Questions Asked on
November 15, 2017

  1. math

    Write an expression to represent: Four more than the product of one and a number xxx.

    asked by travis
  2. World History A

    Which most accurately describes the initial development of religion of Oceanic cultures? A) Oceanic religion was polytheistic and animistic, viewing the events of the natural world as the work of gods. B) Oceanic cultures were primarily agnostic, with no

    asked by DeafeninGaming
  3. math

    1. Find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of 9 cm and 12 cm A. 8 cm B. 21 cm C. 15 cm D. 225 cm the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of 13 cm the length of one leg is 5 cm find the length of the other leg A.

    asked by Duece
  4. world histoy

    what civilization predated classical Greece and the development on the island of Crete

    asked by life sucks
  5. Physics

    A water pipe is inclined 31.0° below the horizontal. The radius of the pipe at the upper end is 2.00 cm. If the gauge pressure at a point at the upper end is 0.122 atm, what is the gauge pressure at a point 2.70 m downstream, where the pipe has narrowed

    asked by Abby
  6. Physics

    An air track cart with mass m 0.4kg and initial speed v0 = 0.7m/s collides with and sticks to a second cart that is at rest initially. If the mass of the second cart is m2 = 0.5kg, how much kinetic energy is lost as result of the collision?

    asked by Ekaette
  7. 6th math

    Every 24 hours, Earth makes a full rotation around its axis. Earth's speed of rotation at the equator is 1,670 km per hour. What is the circumference of Earth's equator?

    asked by princessleaya
  8. Physics

    A watertight car is submerged under water. What force is required to open a door of area 1.04 m2 if the average depth of water at the door is 1.56 m?

    asked by Abby
  9. math

    Find an integer $x$ such that $\frac{2}{3} < \frac{x}{5} < \frac{6}{7}$

    asked by boi
  10. Mathematics

    A sum of money is to be divided among A,Band C in the ratio 2:3:5.The smallest share amounts to $600.Calculate the total sum of money to be shared.

    asked by cutebaby
  11. math

    ali has a tree in his backyard. The tree grows 25 cm each year. Since the tree started growing Ali has trimmed 16 cm off its height. The goal for the trees height is given by 25x-16 is greater than or equal to 234, where x is the number of years the tree

    asked by christoph
  12. Pre-Algebra

    Sally puts $200.00 in a bank account. This account earns 8% compound interest. How much money is in the account after three years? A $151.94 B $240.00 C $251.94 D $160.00 I really need help on how to solve this, I tried all the stuff I learned this unit,

    asked by Someone please help!!
  13. Math

    According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the mean height of an American male is 69.3 inches and the mean height of an American female is 63.8 inches. The standard deviation for both genders is 2.7 inches. According to Chebyshev’s Theorem

    asked by Smith
  14. physics

    If a spherical glass marble has a radius of 0.00661 m at 1.02×105 Pa, at what pressure will it have a radius of 0.00650 m?

    asked by kylie
  15. Math

    Write an equation for the line that is parallel to the given line and passes through the given point. y=2x+4; (3,8) A. y = 2x + 2 B. y = 2x + 6 C. y = -2x + 6 D. y = -1/2x + 2** Am I correct?

    asked by Blaw
  16. Physics

    A flea can jump a vertical height h. What is the maximum horizontal distance it can jump? What is the time in the air in both cases?

    asked by William
  17. English

    Which statement from the memoir is an opinion? "Maritn and Ralph saw extraordinary lights" "several thousand leaflets were printed" "Mrs. parks called e.d Nixon" "yoki was only two weeks old" A?

    asked by Bri
  18. Finance

    Which of the following would be considered the highest risk portfolio? A. A portfolio made up of 20% savings accounts, 50% mutual funds, and 30% bonds. B.A portfolio made up of 40% mutual funds, 40% Treasury bonds, and 10% stocks. c.A portfolio made up of

    asked by Jamye
  19. APY-math

    find the annual percentage yield (to the nearest 0.01%). a bank offers an APR of 3.1% compounded daily.

    asked by JT
  20. English

    Hi! ____ Ms. Kemp Recruits Volunteers As a new ninth grader at my high school, I was sitting in an assembly about volunteerism. The guest speaker was Ms. Francis Kemp. Today I had an experience worth writing about. I must admit that I did not have high

    asked by Da Fash
  21. History

    The Texans rebelled against mexico because of a? a. santa anna's withdrawl of constitution b. a desire to join the US c. the affair at goldiad d. the massacre at the alamo

    asked by AP
  22. Math

    Rosa and her friends used 1 2/3 quart of paint on Monday and 1 3/4 quart of pain on Tuesday. How much paint will Rosa and her friends need on Wednesday? How do i help my child figure out how to do this problem

    asked by Jeani
  23. Math

    So this is such an easy question but they say to change the numbers to make it "friendlier" so like make it easier. Change 12 X 15 to friendlier numbers, as you saw in the video. Give your answer and explain or show how you got it. I can't prosses how to

    asked by Rylie
  24. Computer Architecture

    home / study / engineering / computer science / computer science questions and answers / 4.7 problems in this exercise assume that the logic blocks used to implement a processor’s ... Question: 4.7 Problems in this exercise assume that the logic blocks

    asked by Winston
  25. Science

    Three people hiked to the top of the hill represented by the following topographic map. Each hiker started at the same elevation but at different locations around the hill. Use this map for questions 4 - 6. (All of them are at a elevation of 180 meters and

    asked by Science help
  26. Math helppp

    Two small planes leave the Abbotsford airport at the same time. The first flies at 225km/h at a heading 320°, while the second flies at 190km/h at the heading of 70°. How far apart are they after 2 hours?

    asked by Jes
  27. Liberal are maths

    A jar contains 36 marbles if has 20 red 12 black and 4 green marbles two marbles are draw the first is not returned before the second one is drawn what is the probability that both marbles are red

    asked by Anonymous
  28. math

    Use linear approximation to estimate the amount of paint in cubic centimeters needed to apply a coat of paint 0.100000 cm thick to a hemispherical dome with a diameter of 55.000 meters.

    asked by shima
  29. Urgent! 6th Grade History School Help

    Which is true about the Athenians? a) They grew poor as a result of the Pericles' battle strategies. b) They grew rich as a result of Pericles' battle strategies. c) They grew poor as a result of the Delian League. d) They are rich as a result of the

    asked by Juliet
  30. Physics

    Find the displacement in cubic meters of a boat weighing 4710 N.

    asked by Abby
  31. English

    1. I believe him to be cruel. 2. He is believed to be cruel by me. 3. I believe him cruel. 4. He is believed cruel by me. [Are both passive setences grammatical?] 5. People believe Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day. 6. Friday the 13th is believed to be

    asked by rfvv
  32. Math

    These statements describe the depth at which two sea creatures are swimming. Note that sea level is equal to zero. The six-gill shark is swimming 8,200 feet below sea level. The fangtooth fish is swimming 6,500 feet below sea level. Complete this sentence.

    asked by Anonymous
  33. English

    1. unluck ------------------------- Is this word correct? I cannot find the word 'unluck' except Wiktionary. I know the opposite of luck is either bad luck or ill luck or misfortune. What about the following? [Wiktionary] unluck (uncountable) 1. Absence or

    asked by rfvv
  34. math

    Find the sum of the following series up to 9th term: 2√3+9÷√3+12÷√3+....

    asked by suraj
  35. Physics HELP

    In a downtown office building you notice that each of the four sections of a rotating door has a mass of 90 kg. What is the width of each section of the door if a force of 58 N applied to the outer edge of a section produces an angular acceleration of

    asked by Jeff
  36. MATH

    Given the following functions f(x) and g(x), describe the changes (horizontal shifts, vertical shifts, etc.) to the graph of g(x) with respect to the graph of f(x). F(X) = l x l g(x) = - lx+3l - 2

    asked by HELP ME PLEASE
  37. chemistry

    3. If 15.0 mL of a 1.5M HCl solution at 21.50C is mixed with 25.0mL of a 1.5M NaOH solution at 21.50C that is in a calorimeter, and the final mixed solution temperature rises to 28.50C, what is the ΔHrxn for this process? Assume that Ccalorimeter =

    asked by Meredith
  38. Educational Technology

    Which descriptor most accurately helps you visualize a story’s plot A: a single point on a map B: a path C: a tree D: am ocean I think the answer is A but I’m not sure, please help me!

    asked by C.A
  39. maths

    to fence an area which is in circular shape with a wire of 100m in perimeter . find the maximum area using the 100 metres wire

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Physics HELP

    A 2.0-m measuring stick of mass 0.215 kg is resting on a table. A mass of 0.500 kg is attached to the stick at a distance of 72.0 cm from the centre. Both the stick and the table surface are frictionless. The stick rotates with an angular speed of 6.50

    asked by Jeff
  41. science

    which of the following describe radio waves. Along wavelength with high frequency, b long wave length with short frequencies or low wave length with low frequencies

    asked by mazin
  42. English

    Hi! ____ 13. Which of the following statements would best state the main theme of The Call of the Wild? (1 point) a) Perseverance pays off. b) Only the strong survive. c) If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. d) Keep your friends close and

    asked by Da Fash
  43. math

    Find their slopes and conclude whetever the lines are parallel, perpendicular or neither a) y = 3 x = - 2 b) y = -4 y = x

    asked by Homework
  44. Math

    Gabrielle can run at a constant speed of 58.2 seconds per 400 meters. At this rate, how long will it take her to run 900 meters?

    asked by Danielle
  45. 8th Grade Social Studies

    Under the Articles, each state sent one delegate to Congress. Thus each state, no matter size or population, had one vote. Congress did have the power to declare war. It could appoint military officers, coin money, and operate post offices. It was also

    asked by Cookie Thumper
  46. English

    Hi! ____ 11. The author of The Call of the Wild shifts the setting from California to Alaska in order to (1 point) a) depict how Buck becomes a tough survivor. b) illustrate how money can change a character’s perspective. c) show John Thornton’s values

    asked by Da Fash
  47. Math

    Find the equation of a line with the given slope and passing through the given point, P. d) m = -1/2, P(-2,6)

    asked by Homework
  48. Math

    Lindsey is 5 years less than half her father's age. The sum of their ages is 79. How old is Lindsey?

    asked by Michelle
  49. Chemistry

    The solubility Of KCLO is 33g per dm of water at 70 and 8g per dm of water at 20 calculate the mass of the solute which will crystallize out when 160g of the saturated solution is cooled from 70 to 20

    asked by Joy
  50. Calculus

    Suppose that f(x) and k(x) are differentiable everywhere and that f(3) = 5, f'(3) = 7, k(3) = 6, and k'(3) = 9. Find an equation of a tangent line to 3(f(x))^2 at x = 3. So the derivative of 3(f(x))^2 is 6f(x)*f'(x), and 6f(3)*f'(3) is 210. But for the

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Math


    asked by Palmer
  52. Math

    The width of a rectangular garden is 2 feet more than 1/3 of its length. The perimeter is 52 feet. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

    asked by Shelby
  53. Math

    How many feet does a wheel with a diameter of 20 inches travel after one, five, and 30 revolutions?

    asked by Kaleb
  54. sama school

    what does the animal look like

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Spanish

    what is the difference between diphtongs,hiato and trihtongs?

    asked by cutebaby
  56. English writing issues

    Help With These Issues Grammar Incorrect Phrasing, Enhancement word choice, Style Wordy Sentences Passive Voice Misuse, Unclear Reference, Sentence Structure Maryland Lawmakers Approve Bill To Fight Drug Price-Gouging, prohibiting a manufacturer or

    asked by Pep
  57. Medical sociology.

    Please help me urgently. Q1a. Elaborate on the general principle of sociocultural medical problems in Africa. 1b. Discuss on the scope of medical sociology. 1c. What do medical sociologist study?

    asked by Somay.
  58. English

    Select the vocabulary word that best completes the sentence. The researcher found an exciting clue when she examined a _____ in the margin of the manuscript. notation intent variation property A?

    asked by Bri
  59. Science

    How does dilution of a substance effects the endpoint of tritation? Like if you dilute a 50 mL of .5 M acid to a 100 mL concentrated .5 M acid, what would be the endpoint? Would it be twice the ending since you need more moles or the same, since you are

    asked by Dil-untion
  60. Physics

    A student pulls a box of books on a smooth horizontal floor, ignore friction with a force of 131 N in a direction of 37° above the horizontal. If the mass of the box and the books is 33.7 kg, what is the acceleration of the box?

    asked by Emilie
  61. Math


    asked by Nadia
  62. History

    Which statement best explains why anti-British sentiment was less in Georgia than in the other colonies during the Revolutionary period?

    asked by Lexi-girl
  63. Hellpppp calculus

    Solve by elimination. 0.1x + 0.3y = 1.5 0.6y + 0.2x =-1.2

    asked by Emily
  64. ELA (English)

    And yet, Linenger recovered quickly. in fact, almost two dozen astronauts have lived in space for more than six months, and four have stayed in orbit for more than a year. These men and women faced the discomfort of weightlessness and overcame them and

    asked by Polar bear (Ice bear)
  65. Math

    At an internet provider, the cost, C naira of sending an email of 5pages or over is given by the formula C=50(P-2), where P is the number of pages to be sent a. Find the cost of sending an email of 25pages b. If it cost 800 naira to send an email message,

    asked by Victor.
  66. Math

    10 4/17 ÷ 4 5/9

    asked by Eunji
  67. Computer

    Pseudocode that gets 2 numbers from user and prints them in order until the user enters the first value of the trio as negative.

    asked by Kim
  68. physics

    Anna pushes horizontally on a 57 kg penguin with force of 19 N, but the penguin does not budge. Find the force of static friction between the penguin’s feet and the ground.

    asked by Anonymous
  69. physics

    Score: 0 / 1 Tries left: 10 Question 5 A large crate has a mass of 214 kg. A horizontal force of positive 214 N is applied to it, causing it to accelerate at 0.130 m/s2 horizontally. What is the force of friction opposing the motion of the crate? Use the

    asked by tori
  70. social studies

    In what type of economic system do individuals own most of the businesses? A democracy B communism C capitalism D socialism c is my answer

    asked by betty
  71. Chemistry

    Explain the most important reason why we have attempted to create a model of the atom and more specifically, why it was so important to understand the position and movement of an electron. These are extra credit questions so I neeeed the points but I'm

    asked by Clueless
  72. history

    Who was the REAL "first" president?

    asked by journey
  73. English

    Which sentence uses the underlined homonym correctly? fireflies danced in the knight ( Knight is underlined) I do knot know him at all ( Knot is underlined) Janine's baby weighs eight pounds (Weights is underlined) how do I love you; let me count the

    asked by Bri
  74. Chemistry

    Hydrazine has the formula N2H4 and is used as a rocket fuel (e.g. for the Apollo moon rockets). It burns in the following reaction for which the enthalpy change is -583 kJ/mol. N2H4(g) + O2(g) → N2(g) + 2 H2O(g) Calculate the N-N bond enthalpy in

    asked by Ruth
  75. physics

    a uniform beam 6.0m long and weighing 4kg rest on support at P & Q placed left and right 1.0m from each end of the beam. weight of mass 10kg and 8kg are placed near P & Q respectively on each end of the beam. calculate the reaction of P & Q.

    asked by sidik
  76. Algebra

    Suppose y varies directly with x. Write a direct variation equation that relates x and y. y= 7 1/2 when x=3 y=3/2x y=2/3x* y=5/2x y=2/5x

    asked by Person
  77. English

    1. She still owes her father £3,000. ----------------------------------- How do you read '£3,000'? 1. three thousand pounds 2. three thousand pound 3. pound three thousand 4. pounds three thousand

    asked by rfvv
  78. Direct Variations

    Suppose y varies directly with x. Write a direct variation equation that relates x and y. y=10.4 when x=4 y=3.4x* y=3.8x y=3.2x y=2.6x

    asked by Person
  79. Physics

    A force of -7500 N is used to stop a 2000kg car traveling 25m/s. What breaking distance is needed to bring the car to a halt?

    asked by Hannah
  80. Math

    Angelique says that finding the absolute value is the same as finding the opposite of the number. For example, -5=5.. Explain her error. I need help on the question, and what is the absolute value.

    asked by riona
  81. physics

    an object 5cm lenght is placed at distance of 20cm in front of a convex mirror of radius of curvature 30 cm . find the position of the image

    asked by jaya
  82. Math

    Constance invested $4500 for 3 years in a savings account paying simple interest with a yearly interest rate of 3.5%. How much simple interest did she earn? Please show your work :)

    asked by Kathy
  83. 9th grade math

    Given the following functions f(x) and g(x), describe the changes (horizontal shifts, vertical shifts, etc.) to the graph of g(x) with respect to the graph of f(x). * 3 points f(x)=lxl g(x)= -lx+3l-2

    asked by naoh
  84. English

    1. They study sea animals in Aantarctica. [What does 'in Antarctica' modify? 'Sea animals' or 'study'? Are they in Antarctica now? Or though they are not in Antarctica, are they study sea animals at home or at a workplace.] 2. Look at the boy in the room.

    asked by rfvv
  85. math

    Determine whether the given measure can be the lengths of the sides of a triangle. Write yes or no. 1. 8, 9, 17 2. 23, 26, 50 3. 12.3, 13.9, 25.2

    asked by Jenny
  86. English

    Which sentence uses the underlined homonym correctly? Nina's son is turning too in June (too) bradley, you are too close to the gorilla's cage (too) is lacey coming with us to the zoo two (two) you to can go get the water from the locker room (to) B?

    asked by Bri
  87. History

    Respond to a statement: The American Free Enterprise system is alive and well. If you don’t mind could you send me a link related to this statement

    asked by Niki
  88. computers

    how is a data processed to become a useful information?

    asked by Rica
  89. math

    Why does pie go on forever? Why is it called pie?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Computer

    Where is the data being utilized to become an information?

    asked by Krystel
  91. math

    -8 is greater than or equal to 1.6m

    asked by robin
  92. PreCalculus

    The question is: -5e^(-4x+2) +3= 1/2log(1+x^2) Solve with a calculator for the smallest possible solution, with steps. So this hasn't really been covered in my schoolwork so I'm trying to work off what I have learned. I started with the change of base

    asked by ConfusedWithMath
  93. Science

    Which of the following best describes the particles in potato chips and lemonade? The particles are able to flow in both. The particles are locked in position in both. The particles are locked in position in lemonade and able to flow in potato chips. The

    asked by Gavin
  94. teacher aide

    how can praise not be used in class

    asked by fthompson
  95. Math

    Please help and explain on this question: Sam's credit card balance is less than -$36. Does Sam owe more or less then $36?

    asked by riona
  96. Physics

    Water is ejected from a garden hose of radius 1.06 cm at a speed of 5.19 m/s. Find the flow rate through the hose.

    asked by Abby
  97. English

    Select the vocabulary word that best completes the sentence. The researcher found an exciting clue when she examined a _____ in the margin of the manuscript. variation notation property intent B?

    asked by Bri
  98. social studies

    Which climate region dominates most of Northern Africa? 1)humid continental 2)highland 3)tundra 4)arid I think #4 after looking at the maps. Can you confirm? Thank you for your help.

    asked by Jamie
  99. Social Studies

    What is a sentence that explains how the terms tributary and drainage basin are related

    asked by Lina
  100. real estate

    Explain in your words the difference between these two concepts: Prequalifying Preapproval How would you explain this to your principal (you represent the buyer) and convince them to do both?

    asked by Jennifer
  101. Biology

    In a mycorrhizal relationship, what benefit does the plant get from the fungus? a. an energy source b. aid in seed dispersal c. products of photosynthesis d. aid in the absorption of water and minerals

    asked by Zurai
  102. physics

    A “swing” ride at a carnival consists of chairs that are swung in a circle by 13.5 m long cables attached to a vertical rotating pole, as the drawing shows. Note that the cables make an angle of 60.0o with respect to the vertical, as shown. Suppose the

    asked by korlysse buhay
  103. Marh

    The ratio of male to females is 2:5. There are 12 more females than males. How many males are there.

    asked by Bee
  104. Math

    M is the set of integers that are greater than -1 and less than 4 I don't understand?? i know it's easy but i don't understand how to solve it

    asked by Madison/kayla
  105. English

    Hi! 3. Choose the answer that best matches the word in quotation marks. John offered his wife a red rose as a sign of "appeasement" for their earlier disagreement. This means he wants (1 point) a) to demonstrate the disagreement is unresolved. b) to please

    asked by Da Fash
  106. Math

    Pablo found that his uncle’s age can be divided by three different prime numbers. What are three possible ages of his uncle? Show your work.

    asked by Anonymous