Questions Asked on
November 8, 2017

  1. Math

    Your brother is 1/3 your age. Your sister is 6 years older than your brother. Your sister is 10 years old. Write and solve an equation to find your age aa.

    asked by Eag
  2. Algebra or Math help

    Your friend thinks that the equation k - 3.5 = 21 is a true statement. Is your friend correct? Explain why and how you figured it out

    asked by Sandy
  3. Algebra

    Jesse Played two days of golf. On the second day, he got a score of six bellow par, or -6. His total score for the two days was o above par, or 0. Define a variable. Then write and solve an equation to find the score Jesse got on the first day. Show your

    asked by Ella
  4. Algebra

    Check My answers Please- 1. 3(y + 1) for y = 2 a.6 b.9*** c.7 d.8 2. d + g/h for d = 45, g = 18, and h = 9 a.6*** b.7 c.3 d.4 3.The cost in dollars of a class party is 59 + 13n, where n is the number of people attending. What is the cost for 44 people?

    asked by Abigail
  5. Science

    4: Which of the following is true of an object in a circular motion at a constant speed? A: The net force on the object is zero B: The object is not accelerating as the speed of the object remains the same C:the object is accelerating as the direction of

    asked by xxXXSocialReposeXXxx
  6. Math

    Roy kayaked up the river and then back in a total of 5 hours. The trip was 4 miles each way and the current was difficult. If Roy kayaked at a speed of 4 mph, what was the speed of the current? Round your answer to 2 decimal places.

    asked by Keonn'a: Please help me ?
  7. Math

    A famous golfer tees off on a straight 390 yard par 4 and slices his drive to the right. The drive goes 280 yards from the tee. Using a​ 7-iron on his second​ shot, he hits the ball 180 yards and it lands inches from the hole. How many degrees​ (to

    asked by Ciara
  8. Social Studies

    Why was the presidency of george washington important? A. His actions would define the role of the Supreme Court B. His actions would set precedents for all future presidents C. His actions would determine the need for a president D. His actions would test

    asked by Kat From Connections
  9. Physics

    a pendulum-driven clock gains 5.00 s/day, what fractional change in pendulum length must be made for it to keep perfect time?

    asked by Jim
  10. Social Studies

    a class is selling magazines as a fundraiser. of the 500 magazines sold, Amy sold 1/9 of them. garret sold 0.145 of the magazines. Robbie sold 11/100 of the magazines. carlita sold 0.095 of the magazines. who sold the most magazines

    asked by big black
  11. Algebra

    Leslie decides to join the gym. She must pay a monthly fee plus a one-time fee to open a membership. This situation can be modeled by the expression 55x + 80. Explain how each number and letter in the expression relates to the problem. Pls help I'm

    asked by Isabelle
  12. Science

    Which of the following statements best describes the characteristics of a hypothesis,one of the steps of the scientific method? I think it is a scientific inquiry that cannot be tested.

    asked by Hayden
  13. Language arts

    Choose the option that best completes the multi-draft reading process. First Read: Read to unlock the basic meaning of the text. Second Read: Focus on __________ Third Read: Focus on what the text means and how it relates to the world. A. what the text

    asked by Miststar of Riverclan
  14. Algebra

    Jesse Played two days of golf. On the second day, he got a score of six bellow par, or -6. His total score for the two days was o above par, or 0. Define a variable. Then write and solve an equation to find the score Jesse got on the first day. Show your

    asked by Ella
  15. Math

    Valentina purchased 200 beads for $48 if she needs to buy 25 more beads how much will she pay if charged the same rate

    asked by Miranda

    Bruce bought four packages of cornbread mix that each weighs x pounds. He also bought a package of biscuit mix that weighs pounds more than one package of cornbread mix. If the total weight of the items that Bruce bought is 31 pounds, what is the weight,

    asked by Math
  17. English

    2. The author of "I am a Native of North America" reflects on communal living to show that It can lead to isolation and distrust It can stop conflict and war It can foster love and acceptance** It can conquer loneliness Plz help I would love all answers

    asked by deez nutz
  18. Physical Science ?

    1. Cooking requires continuous addition of energy to the chemical reactions that are taking place. The chemical reactions involved in cooking can be described as _____. 2. Measuring how quickly a reactant disappears is one way to measure the _____ of the

    asked by raychel
  19. Math

    I need help please thank you Show (2.3)(5.06) as fraction multiplication problem and explain why the number is inhundred-thousandths (five places)

    asked by Abbs
  20. Science

    I need an acrostic poem for the word waves.

    asked by Riley
  21. english

    In the poem "I will pronounce your name" the speaker uses sensory details to appeal to all of the following senses except: A. hearing B. sight C. smell D. touch Please help thank you!

    asked by ally
  22. Math

    If the radius of a right circular cylinder is tripled and its altitude is cut in half, then the ratio of the volume of the original cylinder to the volume of the altered cylinder is?

    asked by Timothy
  23. Calculus 1

    A kite 100 ft above the ground moves horizontally at a speed of 9 ft/s. At what rate is the angle (in radians) between the string and the horizontal decreasing when 200 ft of string have been let out?

    asked by Coleen
  24. chemistry

    What is the condensed formula for 6-chloro-2-methyl-3-heptyne?

    asked by liv
  25. Math

    Suppose y varies directly with x, and y = 14 when x = -4. What is the value of y when x = -6 How would i do this

    asked by Dave
  26. Physics

    A solid weigh 45N and 15N respectively in air and water. Calculate the relative density

    asked by Ademide
  27. Algebra

    I have another question that I hope you don't mind answering its - Patricia owned so many posters that she decided to sell 77 of them to her friends. After selling the posters she still had 186 left. Write and solve the equation to find the number of

    asked by Abigail
  28. algebra

    Including which of the following points in the function {(ball, circle), (kite, diamond), (stop sign, octagon)} would make it no longer be a function?

    asked by jordi
  29. MATH

    Write an algebraic expression for the word phrase 8 times the product of g and h A. 8(g + h) B. 8(g – h) C. 8gh D. 8

    asked by Pepsi
  30. Physics

    Two hockey players on ice skates push off of each other. One has a mass of 60 kilograms. The other has a mass of 80 kilograms. What is the 60-kilogram player’s momentum?

    asked by Barbara
  31. Science Please Help

    What are the similarities and differences of valleys, canyons, plains, and volcanoes?

    asked by Clawdeen
  32. math

    Which statement best explains if the graph correctly represents the proportional relationship y = −2x? A coordinate plane is shown. Points are graphed at 2 comma 4 and negative 1 comma 2. The points are joined by a line. No, the points shown would not be

    asked by Math help
  33. maths

    what decimal fraction of 50 tonnes is 10 tonnes? how do I work this out?

    asked by dylen
  34. Physics

    A cyclist enters a curve of 30m radius at a speed of 12m/s.As the brakes are applied. Speed is decreased at a constant rate of 0.5m/s

    asked by Ayesha
  35. social studies

    In direct democracy, who decides government matters in ancient Greece A all citizens B women C elected representatives***** D the king

    asked by Commence the carbon freezing cycle-Vader
  36. MATH

    Sally is evaluating some test papers. There are 80 multiple choice questions in the test. Students get two points for every correct answer and for every wrong answer or any question left blank, one point is deducted from the total score. Mick got 115

    asked by Please help
  37. Physics

    A baseball pitcher throws the ball in a motion where there is rotation of the forearm about the elbow joint as well as other movements. If the linear velocity of the ball relative to the elbow joint is 15.0 m/s at a distance of 0.410 m from the joint and

    asked by L
  38. Science

    What kind of substance does the following, reflects light, warms up in my hand, flattens out if hit with a hammer, conducts electricity? 1)nonmetal 2)metal 3)metalloid I think #3

    asked by Jamie
  39. Math

    Larry Mitchell invested part of his $27,000 advance at 5% annual simple interest and the rest at 2% annual simple interest. If his total yearly interest from both accounts was $720​, find the amount invested at each rate

    asked by Jimmy
  40. math

    what is 1.07 x 10^3 in standard form

    asked by joey
  41. Math

    During a canned food drive, Bob collected 6 times as many cans as Tom. If t represents the number of cans that Tom collected, which algebraic expression represents the number of cans that Bob collected? A. 6t B. 7t C. 6 + t D. 7 + t

    asked by Pepsi
  42. Math

    Two painters can paint a room in 2 hours if they work together. The less experienced painter takes 4 hours more than the more experienced painter to finish the job. How long does it take for the less experienced painter to paint the room individually?

    asked by Keonn'a: Please help me ?
  43. Geometry

    Hey! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 5. In an isosceles triangle with two congruent sides, the angles across from the legs are called ________ angles. My Answer: base Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da Fash

    asked by Da Fash
  44. MATH

    A functions graph may include solutions that do not appear in its table of values True False**** ****is my answer

    asked by Sara Gillian

    A forest owned by the Jumbo Lumber Corporation contains 7,820 trees. If Jumbo Lumber cuts down 77 trees every day, which function can be used to find the number of trees, n, left in the forest after t days? A. n(t) = 7,820 - 77t B. n(t) = 7,820t - 77(my

    asked by Math
  46. mmmaaatthh

    Vanessa deposited money into a bank account that earned 1.25% simple interest each year. After 12 year, she had earned $5.00 in interest on the account. If no other money was deposited into or withdrawn from the account, how much was her initial deposit?

    asked by lalal
  47. Social studies Grade 7

    Why was northern Italy a natural birthplace for the Renaissance? Anything would help. Thanks.

    asked by Xavier
  48. social studies HELP MRS SUE

    In direct democracy, who decides government matters in ancient Greece A all citizens B women C elected representatives D the king I think A or C please correct if wrong and don't just say no or disagree tell me what it really is then

    asked by Commence the carbon freezing cycle-Vader
  49. social studies

    The Minoans made their living as A. soldiers B. traders***** C. weavers D. farmers

    asked by You don't know who I am
  50. social studies HELP MRS SUE

    The Minoans made their living as A. soldiers B. traders C. weavers D. farmers***

    asked by Commence the carbon freezing cycle-Vader
  51. Social Studies

    The Bill of Rights promises that punishment for a crime cannot be cruel or unusual, meaning that it cannot be painful or degrading to the person's dignity. What punishment would be considered cruel and unusual. Someone who commits assault is beaten as

    asked by Emily

    Jerry needs to buy a used car, but only has $630.00. He wants to purchase a yellow sports car with 61,000 miles. The owner is asking $1,920.00. If he earns $120.00 per week at the Coffee Shack, which equation represents the number of weeks he is going to

    asked by PLZ HALP
  53. math

    A pair of hiking boots is marked 3/8 off the regular price. If the discount is $16.95, find the sale price.

    asked by Queen
  54. chemistry

    The combustion of ethane produces carbon dioxide and water. If 27.6 g C2H6 are burned in the presence of excess air (O2) and 76.7 g of carbon dioxide are produced, what is the percent yield?

    asked by Alexander
  55. Chemistry

    2C6H14+19O2 (Arrow)12CO2+14H2O 99.01 g of CO2=..........mol of O2? 188.73g of O2=..............g of C6H14?

    asked by Tania
  56. maths

    A metal block of length 4cm breath 3cm height 2.5cm weight 500gm what is the mass of a block of length 5cm breath 4cm made of same metal

    asked by manoj saikia
  57. Math

    Bill wants to paint the ceiling and four walls of his bedroom. The room is 6.0 m long, 3.0 m wide and 2.4 m high. Paint comes in 4 L cans. One litre of paint covers 10 m2. What area does Bill need to paint? How many cans of paint does Bill need?

    asked by Katie
  58. Math

    Solomon has $118. He wants to purchase concert tickets for himself and 5 friends. Each ticket costs $19. Does he have enough money? Explain. Help me please T^T.

    asked by Blue Star
  59. Java Programming

    Hey! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 10. If x is a sorted array of int values, which of the following shows a call to a method of the Arrays class that will determine if the value 7 exists in the array? (1 point) a) int loc =

    asked by Da Fash
  60. Geography

    Distortion on a map may change the shape of? 1)a globe 2)the equator 3)the Prime Meridian 4)some landmasses I think #4

    asked by Jamie
  61. Math

    A freight train leaves the train station 44 hours before a passenger train. The two trains are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. If the rate of the passenger train is 11 mph faster than the freight​ train, how fast is each train

    asked by Austin
  62. Social Studies

    ____ was the warrior-farmer anointed king by the prophet Samuel. A. Alexander B. Ezra C. *************** Saul D. Nebuchadnezzar ============= A person thought to be instructed by God is a A. judge. B. scribe. C. prophet.******* D. zealot. =========== The

    asked by Pepsi
  63. Math

    Can someone please help me? I have to turn in this homework really soon and I'm only stuck on this last question. "Describe how you would use the distributive property to simplify 39 x 5" I don't know how Distributive property works and if somebody could

    asked by i cant sleep because of that video
  64. Geometry

    Hey! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 1. R , S, and T are the vertices of one triangle. E, F, and D are the vertices of another triangle. m∠R = 60, m∠S = 80, m∠F = 60, m∠D = 40, RS = 4, and EF = 4. Are the two triangles congruent? If yes,

    asked by Da Fash
  65. Social Studies

    Multiple Choice ____ raised 12 sons, who became the 12 tribes of Israel. A. Cyrus B. **** Jacob C. Abraham D. Moses ============== Who led the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Sinai Desert? A. Jacob B. ********* Moses C. the Maccabees D. Pharaoh

    asked by Pepsi
  66. physics please help

    What is the angular momentum of the Moon in its orbit around Earth in kg m2/s? I do not have any information about the moon, so I looked it up, but I got the question wrong so I don't know what values I should be using...I got 5.7 * 10^35. Thank you!

    asked by tyger2020
  67. Phys

    A car of mass 1200kg is moving on a road at the speed of 60km/hr.if coefficient of friction is 38, and Normal force is 50N. The frictional force acting on the car is given by

    asked by Phy
  68. English

    What do these texts suggest to you about ways in which individuals pursue or compromise their happiness? Can I please get a thesis? Like a general one without including the texts. I'm having trouble figuring it out.

    asked by Sarah
  69. English

    How can I re-word this to start my summary ? On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, the House will consider S. 2854, the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Reauthorization Act of 2016, under suspension of the rules. S. 2854 was introduced on April 26, 2016,

    asked by Sara
  70. Science

    Explain how osmosis across the membrane affects the size of the egg.

    asked by Help i need somebody not just anybody
  71. Math

    An apple pie uses 4 cups of apples and 3 cups of flour. An apple cobbler uses 2 cups of apples and 3 cups of flour. You have 16 cups of apples an 15 cups of flour. When you sell these at the Farmers market you make $3.00 profit per apple pie and $2.00

    asked by Ellen
  72. math

    the cost of a banquet is $95.00 plus $15.00 for each person attending. write an equation that gives total cost as a function of the number of people attending. what is the cost for 77 people?

    asked by JT
  73. Language Arts -- Compare & Contrast Essay

    Hi I'm back. I don't really known how to structure the introduction and the conclusion of a compare & contrast essay. I know you have to state the thesis twice, but what form are you supposed to generally follow when writing the intro and conclusion of

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Math

    An apple pie uses 4 cups of apples and 3 cups of flour. An apple cobbler uses 2 cups of apples and 3 cups of flour. You have 16 cups of apples an 15 cups of flour. When you sell these at the Farmers market you make $3.00 profit per apple pie and $2.00

    asked by Ellen
  75. maths

    Find four numbers in AP whose sum is 20 and sum of whose squares is 120.

    asked by kumar
  76. Math

    Emily purchased 3 trays of strawberry plants for a total 16.47 dollars. She also purchased 10 trays of ivy plants. If the ratio of the price per tray of strawberry plants to the price per tray of ivy plants is 3 to 2, what is the total cost of all of the

    asked by Samay
  77. 8th Grade History

    Can I have these answers checked... 1. Which of The following provides the definition of a nation? A. The Highest elected officials in a country B. The are ruled by an independent government C. A country with defined borders and foreign policy enforced by

    asked by *G NOTE*
  78. Physics

    The top of the pool table is 2.80 ft from the floor. The placement of the tape is such that 0 feet aligns to the edge of the table (as shown). The winner of the competition wants to know if he has broken the world record for the break shot of 32 mph. His

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Physics or Math (Please Help!)

    The top of the pool table is 2.80 ft from the floor. The placement of the tape is such that 0 feet aligns to the edge of the table (as shown). The winner of the competition wants to know if he has broken the world record for the break shot of 32 mph. His

    asked by Leah
  80. Math

    Solve the equation. 4x = 56 A. 4 B. ******* IS it THIS? 14 C. 60 D. 224

    asked by Pepsi
  81. MATH

    Fast Rental Services and Red Rent Services provide rental cars. Fast Rental Services charges a flat fee of $4.50, plus $0.75 for every mile traveled. On the other hand, Red Rent Services charges a flat fee of $7.50, plus $0.65 for every mile traveled.

    asked by Please help
  82. Chemistry Repost?

    Many important metals occur as sulfide, arsenide, and antimonide minerals, especially in the Sudbury mineral complex. The first step in processing these ores involves “roasting” the ore in air to produce the metal or metal oxide, along with nonmetal

    asked by Mateo
  83. Pre-Calculus

    Umm, how do I find this? with work? Use a calculator to evaluate the function at the indicated value of x. Round your answer to four decimal places. f(x) = 3 ln x x = 0.32

    asked by Mariam
  84. math

    mr saha bought 1.76 meter of wire and cut it into 8 equal peice . what was the length of each piece of wire.

    asked by ayush
  85. Math

    The cooling system of a car has a capacity of 20 liters. If the system is currently filled with a mixture that is 60​% ​antifreeze, how much of this mixture should be drained and replaced with pure antifreeze so that the system is filled with a

    asked by Sam
  86. Physics I

    An elephant applies a force of 5000 N through a rope on a bundle of wood logs and moves them through a displacement of 250 m. The rope makes an angle of 28 degrees with the horizontal ground. a. calculate the work done by the elephant in moving the load b.

    asked by Alexandria
  87. American Government

    In this discussion, discuss the use of profiling by law enforcement agencies.

    asked by A Person
  88. 5th grade LA

    Can you check these? Find the prepositional phrase in each sentence. Circle the preposition, and underline the object of the preposition. 26. After it was fixed, he thought about how to make it work better. prep: about obj: ? 27. The engine needed a lot of

    asked by Jared
  89. Calculus

    Which value of c satisfies the MVT for f(x) = x*sinx on [1,4]? My answer is 2.463.

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Math

    A trapezoid has an area of 60 cm2 and a height of 5 cm. What is the sum of its parallel sides?

    asked by Katie
  91. Physics

    The top of the pool table is 2.80 ft from the floor. The placement of the tape is such that 0 feet aligns to the edge of the table (as shown). The winner of the competition wants to know if he has broken the world record for the break shot of 32 mph. His

    asked by Anonymous
  92. math

    what is 2/9 + 4/9 simplified

    asked by mrs. kitty
  93. English

    How to re-word this please? The Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Reauthorization Act of 2016 will be considered by the House on Wednesday, December 7. under the rules. S. 2854 was proposed on April 26, 2016, by Senator. Richard Burr Republican of

    asked by Sara
  94. Math

    The cost of fish is $6.75/kg. What is the cost of 850 grams?

    asked by Katie
  95. Chemistry

    The pH of a solution halfway to the equivalence point

    asked by Anonymous
  96. character education

    ______ is the most powerful device for retaining information long-term. recitation drill exposer a How should you evaluate opinions? by consulting their sources and checking their content bias is good prejudice by writing your own opinions by comparing

    asked by Bri
  97. Really quick LA question

    How many paragraphs does a typical 9th grade compare-and-contrast essay have? Is the structure intro, body(compare), body(contrast), resolution? Thanks!

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Math Help

    A rectangular prism has a square base with area 9 m2. The surface area of the prism is 78 m2. What are the dimensions of the prism?

    asked by Vei
  99. Math

    Donald Trump purchased a large box of his own books for $55,000. He gave 25 of the books to other republican nominees and then sold the rest on an Internet website for $63,000, making a profit of $15 on each one. a) How many his books were in the box? b)

    asked by Amy
  100. Algebra Help

    What is the minimum value of x for this inequality? 4x + 3( x - 1/5) ≥ 1/5( 2 + x ) How in the hell do I do this? Couldn't there be an infinite amount of numbers??

    asked by PicturesDon'tChangeThePeopleInsideOfThemDo
  101. graphing

    a union charges each employee a one-time $100 initiation fee plus $25.00 union dues eachh month. my equation for the function is y=$25 x + 100. how do i graph the function for the domain of 0 months to 12 months. please help

    asked by JT
  102. math

    a union charges each employee a one time $100 initiation fee plus $25 union dues each month. my equation for the function is y=$25 x + $100. how do I graph this over a 12 months.

    asked by JT
  103. Math

    Brock Obama, Justin Trudeau and Jinping Xi decide to help Mr Blakely bathe his super cat Mike Wazowski. Brock can bathe Mike Wazowski in x minutes, Justin can bathe it in 2 minutes less than Brock, and Jinping can bathe it in 2 minutes more than Brock.

    asked by Amy
  104. English

    1. Actors: John, Tom, David, Bill, Emily, Susan 2. Actors or Actresses: John, Tom, David, Bill, Emily, Susan 3. Actor: John, Tom, David, Bill, Emily, Susan ---------------------------------------In a play script, which one is grammatical? There are female

    asked by rfvv
  105. Calculus 2

    Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the graphs of the quations about the x-axis. Y=x^2+4 Y=-x^2+2x+8 X=0 X=3

    asked by Gabby
  106. character education

    What is the purpose of critically analyzing opinions? to reject anything that does not agree with your opinion to adopt any experts opinion is valid for you to compare the opinion to the framework of your values B facts : ______ :: opinions : ______

    asked by Bri

    Could someone confirm my short analyzation of this document? I'm not the greatest in this class and I'm a little shaky on whether or not I understand this properly. DOCUMENT: Source: "Brutus," New York Journal, January 10, 1788 The power to raise armies,

    asked by Dallas
  108. maths

    on an island without squirrels some squirrels are introduced. a mathematical model of the population growth of squirrels on the island is given by the function f defined by f(x)= 1320/(1 + e^(5,1-0.66x)) where x is the time in years after the introduction

    asked by Francesca
  109. math

    85=5e^0.025x solve for x

    asked by tom
  110. Algebra

    How to you simply a equation and what do a and b stand for?

    asked by Annie:~)
  111. Algebra

    For the following function, find a. the equation of the axis of symmetry and b. the vertex of its graph. f(x)=−x2+2x−4

    asked by Keonn'a: Please help me ?
  112. the principles of color

    the word red describes the what of color

    asked by shawnnel
  113. math

    When solving the inequality 10x + 22 < 2, the second step should say 10x > −20 because I added -22 to both sides and I got a negative number on the right. Is this correct?

    asked by kayla b.
  114. NHD Project

    I was wondering if anyone would help me revise my history day thesis paragraph before I turn it in. The subject is on Pearl Harbor and relates to conflict and compromise. Japan, Germany, and Italy wanted to expand their empires vastly territorially. This

    asked by Daniel
  115. Maths

    A car is traveling at a constant speed of 30 miles per hour. How fast is the car traveling in feet per minute?

    asked by Samay
  116. English

    1. He gave us a signal to move forward. -------------------------------------- What is the relationship between 'signal' and 'to move forward'? Are they in apposition? Or does 'to move forward' modify 'signal'?

    asked by rfvv
  117. Algebra and Geometey

    Let v be the vector and let w be the vector . What is ||v||? Can someone help me, I am having trouble with the question. Thank you!

    asked by Katherine
  118. math

    When someone says write an exponential equation, what kind of format is that? I know a linear equation is y = mx + b, but what is an exponential equation?

    asked by carly
  119. Algebra 2

    Hi there is somebody can help me to understand the problem and how to do it? Thank you h(n) = n^2 + 4n g(n) = 4n + 2 Find (h + 4g)(6) Tank you again for help me

    asked by Marina
  120. MATH

    Sheryl has 7 more than one-third as many pairs of shorts as Katie has. If Katie has pairs of shorts, which expression describes the number of pairs of shorts Sheryl has? A.7-1/3x B.3x+7 C. (1/3 - x)-7 D. 1/3x + 7

    asked by PLZ HALP
  121. math

    If I have an equation, q(x) = x, and I have to identify what the graph of that would look like, isn't it just going to be a straight line? There are two straight lines to choose from -- one is horizontal across the x-axis on the 1, and the other is

    asked by carly
  122. procurement and supply

    why is purchasing an external resource management?

    asked by Rebecca
  123. Math/ help please

    In another calculation, Rachel needs to evaluate the expression -5fifth root square (- 400^2). What is the value of this expression?

    asked by Kim
  124. home science-garment construction

    describe how to attach a lace on the lower edge of a skirt using an overlaid seam

    asked by Deborah
  125. Math

    is (0,3) a solution y = x + 3? yes no

    asked by Kayn
  126. Econ 202

    QUESTION 2 Recall that an economic depression can occur due to an excess demand for money, which is identified also by an excess supply of goods. This can occur when: The quantity of money increases The quantity of money decreases The velocity of money

    asked by shamsa adow
  127. English

    1. He logged on to check his e-mail. 2. He logged in to check his e-mail. 3. He logged on to check his e-mails. 4. He logged in to check his e-mails. --------------------------------------- Which ones are grammatical? Can we use all of them?

    asked by rfvv
  128. ELA


    asked by San vee
  129. Math

    x f(x) 1 30 2 36 3 42 4 48 f(x) = x +

    asked by Double A