Questions Asked on
November 2, 2017

  1. History

    Which options accurately describe key events of Peter the Great’s reign? (Select all that apply.) He successfully created a new Russian Senate and created the table of ranks to classify military members he abolished Russias existence, waged war with

    asked by malia
  2. History

    Which accurately describes one of Sir Isaac Newton’s advancements in astronomy? using a barometer, Newton was able to prove Copernicus heliocentric theory using trigonometry, Newton was able to calculate the size of our solar system newton invented the

    asked by malia
  3. History

    Which best describes the impact that the Haitian Slave Revolt had on European countries? the resulting Haitian revolution inspired french revolutionaries to revolt against Robespierre the resulting Haitian revolution caused a war between the French and

    asked by malia
  4. History

    Which accurately describes the purpose of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen? it proclaims the rights of all men, including the rights of liberty, property, and security it proclaims the rights of all men to claim citizenship in France if

    asked by malia
  5. History

    The Magna Carta was a document originally drafted by barons fighting against King George III of England for religious freedom, lower taxes, and the abolishment of slavery (1). The Magna Carta included clauses regarding due process and the guarantee of a

    asked by malia
  6. History

    Which accurately describes Newton’s Laws? newton defined the three laws of motion that govern planetary bodies and objects on earth newton defined three laws of thermodynamics that predict the conservation of energy newton defined the laws relatively

    asked by malia
  7. math

    An urn contains 10 red balls, 6 green balls, 15 orange balls, and 14 blue balls. If one ball is randomly drawn from the urn, what are the odds against the ball being red? State your answer as a ratio using a colon to separate the two numbers.

    asked by alexis
  8. History

    What is the purpose of government according to John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government? to care for the monetary welfare of society to protect the natural rights of people to negotiate treaties with other nations to enforce laws that dictate morality B

    asked by malia
  9. Math

    In angle DEF, d=13.5 cm, e=18.2 cm and F = 60 degrees Determine the measure of f to the nearest tenth of a centimetre. I know the answer is 16.4 cm but how do I get it

    asked by Mileena
  10. SS

    compare and contrast the views of the federalist party and the democratic republican party on at least three different historical issues? Anyone able to help?

    asked by 0u0 oof
  11. History

    What religious movement prompted people to challenge medieval practices of the Catholic Church and inspired the Scientific Revolution? counter reformation?

    asked by malia
  12. English

    Write an. Argumentative essay for the motion, boys should not work in the kitchen

    asked by Silas
  13. Math

    The blueprints for a new house or scaled so that 1/4 inch equals 1 foot. the blueprint is the preimage and the house is the dialated image. The blueprints are plotted on a coordinate plane. A. What is the scale factor in terms of inches to inches?

    asked by Liliana
  14. Computers

    What is a Boolean Operator? (1 Point) A) A credible website described as having current information about a topic. B) A tool used to organize a search log when conducting online research.*** C) Search parameters set to identify specific information during

    asked by BA
  15. History

    Which English inventor revolutionized the textile industry with his invention known as the “spinning jenny”? jethro Tull roger bacon james Hargraves henry Bessemer C? Which American inventor revolutionized the production of cotton with his invention of

    asked by malia
  16. geometry

    Name the property of equality or congruence that justifies going from the first statement to the second statement. StartFraction x Over 2 EndFraction equals 3x2=3 x equals 6x=6 symmetric property of congruencesymmetric property of congruence distributive

    asked by kayla
  17. social studies

    We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness what founding documents is being

    asked by shadow
  18. tech

    how can character development impact plot development plzz help

    asked by Kaleb
  19. English

    English posted by rfvv today at 8:24am. After we put an egg in a glass, when we add salt, the egg goes up from the bottom. Which of the following expressions is correct. 1. The egg is moving up from the bottom. 2. The egg is floating up from the bottom. 3.

    asked by rfvv
  20. American Government

    The city council of Smallton has just chosen a new chief administrator. She will carry out the policies of the council and hire department heads. If the council is not pleased with her work, it has the ability to dismiss her at any time. Which form of city

    asked by Daniel
  21. geography

    How did late medieval governments shape life in a positive and in a negative way? help, how would I be able to do an ESSAY on this one sentence

    asked by hotdognibba70
  22. Physics

    A uniform metre scale is balanced at 20 CM, mark when a weight of 100 GF is suspended from one end where must the weight be suspended? calculate the weight of the metre scale?

    asked by Aaryan
  23. social studies

    How did Horace Mann contribute to the reform in education? A. His development of books with raised letters aided in the education of the blind B. His educational philosophy led to a new approach in educating the deaf C. His radical call for classroom

    asked by shadow
  24. S.S.

    Which of the following is an accurate comparison of Adams and Jackson? A. Adams supported efforts to promote the growth of businesses, while Jackson supported efforts to help the ordinary man. B. Jackson supported the idea of high tariffs to increase

    asked by ...
  25. Maths

    Two ships sail from port P. One sails 14km due south while the other sails 17km on a bearing of 120 degrees. Calculate to one decimal place the distance between the ships.

    asked by rick
  26. History

    Which accurately describes Galileo's impact on science during the Scientific Revolution? galileo used a telescope to discover moons revolving around Jupiter and craters on earth moon galileo invented the compound microscope which improves magnification

    asked by malia
  27. science

    Which of these correctly compares the masses of different objects in the universe? * A A moon has less mass than a star and more mass than the planet it orbits. B A planet has less mass than a galaxy and more mass than the star it orbits. C A galaxy has

    asked by K- jenner
  28. physics

    Two metal sphere, suspended by vertical cords, initially touch. Sphere 1, with mass 30g is pulled to the left to a height 8.0 cm and then released. After swinging down, it undergoes and elastic collision with sphere 2 whose mass is 75 g. a) What is the

    asked by Marie
  29. Math

    Each ounce of a substance A supplies 2% of the nutrition a patient needs. Substance B supplies 15% of the required nutrition per ounce, and substance C supplies 15% of the required nutrition per ounce. If digestive restrictions require that substances A

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    I am supposed to figure out what this rational function is by using these clues and I am a little confused. Can someone please explain how I do this? asymptotes: horizontal~none vertical~x=-4 slant~y=x+1 end behavior~ f(x) approaches infinity as x

    asked by girly girl
  31. Math

    On a given blueprint, 1 inch = 12 feet. If the dimensions of a recreation room on the blueprint are 2 inches × 1.75 inches, what are its actual measurements? 1 ft x 12 ft 6 ft x 7 ft 22 x 18 ft 24 ft x 21 ft WHAT IS ANSWER HAVE NO IDEA PLZ!

    asked by PLZ HELP ASAP!!!!!
  32. Physics

    A platform that rolls on wheels and has inertia mp is attached to a wall by a horizontal spring of spring constant k. A load of inertia ml sits on the platform, and the coefficient of static friction between platform and load is μs. If you pull the

    asked by Omar Wilson
  33. Math

    Multiple Choice Choose the best answer. For questions 1–3, rewrite the expression using exponents. 4 × 4 × 4 × 4 × 4 A. 54 B. (My choice) 45 C. 44 ====== 3 × 3 × 3 × 3 A. (My choice) 34 B. 43 C. 35 ===== 10 × 10 × 10 A. 310 B. 101 C. 103 (My

    asked by Pepsi
  34. tourism and hospitality

    Personal sales steps are used _________________________. in tourism and hospitality in hospitality in tourism in all industries D

    asked by malia
  35. Egg-speriment help

    I go to conventions academy for seventh grade. A week ago we were assigned to the egg-experiment where "One of the cell structures you will be learning about is the cell membrane. In the Chapter Project, you will model how a cell membrane works to let

    asked by Kira
  36. Statistics

    A fair coin is to be flipped 500 times. Use the “two-standard-deviation-rule” to calculate two numbers e and f such that the probability that the proportion of times that a head turns up will lie between e and f is approximately 95%. I am totally

    asked by Madison
  37. Calculus

    A hot air balloon rising vertically is tracked by an observer located 2 miles from the lift-off point. At a certain moment, the angle between the observer's line-of-sight and the horizontal is π5 , and it is changing at a rate of 0.1 rad/min. How fast is

    asked by the dude
  38. History (again)

    Why did Thomas Jefferson turn to nullification in an effort to right the wrongs of the Alien and Sedation acts? A. Federalists controlled the courts B. He had significant influence over states C. He believed states were meant to control the federal

    asked by Kat From Connections
  39. Science

    Object E has a mass of 4,800 kilograms. Object F has a mass of 600 kilograms. Both objects were placed on different planets so that their weights are equal. The gravity acting on Object E is ________ times the gravity acting on Object F. 1/8 1/4 1 8** Am I

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math

    Li cut a 6inch piece of string into pieces that are each 1/2 how many string did she get

    asked by Andrew
  41. English

    After we put an egg in a glass, when we add salt, the egg goes up from the bottom. Which of the following expressions is correct. 1. The egg is moving up from the bottom. 2. The egg is floating up from the bottom. 3. The egg is going up from the bottom.

    asked by rfvv
  42. education

    when evaluating a group of children during a physical education class,which is the best recording method to use

    asked by fthompson
  43. Physics

    A manufacturer selected a metal to use in producing a lightweight button for clothing. A metal that has a density of 2.71 g/cm3 was selected. Which of the metals was selected? A Metal 1 B Metal 2 C Metal 3 D Metal 4

    asked by :-)
  44. social studies

    what is this drawing of a camp meeting likely illustrating? A. the growth of reform movements in the united states B. the large influence revivals had on americans C. the rise in the formation of women's trade unions D. the increase in support of american

    asked by shadow
  45. Math

    A green paint is created by mixing 3 parts of yellow with every 5 parts of blue. How many gallons of yellow paint are needed to make 44 gal of this green paint?

    asked by Katie
  46. physics

    In 1896 in Waco, Texas, William Crush of the “ Katy” railroad parked two locomotives at opposite ends of a 6.4 km track, fired them up, tied their throttles open, and then allowed them to crash head-on at full speed in front of 30,000 spectators.

    asked by Meagan
  47. physics

    Two skaters collide an embrace, in a completely inelastic collision. That is, they stick together after impact. The origin is placed at the point of collision. Alfred, whose mass is 83 kg, is originally moving east with speed 6.2 km/h. Barbara, whose mass

    asked by Darlene
  48. social studies

    Which of the following best describes the similarity between emerson's and thoreau's central beliefs? A.They both lectured on the importance of the inner light B.they both believed the human spirit was reflected in nature C.they both considered the rise of

    asked by shadow
  49. History

    Read the sentence. Nicholas Copernicus is best known for publishing works on his deathbed that discussed __________. Which most accurately completes the sentence? heliocentric theory and planetary orbits, including the orbit of the earth moon string

    asked by malia
  50. Chem please help

    When a 0.650 g sample of a mixture of volatile hydrocarbons is burned in a bomb calorimeter with a heat capacity of 4920 J/°C, the temperature rises by 8.50 °C. What is the change in energy (in kilojoules) for the reaction? Calculate the energy change by

    asked by Emma
  51. Science

    What is the difference between radial symmetry and bilateral symmetry?

    asked by Rylie
  52. Math

    Tia ran 2 and 7/8 miles. George ran 1 and 1/10 miles.About how many more miles did tia run than George? Place a star on the number line to show your estimate

    asked by Gianna
  53. Math

    A photographer changers a sitting fee of $15for each pose writte a function to describe the situation find a reasonable domain and range for up to 5 pose

    asked by ABI
  54. History

    Which accurately describes an English achievement during the Industrial Revolution that improved mining production? Andrew Meikle invented the threshing machine to help bring ore up from mines j.m. jacquard loom to make waterproof coats for mine workers

    asked by malia
  55. Algerbra 2

    What is f(-3) if f(x)= |2x - 1|-5 please help I missed this lesson

    asked by Bri Mullins
  56. statistics

    I have a Cronbach alpha .386 this is considered to be unacceptable

    asked by Petra
  57. Math

    1/11 x 3/9

    asked by Person
  58. Chemistry

    Calculate the change in heat when 11.5 g of water vapor (steam) at 100.0°C condenses to liquid water and then cools to 5.00 °C

    asked by Lisa
  59. ss

    Q-What affect might they dry affects of mongolia and western china have on the people who live there. A-Well, since most of the people there rely on what foods they can grow for food and profit, it is important that it isn't insanely dry so that they can

    asked by Can someone check this?
  60. Algebra

    How does finding the square root of a number compare to finding the cube root of a number? Use the number 64 in your explanation.

    asked by SHawn]
  61. Algebra

    The sum of two numbers is 74. If the larger number is subtracted from three times the smaller, the result is 42. Find the numbers.

    asked by Kyla
  62. Calculus

    A boat is pulled into a dock by a rope attached to the bow of the boat and passing through a pulley on the dock that is 1 m higher than the bow of the boat. If the rope is pulled in at a rate of 1 m/s, how fast is the boat approaching the dock when it is 7

    asked by the dude
  63. Math

    -6 greater equal to 13 + 5 which of these values of X makes the inequality true

    asked by Robert
  64. Calculus

    A man of height 1.4 meters walk away from a 5-meter lamppost at a speed of 2.9 m/s. Find the rate at which his shadow is increasing in length.

    asked by the dude
  65. History

    Which best describes why revolutionaries were seeking to change French society during the French Revolution? revolutionaries, primarily poor, were seeking to overthrow a greedy aristocracy revolutionaries were seeking better working conditions and new

    asked by malia
  66. Calculus

    A car travels down a highway at 45 m/s. An observer stands 250 m from the highway. a) How fast is the distance from the observer to the car increasing when the car passes in front of the observer? (b) How fast is the distance increasing 30 s later?

    asked by the dude
  67. Calculus

    When air expands adiabatically (without gaining or losing heat), its pressure P and volume V are related by the equation PV1.4=C where C is a constant. Suppose that at a certain instant the volume is 610 cubic centimeters and the pressure is 89 kPa and is

    asked by the dude
  68. Criminal Justice

    Can police act on information they receive from health inspectors?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Math

    -6 greater equal to 13 + 5 which of these values of X makes the inequality true -3.9 -1.2 3/13 -7/15 Please help explain answer

    asked by Robert
  70. science (pls help)

    What ways can you separate iron fillings,salt, sand, and woodchips? I know you can separate them by filtering and sifting. But are there any other ways?

    asked by toaster strudel
  71. Precalc

    Use the Remainder Theorem to determine if x - 2 is a factor of the polynomial: f(x) = 3x^5 - 7x^3 - 11x^2 + 2 I am confused because I cannot rationally factor this polynomial. Does it want me to use x - 2 as a denominator?

    asked by Max
  72. enlish

    I need help forming a thesis statement for private schooling versus public schooling. My stand on the subject is that public education is the better choice because of the cost, admission process and the religious ascpects. Can you help me?

    asked by Madison
  73. Calculus

    f(x) = sqrt(x+1) a=3 change of x =.8 to estimate f(3.8)-f(3) use linear approximation

    asked by the dude
  74. Probability, Random Variables, and Random Process

    A zero-mean Gaussian random process has an auto-correlation function R_XX (τ)={■(13[1-(|τ|⁄6)] |τ|≤6@0 elsewhere)┤ Find the covariance function necessary to specify the joint density of random variables defined at times t_i=2(i-1),i=1,2,…,5.

    asked by Rakesh
  75. History

    What religious movement prompted people to challenge medieval practices of the Catholic Church and inspired the Scientific Revolution? protestant reformation second great awakening counter reformation utopian movement A?

    asked by malia
  76. Optimization

    Determine the values of the constants α and β so that the function f (x) = x3 + αx2 + βx + δ may have a relative maximum at x = −3, and a relative minimum at x = 1.

    asked by Vivian
  77. Educational technology

    Which oI f the following is a narrative essay most like? 1)encyclopedia entry 2)story 3)fact sheet 4)directions I think it’s 2 am I correct?

    asked by Szahara
  78. Chemistry

    What mass of manganese (II) chloride must react with sulfuric acid to release 49.5 mL of hydrogen chloride gas at STP? Mg(s) + H2SO4(aq) -->MgSO4(aq) +2HCl(g)

    asked by Anonymous
  79. English

    1. Let's find out more about the singer. 2. Let's look for more about the singer. [Can we use #2? Are both okay?]

    asked by rfvv
  80. Social studies

    I need help coming up with three visual ad brainstorms for "the farmers pitch". Need help soon

    asked by Anonymous
  81. History

    How did Europeans’ view of the universe as a large machine change how people viewed government? people believed that the government also operated like a machine and that individuals only needed a reason to determine how to govern themselves people

    asked by malia
  82. physical education

    where did he olympic games come from?

    asked by abozenech
  83. Precalc

    The complex number -3 + 2i is one zero for a polynomial function. Which complex number must also be a zero for this function? -3 + 2i 3 + 2i -3 - 2i 3 - 2i I am very confused with what the question is exactly asking. Please help? Thanks

    asked by Max
  84. Chemistry

    Consider acommericial obtained 86% of concentrated phospouric acid (H3PO4) with specific gravity of 1.71. calculate a)mole fraction b)molarity c)normality(assuming ionization)

    asked by yaekob
  85. Maths

    x + y = 5 x^y + y^x = 17 Find x and y

    asked by Grace
  86. Physics

    How can I find the distance? Mountain pull. A large mountain can slightly affect the direction of “down” as determined by a plumb line. Assume that we can model a mountain as a sphere of radius R = 2.00 km and density (mass per unit volume) 2.6 × 10^3

    asked by Austin
  87. Math

    All planets revolve around the sun in elliptical orbits. Uranus's furthest distance from the sun is approximately 3.005 times 10 to the ninth power km, and it's closest distance is approximately 2.749 times 10 to the ninth power km. Using this information,

    asked by Nadia
  88. History

    Which accurately describes why the Magna Carta was written? the English people revolted against King John i"s rue and wanted him o ease taxes on their lands the Spanish people revolted against king Ferdinand ii for his involvement in the Spanish

    asked by malia
  89. Math

    Matthew got 36 problems rights out of a total of 40 problems on a tes.wht percent of the problems did he her rights

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Physics

    In plants, which describes sexual reproduction but not asexual reproduction? I really need help with this! A Five limbs are grafted onto the same tree. B New plants are grown from pieces of other plants. C A fertilized egg cell divides to produce an

    asked by A girl
  91. American Government

    Representing the state in lawsuits and trials is the responsibility of which state official? A. attorney general B. treasurer C. governor D. secretary of state

    asked by Daniel
  92. Physics

    Which object produces energy in the form of light? A Venus B the sun C the moon*** D Halley’s comet I think it is C, but I'm not sure!

    asked by A girl
  93. math

    solve this system of equations using the linear combination method -3x+12y=-27 5x+20y=15

    asked by cameron
  94. History

    Which accurately describes Galileo’s dealings with the Catholic Church? galileon argued against newtons laws of motion, favoring church doctrine galileo was forced to recent the geocentric theory and was executed in Rome galileo argued against the

    asked by malia
  95. math

    Grandmother is 3 years younger than grandfather. Nine years ago, the sum of their ages was 105. How old are they?

    asked by Jaz
  96. Physics

    Which of the following is a chemical change that occurs to the food? A The reduction in size of food particles as food is chewed B The movement of food to the stomach after food is swallowed C The breakdown of molecules of food by enzymes and acid in the

    asked by :-)
  97. Math

    Hi, if anyone can help me with this problem I would greatly appreciate it. I understood all my other math problems except for this one. So if anyone could help walk me through the steps so I know for next time how to solve problems like this I would

    asked by thezombieunicorn
  98. Math

    So my question is find the circumference of the circle in terms of Pi then use the approximation 3.14 for pi and approximate the circumference. How would I do this? The radius of the circle is 2m.

    asked by Nina
  99. History

    Which countries did Simon Bolivar help to gain independence from Spain? (Select all that apply.) venezuela peru ecuador haiti mexico A,B,C?

    asked by malia
  100. pre algebra

    Reiny can you please help with these 3 problem. 1. a1=-4;an-1-3 this is find the first five terms of the recursively defined sequence. Problem 2 and 3 is write the first terms of the explicitly defined sequence an=4n+2. problem 3 an=2(-3)n-1

    asked by mikey
  101. math

    Paulo earns a salary of 15000$ per month for selling cell phones. He receives an extra 30$ for each cell phone over 100 units that he sells. How much will be make if he sells R cell phones? 50 cell phones?

    asked by Jacob
  102. Algebra HELP

    Give an example of a data set for which you can ONLY find the mode but not the mean or median. How can I find a data set with only the mode??

    asked by Adam
  103. Math

    How to find the average of decimals

    asked by Nadia
  104. Precalc

    Three zeroes of a fifth degree polynomial function are 1/3, 4 - 6i, and -2 + 11i. Determine the remaining zeroes of the function. 4 + 6i, -2 - 11i -1/3, 4 + 6i, 2 + 11i -4 + 6i, 2 - 11i 3, 4 + 6i, -2 - 11i Can I have some guidance for this please? I am

    asked by Max
  105. History

    What religious movement prompted people to challenge medieval practices of the Catholic Church and inspired the Scientific Revolution?

    asked by malia
  106. Math

    What are addends

    asked by Nadia
  107. physics

    A spy in a speed boat is being chased down a river by government officials in a faster craft. Just as the officials' boat pulls up next to the spy's boat, both reach the edge of a 4.4 m waterfall. If the spy's speed is 16 m/s and the officials' speed is 27

    asked by stacy
  108. Algebra

    What happens to the mean of a set of data if you add a constant value to each data piece?

    asked by Sarah
  109. Algebra

    I don’t know how to do these.. 8. Solve the system by elimination. {-2x + 2y + 3z = 0 {-2x – y + z = -3 {2x + 3y + 3z = 5 9. Solve the system by substitution. {-x – y – z = -8 {-4 + 4y + 5z = 7 {2x + 2z = 4

    asked by |-/
  110. Electrical Engineering

    By what things the positive pole of dry battery is made??

    asked by Manir uddin sikdar
  111. physics

    Two industrial spies slide a floor safe 8.5m along a straight horizontal line toward their truck. The push (F1) of the Spy 001 is 320 N, directed at an angle of 30 degrees downward from the horizontal; the pull (F2) of Spy 002 is 250 N, directed at 40

    asked by Meagan
  112. Math

    A page out of a magazine had a 15 by 15 sheet of 225 stickers. How many of these stickers are not on the border of the page?

    asked by Kyle
  113. history

    How were the Spanish able to conquer two great empires with only a handful of soldiers? First, the Spanish had superior military equipment. They were protected by steel armor and had guns. The Aztecs and Incas relied on clubs, bows and arrows, and spears.

    asked by Jojo
  114. Algebra HELP

    What happens to the mean of a set of data if you add a constant value to each data piece?

    asked by kkkk
  115. Probability

    48% of the students in the school are female and the probability of taking of physics is independent of the gender of the student, what is the probability that a student chosen at random is both a female and taking physics?

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Math

    John is makeing a book and he use 228 digit how many page does he have

    asked by Poppy
  117. ELA

    What metaphor does the author use to help readers understand how the "fight or flight" response works in humans? A) a boss calling a meeting B) the body is supercharged C) a caveman running from a tiger D) the heart is an automatic weapon I am thinking it

    asked by Hi
  118. physics

    A projectile is fired off a cliff at an angle of 60 degrees to the horizontal. The height of the cliff is 48 meters and the velocity of the projectile is 80 m/s. Find the range (dx)

    asked by jay
  119. Algebra Please help

    what is the solution to 3x^2+3x-5=0

    asked by the world forgot
  120. Econ stats

    Sidney Crosby’s score statistics for the regular 2007 championship season were used to construct the following table: Experimental Outcome (x), Number of Occurrences during the 2007 Season (0, 358) (1, 175) (2 28) (3 3) (4 10) a. Use the relative

    asked by Maya
  121. physics

    A 15 kg crate is pulled at constant speed a distance d= 5.7m up a frictionless ramp, to a height h of 2.5 m above its starting point. a) What force F must the cable exert on the crate? b) How much work is done on the crate by the force F?

    asked by Meagan
  122. College Algebra

    Solve the equation. b^2+12b+36=48

    asked by Keonn'a Please Help Me!
  123. physics

    The spring of a spring gun is compressed a distance d of 3.2 cm from its relaxed state, and a ball of mass m = 12g is put in the barrel. With what speed will the ball leave the barrel once the gun is fired? The spring constant is 7.5 N/cm. Assume no

    asked by Anna
  124. math

    how would I solve this using ELIMINATION not substitution -2x+3y=1 -4x+y=-3

    asked by jess
  125. Algebra Help!!

    What happens to the median of a set of data if you multiply each data value by the same number?

    asked by :)
  126. math

    hOW can I solve this by elimination? I know how to solve by substitution but not elimination 3x – 2y = 0 9x + 8y = 7

    asked by jess
  127. Science Help

    Sorry to bother, but can anybody give me a link to help me find out which part of a cell stores information to determine an individual's blood type please? It's just that I have this hard question on cells. Thanks!

    asked by Turtles are the best!
  128. History

    Read the sentence. The movement of British families from rural areas to cities during the Industrial Revolution was caused by __________. Which most accurately completes the sentence? encloser acts passed in parliament that closed farms to peasant works

    asked by malia
  129. Algebra

    How can knowing the mean of a set of data help you find a missing data piece?

    asked by Hannah
  130. ELA

    The author explains the "fight or flight" response by comparing and contrasting A) humans to tigers B) workers to bosses C) modern man to cavemen D) adrenaline to heart failure I thinking d or b.

    asked by Hi
  131. Calculus AB/BC

    What's the purpose of finding derivatives? I don't understand why you would need to find a derivative, which is the tangent of the slope of a point on a graph, to find something like "How far did Bob fall". Confusing. Please help. Thank you!

    asked by Dave
  132. Physics

    Can someone tell me what the mass of mars is compared to the earth? Mars mass is 6.39 × 10^23 and Earth mass is 5.972 × 10^24 thanks. :3

    asked by Noah
  133. Algebra

    Last question to my quiz! I need help. 9. Solve the system by substitution. {-x – y – z = -8 {-4 + 4y + 5z = 7 {2x + 2z = 4

    asked by |-/
  134. history

    1. Why did the interaction between the settlers in Texas and the Mexican government develop and change over time 2. How did Manifest Destiny impact the US governments position on the Texans request to be annexed? 3. Why were northern states against the

    asked by Bruh
  135. Physics

    Find the de broglie wavelength of a 1500-kg car when its speed is 80 km/h. How significant are the wave properties of this car likely to be?

    asked by Noah
  136. off-topic question for tutors

    how do you manage to donate your time to tutor everyone on this site for so many years? thank you so much

    asked by Question
  137. algebra

    A weekend at the Beach Bay Hotel in Florida includes 2 nights and 4 meals. A week includes 7 nights and 10 meals. Let n = the cost of 1 night and m = the cost of 1 meal. Find the cost of 1 night and the cost of 1 meal. How do I set this up?

    asked by name
  138. Science

    If the initial amount of Carbon-14 in the mammoth was 8 grams, how many half-lives have passed i the fossil sample has 1 gram left? How many years have passed since the mammoth's death?

    asked by Anonymous
  139. History

    Which accurately describes key events and policies of Phillip II’s reign? he successfully annexed Portugal, engaged in warfare against Muslims and Protestants, and fostered the only league between Spain and Venice he successfully annexed the Netherlands,

    asked by malia
  140. Please help me!

    A few years ago the population of male blue moon butterflies on the island of Samoa declined. One hypothesis for the decline of the male butterflies is that a parasite infected the cells of female butterflies. The parasite was passed to offspring through

    asked by A girl
  141. New here

    Hi, I'm in 7th grade and I am new to this site. Could someone please tell me how this site works and also, how do I find out if someone posted an answer to the question I asked? Thank You! Rayne

    asked by Rayne