Questions Asked on
November 10, 2017

  1. Geometry

    There are three points on a line, A, B, and C, so that AB = 12 cm, BC = 13.5 cm. Find the length of the segment AC . Give all possible answers.

    asked by Aaron
  2. Algebra

    Ian wants to fence three sides of a rectangular exercise yard for his dog. The fourth side of the exercise yard will be a side of the house. He has 100 feet of fencing available. Find the dimensions that will enclose the maximum area.

    asked by Keonn'a : Please help me.
  3. Check my math answers please!

    1. Rename 4/7 as a percent. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent if necessary. A. 47% B. 1.8% C. 57.1% D. 28% 2. Rename .709 as a percent. A. 709% B. 70.9% C. 79% D. 7.09% 3 is 1/3 is equivalent to 33 1/3% what percent is equivalent to 2/3? A 33 2/3%

    asked by boi
  4. Algebra

    If the length of each side of a square is increased by 3 cm, the perimeter of the new square is 40 more than twice the length of each side of the original square. Find the dimensions of the original square.

    asked by Faith
  5. math

    write 3/8 as a decimal

    asked by Kaleb
  6. Math

    please check my work. 1. The number of words (x) Tina can type per minute is at Least 50. write and graph and inequality. (I broke it down to these 2 choices because the A & D was incorrect) B. x is less than or equal to 50 C. x is greater than or equal to

    asked by kenziemack
  7. math Please help!!

    Using a scale factor of 1 inch = 16 feet, what are the blueprint dimensions of a room that is 20 feet x 28 feet? A. 1.5 in x 2.5 in B. 1.25 in x 2.25 in C. 1.25 in x 1.75 in D. 1.5 in x 1.75 in Could anybody tell me how to solve this problem, please? I

    asked by boi
  8. Trigonometry

    Find the diameter of a pulley which is driven at 360 rpm by a belt moving at 40 ft/s. Then in 1 s the pulley turns through an angle theta measuring 12 pi radians and a point on the rim travels a distance s= 40 ft.

    asked by Geee
  9. chemistry

    a cylinder filled with a movable Piston contains liquid water in equilibrium water vapour at 25 degree Celsius which one of the following operations result in a decrease in equilibrium vapour pressure

    asked by m
  10. maths

    Find the area of a circular path 2m wide surrounding a circular plot of radius 16m

    asked by Mahati
  11. math

    please check my work. 1. The number of words (x) Tina can type per minute is at Least 50. write and graph and inequality. (I broke it down to these 2 choices because the A & D was incorrect) B. x is less than or equal to 50 C. x is greater than or equal to

    asked by kenzie
  12. Chemistry

    Why do we use metals in wires? (Select all that apply.) a. Metals are lustrous. b. Metals are reactive. c. Metals conduct electricity. d. Metals are ductile. I think its b and c

    asked by Michael
  13. Algebra

    1. Sydney is tossing a softball into the air with an underhand motion. The distance of the ball above her hand at any times given by the formula: h(t)=64t-16t^2.where h(t) is the height of the ball (in feet) and t is time (in seconds). a. At what times,t,

    asked by Keonn'a : Please help me.
  14. maths

    find the surface area of a cylindrical open tank with height 1.5m and the radius of the base 70cm,taking pie3.142

    asked by Mahati
  15. Math, algebra

    Construct a data set of 8 items that has a mean absolute deviation of 0.5 and for which average 8

    asked by Kristen
  16. Language

    I have to write a essay and I don't know how to lengthen the rough draft could someone please give me tips? Here's my rough draft Comparison-and-Contrast Essay The Story-Teller and The Drummer Boy of Shiloh Comparison and Contrast means to tell the

    asked by Shadow
  17. physics

    a basketball player can jump 1.5m off the hardwood floor with what upward velocity did he leave the floor

    asked by jheorge
  18. Health safety and nutriton

    Vitamins that may cause toxicity if ingested in too large amounts

    asked by Clara Roberts-Vielma
  19. Social Studdies, Ms. Sue please check!

    1. Which of The following provides the definition of a nation? A. The Highest elected officials in a country B. The are ruled by an independent government C. A country with defined borders and foreign policy enforced by a military D. A people with a shared

    asked by ABC
  20. math

    In PRS, segment PT is an altitude and segment PX is a median. Find RS if RX = x + 7 and SX = 3x – 11 Find RT if RT = x – 6 and mPTR = 8x - 6

    asked by Rachel
  21. Biology

    in guinea pigs, the allele for a rough coat (R) is dominant over the allele for smooth coat (r). Two guina pigs that are heterozygous for a rough coat, mate and produce offspring. What is the probability that the offspring will have a smooth coat?

    asked by celsea
  22. Science

    What is the raw materials of metamorphic rocks?

    asked by Nadia
  23. Math

    Finished an equation and got an answer of 8 = -6 Is this no solution for the final answer?

    asked by Ana
  24. Math

    Calculate with distributions and without distribution: Find the value of this fractions computation: 6{1/2+2/3+3/4}

    asked by Loomin
  25. maths

    Fin the volume of rubber used in making a hollor ball of radius 3cm,it's thickness of the rubber is 0.3cm

    asked by Mahati
  26. maths

    a solid cone of base radius 5cm and height 6cm is made of metal of density 4g/cm3

    asked by Sibajene
  27. Social Studies

    what was the impact on the colonies during the revolutionary war

    asked by |-/
  28. 6th Grade MS Study Skills

    **Could you check my response and give me feedback on it?*** Jaycob is relaxed, sitting in the back row of the class. He is tapping his pencil on his open textbook and is avoiding eye contact with the teacher. His friends are quietly making jokes around

    asked by Pepsi
  29. Analysis

    How many gram of naoh are in 400 ml of a .5 in naoh

    asked by Afjal
  30. Biology - Genetics

    What would be the molar concentration of DNA in a normal human cell?

    asked by Aditi
  31. math

    I'm having a little trouble solving inverse variation. I have four problems - 2 are solved using proportions, 2 are not --- why can they not all be solved using proportions? 1. y varies inversely with x. If y = 40 when x = 16, find x when y = -5 If I use a

    asked by Carly
  32. Honors Literature and Composition

    1. Henry's internal conflict about fleeing from the battle serves which purpose in The Red Badge of Courage? A. develops his character *** B. adds to exposition C. builds suspense in the plot D. supports the theme of nature's indifference to humans. 2.

    asked by PLZ HELP CONNEXUS
  33. Maths

    The vertical angle of an isosceles triangle is twice the sum of the base angles. Find each angle of the triangle??

    asked by Aryan Goel
  34. Math (please help)

    im not sure if my question posted before because it isn't showing up when I look for it In /\PRS, segment PT is an altitude and segment PX is a median. Find RS if RX = x + 7 and SX = 3x – 11 for this one I figured out that RS=4x+-4...but I think I

    asked by Rachel
  35. Math

    You want to buy three books that are on sale 20% off. The original price of the books is 2.50,4.95, and 6.00. How much will you save? Write an distribution property and without distribution

    asked by kkkkSy
  36. Physics

    An air-track cart with mass m=0.20kg and speed v0=1.5m/s approaches two other carts that are at rest and have masses 2m and 3m, as indicated in (Figure 1) . The carts have bumpers that make all the collisions elastic. Find the final speed of cart 1,

    asked by Remy
  37. Math

    Rate=15/2%, amount=₹3920, time=3years, find principal

    asked by Nitish
  38. Principle to Business

    After your loan application is submitted, who decides if you get approved for the loan? a. credit agency b. credit bureau c. FICO d. collections agency e. loan underwriter I pick e.

    asked by Jamye
  39. Math PLz Help

    I need help figuring out this problem I have tried everything but cannot get the answer. I have to find the coordinates of a qualiteral using vwxy after a scale factor of two Here are the The coordinates V (6,2), W(-2,4) X(-3,-2) Y(3,-5) PLease help me

    asked by I need help
  40. math

    Emily has a book with 200 pages , she read 150 pages , what's the percentage of books she read?

    asked by kate
  41. Math

    What are 5 mixed numbers that all add up to ten using only (1/3)s and (1/4)s? I can come close and go over and under but I NEVER hit exactly ten. I'd love if someone can help me please. Thanks!

    asked by Julie
  42. Calculus

    Find the extreme values of the function and determine the intervals where the function is increasing/decreasing expressed in interval notation. x(x-2)^2 So far I've found y'=3x^2-8x+4. Thanks

    asked by Mike
  43. Math PLz Help

    I need to find the coordinates of vwxy with a scale factor of two could you please help I have tried every way. V(6,2) W(-2,4) X(-3,-2) Y(3,-5)

    asked by I need help
  44. Science

    How much sugar can be dissolved in 250g of water is heated to 80°c?

    asked by Koala
  45. Math

    Julio purchased some power tools totaling $2,174 using a six-month deferred payment plan with an interest rate of 28.19%. He did not make any payments during the deferment period. What will the total cost of the power tools be if he must pay them off the

    asked by Aaron
  46. Trigonometry

    Thank you for the respond!! I appreciate it. But it says on my paper 360 rev/min = 360 (2pi/60) rad/s = 12pi rad/s and so D= 2r = 2(s/theta) = 2(40/12pi) ft = 20/3pi ft = 2.12 ft should be the answer :( I have 2 more if that's alright. A point on the rim

    asked by Geee
  47. math

    In ABC, segment BF is the angle bisector of angle ABC, Segments AE, BF, and CD are medians, and P is the centroid.

    asked by Rachel
  48. character education

    There are many connections between any two problems in different subject areas. True/False True

    asked by Bri
  49. character education

    A solution should consider higher values more than lower values. True/False True

    asked by Bri
  50. math

    In ABC, segment BF is the angle bisector of ABC, Segments AE, BF, and CD are medians, and P is the centroid. Find x if DP = 4x – 3 and CP = 30. Find y if AP = y and EP = 18

    asked by Rachel
  51. math

    Matching: The segments used in reference to the triangle vs. concurrent point. Write the correct letter by the word. 1. Altitudes 2. Angle bisectors 3. Medians 4. Perpendicular Bisectors A. Centroid B. Circumcenter C. Incenter D. Orthocenter

    asked by Rachel
  52. Physics

    In frozen Minnesota the winter sports carnival includes some unusual events. Since it is dangerous to run on ice, each runner runs on a heavy (240 kg) and long (40 m) wooden plank, which itself rests on the smooth and horizontal ice. One of the competitors

    asked by Cailin
  53. Physics 1

    A football is thrown upward at an 48◦ angle to the horizontal. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. To throw an 80.4 m pass, what must be the initial speed of the ball? Answer in units of m/s.

    asked by Dakota
  54. Pre-Calc

    Two farmers were plowing along the edges of a triangular cornfield. They both started at the same corner of the field. The first farmer plowed directly West for 0.5 miles and then stopped. The second farmer doesn't know how far she traveled, but she knows

    asked by Anonymous
  55. character education

    What consideration should be a key factor when solving a problem? how other people will be affected who to ask for help where the problem goes once it is solved how it affects only you A

    asked by Bri
  56. algebra

    In planning for retirement, Karen deposits some money at 2.5% interest and deposits twice as much at 3% interest. Find the amount of money invested at each rate if the total annual income from interest is $850.

    asked by Faith
  57. Science

    Which type of radiation emits particles of helium nuclei? alpha radiation beta radiation induced radiation gamma radiation I think a or d

    asked by Michael
  58. English

    posted by rfvv yesterday at 10:38pm. owe [definition] -------------------------------------- The expressions are the definition of 'owe.' Which one is right, #2 or 1. to have to pay or repay 2. to feel the need to do or to give to 3. to feel the need to do

    asked by rfvv
  59. health

    Part 2 Now apply your knowledge of energy expenditure through exercise by solving the following problem. Jim weighs 220 pounds and wishes to lose 25 pounds by running or jogging at 5 MPH for 30 minutes per exercise session fi ve days per week. Do the

    asked by Jennifer
  60. English

    1. She kept her promise to visit her aunt regularly. 2. She kept her promise that he would visit her aunt regularly. -------------------------------------- Are both the same in meaning? And is 'her' promise' in apposition with the 'that clause'? In

    asked by rfvv
  61. Pre-Calc

    If a pilot wants to travel 400 mph at a bearing of 80, what should he set his speed and bearing to counteract a wind blowing at 50 mph coming directly from South?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. science

    which of the following children's playground equipment can be used to model and explain the movement of matter in the biosphere? (1 point) Slide Merry Go Round Swing Seesaw

    asked by Lola
  63. Physics

    how is internal energy of a real gas differs from that of ideal gas? Please write the difference in details

    asked by Aboodi
  64. Physics

    is the average random kinetic energy of the molecules decreasing ? ( In cooling curve)

    asked by Aboodi
  65. English

    1. Friday the 13th is believed to be an unlucky day. 2. Thirteen is often considered an unlucky number. 3. Thirteen is often considered as an unlucky number. [Are they all grammatical? What about #2 and #3? Do we have to put 'as' after 'considered'?]

    asked by rfvv
  66. Chemistry

    write the reaction equation for the formation of CN2H2 (s) from the elements in their standard state.

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Music

    In homophonic textures , how many melodies are there 1 2* 3 4 Please check my answer

    asked by Ashdog
  68. Math

    Find the value of this integer expression: -2(+3+-4+-8++7) Calculate in distributions and without distribution. There are suppose to be an exponent with +3 and when you see ++7 there is suppose to be an exponent.

    asked by Valerie