visible light spectra and wavelength.

    asked by Marie
  89. 11th Grade Math

    k. (64 to the root of 3)^4 l. (3 to the root of 4)^-8 f. (5^2/5/^2)^-1/2 4. The radius of a sphere r is given in terms of its volume V by the formula: r=(0.75V/π)^1/3 By how many inches has the radius of a spherical balloon increased when tthe amount of

    asked by Liz
  90. Chemistry

    The volume of a balloon is 1 liter at 1 atm pressure and 0°C temperature. What volume is the ballooon at 2 atm pressure and 273°C temperature?

    asked by Lauren

    Select the sentence that is NOT possible for conjugating the passé composé form of the verb in parentheses. Don’t forget about all the possible past participle agreements in gender and number. Vous _________ tard hier soir. (rentrer) êtes rentrées

    asked by Rylee
  92. management

    Kari’s company is currently involved in negotiation with its union on the upcoming wages contract. Positive sign wages increase while negative sign represent wages reduction. What are the optimal strategies with the company as well as the union? What is

    asked by hart
  93. Trig

    How do we show (sin 10)^2 + (sin 50)^2 + (sin 70)^2 = 3/2 ??? I can't even think of a way to start this..

    asked by Ashley
  94. Calculus

    Differentiate and simplify as much as possible. Cube root(5z+6/-9z+3). The answer should be y'= (23(-9z+23)^2/3)/9(3z-1)^2(5z+6)^2/3) So far, I'm stuck at y'=[23/3(5z+6)(3z+1)][((5z+6)^1/3)/((-9z+3)^1/3)]

    asked by Mike
  95. Science

    Explain the relationship between visible light spectra and energy.

    asked by Marie
  96. Science

    Explain the relationship between visible light spectra and frequency.

    asked by Marie
  97. Maths

    A car travels 185 m in the first 15 seconds and 240 m in the next 20 seconds. what is the average speed of the car in km/h?

    asked by Katharine
  98. Science

    Relate the wave speeds of red, orange, yellow, green,blue and violet with the speed of light.

    asked by Marie
  99. Biology

    how is fungi beneficial to humans, other animals, and the ecosystem?

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Algebra

    write the equation in standard form and then graph the equation. y=2x^2-8x+11

    asked by Anonymous
  101. character education

    Which of the following is NOT a good way to control an obsession? indulge yourself in the obsession until it passes have a mental escape when the obsessive thought arises recognize and avoid the triggers for the obsession A? What is the psychochemical

    asked by Bri
  102. geometry

    Please reference the illustration at screenshotsfirefoxcom/kzZjGCIcg9EMQ0MH/brilliantorg to answer the following question: What percentage of the square's area is colored blue? 30% 35% 40% 45% 50%

    asked by unowen
  103. algebra

    15 can be written as the difference between two positive perfect squares: 15=4²-1²=16-1 Which of the following numbers cannot be written as the difference of two positive perfect squares? 16 17 18 19 20

    asked by unowen
  104. curious

    Who runs this website/who founded this?

    asked by curious
  105. Science

    The two variables of interest in this lab are: "percent change in mass" of bag and "sucrose molarity" in the bag solution. On a graph of these two variables, which would be the independent variable, and which would be the dependent variable?

    asked by Samuel
  106. physics

    ly = light years Stars P and Q have the same luminosity, but P is 30 ly from Earth and Q is 40 ly from Earth. What is the ratio of their brightness as viewed from Earth?

    asked by fun times
  107. Math Help!!

    Find all points of the graph of y=7x^2+7x whose tangent lines are perpendicular to the line -49y=x

    asked by Andrew
  108. PreCalc

    Find the values of a and b if f(x)=ax^3+bx^2+4 is exactly divisible by both (2x+1) and (x–1). With these values of a and b, solve the equation f(x)=0.

    asked by Anthony
  109. Foreign Language (French)

    Comment dit-on “the second floor” en français? On dit “le premier étage.” On dit “une commode.” On dit “en bas.” On dit “le rez-de-chaussée” According to Google, le premier etage, and le rez-de-chaussee mean first, and ground floor.

    asked by Rylee
  110. character education

    ____________ is necessary to develop positive social relationships. Charm Respect Talent B? Question 18 (true/false) An individual's identity is rarely influenced by his or her peers and friends. True False False? Question 19 (multiple choice) Which of the

    asked by Bri
  111. algebra

    factor x^3 + 3x^2 + 3x + 2

    asked by Edith
  112. To Arora

    Thank you you are such a great tutor and great explainer i thik you should answer more often you are veryhekpful thankyou

    asked by curious
  113. Math

    What is the value of g(4) when g(x) = -2x + 6 ? I think it is c 14 -2 -14 8

    asked by ttng
  114. Math

    Given the formula A=A0e^(kt) Where A0 is the original mass, and A is material present at t The half life of Pu239 is 24100 years, calculate how long it takes for Pu239 to decay to 70% of its original mass.

    asked by Zara b
  115. character education

    What is the difference between equitable and fair? equitable means each person gets something; fair means that each person gets what they deserve equitable means that everyone is happy; fair means that everyone is angry equitaqble means that everyone gets

    asked by Bri
  116. Pre algebra

    Can someone show me the steps to work this problem? X/4+1=-5

    asked by Christy
  117. Character education

    What is the difference between conflict and contention? conflict involves disagreement; contention involves anger conflicts can be avoided; contention cannot they are the same thing A?

    asked by Bri
  118. pysics

    calculate the De Broglie wavelength of 0.5kev of electron?

    asked by wande
  119. math

    What is the equation of a line that is perpendicular to 2x+y=−4 and passes through the point (2, −8) my answer: 1/2x-9 AM I CORRECT OR NO ???

    asked by student that needs help asap
  120. Global Village

    How has the physical geography and environment influenced trade and agriculture in Angola?

    asked by Sophie
  121. Algabra

    plz help me! x divided by 0= ?

    asked by MisterPizza62604