Questions Asked on
November 29, 2017

  1. Grammar

    Which is correct? I hope she gets well soon. OR I hope she get well soon.

    asked by Anonymous
  2. History

    Which describe major achievements of Ferdinand Magellan’s exploration efforts? (Select all that apply.) Magellan proved the earth was round and could be sailed. Magellan proved the earth was much larger than expected. Magellan discovered the Incan Empire

    asked by Rylee
  3. History

    European nations were not the only ones exploring the open seas during the Age of Discovery (1). Chinese explorer Admiral Zheng He navigated the Indian Ocean a total of seven times (2). Between 1405 and 1433, Admiral He helped strengthen trade routes and

    asked by Rylee
  4. History

    Which most accurately describes some accomplishments of Vasco da Gama’s exploration efforts? He successfully sailed from Lisbon, Portugal, around England to reach Iceland. He was the first Portuguese explorer to reach South America. He was the first

    asked by Rylee
  5. character education

    Which of the following is the BEST reason to learn a second language? to better understand your own language to communicate with those who speak that language to fill a requirement for college entrance B?

    asked by Bri
  6. Language Arts 6 A- Unit 3: Life Stories

    15. Which sentence contains an error in subject-verb agreement? a. A family of squirrels live in my yard. b. Nobody wants to go to bed early. c. Chris and Susan live in the city. d. A group of elephants is called a herd 5. This selection was most likely

    asked by Anna
  7. Math

    A rectangular pizza, 40 cm by 60 cm, is cut into 24 square pieces. Two round pizzas, each cut into 12 slices, also give 24 pieces. So that the pizzas are the same size, what must be the diameter of the round pizzas?

    asked by Naomi
  8. Precalculus 11

    Determine if the given value is a solution for each quadratic. Answer yes or no. 2x^2-3x(root 2)+2=0 I know the answer is yes but I don't know how to get to that answer. Thanks a ton! :) Kayla

    asked by Kayla
  9. Algebra

    While going for my daily run, I passed a squirrel carrying a nut in her mouth. When she saw me, she ran towards a safe place and, coming to a stone wall, easily jumped up on it and disappeared. I began to wonder how high I could jump if I were a squirrel.

    asked by Samay
  10. American Government

    1. Which of the following describes a major difference between legislators at the federal and state levels? (1 point) Many state legislators are appointed rather than elected. Many state legislators do not live in the districts they represent. Many state

    asked by Lord Please Help me
  11. College Chemistry

    Please help I have no idea how to do this. There are three different dichloroethylenes (molecular formulaC2H2Cl2), which we can designate X, Y, and Z. Compound X has no dipole moment, but compound Z does. Compounds X and Z each combine with hydrogen to

    asked by Hannah
  12. Math

    which of the following sequences is an arithmetic sequence? 5, 20, 80, 320,... 6, 9, 5, 8, 4, 7,... 100, 10, 0.1, 0.01,... -1, 2, 5, 8,...

    asked by Marvel
  13. math

    M(1, 7) is the midpoint of PQ¯¯¯¯¯ . The coordinates of point P are (−8, 3) . What are the coordinates of point Q?

    asked by sarah
  14. Chemistry

    Please help I have no idea how to do this. There are three different dichloroethylenes (molecular formulaC2H2Cl2), which we can designate X, Y, and Z. Compound X has no dipole moment, but compound Z does. Compounds X and Z each combine with hydrogen to

    asked by Hannah
  15. Biology

    6. In a mycorrhizal relationship, what benefit does the plant get from the fungus? A. Energy Source B. Aid in seed dispersal

    asked by Zaylia
  16. English

    So I have a flower dilemma. I need to do a metaphorical analysis for a major grade project for an AP class, and I have no idea what flower I can relate to the poet Reed Whittemore. Thoughts?

    asked by KL
  17. math,

    out of 450 apples in a shop the 85 apples are found to be rotten.

    asked by pasini
  18. statistics

    1. The manager of a large factory believes that the average hourly wage of the employees is below $9.78 per hour. A sample of 18 employees has a mean hourly wage of $9.60. The standard deviation of all salaries is $1.42. Assume the variable is normally

    asked by stefanie
  19. Social Studies

    Which of the following is a faith of Iranian origin? 1. Judaism 2. Islam*** 3. Christianity 4. Zoroastrianism Which is the main climate in Cyprus? 1. Tropical wet and dry 2. Continental cool summer 3. Mediterranean*** 4. Humid subtropical More than half of

    asked by Check Please
  20. Chemistry

    A 1.80-g sample of water contains _____ mole(s) of hydrogen atoms.

    asked by Rose
  21. math

    please help im really struggling Point A is located at (2, 6) and point B is located at (18, 12). What point partitions the directed line segment ​ AB¯¯¯¯¯ ​ into a 2:3 ratio?

    asked by sarah
  22. Calculus

    The profit function for a computer company is given by P(x)=−x^2+36x−26 where x is the number of units produced (in thousands) and the profit is in thousand of dollars. a) Determine how many (thousands of) units must be produced to yield maximum

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Math

    We have a trapezoid ABCD and the diagonals intersect in point O. AO : OC = m : n Prove that DO : OB = m : n

    asked by Mike
  24. AP Biology

    How does Hershey&Chase and Meselson&Stahl experiments explain DNA criteria: Can copy itself precisely Stable that it can be changed Complex enough to determine phenotype

    asked by John
  25. Maths

    The thickness of a metallic tube is 1 cm and the inner diameter of the tube is 12 cm find the weight of 1 metre long tube is the density of the metal be 7.8 gram per centimetre cube

    asked by PRASHANT bhardwaj
  26. physics

    the earth and moon has same type of and equal magnitude of charges to balance the gravitational force between earth and moon the required magnitude of charge will be

    asked by mann

    Exactly 3.0 mol NO and 2.0 mol O2 were placed in a 1.00-L flask. These gases react as follows: 2 NO + O2 2 NO2 . At equilibrium, the mixture contained 2.0 mol NO2. What is the Kc for the reaction above? A 0.50 B 1.00 C 2.0 D 2.5 E 4.0

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Math

    The ferris wheel at the town fair has a radius of 25 feet. Passengers enter the cars on the ferris wheel at​ it’s lowest point which is 10 feet off the ground. Assume that passengers rotate on the wheel 5 times in 1 minute. What is the highest point

    asked by Ciara
  29. History

    Which accurately describes why Bartolomeu Dias did not complete his journey to India? A. Dias’s food supply had run low, and the crew convinced him to return to Portugal. B. Dias’s ship crashed into the rocky shores of Madagascar, killing the entire

    asked by Rylee
  30. math

    a property of rhombi that is not a property of parallelograms

    asked by sarah
  31. Math

    What is the next term in the sequence 81, 27, 3, 1, 1/3...

    asked by Jack
  32. LA Disscusion

    What must people know or understand about a place in order to belong there? How do they gain that knowledge or understanding? What types of experiences can tell people that they do not belong? In what cases might a person draw conclusions about others

    asked by sapnU puaS
  33. Chemistry

    1. I am making holiday cookies and the recipe says that it will make 48 cookies. After eating some raw cookie dough I bake the remainder into cookies and am able to make 44 cookies. what is the percent yield?

    asked by ImNotThatSmartOk
  34. American Government

    4. What type of court proceeding is being described in this excerpt from the textbook? The judge instructs the jurors to find a true bill of indictment against any and all persons whom the prosecuting attorney brings to their attention and whom they think

    asked by Lord Please Help me
  35. Social Studies

    What are the answers for the Lesson 12: Nationalism and Imperialism quick check/

    asked by Kalayah
  36. Languege

    I have a question about something. What is the genre of "All Together Now" by Barbara Jordan?

    asked by Loomin
  37. math

    Henry is going to rent a truck for one day. There are two companies he can choose from, and they have the following prices. Company A charges an initial fee of $25 and an additional 80 cents for every mile driven. Company B charges an initial fee of $44

    asked by lynn
  38. History

    does modern day war coverage present the same opportunity to present an interpretation of event that this artist illustration did of conflict in sudan ?why or why not?

    asked by Sarah
  39. fractions

    kado spent 1 2/3 hours painting a fence. Then he spent 4/5 of an hour walking the dog. How much longer did he spend painting than walking the dog

    asked by oo
  40. Biology

    Grant’s DNA sample has a concentration of 45µg/mL, and he has 350µL of solution. Which of the following answers would allow him to run the proper amount of DNA on a quality control gel? A) He should dilute the sample 1:10 and load 10uL on the gel B) He

    asked by briana
  41. Math

    Solve the proportion using cross product round to the nearest hundredth if necessary 3.9/2.6 = y/6.2 A. 12.26 B. 16.35 C. 4.13 (I think this one) D. 9.30

    asked by Lola
  42. geography

    What is the longitude of place x 8am whem the time at 0• is 12noon

    asked by jeff
  43. math

    Taxi Express charges $2.60 plus $3.65 per mile, and Cab Cruiser charges $2.75 plus $3.90 per mile. Which expression represents how much more (in dollars) Cab Cruiser charges than Taxi Express for a ride of mm miles?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. fractions

    sometimes it is helpful to rewrite mixed numbers that include a fraction greater than 1. Use the number line to write the missing numbers: 1 2/6= /6

    asked by miss
  45. business finance

    A man's bank has offered him a loan of $20000 payable within the year at an annual interest rate of 24%. Calculate the monthly equal payment to defray both the principal and interest payment. Prepare a loan repayment schedule segregating interest from the

    asked by naz
  46. math

    As cars passed a checkpoint, the following speeds were clocked and recorded. Speed (mph): 55 62 61 54 68 72 59 61 70 what's the range? , 1st quartile and 3rd quartile? please. i know the mean is 62 and themin is 54 and the max is 72 and the 2nd quartile is

    asked by Help please
  47. math

    As cars passed a checkpoint, the following speeds were clocked and recorded. Speed (mph): 55 62 61 54 68 72 59 61 70 so the range is 54 to 72 the min is 54 the max is 72 1quartile is 55? 2nd is 61 3rd is 70? is it wrong?

    asked by Help please
  48. English

    1. They had a telling-a-lie contest in the palace. Many people gathered in the palace.One man stepped up to the king and said,.... [Can we use the expression in the first sentence? do you have some other suitable expressions?] 2. Who was the biggest liar

    asked by rfvv
  49. Chemistry

    Is a mole of marshmallows is 6.022 X 10^23 true or false? I think it is false but I'm not sure.

    asked by Rose
  50. Math

    Josh says that 3/8 is the same as 38% explain why he is wrong.

    asked by Kat
  51. Criminology

    Which inchoate offense involves a person trying to commit a crime, but failing?

    asked by Kenna
  52. science

    The product of frequency and wavelength of a sound wave is equal to its

    asked by Anonymous
  53. science

    which of the following is true about the metal boxes pictured below? A.The magnetic force wil be strongest on box two B.the magnetic force will be weakest on box three C.the magnetic force will be strongest on box one D.the magnetic force will be weakest

    asked by Ocean
  54. social studies

    1.) what does vinicius life reveal about economic cultural and geographic divisions in brazil 2.) what opportunities exist for young people to build better lives for themselves and their families 3.) what challenges might people from poorer regions face

    asked by I need help
  55. Chem

    Calculate the molarity of 2.7 moles NaOH, 1.75l solution

    asked by Floyd
  56. Math

    Can you use double 1+1 to find the sum of 2+3

    asked by Dee
  57. Algebra

    15. find the x-intercept by factoring. y=x^2-4x-32 here is what i have (x+4)*(x-8) =0 x=-4 x=8. 16. show how the value of the discriminant supports your conclusion from question 15. 17. How does the axis of symmetry relate to the x-intercept. Thank you for

    asked by Laura
  58. Math

    This is confusing me! I don't even know what the question means! "Convert the map scale to a unit rate. How many inches represent one mile? Show your work. Interpret the meaning of the unit rate. 3/10 in. = 7/8 mi" Can someone help?

    asked by Wishwash
  59. Reading

    Which action contributes to the theme "one can always depend on family for support"? A.

    asked by Arthur
  60. math

    what is the GCF for the fraction 12/16

    asked by robin
  61. Math

    The function y=50cos(3x)+75 describes the population of a rabbit colony in the national park x years after 2000. What is the population of the colony expected to be in the year​ 2020?

    asked by Ciara
  62. english

    From "Ten Songs" Passports can’t do what ________ does. (1 point) an airplane a yew tree a committee**** an atlas Who offered the narrator a chair? (1 point) the consul a committee the speaker**** Hitler The narrator saw_______ in a jacket. (1 point)

    asked by kaliyah
  63. English

    In the blank space after the sentence, identify the underlined clause as a noun clause(N)or an adjectival clause(A) 1:Although the sun shine brightly, the weather forecasters maintained (that the weekend would be rainy.....Noun Clause 2:The astronauts

    asked by marylyn
  64. math

    hot to put 17%, 11/20, 0.2, 8% as least to greatest

    asked by itzel
  65. English

    What characteristic unique to Shakespearean sonnets is found in "Sonnet29","Sonnet 116", and "Sonnet 130"? A:Three quatrains and a rhyming couplet*** B:A steady rhyme scheme C:14 lines Is this correct?

    asked by marylyn
  66. math

    Sin theta 300 ans ka man great kijiy

    asked by xhhsfj
  67. Physics HELP

    You have two containers half full with liquid 1. You then fill the two containers respectively with a layer of liquid 2 and 3. A ray of light travelling through the bottom layer (liquid 1) and into the top layer experiences total internal reflection off

    asked by Jeff
  68. Algebra pleaseee helppp

    Canasta is played with two decks of 52 cards each plus the 4 jokers. A standard Canasta hand consists of 11 cards. How many hands are possible?

    asked by Jen
  69. Math

    A game consists of you rolling one fair 6-sided die and observing the number that appears uppermost. If you roll a 2 or a 4, then you win $10. If you roll a 6, then you win $20. If you roll any other number, then you do not win any money. Find your

    asked by Anonymous
  70. lauguage arts

    Ms.sue or anyone, i need a link to the short story Nethergrave. preferably a PDF.

    asked by Hoodat
  71. Definition

    Backflow means a flow of a liquid, right?

    asked by Rylie
  72. Math

    What is the slope of the line that passes through the pair of points (3,8) and (9,5)? Options -2 2 1/2 -1/2 I believe the answer is d

    asked by Luiza
  73. math

    Solve the following equation √x-1 + √5x+1 =2√x+6

    asked by Y.Abdulsalam
  74. Math

    Write an equation in point slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope (-3,-5);m=-2/5 Options Y+5=-2/5(x+3) Y+5=(-2/5)x-3 Y-5=-2/5(x+3) Y-5=-2/5(x-3) Help please I believe the answer would be b?

    asked by Felipe
  75. ela

    John Quinn does not explain the rule about the paddle to Paul, the narrator of “The Pigman & Me.” How does this one action affect the rest of the essay? Does this question want me to write a simple response or a whole big paragraph?

    asked by Pepsi
  76. math

    Suppose I use a scale on my map where every 3 inches on my map represents 5 miles. If a region on my map has an area of 45 square inches, what is the area of the actual region it represents? hi I need help with this question, I don't know what to do.

    asked by Katherine
  77. character education

    Which of the following is the most basic attitude in successfully working with others? dictatorial authoritarian cooperative C? Which of the following is NOT a necessary component of language? grammar and syntax slang vocabulary B?

    asked by Bri
  78. Linds

    I am trying to create a Monster class for a project. My attributes are healthPoints, damage, description, and type (where type is an enum). Currently, it has a default constructor, a full constructor, and a constructor which accepts only the enum

    asked by Java Programming
  79. Math

    Detemine the sequence as arithmetic, geometric, both or neither. 16,8,4,2,...

    asked by Jack
  80. English

    Compare and contrast your Independent Reading selection with one or two other selections you have read in this unit. Support your response with at least two pieces of evidence from your Independent Reading selection. Be sure to give the title and author of

    asked by Pepsi
  81. Science

    Which statement explains why more light-colored fish were found after the water became clearer? A. The dark-colored fish began eating the eggs of the light-colored fish B. More light-colored fish survived long enough to reproduce C. The light-colored fish

    asked by Idek
  82. Algebra

    How is a complex fraction related to dividing fractions?

    asked by Hannah
  83. Math

    Andy divided his 1/3 jar of paint equally between 2 projects. What fraction of a jar of paint did Andy use for each project?Explain how to draw a model to find the answer.

    asked by Kylea
  84. Chemistry

    Blueprint paper can be made by soaking paper in a brown solution of Fe(CN)6^3- and iron (III) ammonium citrate. Wherever the paper is exposed to bright light, the paper turns blue. Explain why this happens.

    asked by Olivia
  85. Biology

    5. which of the following is true of fungi? A. Like plants, they carry out photosynthesis B. Like some prokaryotes, they are autotrophs C. Like animals, they lack cell walls D. Like protists, they are eukaryotic

    asked by Zaylia
  86. Calculus

    A manufacture has been selling 1050 television sets a week at $480 each. A market survey indicates that for each $25 rebate offered to a buyer, the number of sets sold will increase by 250 per week. a) Find the function representing the demand p(x), where

    asked by Anonymous
  87. math 6th grade(G/T)so im in (8th)

    A right triangle is shown below. 229x162 The triangle is dilated by a scale factor of 2.5 to create a new triangle. What is the perimeter of the new triangle? A 120 cm B 24 cm C*** 60 cm*** D 150 cm please tell me how to get the answer show your work

    asked by jam jam jam
  88. Geography

    What is the capital of the only country in the world that stretches from the equator to Tropic of Capricorn?

    asked by Nicole
  89. PLZ

    find all the zeros of the equation -3x^4+27x^2+1200=0

    asked by the world forgot
  90. Math

    4 - t = (t - 1) -5 3 6 No solution *** Identity

    asked by Babana
  91. Social Studies

    Lesson 12 Unit 2 quick check: The major countries of Europe set up colonies in Africa and Asian in order to

    asked by Kalayah
  92. math

    As cars passed a checkpoint, the following speeds were clocked and recorded. Speed (mph): 55 62 61 54 68 72 59 61 70 so the range is 54 to 72 the min is 54 the max is 72 1quartile is 55? 2nd is 61 3rd is 70? is it wrong?

    asked by please :/
  93. Minnesota Studies 6 A

    7. Describe how different kinds of maps can give different information. Provide at least three examples of maps and how they are used. (3 points)

    asked by no name 4 u lmao
  94. character education

    Which of the following is the most basic tool in successfully working with others? technology language organization B? Which of the following is the most basic method of communication? language mathematics imagery C?

    asked by Bri
  95. Algebra HELP

    Is there any difference between multiplying fractions and multiplying rational functions? What is it?

    asked by Hannah
  96. Algebra

    As cars passed a checkpoint, the following speeds were clocked and recorded. Speed (mph): 55 62 61 54 68 72 59 61 70 what's the range? , 1st quartile and 3rd quartile? please.

    asked by jessie
  97. Science Project Question

    Soooooo, I have a science project where I have to either create a house, OR A car, powered by solar energy, and then answer questions like, Which renewable energy sources did you use What are the advantages of using those energies So, I guess I just dont

    asked by Elizabeth
  98. Math

    Inside a triangle formed by the line 3x+4y=1 and the positive coordinate axis, inscribe a square with three of the vertices on the coordinate axes and one vertex on the line. 1) Find the length of a side of the square. In the triangular region described

    asked by Mike
  99. character education

    Which language is most commonly used in business and science? French Hebrew English C? Which of the following is MOST likely to be understood by all cultures? images gestures language A?

    asked by Bri
  100. Math

    A kayaker travels x miles per hour downstream for 4 hours. On the 6-hour return trip, the kayaker travels 2 miles per hour slower. How far did the kayaker travel in total?

    asked by Help
  101. algebra- can anyone help?

    What is an “opposite” factor and how is it different than simply canceling?

    asked by Hannah
  102. Math

    What ratio is equivalent to 4/16? A. 2:4 B. 60 TO 20 C. 8:32 ** D. 12 TO 64 Which typing time was the fastest? A. 320 words in 8 minutes B. 600 words in 12 minutes C. 350 words in 10 minutes ** D. 225 words in 5 minutes If someone could explain how to find

    asked by Trix
  103. Pre cal


    asked by the world forgot
  104. Finite Math

    Recall from Example 1 that whenever Suzan sees a bag of marbles, she grabs a handful at random. She has seen a bag containing four red marbles, two green ones, three white ones, and two purple ones. She grabs eight of them. Find the probability of the

    asked by anonymous
  105. English

    1. He said, "You promised me a bag of gold." 2. The old man said, "You promised me a bag of gold." 3. "You promised me a bag of gold," he said 4. "You promised me a bag of gold," said the old man. 5. "You promised me a bag of gold," said he.

    asked by rfvv
  106. algebra

    Multiply or divide. Show your work. (3n^2 -n )/(n^-1)÷(n^2)/(n+1).

    asked by lola
  107. Algebra

    Which quadratic equation has roots -1+4i and -1-4i ? A. x^2+2x+2=0 B. 2x^2+x+17=0 C. x^2+2x+17=0 D. 2x^2+x+2=0 I'm having difficulty with this question, but I've settled on C for now. Am I correct?

    asked by Mitch n' Joey
  108. geometry

    Point P on the side AB od triangle ABC splits AB so that AP:BP=1:3. If M is the midpoint of CP, then the ratio of the area of triangle BPM to the area of triangle ABC is A)1/4 B)5/8 C)3/8 D)3/16 I know that the rule is if two triangles have cogruent

    asked by emma
  109. Calculus

    A box has rectangular sides, top and bottom. The volume of the box is 3 cubic meters. The height of the box is half the width of the base. Express the total surface area of the box in terms of the height of the box.

    asked by Anonymous
  110. calculus

    A tank of water has a base a circle of radius 2 meters and vertical sides. If water leaves the tank at a rate of 6 liters per minute, how fast is the water level falling in centimeters per hour? [1 liter is 1000 cubic centimeters]

    asked by Anonymous
  111. 5th grade science

    Can you check the following? 1. Which statement about vascular plants and non-vascular plants is true? a. vascular plants produce seeds and non-vascular plants produce spores b. both plant types produce cones c. both plant types are considered angiospersm

    asked by Jay
  112. English

    1. She said, "Are you happy?" 2. She asked, "Are you happy?" 3. "Are you happy?", she said. 4. "Are you happy?", she asked. 5. "Are you happy?", said the lady. 6. "Are you happy?", asked the lady. 7. "Are you happy?", said she. 8. "Are you happy?", asked

    asked by rfvv
  113. Biology

    can anyone explain or give examples of how fungi is beneficial to humans, other animals, and the ecosystem, or how it can be.

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Mathematics

    A(-4,0) and (-1,4) are two given points.C and d are points which are symmetric to the given points A and B respectively with respect to Y-axis.Calculate the perimeter of Trapezium ABDC.

    asked by Chandraprakash
  115. character education

    Which of the following is the most basic tool in successfully working with others? technology organization language C? Which of the following invites further contention? submission equity reason C?

    asked by Bri
  116. algebra

    Truck Rental Plus charges its customers based on a linear model. the table to the right depicts this data. they charge their customers $95 for using their truck for a total of 100 miles and $140 for using their truck for a total of 200 miles

    asked by Anonymous
  117. algebra 1

    so i forgot how to get the variables on the same side in an equation such as x = y + 1 can someone explain please?? thanks :)

    asked by lily
  118. computer

    4. What is a bin range? the range of data that each bar in a histogram represents the description of the cells that are used to display the data the total range of data in a bar graph the line that is created when you connect the plots in a graph

    asked by jam jam jam
  119. algebra 1

    so i forgot how to get the variables on the same side in an equation such as x = y + 1 help?

    asked by lily
  120. Math

    For example when you subtract 5 5/6 with 7 6/8 you have to check what does 6 and 8 have in common so 7 6/8 times 3/3 because that makes 24 and that is what 8 and 6 have in common so then you times 5 5/6 with 4/4 so you get 5 20/24 -7 18/24 but you have to

    asked by Nashley
  121. Maths


    asked by Marcp
  122. S.S

    how have geographic conditions most impacted South Asia's economic activities 1)Lack of arable land has made farming impossible 2) Difficult terrain has led people to rely on forest resources 3)Inadequate rainfall has encouraged people to develop

    asked by PLZ HELP
  123. Math

    Real quick questions, is the sign : the same as to? example 4:2 = 4 to 2 Also would 24:2 be the same as 24/2?

    asked by Mei
  124. English Language Arts

    Which sentence uses the past form of an irregular verb? A. My friend is keeping a journal. B. Adam has seen that movie ttwice. C. Elsa gave me this book. D. We listened to thew weather report. Whatd does the present perfect tense show? A. action that began

    asked by AnnieLeblancFan and Hannie friendship shiperfan
  125. English

    They are composed of five groups. Each group is going to act out a play in front of other people. What directions can we use for them? 1.It's time to act out the play. 2. As soon as the director says, "Ready. Action!", you have to act in the play. 3. Why

    asked by rfvv
  126. logic

    Three hats are placed on the heads of three men standing in a line. Each man can only see the men and hats in front of him. In addition, the men all know that the hats came from a bag with 3 red hats and 2 blue hats. Each man is asked if he knows which

    asked by unowen
  127. English

    1. He gave a signal to the two lions. 2. He motioned to the two lions. 3. He motioned the two lions to sing opera. 4. He motioned for the two lions to sing opera. [Are they grammatical? Does #1 mean #2? Is there any difference between them?]

    asked by rfvv
  128. math (calc)

    A baseball team plays in a stadium that holds 70000 spectators. With the ticket price at $11 the average attendance has been 30000. When the price dropped to $9, the average attendance rose to 35000. a) Find the demand function p(x), where x is the number

    asked by Anonymous