Questions Asked on
November 1, 2017

  1. History

    What best describes Simón Bolívar’s revolutionary efforts in Venezuela? bolivar was able to free Venezuela from French rule and instituted a parliamentary monarchy bolivar was able to free Venezuela from Spanish rule and abolish slavery bolivar was

    asked by malia
  2. History

    What was a primary cause and result of the Mexican Revolution? the inability of the communist party to improve the economy led to a new democratic reformation the abuse of power by the monarchy led the abolishment of hereditary titles the desire to rid

    asked by malia
  3. History

    Which accurately describes events of the Haitian Slave Revolt on the island of Hispaniola (formerly Saint-Domingue)? slaves revolted against Spain and its leader, Charles iv, to win their independence in 1788 slaves revolted against Russia and its leader,

    asked by malia
  4. History

    What happened after the Haitian Revolution? france recieved reparations for loss of property france paid reparations for losses to the new haitian governemt france abolished slavery in jamaica and cuba france declared war on spain over control of the

    asked by malia
  5. Calculus

    A 18 ft ladder leans against a wall. The bottom of the ladder is 3 ft from the wall at time t=0 and slides away from the wall at a rate of 2ft/sec. Find the velocity of the top of the ladder at time t=2

    asked by the dude
  6. Math

    how many whole numbers are between the square root of 8 and the square root of 80?

    asked by kiran
  7. geography

    whats the diffrence between map and photograph and the similarities?

    asked by henok
  8. Math

    The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 108 meters. The length is 6 meters longer than twice the width. Find the dimensions of the garden.

    asked by Sam
  9. Spanish

    1. Choose the most logical answer for this question: ¿Dónde está el teclado? (1 point) El teclado está en el ratón. El teclado está debajo del ratón. El teclado está al lado del ratón. El teclado está encima del ratón. 2. Choose the most logical

    asked by Dancer
  10. Econ

    Suppose that you are a bicycle producer. In three to four sentences, explain why you are willing to supply the most bicycles at the highest price.

    asked by Ben
  11. prealgebra

    please help me to find the first five terms of the recursively defined sequence of this problem with steps, a1=3;an=6an-1.

    asked by mikey
  12. math

    Julia’s frogs are 2 5 of the amount of Rimma’s frogs. If Rimma gives 1 2 of her frogs to Julia, what will be the ratio of Julia’s frogs to Rimma’s frogs?

    asked by anana
  13. science(pls help :D)

    Particles have enough energy to break free from each other and can move around freely. What kind of substance is described? A:solid B:liquid C:gas D:Molecule

    asked by toaster strudel
  14. Physics

    A horizontal force F is exerted on a 20-kg box to slide it up a 30 degrees incline. The friction force retarding the motion is 80 N.How large must F be if the acceleration of the moving box is to (a)zero and (b) 0.75m/s2?

    asked by Anju
  15. History

    In the 1910 Mexican election, a reformer named Francisco Madero challenged the reigning president, Porfirio Diaz, for office (1). When Diaz saw that Madero might win the election, he had the reformer arrested on false charges and declared himself the

    asked by malia
  16. LA

    Choose the option that best completes the multi-draft reading process. First Read: Read to unlock the basic meaning of the text. Second Read: Focus on __________ Third Read: Focus on what the text means and how it relates to the world. A. what the text

    asked by Pepsi
  17. LA

    Passage: Most people outside of Farmington, Maine, have never heard of Chester Greenwood—but endless numbers of children have a fun way to play outside in cold winter weather because of his invention. Chester Greenwood was born in 1858 in Farmington,

  18. Physics

    What is the weight of a granite cube with 25cm in each side (density of granite is 2.9g/cm^3). What is the weight of this cube when it is submerged in the sea.(the density of sea water is 1.03g/cm^3)

    asked by Ifti
  19. Physics

    a toy car of mass 0.01 kg, gets into an elastic collision with a toy train mass 0.35 kg. if the train is at rest and the car is moving at 2 m/s initially. how fast is the train moving after the collision? Use the equation ((2*m)/(m+t))*v

    asked by L
  20. History

    Which accurately describes the involvement of the Catholic church in medieval European government? A. the rules and rituals of the church guided the administration of government in Europe. B. The Catholic Church forced European Kings to adopt the

    asked by Daniel
  21. math

    a radio program has a quiz consisting of 3 multiple choice questions, each with 3 choices. A contestant wins if he or she gets 2 or more of the questions right. The contestant answers randomly to each question. What is the probaility of winning?

    asked by sai
  22. Physics

    A planet has a period of revolution about the Sun equal to T and a mean distance from the Sun equal to R. T^2 varies directly as __________. R R^2 R^3 R^4 R^5

    asked by Alvarez
  23. math

    A bag contains 12 red balls and 10 blue balls. A ball is drawn at random. The probability that ball drawn is red is

    asked by fitsum
  24. History

    Which accurately describes Simón Bolívar’s impact on South America during the 19th century? he led a useful invasion of the Aztec empire in present-day Mexico he led an invasion of the Mayan empire in present-day Peru he led a successful armed

    asked by malia
  25. Pre algebra

    What are the actual dimensions of the sofa in inches? 90 x 45 90 x 36 75 x 25 80 x 30 I think its the second choice

    asked by Kayla
  26. Math

    How much of​ a(n) 60% orange juice drink must be mixed with 8 gallons of a 30% orange juice drink to obtain a mixture that is 50% orange​ juice?

    asked by Sam
  27. ELA

    These are my absolute last questions. In which choice is the ellipses used correctly to revise the following sentence from Madame Bovary? To spare him expense his mother sent him every week by the carrier a piece of veal baked in the oven, with which he

    asked by Zoey
  28. Algebra

    Spencer is 14 years older than his sister Kelly. Three years from now, he will be three times as old as Kelly. How old are they now?

    asked by Darrel
  29. Social Studies

    1. In the AD 600s, North africa was conquered by A. Egyptians B. Arab Muslims C. Europeans D. Africans from south of the Sahara

    asked by Jonathan
  30. Physics

    A projectile is propelled along the x-axis. During 5.2 s it moves from position 64 m to position −40 m. Find its average velocity.

    asked by Alice
  31. Math?

    Which expression is equivalent? −5(−3x − 6) A) 15x + 30 B) 15x − 30 C) −15x + 30 D) −15x − 30

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Science Help Please

    Which of these observations of Barnard's Star is most likely accurate? Please help! T have to finish this TODAY!!! and I have no Idea :-( A Barnard’s Star is less bright than the sun, has a surface temperature below 3,800 K, and is red. B Barnard’s

    asked by Turtles are the best!
  33. Biology

    Traits like human height and skin color shows a wide range of phenotype, as opposed to just two of three. From the standpoints of genes and alleles, explain why is this so.

    asked by mar
  34. PreAlgebra

    A square playground has an area of 1500 ft.² Find the length of one side of the playground to the nearest 10th of a foot

    asked by Amanda
  35. Chemistry

    Chlourine monoxide reacts with flourine gas to give a new unknown gas that contains Cl, O and F. In an experiment you find that 0.15476 g of the new gas has a preasure of 17mmHg ina 1850 mo flak at 21ºC. What is thd identity of the unknown gas?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. math

    the diffrence is 90 and the quotient is 10

    asked by kitten

    Does Hawthorne like Hester Prynne? Explain. Before answering, be sure to look at his comments about her in the novel, particularly his treatment of her in chapter 13, “Another View of Hester.”

    asked by jules
  38. chem

    If the KCLO3 were not completely decomposed, would your calculated values for percent oxygen in KCLO3 be too high, too low or unaffected?

    asked by qwerty
  39. Science

    How does rubbish or pathway affect the living organisms and also the abiotic factors? Do you have suggestions on how can we prevent them?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. 6th ss help

    why did the cold war end? 1:capitalism failed 2:the Korean war began 3:nations took sides 4:communism in Eastern Europe and Soviet Union collapsed

    asked by Kayla the connexus kid
  41. social studies

    How did horace mann feel that reforming the american educational system was important? A. it would help people attain better jobs B. it would help in the fight to end slavery C. it would help in the fight for gender equality D. it would help people become

    asked by shadow
  42. math

    Jan and pete are home decorators. Jan can paint 3 rooms in 2 hours. Pete can paint 2 rooms in 3 hours. If they work together, about how many hours will it take jan and pete to apint 6 rooms.

    asked by sai
  43. ELA

    In a paragraph, explain how "Ribbons" illustrates the idea that differences between cultures can lead to misunderstandings and conflict. Consider these questions in a paragraph: What are the main cultural differences portrayed in the story? How does Stacy

    asked by Help i need somebody not just anybody
  44. math

    clarence us a salesman who receives 8% commission on every sale he makes. If his most recent sale helped him earn $216 in commission , how much was his sale?

    asked by sai
  45. tourism and hospitality

    Personal sales steps are used _________________________. in tourism in tourism and hospitality in all industries in hospitality B

    asked by malia
  46. Physics

    A roller of mass 300kg and radius 50 cm lying on horizontal floor is resting against step of height 20 cm. the minimum horizontal force to be applied on the roller on the step is Ans:3920N

    asked by Thousif
  47. Chemistry

    How do I write 96.67673716 with its standard deviation 2.132575 to the correct number of sig figs?

    asked by Andrea
  48. prealgebra

    a1=-1;an=-5an-1 please help prealgebra first five terms

    asked by mikey
  49. 8th Grade History

    HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!! I think the answer is either A or C Which group was primarily associated with democratic republicans? A. Wealthy merchant's B. Enslaved African Americans C. Manufacturing leaders D. Small farmers

    asked by Kat From Connections
  50. Math Algebra 8

    a={1,3,4}, b={x| x is an even whole number less than 9}, c={2,5,7,10}, and d = {x| x is an odd whole number less than 10} b U c

    asked by Pls help
  51. Math Help

    The area of the parallelogram is given. Find h ———————————-\ | \ \ | \ \ h | \ 12m2 \ | \ \ | \ \ | \ \ — — ——————————--\ h 6m

    asked by Katie
  52. science

    make a list such action where many force and applied simultaneously (ref page number 70 to74

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Science

    When Seed start to sprout is called __________

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Literacy

    thomas garrett was an important person in the underground railroad. The narrator of harriet tubman describes his appearance his character and his actions what do those details reveal about garrett this is an essay question.

    asked by not+really
  55. ELA

    Passage: Most people outside of Farmington, Maine, have never heard of Chester Greenwood—but endless numbers of children have a fun way to play outside in cold winter weather because of his invention. Chester Greenwood was born in 1858 in Farmington,

    asked by Pepsi
  56. History (Politics)

    "Imagine a political cantidate, Maria Gutierrez, Gutierrez has appeared on television several times as part of multi-cantidate debates, However, she is also invited often to discuss and debate views by herself on a popular news channel So.... How Will the

    asked by Jacqueline
  57. Math

    An airline manager found that during a 24-hour period,1,400 passengers passed through one terminal.What was the rate of passengers flow?

    asked by Mya
  58. science

    As an observer travels due east or due west, what happens to the angle of polaris?

    asked by nope
  59. American Government

    Which of the following statements describes the governor’s role in creating the state budget? A. The governor creates the budget, and the state legislature and agencies must accept it. B. The governor proposes the budget, which the other executive

    asked by Please Help!
  60. math

    Two small charged spheres are placed so that their centres are 12.5 cm apart. The force of repulsion exerted by one charged sphere on the other is 0.432 N. If the charge on one of the spheres is +2.50 x 10-7 C, then the charge on the other sphere is Select

    asked by yum
  61. Science

    What do safty symbols look like? What do they mean? provide at least three examples.

    asked by Jojo
  62. Math

    you want to buy three books that are on sale at 20% off. the original prices of the books are $2.50, $4.95, and $6.00. How much will you save? Calculation With distribution. Calculation without distribution.

    asked by Jack
  63. Algebra 1

    A new toilet model has two different flush settings in order to conserve water. One setting uses 1.6 gallons per flush and the other setting uses .8 gallons per flush. The total amount of water w (in gallons) used in the first setting is given by the

    asked by Austin
  64. English

    1. Why does the egg in salt water float? 2. Why does the egg float in salt water? [Are both the same in meaning?] 3. Compare the two buildings. Which one is the taller of the two? 4. Compare Building A with Building B. Which one is the taller between the

    asked by rfvv
  65. Math

    A new stretch of road is 9.14 miles long, and is constructed primarily out of asphalt. Each lane is 18.0 feet wide, and the road only consists of two lanes. The average thickness of the asphalt along the road is 5.49 inches. How many cubic meters of

    asked by Max
  66. Science

    i need help i need to find 3 ways to conserve fish

    asked by Chris
  67. Algebra

    These are Two problems that I am having difficulty with. Write as a single logarithm. Assume all variables represent positive real numbers. 1. 5log3 a-7 log3 b+2 log3c 2.log7(x2+5x-24)-log7(x+8)

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Physics please hELP

    A pumpkin is thrown upwards at a speed of 27.5 m/s and from a height of 2 m above the ground. How long before it hits the ground and smashes? Not sure where to begin with this.

    asked by Mariam
  69. English

    The orange was sinking. Now it is on the bottom of the beaker. Then we can say as follows. 1. The orange is sunk. 2. The orange has sunk. 3. The orange was sunk. 4. The orange has been sunk. [Which expressions can we use in this situation?]

    asked by rfvv
  70. Science

    What could be a reason for low specific gravity found in highly dilute urine

    asked by Lisa
  71. Maths

    Tariq jogs 63250m every much will he jog in 149 days?

    asked by Hammaad
  72. Physics

    Hello, If I need to find out how long it takes for an object acted on by a force takes to change speed by 1.0m/s^-1 and I know the magnitude of the force can I use the following equation? a=v2-v1/t in order to establish the time taken?

    asked by Anon
  73. english(prepositions)

    1.The horse jumped _______ the fence. 2.Nasir is waiting _______ the cornor of the street.

    asked by Hammaad
  74. Science

    A car weighing 1000kg is on slope that makes an angle 30° with the horizontal.the component of car's weight parallel to the slope is(g=10)

    asked by Saakketh
  75. Chemistry

    An impure sample containing an unknown amount of gallium bromide, GaBr3, weighs 0.379 g. It was dissolved in water and treated with silver nitrate, AgNO3, resulting in the precipitation of 0.263 g AgBr. Assuming that GaBr3 is the only source of gallium in

    asked by Hannah
  76. biology

    would you consider that eukaryotic cells got rid of their cell wall to benefit as a heterotroph? They must of had a cell wall to begin with because all cells come from prokaryotic cells.

    asked by lena
  77. math

    Rita would like to change a $10 bill into dimes and quarters. she wants to have 12 more quarters than many of each should receive?

    asked by Ahmed
  78. Math

    Each ounce of a substance A supplies 2% of the nutrition a patient needs. Substance B supplies 15% of the required nutrition per ounce, and substance C supplies 15% of the required nutrition per ounce. If digestive restrictions require that substances A

    asked by Anonymous
  79. math

    Clarence is a salesman who receives 8% commission on every sale he makes . If his most recent sale helped him earn $216 in commission , how much was his sale ? I tried this but getting the wrong answer actual answer is $2,700

    asked by sai
  80. math

    the expression 1/4y+3/8 factored is?

    asked by robin
  81. PreCalc

    Verify the Identity. cos^4xcsc^2x = csc^2x + som^2x - 2

    asked by Brit
  82. Chemistry

    Determine the molar concentration of sodium oxide if 3.91g of solid was added to 525mL of solution. I am not typing my entire work in but I calculated these values: V=525 ml= 0.525L N= 0.0603084866 Would it be 0.120 mol/L

    asked by Sarah
  83. Algebra 2

    How do you find the ninth term of the expansion (a - 1)^13?

    asked by Nikki
  84. math

    w/6+5/8=-1 3/8

    asked by robin
  85. English

    1. My mom made pizza. My family liked it. 2. My mom made pizza. I want to make one, too. 3. My mom made pizza. I want to make it, too. -------------------------------- #1 is correct. What about #2 and #3? Whic one is correct? Do we have to use 'one' or

    asked by rfvv
  86. math

    89.75 scooter;7 1/4% tax

    asked by isabelle
  87. geography

    what is the diffrence between map and photograph and the same of?

    asked by henok
  88. Math

    A car rental agency advertised renting a car for $26.95 per day and $0.31 per mile.If Kevin rents this car for 33 ​days,how many whole miles can he drive on a $250 ​budget?

    asked by JD
  89. number theorem

    1.[-1/4] 2.{7} 3.[-22/7] 4.[5/4] 5[[1/2]]

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Science

    How should I prepare for a field study and what should I do if there's an accident?

    asked by Jojo
  91. Math

    1)Susan wants pizza for her birthday party. It costs $8 per pizza plus a $5 delivery fee. She doesn't know how many she needs, so she calculates the price for various numbers of pizza. How would I find out if this is linear or non-linear

    asked by Dave
  92. English

    1. The water stays in the glass. 2. The water stays inside the glass. 3. The water remains in the glass. 4. The water remains inside the glass. [Can we use all the sentences?] 5. Put salt in one glass. 6. Put salt into one glass. [Can we use both

    asked by rfvv
  93. english

    define into and in?

    asked by Hammaad
  94. Georgia State History

    Q14. Describe the fighting during the American Revolution in Georgia with the correct terms: The Battle of ______ ____________ ____________ started in 1776 when British soldiers arrived in ___________ to buy supplies. Governor __________________ took

    asked by John
  95. math

    can any one show me how to solve this problem 12 -(1/2 + 2/3)

    asked by lynn lowe
  96. Math

    What is the word form for the number 12+0.2+0.005

    asked by Sam
  97. Science Help Please

    8. Which of these correctly compares the masses of different objects in the universe? A moon has less mass than a star and more mass than the planet it orbits. B A planet has less mass than a galaxy and more mass than the star it orbits. C A galaxy has

    asked by Turtles are the best!
  98. ELA

    Which sentence is written in the subjunctive mood? A) Win the lottery, please! B) I won the lottery and donated half of it to charity. C) When I win the lottery, I will donate half of it to charity. D) I might win the lottery one day if I'm really lucky. I

    asked by Zoey
  99. ELA

    If I _____ the principal, I'd start school later in the day so students could sleep in, Bernardo thought. Which of these correctly forms the subjunctive mood? A) was B) were C) had been D) would have been I think it might b or c.

    asked by Zoey
  100. Algebra

    What is an example of an open equation? 4 + 8 = 15 - 2 * 15 = 2y 32 + 5

    asked by Gage
  101. Physics

    a) Give the equation for terminal speed in the variables from Stoke's Law, and the densities of the sphere Ps and the fluid P1. b) Find the viscosity of motor oil (in kg/m/s) in which a steel ball of radius 0.85mm falls with a terminal speed of 4.32cm/s.

    asked by Meg
  102. science

    Some students measure the mass of a small pile of leaves before and after the leaves decompose. Each time the students measure the mass, they place a container with the decomposing leaves on a balance. Before recording the mass of the leaves, the students

    asked by Turtles are the best!
  103. Science Help Please

    Some students measure the mass of a small pile of leaves before and after the leaves decompose. Each time the students measure the mass, they place a container with the decomposing leaves on a balance. Before recording the mass of the leaves, the students

    asked by Turtles are the best!
  104. ELA

    Which sentence has a conditional verb mood? A) If you score another touchdown, your team will win. B) At last week's football game, you scored two touchdowns! C) I wondered who scored a touchdown at the football game? D) The team that scores the most

    asked by Zoey
  105. Math

    The manager of a store selling tea plans to mix a more expensive tea that costs $5 per pound with a less expensive tea that costs $2 per pound to create a 140​-pound blend that will sell for $3.80 per pound. How many pounds of each type of tea are​

    asked by Sam
  106. Math

    For questions 1–3, use the Distributive Property to write an equivalent expression. 1. 2f + 10 (1 point) A. f(2 +10) B. 2 (f + 5) C. 2(f + 10) 2. 20 + 24g (1 point) A. 4 (5 + 6g) B. 20 (1 + 4g C. 5 (4 + 6g 3. 32b - 20 (1 point) A. 4(8b - 20) B. 2(32b -

    asked by no name 4 u lmao
  107. Physical Science

    What steps should we use to prevent the soil from eroding while we are letting the soil dry?

    asked by Lucas
  108. pre algebra

    what is the first five terms of the the following recursively defined sequence with the steps please. a=1;=3a

    asked by mikey