Questions Asked on
November 23, 2017

  1. language

    Barbra Jordan believes that we must put our faith in children because?

    asked by joseph
  2. Fiance

    Sara earned $2,500 as a life guard over the summer. This was her only job and income taxes were deducted from her paychecks by her employer. For filing a tax return, what should Sara do? a.Sara should not file a tax return. Sara is legally not required to

    asked by Jamye
  3. English

    What is thr Literary Technique Used in the story I keesh

    asked by Pein
  4. English

    1. The contrast of the officers describing Henry’s unit as “mule-drivers” and then later describing Henry as one of the best fighters in the regiment best supports which of the following themes in the red badge of courage? A. honor and reputation B.

    asked by Alegra
  5. physics2 lab

    a 50 g bracelet is suspected of being gold plated lead instead of pure gold.when it is dropped into a full glass of water,4cm of water the bracelet pure gold?if not,what proportions of its mass is gold?determine also the amount of its

    asked by cristine sayon
  6. Math

    Azeem bought 30 dozen eggs. Out of which 30 eggs were rotten. If he bought it for Rs 1800. What should be the selling price of each egg to get a profit of one rupe per egg. Please explain it I can't get it

    asked by Laiba
  7. intro to physics

    A small object of mass m = 2.25 kg is released, starting at rest, from a height h above the ground on a ramp inclined at 45.0o (see figure below). The object reaches the bottom of the ramp and enters a loop-the-loop of radius R = 1.25 m. There is no

    asked by physics help
  8. physical education

    what are the reason for the olympic game to be largest of all sporting event?

    asked by bety
  9. Science

    Dose Food,Cloth,Rope,Lumber,Paper,, and rubber come from plants?

    asked by Prarthana
  10. Math

    Lian uses 200 tegular paces to walk around a square park.if one pace of lian measures 40 cm,what is the measure of each side of the park

    asked by Hanna
  11. Science

    Which Energy conversion lets you hear music? Plz give true and right answer.

    asked by Prarthana
  12. Mathematics

    Abbie is selling floral arrangements. Each arrangement uses 1 vase and 10 daisies. Each vase costs Abbie $3.00. Let C be the total cost of the arrangement and d be the cost of 1 daisy. Write an equation, in slope-intercept form, that represents the total

    asked by Abel
  13. physics 1

    A boat has a cannon on board that faces aft. The boat is capable of traveling at 19 m/s on still water. The boat is traveling North on a river that has a current flowing south at a rate of 10 m/s. Following 20m directly behind the boat is a raft that is

    asked by john wiliams
  14. Math

    A company makes batteries with an average life span of 300 hours with a standard deviation of 75 hours. Assuming the distribution is approximated by a normal curve fine the probability that the battery will last . Less than 250 hours b. Between 225 and 375

    asked by Rachel
  15. chemistry

    What is the molar mass of an acid if 0.422 g of the acid are neutralized by 17.5 mL of 0.268 M NaOH?

    asked by sha
  16. probability

    There are 100 people in line to board a plane with 100 seats. The first person has lost his boarding pass, so he takes a random seat. Everyone that follows takes their assigned seat if it's available, but otherwise takes a random unoccupied seat. What is

    asked by unowen
  17. Math

    1) a. Miguel says that you can easily separate numbers divisible by 2 into two equal parts. Do you agree? Why or why not? 1) b. Many says that if Miguel is correct, then you can easily separate numbers divisible by 3 into three equal parts. Do you agree?

    asked by Joshua
  18. Physics

    Using a graphical method of getting resultant vectors, find the resultant of the following vectors: 8N along the positive X-axis and 6N making an angle of 45 degrees with the positive X-axis and 10N -20 degrees below West.

    asked by John
  19. Math

    Azeem bought 30 dozen eggs. Out of which 30 eggs were rotten. If he bought it for Rs 1800. What should be the selling price of each egg to get a profit of one rupe per egg.

    asked by Laiba
  20. math

    Solve the inequality. 1. –6w < 84 w > 14 w < –14 w > –14 w < 14

    asked by Anonymous
  21. math

    Solve for x and y if 5x−y = 625 and 32x × 3y = 243. Hence, evaluate 35x/7^(−2y) × 5^(−3y) Need help for solving x and y, thanks!

    asked by anonymous
  22. Science

    Which energy conversion allows the lamp to light up in your room? plz quick

    asked by Prarthana
  23. math

    So I don't have a question I just wanted to wish all of the Jiskha tutors a very Happy Thanksgiving! All of the Students that use this site really appreciate all of the help. Thanks you all for checking our questions, and explaining materials to us when we

    asked by swimmer girl
  24. Math

    What do you get when you mix a snowman and a wolf?

    asked by Sondra
  25. character education

    uality assurance differs from quality control in that ____________________________________ . quality assurance deals with the process, rather than the output quality assurance is not as effective as quality control quality assurance is just a promise of

    asked by Bri
  26. sciences

    what would be maximum efficiency of engine that can be had between the temperature of 1150 CELCIUS degree and27 CELCIUS degree (use temperature in K)

    asked by uwayo
  27. Algebra I

    Write an equation in point-slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope. (-3,-5); m=-2/5

    asked by SAM
  28. Algebra I

    For the following system of equations, what is the x value of the solution? -x + 2y =6 6y = x + 18

    asked by SAM
  29. Math

    Erin is 1/3 the age of Connor. 3 years ago the sum of their ages was 38. How old is Erin today?

    asked by Cassi
  30. character education

    pride in your work requires _____________________________ . a commitment to what you do that everything goes well recognition for what you do A?

    asked by Bri
  31. character education

    Cheating on an exam destroys its value to you as a ________________________ . component of your grade requirement for privileges measurement of your progress C? Meeting standards means your work is ________________ . substandard extraordinary acceptable C?

    asked by Bri
  32. Biology

    Picks a group of microbes and describes what you envision as a big change/advancement in one aspect relating to that group of microbes in the next five years?

    asked by Dave
  33. Science

    Where dose water come from and how?

    asked by Prarthana
  34. Statistics

    I don't understand this at all.. Assume that the weights of Chinook Salmon in the Columbia River are normally distributed. You randomly catch and weigh 40 such salmon. The mean weight from your sample is 24.1 pounds with a standard deviation of 3.5 pounds.

    asked by Kiki
  35. Math

    What would be the transformations in this function y= -x+14? Would it reflect over the y or x -axis? It is also vert. up 14.

    asked by Rose
  36. physics As

    How do you calculate the braking distance? driver reaction time=0.6s initial speed of car=30ms-1 speed*2= distance*4 Please show all the steps and the equations you used in words

    asked by jan
  37. physics As

    X - ..- …- ….- ……- ……….- …………..- ………………- …………………- …………………..---------Y -The loss of gravitational potential energy Ep of the rider and motorbike from X to Y is 4.66x10^4 -The kinetic energy Ek of

    asked by jan
  38. Math

    Darryl used a total of 715.75 kilograms of flour to fill bags at a ocal flour mill. HE used 22.68 kilograms of flour to completely fill each nag. What is the greatest number of bags Darryl completely filled? A 33 B 32 C 31 D 30 My answer C am i correct?

    asked by Tay
  39. character education

    A standard is designed to _______________________ . ensure that no one will fail encourage excellence describe the minimum acceptable output C?

    asked by Bri
  40. History

    What happened in Libya after a large majority of people rejected Italian rule in 1915?

    asked by Dak
  41. math

    Solve for n: ((3^n)^n*(3^n)^-1) / 81 = 1 Answer (n) = -1, 4 I have no idea how n = -1, 4. Also, please don't ask if the answers are actually wrong or not, they are directly from the text book.

    asked by anonymous
  42. Sciences

    Will al earth’s resources last forever?

    asked by Prarthana
  43. character education

    Cheating on an exam is ___________________ . an admission of failure necessary to pass the course a shortcut to success A?

    asked by Bri
  44. Physics

    What is consumed whenever work is done

    asked by Vanshika
  45. Math

    (x-3)^2+(y-3)^2=8.75 What would be the transformations on this circle? I know the center is (3,3) so would it be vert. 3 up and horizontal 3 to the right? Or is it be different since it has a diameter.

    asked by Rose
  46. Math

    What is the parent function of x=2?If y=2 is a constant.So f(x)=a. would be the parent function of y=2. Would x=2 also be a constant since it is just going vertical instead of horizontal?

    asked by Rose