Questions Asked on
November 17, 2017

  1. History

    How did the publication of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses affect European understanding of government? (Select all that apply.) The Catholic Church countered Luther’s proclamation by requiring all clergy to be elected regionally. Martin Luther’s

    asked by historyhelp
  2. math

    The value of Sara's new car decreases at a rate of 8% each year. 1.Write an exponential function to model the decrease in the car's value each month. 2.Write an exponential function to model the decrease in the car's value each week. 3.Write an exponential

    asked by sara
  3. Math - Im soooo lost need help fast

    What is the slope of the line that goes through (6, 5) and (3, 1)? 3/4 - 3/4 4/3 - 4/3 5. the slope of the line that goes through (-3, -5) and (-3, -6) is ______. positive negative zero underfined I have no clue how do I find this out?

    asked by Haley
  4. g.p

    the sum of n terms of a series is a.2^n-b, find its n th term. are the term s of this series in g.p.?

    asked by jeet
  5. Pre-Algebra Help

    Tell whether the pair of polygons is similar. Explain why or why not? Polygons.docx""

    asked by Pier
  6. algebra

    Suppose you want to build a rectangular picture frame where the width is 4 inches less than the length and the diagonal is 4 inches longer than the length. What are the dimensions of the picture frame?

    asked by Eduardo
  7. geometric progression

    if the first and 8th term of a x^-4 and x^52 and the second term is x^t then t:

    asked by jeet
  8. Science

    Review the information. In Compound A, Element W has an electronegativity of 2.8, and Element X has an electronegativity of 2.5. In Compound B, Element Y has an electronegativity of 2.0, and Element Z has an electronegativity of 3.8. Which statement

    asked by Michael
  9. Math

    Which is the best buy? (1 point) a. 16 ounces of hand soap for $2.40 b. 20 ounces of hand soap for $2.80 c. 24 ounces of hand soap for $3.00***??? d. 12 ounces of hand soap for $2.00 Check my answer pls

    asked by Ella
  10. Physics, please help

    Copper has a breaking stress of about 3 × 10^8 N/m2. What is the maximum load that can be hung from a copper wire of diameter 0.5 mm? Answer in units of N. If 55% of this maximum load is hung from the copper wire, by what percentage of its length will it

    asked by John
  11. English

    In Macbeth, when Macbeth hears that no one born of a woman will harm him, he decides to? A:Kill all the wives of his peers B:Kill everyone in line for the throne, but spare their families. C:Ask Macduff to share the throne with him. D:None of the above***

    asked by marylyn
  12. Probability

    A student takes examination in four subjects A, B, C, D. His chance of passing in A is 4/5,in B is 3/4in C is 5/6 and in D is 2/3.To qualify he must pass in A and at least two other subjects. What is the probability that he qualifies?

    asked by Maha
  13. Math can someone help

    find each union or intersection let A={1, 2, 3,} B={x|xis and even whole number less than 9} C={2, 5, 7, 10,} and D={x|xis an odd whole number less than 10} I have to find A an upside down U C Can someone help

    asked by Madison/Kayla
  14. Theories and Issues in Working with School-Age Chi

    Which of the following youth groups began through the peaceful use of a guide for military activities?

    asked by kgosi
  15. algebra

    Find the final balance of an account with 820 dollars and annual 4% interest for 3 years $29.10**** $98.40 $852.80 $918.40

    asked by meggy
  16. Math

    At a local baseball game, the concession stand has two different meal choices. You can get 3 hotdogs and 1 drinks for $18.00 or you can get 2 hotdogs and 4 drinks for $22.00. If the price of hotdogs and drinks is the same for each meal, find how much it

    asked by Help
  17. English

    How did the author of the “Montgomery Boycott” memoir help with the Montgomery boycott? telling stories about rosa parks to school-age children answering the phone and delivering messages explaining the unfair laws to her neighbors driving her husband

    asked by Bri
  18. s.s

    what are the advantages of using of using coal as a fuel for the industry in eastern Europe???

    asked by kawaii~chan
  19. Science

    Why are molecular models important in the understanding of molecules? (Select all that apply.) A. They can offer a perfect visual image of the compound. B. They provide a visual of arrangement of atoms, bonds, and valence electrons in the compound. C. They

    asked by Michael
  20. English

    "Know now then thyself, presume not God to scan;/The proper study of mankind is man." Which of these is nearest in meaning to the word presume, as it is used in the passage above? - hasten - invent - cease - attempt My answer is hasten but I thought about

    asked by Steve
  21. Physics

    A desk fan has three (approximately) rectangular sheets of 15.8 cm long and 5 cm wide, each with a mass of 140 g. The fan is rotating at a constant angular speed of 19.8 rad / s when the power is turned off. Due to friction the angular velocity of the fan

    asked by Bob
  22. Economics

    What responsibility do corporations have to provide consumers with the risks associated with their products? What are their responsibilities for testing products?

    asked by Help
  23. Finance

    Meredith is stuck in the airport on a long layover while traveling for work. She sees two Wi-Fi’s she can log onto: one says Airport Wi-Fi and the other says Free Airport Wi-Fi. She needs to sign on and pay some bills. Which Wi-Fi option should she

    asked by Jamye
  24. English

    Vaping should be outlawed. Agree or disagree?

    asked by Ruth
  25. English

    Read the statement below and choose the word which best describes the writer's tone. Please do eat the last piece of pizza. I haven't had any yet, but you should definitely have a third piece. sincere gloomy sarcastic humorous A?

    asked by Bri
  26. Pre-Algebra Help

    Alice plays basketball. In one game she shoots 21 free throws and makes 81.25% of them. Estimate how many feer throws she makes? A. About 16 B. About 2 C. About 20 D. About 14 Please, Ms. Sue or someone, help me!!

    asked by Pier
  27. Physics

    A shopper in a supermarket pushes a loaded cart with a horizontal force of 80.5N. If the cart has a mass of 33.8kg, how far will it move in 1.31s, starting from rest? The coefficient of friction is 0.12

    asked by Mariam
  28. Math

    Factor of y²-4y-148=0

    asked by Ayesha
  29. financial - simple interest

    rate principal time S interest investment A rA $8000 4yrs SI A investment B rB $7000 5yrs SI B It is known that rA : rB = 2 : 3 and that investment B earned $2000 more interest than investment A. Find the values of rA, rB, SI A and SI B

    asked by Anonymous
  30. harmonic progression

    1^3+3^3+5^ n terms.

    asked by jeet
  31. English

    I need one word or phrase to use in 3 forms and different contexts but I don't know any words or phrases that I can do that with.

    asked by Clueless
  32. physics

    What is the average useful power output of a person who does 5.50×106 J of useful work in 6.50 h? Working at this rate, how long will it take this person to lift 1850 kg of bricks 1.20 m to a platform? (Work done to lift his body can be omitted because it

    asked by bill
  33. SS helppp

    1. Kurds live in all of the following independent nations except A.Iraq. B.Kurdistan. C.Iran. D.Turkey. 2. How were Kurdish people generally treated during the twentieth century? A.Governments treated them poorly, especially in Iraq and Turkey. B.They were

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Statistics

    There are 4 daily flights from Palooka to Wichita and 6 daily flights from Wichita to Kalamazoo. How many different ways are there to fly from Palooka to Wichita one day, and then to Kalamazoo the following day? Please show more than one approach.

    asked by tamar
  35. Statistics

    A robber has stolen a locked briefcase. The lock on the briefcase can be opened with a three-digit code, where each digit is one of the digits from 0 to 5.a) How many codes are possible if each digit may be used more than once?b) How many codes are

    asked by tamar
  36. Statistics

    A math department is allowed to tenure 4 of 17 eligible instructors. In how many ways can the selection for tenure be made? Please show more than one approach.

    asked by tamar
  37. Math

    How many inches are in 10 feet using conversion factor? Show all of your work.

    asked by Ella
  38. Statistics

    From five faculty members and four students, a committee of four is to be chosen that includes two students and two faculty members. In how many ways can this be done? Please show more than one approach.

    asked by tamar
  39. Statistics

    A hotel operates a shuttle bus between the hotel and the airport. The maximum capacity of the hotel’s minivan is 10 passengers. On each trip from the airport, the manager of the hotel conducts the experiment of noting the number of people in the

    asked by tamar
  40. Statistics

    In a game of dice, the probability of rolling a 12 is 1/36. The probability of rolling a 9, 10, or 11 is 9/36. The probability of rolling any other number is 26/36. If the player rolls a 12, the player wins $5. If the player rolls a 9, 10, or 11, the

    asked by tamar
  41. Statistics

    In the case of Castaneda vs Partida, it was noted that although 80% of the population in a Texas county was Mexican-American, only 39% of those summoned for grand juries were Mexican-American. Assume that 12 jurors are to be summoned from a population that

    asked by tamar
  42. math

    11. Samir wants to purchase his first car. He has saved $1000 as a deposit but the cost of the car is $5000. Samir takes out a loan from the bank to cover the balance of the car plus $600 worth of on-road costs. a. How much will Samir need to borrow from

    asked by Anonymous
  43. History

    Which of the following is a biased statement about Texas History? Texas was a republic for 10 years Annexing Texas would anger Mexico Expansionism was a noble improvement for American History**** The Texas Republic faced a great deal of conflict with the

    asked by swimmer girl
  44. math

    1 quart covers over 300square feet, how many quarts needed to cover the whole garden

    asked by shamaine
  45. s.s

    witch statement BEST describes the population distribution of Russia A most people have settled in the northeastern part of Russia B most people have settled in the southwestern part of Russia C most people have settled in the northwestern part of Russia D

    asked by kawaii~chan
  46. Math

    Mandi puts $20 in her savings account. The account pays 3% simple interest. How much interest will she earn in 2 years?

    asked by Bruh
  47. Chemistry

    What is saponification (soap making) ?

    asked by Buma
  48. English

    Select the vocabulary word that best completes the sentence. A fundamental _____ of matter is that it must have mass intent fragment notation property B?

    asked by Bri
  49. English

    Select the vocabulary word that best completes the sentence. Their dances were similar, but the first team had a modern _____ to their routine. fragments notation primary variation D?

    asked by Bri
  50. MATH

    Look at the following expression, then factor the sum of terms as a product of the GCF and a sum. 42 + 24

    asked by ZECH
  51. math

    Julia invests $80,000 in an account which pays 5.97% interest compounded quarterly. After 20 years and 6 months, how much money will she have in the account?

    asked by anna
  52. Mechanics

    The shaft BCD in the figure has length L and is composed of a homogeneous material with shear modulus G. The bar is fixed between walls at B (x=0) and D (x=L). The shaft has a round cross section, with outer radius changing along the length of the bar as

    asked by Tony
  53. algebra

    The number of boxes on a truck varies directly with the time since the workday began. At 3 hours after the workday began, there are 207 boxes on the truck. How many boxes should we expect there to be on the truck 7 1/3 hours after the workday began?

    asked by anna
  54. Algebra

    A project is underway to increase the size of the parking lot at the library. Once the project is completed, there will be 24 additional parking spots. This represents a 40% increase in the number of parking spots. How many parking spots will there be once

    asked by Rhythm
  55. Mechanics

    The composite shaft ABCD is fixed between walls at A (x=0) and D (x=3L). The shaft has a solid steel core of length 3L and round cross section of uniform radius R. In the left third of the shaft (segment AB of length L) the steel core is surrounded by a

    asked by Tony
  56. math

    The average cost to attend a particular university in 1969 was $592 and in 2009 was $17,058. Let y be the average cost in the year x, where x = 0 represents the year 1969. Write a linear equation, in slope-intercept form, that models the growth in cost at

    asked by craig
  57. math

    Ingrid offered to pay her brother $2 for doing her share of the housework each day, but fined him $5 if he forgot to do it. After 4 weeks, Ingrid discovered that she did not owe her brother any money. For how many days did Ingrid’s brother do her share

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Biology

    Name and briefly describe two traits that amphibians and reptiles share that are not common to all vertebrates

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Social Studies

    Why did Japan need to rebuild its economy following World War 2

    asked by Sarah
  60. algebra

    What are the coefficients of the expression 6x-1

    asked by brean
  61. Physics

    A uniform disc of 2.98 kg is mounted so that it can rotate in the horizontal plane around a frictionless axis through its center of mass. The angular velocity of the disc at the start is 140 rpm. A hollow cylinder with thin walls and the same radius as the

    asked by Bob
  62. math

    Simplify each expression so that no negative exponents appear in the final result. Assume that all variables represent nonzero real numbers. 1. (12k^-2(k^-3)^-4)/(6k^5) 2. (3rs^-2)/(3^2r^2s^-4)

    asked by Samuel
  63. History

    Can someone please tell me what this quote means, I am having trouble understanding. “When Andrew Johnson took upon himself the duties of his high office he swore to obey the Constitution and take care that the laws be faithfully executed. That, indeed,

    asked by Johnny
  64. Social Studies

    Which of the following is NOT a hill in Jerusalem? A. Mount David B. Mount Zion*** C. Mount Moriah D. Mount of Olives

    asked by Pepsi
  65. s.s

    in what way is Stalin's rule still most felt in Russia today? A Industries cover much of the Siberia B Industrialization has lead to excessive pollution C Industrialization has lead to heath problems D All of the above

    asked by kawaii~chan
  66. science

    The ionization energies for the removal of the first electrons in Silicon 780,Phosphorous 1060,Sulphur 1005,Chlorine 1225.

    asked by Chidinma
  67. English

    1. What lie did Man 1 tell the king? 2. Which lie did the first man tell the king? 3. What was the first man's lie for the king? 4. What was the first man's lie to the king? 5. Will you tell me the first man's lie? --------------------------- They are

    asked by rfvv
  68. Science Help

    Can someone give a short summary of the difference between Mitosis and meiosis? I can't tell the difference.

    asked by Wishwash
  69. Physics

    Copper has a breaking stress of about 3 × 10^8 N/m2. What is the maximum load that can be hung from a copper wire of diameter 0.5 mm? Answer in units of N. If 55% of this maximum load is hung from the copper wire, by what percentage of its length will it

    asked by John
  70. history

    how do I describe Benjamin Franklin in the context of the colony of Georgia

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Math

    A triangle has verticies of (1,3) (4,5) and (6,2). Is this a right angle triangle? Solve using algebra.

    asked by Homework plx
  72. English

    1. He will give a golden apple to the man. 2. He will give a gold apple to the man. [Can we use both 'golden' and 'gold' in the sentence?] 3. She has a golden watch and a golden bracelet. 4. She has a gold watch and a gold bracelet. [In the sentences,

    asked by rfvv
  73. English

    Which of the following sentences is an example of a compound sentence? in the entire world, there is only one art museum for children's art, and is located in Norway ian and Charlotte worked and saved enough for a trip to Scotland the museum is the

    asked by Bri
  74. Algebra

    If the sales tax is 6.3% what is the total price of a pair of earrings that’s $77? 1.)$ 4.85; $77.49 2.)$4.85; $81.85***** 3.)$0.49; $77.49 4.) $0.049; $81.85 *****= the answer I chose

    asked by Confusion
  75. English

    Select the vocabulary word that best completes the sentence. They had to operate on her broken arm because a small _____ of bone was lodged in the muscle fragment property narrator variation A?

    asked by Bri
  76. s.s

    what challenges does Russia face as it finds its place in todays world?

    asked by kawaii~chan
  77. Educational technology

    Which of the following is a narrative essay most like A. encyclopedia entry B. story C. fact sheet D. directions

    asked by Sky
  78. Astronomy

    Hey There! Thank you for checking my question! ____ 8. The stars do not appear in the same place every night due to Earth’s (1 point) a) solar day. b) orbital motion around the sun. c) right ascension. d) seasonal change. My Answer: B Could someone

    asked by Da Fash
  79. Biology

    is this the correct order for what appears first: Dinosaurs, Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, Fish

    asked by Anonymous
  80. English

    Which word means a certain way in which something appears or may be regarded? aspect source participation setting A?

    asked by Bri
  81. English

    Which contraction could correctly be substituted for the underlined words? Joel is not able to make it to the wedding reception next Saturday. ain't wasn't isn't weren't C?

    asked by Bri
  82. English

    Journalists are almost always protected from having to _____ the identity of their sources of information. modify reveal translate source B?

    asked by Bri
  83. math

    Does anyone know how to find the rate with ONLY principal and time? (no interest) Refer to this: Investment A: Rate as 'R,' principal as $8000, time as '4 years,' and interest as 'SI'

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Physics

    A ball thrown up is caught by thrower 6 sec after start. The height to which the ball has risen is (g=10 m/s2)

    asked by Pankaj gangurde sir
  85. Biology

    Is this the correct order for what appears on earth first? Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Birds.

    asked by Anonymous
  86. English

    Read the statement below and choose the word which best describes the writer's tone. Elie Wiesel was born in Sighet, a Romanian town located in the Carpathian Mountains. He was the third of four children and the only son born to his parents. disbelieving

    asked by Bri
  87. English

    What is the definition of the word participation? to think that something is true without knowing that it is true not important or relating to what is being discussed right now a part of something involvement with others in doing something C?

    asked by Bri
  88. Language Arts

    Hello, I'm having a hard time figuring out what genre The Trouble With Television is, I know it's non-fiction, but what else? Please help and explain why it's the genre you picked. And no, it's not for any school work I just want to know what it is for a

    asked by Helloooo
  89. Math

    Which pair of ratios forms a proportion? a. 4/5 and 16/24 b. 9/15 and 3/4 c. 5/8 and 30/48 d. 9/10 and 40/45 I'm very confused pls give me the answer and how you got that so I can understand.

    asked by Ella
  90. geometric progression

    find the n th term and sum to n terms of the series:1+(1+2)+(1+2+2^2)+.....

    asked by jeet
  91. Physics

    The density of copper is 8.96 g cm^−3 and its molar mass is 64 g mol^−1. The mass of an atom of copper is 1.1*10^-22 g Determine the number of copper atoms per cubic metre.

    asked by Angel
  92. Physics

    A gas is kept at a pressure of 4.00 × 105 Pa and a temperature of 30.0 °C. When the pressure is reduced to 3.00 × 105 Pa and the temperature raised to 40.0 °C, the volume is measured to be 0.45 × 10^−4 m^3. Estimate the original volume of the gas. I

    asked by Angel