Questions Asked on
November 21, 2017

  1. Chemistry

    -Calcium chloride contains calcium and chloride ions. Write the ground-state electron configuration for the calcium ion. -Write the ground-state electron configuration for the chloride ion.

    asked by Aaron
  2. Chemistry

    Write the element symbol and charge for this monatomic ion: Consider a monatomic ion that has the electron configuration of [Kr]4d^10 5s^2 and a charge of 2+

    asked by Aaron
  3. Maths

    Villages p, q and r are situated as follows, p is 15km due north of q and the bearings of p and q are 50 degree and 80 degree respectively. Calculate the distance of r from p and q

    asked by Emma Seg
  4. physics

    A 0.50kg mass is suspended on a spring that stretches 3.0cm. a. What is the spring constant? b. What added mass would stretch the spring an additional 2.0cm? c. What is the change in potential energy when the mass is added?

    asked by Ricky
  5. History

    What event marked the end of the Texas Revolution? Texans' defended their cannon at Gonzales The United States annexed Texas Texas won control of the Alamo Mexico agreed to the treaty of Velasco****?

    asked by swimmer girl
  6. Consumer Math

    *** is my answer When calculating intrest on a cd you ____? A. multiply the principal by the intrest rate B. multiply the principal by the intrest rate and time*** C. use an online calculator D. multiply the principal by time

    asked by Kamryn
  7. English

    1. However you may go, I will follow you. 2. No matter how you may go, I will follow you. 3. However you go, I will follow you. 4. No matter how you go, I will follow you. [Can we use both 'go' and 'may go'? Any difference?] 5. It helps us talk to people

    asked by rfvv
  8. Chemistry

    High quality coal (anthracite) is almost pure carbon. The combustion of carbon to carbon dioxide releases 393 kJ per mol of carbon burnt. If 1.000 kg of anthracite is burnt: (i) How much heat is released? (ii) How much ice (in kg) at 273 K could be melted

    asked by S
  9. Maths

    Two concentric circles are such that one circle has half the radius of the other. If a point is chosen at random inside the larger circle, the probability that it also lands outside the smaller circle is?

    asked by Matthew
  10. STATa

    random sample of 50 four year olds attending daycare centers provided a yearly tuition average of 3987$ and the population standard deviation of $630. Find the 90% confidence interval of the true mean

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Science

    which of the following summarizes the function of the respiratory system? 1) transport oxygen to cells and wastes away from ells. 2)to protect the organs in the chest cavity. 3)to move oxygen from the air into the body and carbon dioxide from the body into

    asked by Jamie
  12. Social Studies

    3. More than half of Turkey’s population lives along the country’s coastal plains because (1 point) its major cities are located there. its electric power plants are there. the sources of fresh water are there. the climate is milder and wetter there.

    asked by Essme
  13. Chemistry

    At 20.0°C the vapour pressure of pure methanol is 11.8 kPa and that of pure ethanol is 5.93 kPa. A gaseous mixture of methanol and ethanol is cooled and compressed until the first drops of liquid form at 20.0°C and a total pressure of 10.0 kPa. Assuming

    asked by S
  14. Chemistry

    A calorimeter, with calorimeter constant 7.31 J K–1, was used to measure the heat of reaction for mixing 100.0 mL of 0.100 M Ag+ with 100.0 mL of 0.100 M Cl–. The temperature change was +0.770 K for the 200.0 g of solution (specific heat capacity =

    asked by S
  15. math

    The length of a room is double its breath. Its height is 5m the area of four walls ( including the door and windows) is 210sq m. Find its volume solve this sum

    asked by maths
  16. physics

    (needed for my strain calculations) is the percentage uncertainty in a ruler 0.1cm or 0.1mm? Please answer quick.

    asked by cake
  17. Math

    The top of a table measures 2m25cm by 1m 20cm find its area in square metres

    asked by Concept of perimeter and area
  18. Chemistry

    What are some potential pitfalls of using copper to restore the green color of chlorophyll that is lost during the processing of plant foods?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. English

    The most effective way of controlling the quality of a product is by _______________________________. controlling the processes that make the product disciplining workers for less-than-excellent output examining the end product and correcting any flaws A?

    asked by Bri
  20. BMB/Science

    How would you know if free fatty acids neutralized all the NaOH in creating soap?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. character education

    True freedom, or self-actualization, is the condition of being able to do _________________________. whatever you have to whatever you should whatever you want A?

    asked by Bri
  22. character education

    Which of the following is NOT a situation in which it is difficult to feel good about your work? under a supervisor who lets you do whatever you want under a micro-managing supervisor under a supervisor who gives you encouraging and insightful feedback A?

    asked by Bri
  23. statistics

    A hotel operates a shuttle bus between the hotel and the airport. The maximum capacity of the hotel’s minivan is 10 passengers. On each trip from the airport, the manager of the hotel conducts the experiment of noting the number of people in the

    asked by Regina
  24. History

    How successful is the American enterprise system ?

    asked by Niki
  25. statistics

    In a game of dice, the probability of rolling a 12 is 1/36. The probability of rolling a 9, 10, or 11 is 9/36. The probability of rolling any other number is 26/36. If the player rolls a 12, the player wins $5. If the player rolls a 9, 10, or 11, the

    asked by Sally
  26. statistics

    In the case of Castaneda vs Partida, it was noted that although 80% of the population in a Texas county was Mexican-American, only 39% of those summoned for grand juries were Mexican-American. Assume that 12 jurors are to be summoned from a population that

    asked by Linda Joy
  27. Religious Education

    What does UNIA means

    asked by ms suzie
  28. Philosophy

    What does the following fragments of the "The Birth of Tragedy" from Nietzsche illustrate his thinking? 1) The intimation of the poet is incapable of composing until he has become unconscious and bereft of reason. Optimistic dialectic drives music out of

    asked by Elizabeth
  29. Geography

    West longitude measures from _ degrees to _ degrees? What state in the forty-eight contiguous United States has the longest border with Canada? Thanks

    asked by layla
  30. science

    How can you tell if a hiker has to hike the steepest elevation? A) The contour lines are evenly spaced. B) The contour lines are spaced farther apart. C) The contour lines are spaced closer together. I really don't know! Please help, God bless you.

    asked by Arthur
  31. goverment

    what describes the unique relationship that tribal goverments have with local,state, and federal goverments

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Math

    There were 60 apples in a box 3/4 were green how many green apples were there I need help in thy is please help me☹️

    asked by Mumuz
  33. English

    Does this sentence make sense. Students may not still have a sweet tooth by Thanksgiving. OR Would it be more correct to leave the still out?

    asked by Tish
  34. Math

    1. 2(y + 1) for y = 2 (1 point) 6 5 7 8 2. start fraction lower d plus lower g over lower h end fraction for d = 29, g = 16, and h = 9 (1 point) 8 2.375 5.375 5 3. The cost in dollars of a school banquet is 74 + 12n, where n is the number of people

    asked by Grant
  35. Social Studies

    which of the following is a faith of Iranian origin? 1. Judaism 2. Islam 3. Christianity 4.zorostrianism

    asked by Essme
  36. geography and history

    why was the list of the seven wonders of the world revised in the middle ages ? A:the scholars in the middle ages wanted to add structures the greeks hadnt known about. B:the scholars in the middle ages were mad that all the structures were in greece C:the

    asked by drumstick
  37. Math

    The minute hand of a clock is 6 cm long. How far does the end of the hand the hand of the hand travel in 35 minutes

    asked by Sally
  38. Math

    The LCM of 30 and 40 is 120. (Least common multiple) Is that correct....

    asked by Pepsi
  39. Science

    A soccer star is travelling with a car of a mass of 880kg on a horizontal road at a velocity of 30m/s. He immediately applies the brakes so as to stop 50m away. The resistance to motion on the horizontal road is 295N. Calculate the deceleration of the car

    asked by Dineo
  40. math

    An employee earns $61.75 for working 6.5 hours. How much does the employee earn per hour?

    asked by Jocelin
  41. math

    what digits makes 345 divisible by 2

    asked by unknown and needs help
  42. Math

    Graph the inequality: x

    asked by SAd
  43. English

    1. It helps us talk to people at any place where they are. 2. It helps us talk to people wherever they are. ===================================== Does #1 mean #2?

    asked by rfvv
  44. English

    1. I think the most interesting novel is the Baskervilles. 2. I want to visit the Bakers. 3. The Browns are very friendly. ----------------------------------- Will you take a look at the following pattern? the + Baskerville + s the + Baker + s the + Brown

    asked by rfvv
  45. English

    1. The Johnsons have a lot of land. 2. The Johnson family have a lot of land. 3. The Johnson clan have a lot of land. 4. The Johnson family has a lot of land. 5. The Johnson clan has a lot of land. [Does #1 mean #2 or #3? Or does #1 mean #4 or #5]

    asked by rfvv
  46. math

    Find the perimeter of a rectangular area with a length of 13 inches and a width of 7 inches. Calculation With Distribution (Show all steps.) plase help me i dont know how to do this with distribution

    asked by i am dog
  47. English

    1. How does he look? 2. What does he look like? 3. What is he like? 4. How does he feel? 5. He looks puzzled. ===================================== #5 is the answer to the question. Which question is suitable for #5?

    asked by rfvv
  48. English

    1. How many dragon heads are on the wall? 2. How many dragon heads are there on the wall? 3. There are five dragon heads on the wall. 4. There are the five dragon heads on the wall. 5. Five dragon heads are on the wall. 6. The five dragon heads are on the

    asked by rfvv
  49. English

    A masterpiece in medieval Europe, as well as today, is a product that _______________________________ . is produced by most talented craftsman demonstrates the artist's mastery of the art exceeds all similar products of beauty A?

    asked by Bri
  50. social studies

    Which of the following most contributes to deforestation of the Amazon rain forest? A. mining B. lumber milling C. road construction D. tourism

    asked by Linda
  51. English

    1. Whenever I visited him, he was not at home. 2. Every time I visited him, he was not at home. 3. At any time when I visited him, he was not at home. [Are they all the same in meaning?] 4. You may go wherever you like. 5. You may go every place you like.

    asked by rfvv
  52. physics

    a ring made of diamond and gold ( sp. gravity respectively 3.5 and 17.5) weight 7.35*10^-3 kg. when immersed in water , the ring weighs 6.85*10^-3 kg. find the weights of the diamond and the gold of the ring

    asked by palash
  53. math

    2^(2x)-5(2^x)=-4 Need help with the whole question, thanks!

    asked by anonymous
  54. History

    Describe the fighting during the American Revolution in Georgia with the correct terms: The Battle of ______ ____________ ____________ started in 1776 when British soldiers arrived in ___________ to buy supplies. Governor __________________ took advantage

    asked by asuadg31
  55. English

    Though it is judged by comparison with similar products, excellence is really a _____________________ . common outcome of most processes product that receives honors state of mind of a worker A?

    asked by Bri
  56. physics

    use the triangle forces method to determine the magnitude and direction of the resultant of the forces 13N at 0 degrees and 25N at 30 degrees

    asked by Rodgers
  57. Social studies

    Which of the following were problems faced by the English colonists at Jamestown? Select all that apply 1- the colony employed many indentured servants and paying them was difficult 2-they settled in an unsecured location and were vulnerable to Spanish

    asked by School help
  58. English

    What was the first man's lie? 1. It was that yesterday, he killed a big dragon with his kick. 1-2. It was that the previous day, he killed a big dragon with his kick. 2. It was that yesterday, I killed a big dragon with my kick. 3. It was, "Yesterday, I

    asked by rfvv
  59. Math

    A machine produces 75 widgets an hr how many widgets would the machine produce in six mins

    asked by Samantha
  60. chemistry

    Air consists of 21 % oxygen, 78 % nitrogen and 1 % argon by volume. Calculate: * (a) the partial pressures in Pa, if total pressure is 1 atm, * (b) the concentration in mol m–3, of each gas at 273 K, * (c) the average molar mass of air, * (d) the number

    asked by S
  61. Home Management

    three other names by which animal protein are called

    asked by NAHJADA
  62. math

    The length of a room is double its breath. Its height is 5m the area of four walls ( including the door and windows) is 210sq m. Find its volume solve this sum

    asked by Manjot
  63. math

    least to greatest 0.07 3/50 0.1

    asked by Anonymous
  64. help[

    what is a + a?

    asked by a
  65. :(

    I wrote a 1 paragraph answer for one of my short answer questions and when I put it into grammarly, it says that there is significant plagiarism!! BUt I didnt plagiarize!! Now I am scared to turn it in. HELP

    asked by HElp
  66. English

    A system that does not allow a worker to fail will not _________________ . be sued allow a worker to succeed fail as a system A?

    asked by Bri