Questions Asked on
November 3, 2017

  1. american government

    1. Which of the following government actions have the greatest impact on promoting racial equality and housing? A. The passage of the title IX amendment to the civil rights act of 1964 B. The passage of the civil rights act of 1968 C. The Supreme Court

    asked by v
  2. Principle of Business

    Jerry lost his credit card and instead of reporting it right away, he decides to continue looking for it believing he could find it. Some time passes and after two weeks, he logs into the account activity page of his credit card and sees a recent $500

    asked by Jamye
  3. History

    Rule by tyranny or by a leader with absolute power is called __________. Monarchy? Which identifies a contagious disease spread by the bites of fleas carried by rats that killed up to 60 percent of Medieval Europe’s population? bubonic plaque? A breakup

    asked by malia
  4. History

    Which accurately describes how the Enlightenment influenced social change? the enlightenment influenced philosophies to spread ideas concerning political, social, and legal reform the enlightenment influenced quaker societies to prosecute protestants based

    asked by malia
  5. Math

    On a given blueprint, 1 inch = 30 feet. If the dimensions of a meeting room on the blueprint are 1.5 inches x 1.25 inches, what are its actual measurements?

    asked by Helpp Plzzz!
  6. History

    Which best describes the ideas of government found in the Declaration of Independence? governments are created by people, they derive their powers from the consent of those being governed governments derive their power from God, and monarchs should follow

    asked by malia
  7. History

    The Magna Carta was a document originally drafted by barons fighting against King George III of England for religious freedom, lower taxes, and the abolishment of slavery (1). The Magna Carta included clauses regarding due process and the guarantee of a

    asked by malia
  8. Math

    The ratio of the amount of money Jason had to the amount of money Wilson had was 12:13. After Wilson spent $63, Jason had 3 times as much money as Wilson. a) How much money did Jason have? b) How much money do they have altogether?

    asked by Alex
  9. Algebra I

    Write is y=1/6 X +4 in standard form using integers a. -x -6y =24 b. -x+6y = 24 c. -x +6y =4 ***** d. 6x-y=24

    asked by SAM
  10. grade 9 physics

    A runner jogs 12km North then turns and runs 16km East three hours

    asked by mesfin
  11. History

    The Magna Carta was a document originally drafted by barons fighting against King George III of England for religious freedom, lower taxes, and the abolishment of slavery (1). The Magna Carta included clauses regarding due process and the guarantee of a

    asked by malia
  12. History

    Which accurately defines theocracy? government focused on socialist theories government based on empire building government based on religion government ruled b a single person C?

    asked by malia
  13. science

    Explain how a mutation in an individual's DNA occurs, and describe the effect it may have on the individual's traits. Please make it quick and short.

    asked by Alexia
  14. History

    Review the statement. Events that occurred before recorded history are __________. Which correctly completes the sentence? prehistoric mythological paleolithic neolithic A?

    asked by malia
  15. History

    In which type of government is power held by the people through elected representatives? Republic?

    asked by malia
  16. math

    okay so I have two questions that i'm completely stuck on ;-; 1.You want to buy three books that are on sale at 20% off. The original prices of the books are $2.50, $4.95, and $6.00. How much will you save? Calculation With Distribution (Show all steps.)

    asked by redful
  17. chemistry

    calculate tge pH of a buffer system containing 1.0M CH3COOH and 0.1M CH3COONa

    asked by nerius
  18. Math

    Choose a room you would like to decorate: _My Bed room___________________________ Measure the length of one wall in inches: ___72_______________________ 2. Choose a size of paper to use. *I recommend just using a standard 8.5 inch by 11 inch piece of

    asked by Help i need somebody not just anybody
  19. Science

    Scientists have discovered a new virus that is very different from any known viruses. What type of matter is the virus most likely made of? A)combination of protons and some atoms that have not been discovered so far. B)Combination of protons of differnt

    asked by Jordan
  20. math

    Use the Distributive Property to expand the expression –3(6.3x + 1.5y).

    asked by daquan
  21. History

    the science of extracting metals from rocky ore metallurgy?

    asked by malia
  22. Statistics

    Suppose the weights of Farmer Carl's potatoes are normally distributed with a mean of 7.9 ounces and a standard deviation of 1.1 ounces. Suppose Carl bags his potatoes in randomly selected groups of 6. What percentage of these bags should have a mean

    asked by Kyle
  23. physics

    Two skaters collide an embrace, in a completely inelastic collision. That is, they stick together after impact. The origin is placed at the point of collision. Alfred, whose mass is 83 kg, is originally moving east with speed 6.2 km/h. Barbara, whose mass

    asked by Ryan
  24. Statistics

    Assume the weights of Farmer Carl's potatoes are normally distributed with a mean of 7.0 ounces and a standard deviation of 1.3 ounces. He bags his potatoes in groups of 6. You buy a bag and the total weight is 36 ounces. Here we determine how lucky or

    asked by Kiki
  25. Chemistry

    An 8 Molar (aqueous) solution contains H2O and HNO3. The solution has an S.G. of 1.24 at 25oC. HNO3 is a strong acid that completely dissociates in water. a) Calculate the mass of I Litre of solution. b) Calculate the mass concentration (g/L) of HNO3 in

    asked by Dodes
  26. Math

    Round 156.29 to nearest tenth and hundredths

    asked by Ruben
  27. History

    How did the Agricultural Revolution change the course of human society?

    asked by malia
  28. physics

    A toy car (200 g) moves by shooting a plastic ball (50 g) horizontally out the back. The average acceleration of the car is 1.2 m/s2 [E] and there is negligible friction acting on each part of the toy. (a) Draw an FBD for each object. (b) Identify the

    asked by emily
  29. Physics

    If you take a boat from earth and put it on a planet with twice earth's gravity, what would happen if you tried to float it in water?

    asked by Brad
  30. math

    1.Find the value of this fraction computation: 6(1/2 + 2/3+3/4) Calculation With Distribution (Show all steps.) Calculation Without Distribution (Show all steps.) 2.Find the perimeter of a rectangular area with a length of 13 inches and a width of 7

    asked by whitedress
  31. Science

    (I) Explain the term energy transformation. (II) Describe the energy transformation occurring in a swinging simple pendulum. Justify each transformation along the path of swing. (III) A person needs a power supply of 3.5kW for a normal lifestyle. What area

    asked by Moyin
  32. history

    What is the mayflower compact? A. a long-term treaty for trade routes with the duch tea company B. a formal method to establish systematic order on the pilgrams C. an economic agreement to freely make and sell goods to the british D. a formal agreement by

    asked by Jojo
  33. history

    French took the lead in colonizing the upper Midwest region. From the early 16th century on, French soldiers, missionaries and fur traders left their slight mark upon the St. Lawrence Valley, the upper Great Lakes and points west. For the early French

    asked by Jojo
  34. Science

    How would playing a game of soccer, baseball, or basketball be different if inertia didn’t exist? Can someone explain it to me a little bit more plz?

    asked by Madison/kayla
  35. Science

    A 55.0 kg child slides down from rest from the top of a water slide that is 5.0 m long and inclined 300 with the horizontal. The child reaches the bottom of the slide with a speed of 6.24 m/s. Find his total mechanical energy at the top of the slide.

    asked by John Henrey
  36. Statistics

    Suppose the weights of Farmer Carl's potatoes are normally distributed with a mean of 8.0 ounces and a standard deviation of 1.2 ounces. (a) If 4 potatoes are randomly selected, find the probability that the mean weight is less than 9.8 ounces. (b) If 8

    asked by Melysa
  37. -!!Physics!!- Really need help with this!

    Three carts are moving on a frictionless horizontal track as shown in the figure. The 4.00 kg cart is moving to the right with a speed of 7.0 m/s, the 10.0 kg cart is also moving to the right with a speed of 6.0 m/s while the 3.00 kg cart moves to the left

    asked by Randy
  38. EPI

    Is creating a responsible budget, savings and investing, and establishing credit worthiness show any key economic principles? Key economic principles: 1. People choose 2. All choices involve cost 3. People respons to incentives 4. The consequences of

    asked by Niki
  39. PHYSICS! -need help!-

    A proton of mass m undergoes a head on collision with a stationary atom of mass 20m. If the initial speed of the proton is 485 m/s, find the speed of the proton after the collision.

    asked by James
  40. english

    In Act I of "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar" there appears a shoemaker. Shakespeare never lets us see him again. Suppose the shoemaker is in the crowd that listens to Brutus and Antony, carries away Caesar's body, and then kills the poet Cinna. Write a new

    asked by yup
  41. tourism and hospitality

    The in-between season is referred to as the ________________. peak season high season shoulder season declining season c?

    asked by malia
  42. math

    in a rational number... nemerator is 3 less than the denominator. if 3 is added to the numerator.. fraction becomes 1. find the fraction??

    asked by vaibhav sahu
  43. physics

    The average height of an apple tree is 4.00 meters. How long would it take an apple falling from that height to reach the ground? Given: g = -9.8 meters/second2

    asked by Anonymous
  44. tourism and hospitality

    Which describes the prices of products during the introduction stage of the life cycle? they are generally low because a company wants consumers to try its new product they are generally average because the company does not know if it is going to need to

    asked by malia
  45. Math

    The odds of Macy passing her driver's test on the first try are 17:27 Determine the probability that she will pass her drivers test A. 1.588 B) 0.614 C) 0.630 D) 0.386 Is it C? (0.17 x 0.27)

    asked by Kylie
  46. Science

    A ball of mass 1kg is dropped from a height of 7m and rebounds to a height of 4.5m. Calculate: (I) its KE just before impact (II) its initial rebound velocity and KE (III) Account for the loss of KE on the impact.

    asked by UEW
  47. English

    1. They were sitting around the table. 2. They were sitting round the table. 3. The man turned around and looked at us. 4. The man turned round and looked at us. [Can we use both 'around' and 'round' in the sentences?]

    asked by rfvv
  48. Science

    State the energy transformation which occurs when a boy shoots a stone from a catapult to hit a target.

    asked by UEW
  49. Science

    A fossil fuel electric-power plant consumes 9800 Btu to produce 1kWh of electrical energy. Calculate the conversion efficiency if 1kWh is equivalent to 3410 Btu

    asked by UEW
  50. History

    What events led to the decline of the Roman Empire?

    asked by malia
  51. math

    I am prepping for a mid-term. A deep sea diving bell is lowered at a rate (constant). After 10 min, the bell is at a depth of 300 ft. After 30 min the bell is at a depth of 1400 feet. What is the ave. rate of lowering per minute? Thanks

    asked by bill
  52. Chemistry

    What would be the effect on the percent by mass of iron (whether it would be higher, lower or unchanged from what it should be) calculated to be in the unnkown sample and why if the sample contained some Fe3+ as well as some Fe2+

    asked by Taylor
  53. Chemistry

    The combustion of 0.1572 g benzoic acid increases the temperature of a bomb calorimeter by 2.52°C. Calculate the heat capacity of this calorimeter. (The energy released by combustion of benzoic acid is 26.42 kJ/g.) What is the heat capacity in kJ/C? =

    asked by Anonymous
  54. math

    A nurse has a 30% alcohol solution and an 80% alcohol solution. He needs 10L of a 40% alcohol solution.

    asked by Caitlyn
  55. Math

    A game has 30 cards numbered 1 through 30. e cards are shu ed. one card is picked at random. Find each probability. Which cards would give a probability of 1/10 they were picked.

    asked by Amy
  56. Science

    State four of the transformation of energy which occurs at a power station which uses coal as its fuel. Account for the energy losses.

    asked by UEW
  57. Science

    1. State theee factors that must be considered in any practical application of renewable energy. 2. Distinguish between a renewable and non-renewable.

    asked by Maxxy
  58. How to solve algebra word problems

    Pecans sells for $3.50 a pound. Almonds sells for $5 pound. How many pounds of each should be used to make 15 pounds of mixture that sells for $4 a pound?

    asked by Mary
  59. Chemistry

    The combustion of 0.1572 g benzoic acid increases the temperature of a bomb calorimeter by 2.52°C. Calculate the heat capacity of this calorimeter. (The energy released by combustion of benzoic acid is 26.42 kJ/g.) What is the heat capacity in kJ/C? =

    asked by Anonymous
  60. English

    In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, name three characters who have sacrificed themselves for the sake of others. (I've thought of Atticus Finch and Boo Radley, but have difficulty of thinking of the third person.)

    asked by Ann
  61. Chemistry

    I dont understand this. please explain the relationship between wavelength, frequency and energy of light waves and the difference between the types of electromagnetic radiation.

    asked by joe
  62. Chemistry

    Please explain what is the photoelectric effect and how light has particle-like properties? I do not understand.

    asked by Tatiyana
  63. Science

    What is water treatment? Is it also the same with water filtration? Please answer! Thanks

    asked by Francesca
  64. Ss

    I need help anyone go c.a i need help

    asked by Anonymous
  65. probability

    josie is about to draw a card at random from a standard deck of 52 playing cards. determine the probability that she will draw a red card or a 7. a) 1/2 b) 1/13 c) 7/13 d) 15/26 thank you

    asked by nesa

    Business. The profit, in thousands of dollars, for a product is p(X)=-x^2+140x-4700 where x is the production level in hundreds of units. Find the production level that maximizes the profit. Find the maximum profit. The maximum profit of $ _____ is

    asked by student in need
  67. Math

    the first term in the sequence is 256. after the first term, each term is multiplied by two amd then divided by four. what is the value of the 9th term

    asked by Jane
  68. english

    when we use adjectives

    asked by Hammaad
  69. Math

    Explain how you know to use a variable in an addition or subtraction expression

    asked by Melody
  70. Science

    A project demand for electricity is 25,000MW in a year. Estimate the following: The electricity is produced by a big hydroelectric station and the water level in the 10m deep reservoir is allowed to fall 100m to generate the electricity. How many square

    asked by UEW
  71. Biology

    What is the difference between water purification and water treatment? Can you explain it in an easier way to understand? Thank you

    asked by Maxene
  72. maths

    problem of the week nathan has 7 stamps jane gave him 9 more stamp how many stamps does nathan have now

    asked by semi
  73. Chemistry

    You are trying to find the heat (qrxn) in joules. C is 4.19 Change in temp is -2.2 I don't know how to find the mass if they tell me that the density of the solution is 1.02 and that the volume of water is 100 mL (Should I use the mass of the solution I

    asked by Sary
  74. Math

    Five red balls and seven green balls are placed in a bag. Each ball is unique. A person selects 5 balls from the bag. What is the probability that all 5 balls are red? A) 1 B) 1/792 (This is a fraction) C) 1/396 (This is a fraction)

    asked by max
  75. Geometry

    True or false answer and why according to the diagram. 1. line AE is Parallel to line BC 2. line AB is perpendicular to BC 3. measure of angle ECB is 90 degrees 4. angle BEC and ECB are Supplementary

    asked by some math student
  76. Chemistry

    I got this as a homework question. Identify Valence electrons and explain the difference in valence orbitals for main group and transition metals. I do not even understand how to begin to answer this. Please help thank you

    asked by myuri
  77. History

    Which policies or events since 1990 have sought to reduce the racial inequality in public school education, and with what effect? I can only think of No Child Left Behind, which had a limited effect. But I don't know why it had a limited effect and I can't

    asked by Anastasia
  78. College Algebra

    A man bicycles 5mph faster than he can walk. He bicycles 24 miles and walks back along the same route for a charity race in 11 hours. How fast does he walk?

    asked by Marie Taai
  79. science

    An object moving at 32m/s takes 4s to come to a stop. What is the object’s acceleration? m/s2 Need help please, have work on this and still cant figure out.

    asked by heather
  80. Maths (urgent)

    Find the sum of the first three prime numbers that end with a 9

    asked by Hammaad
  81. Math- Need Help..

    I'm having trouble with a question from one of my math assignments and it's driving me crazy. Its: -2/5x - 9 < 9/10 (two-fifths and nine-tenths) I tried doing it a few times, it might be easier than it looks and I just don't understand. If someone can

    asked by ---
  82. maths

    from a standard deck of cards, 3 cards are selected. what is the probability that 2 are diamond and 1 are clubs? i got (13C2)(13C1) = (78)(13) = 1014 but its not on my multiple choice answers A) 1/2600 B 39/850 C 11/850 D 1/22100

    asked by anon
  83. math

    Jim’s pool is the shape of a rectangle. The length is 6 m less than three times the width, and the perimeter is 68 m. Find the dimensions of the pool.

    asked by gee
  84. English

    In Hamlet, to what degree is the ambiguity between heroism and villainy explored? Consider protagonists for your response. I think that Hamlet is the good guy but by putting off doing anything he does bad things, but I don't know if that makes him the

    asked by Greta
  85. Chemistry

    My teacher asked us the origin of atomic spectra. She did not explain it very well. can someone please explain.Also how do you perform calculations using the Balmer-Rydberg equation? I don't get it. Thank you

    asked by jade
  86. maths

    If the perimeter of a protector is 72cm then its radius is

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Math

    If P(A) = O.41 then P(Ā)= Which one is the correct answer?I can't figure it out 0.59, 1.00, 0.26, 0.82

    asked by Anonymous

    I am having trouble analyzing the context of this paragraph. Would you say a federalist wrote this or an anti-federalist? Thanks Source: "Brutus," New York Journal, January 10, 1788 The power to raise armies, is indefinite and unlimited, and authorises the

    asked by Dallas
  89. Science

    what is melting and freezing

    asked by Hammaad
  90. Science

    (A)Briefly described how a solar dryer is used. (B) "The sim is considered as the ultimate source of almost all the world's energy?" Discuss the statement

    asked by Franklin
  91. Science

    What is bacteria causing peptic ulcer

    asked by Yashi
  92. Verbal

    As killing as a As peaceful as As noiseless as a As hard as As common as As alone as a As invisible as As strange as a As light as a As difficult as a

    asked by Goodluck
  93. Verbal

    As sour as As deceitful as the As gloomy as As smooth as As uncontrollable as the As violent as a As silent as the As round as a As shapeless as an As industrious as an As tricky as an

    asked by Goodluck
  94. Civic Education

    Discuss 7 likely implications of not empowering the youth.

    asked by Abdulsalam
  95. Civic Education

    Discuss 7 likely implications of not empowering the youth.

    asked by Abdulsalam
  96. 4th grade math

    I am a 3 digit number. The digit in the hundreds place is 4 times the digit in the ten place. The digit in the ones place is the sum of the digit in the hundreds and ten places. If the digit in the hundreds place is 4, what am I?

    asked by gigi
  97. Math

    Teaghan plays basketball. She scored 18 of her 20 last free throws. ___ A) What are her odds in favour of her scoring a free throw? ___ B) What are her odds against of her scoring a free throw? ___ C) What is the probability of her scoring a free throw?

    asked by Kylie