Questions Asked on
October 31, 2017

  1. science

    Which combination of sex chromosomes results in a male human being? 1 XX 2 YY 3 XY 4 either XX or YY is it a?

    asked by Devyn
  2. History

    1. Why was the presidency of George Washington considered to be so significant? A His actions would define the role of the Supreme Court B His actions would set precedents for all future presidents C His actions would determine the need for a president ***

    asked by Hi - need help
  3. Physics

    You have been called to testify as an expert witness in a trial involving a head-on collision. Car A weighs 1515 lb and was traveling eastward. Car B weighs 1125 lb and was traveling westward at 45.0 mph. The cars locked bumpers and slid eastward with

    asked by Schopenhauer
  4. Math

    Use inverse operations to solve each equation. Explain each step and identify the property to reach step 19 = h/3 - 8 Solve the equation. Explain each step and identify the property used to reach step. 0.6x + 0.8 = 1.4

    asked by chap
  5. History

    Which best describes the causes of the French Revolution? (Select all that apply.) french aristocrats sought to relinquish power of the papacy in France in order to gain new lands and titles people in France, especially poor and lower classes, had been

    asked by malia
  6. Physics

    In the figure below, the CG of the pole held by the pole vaulter is 1.54 m from the left hand, and the hands are 0.653 m apart. (Assume the vaulting pole has a mass of 3.72 kg.) -Calculate the force (in N) exerted by his right hand. (Enter the magnitude.)

    asked by L
  7. MATH

    this basic recipe for split pea soup serves 8 people. Find the amount of each ingredient that serves 32 people. I CANT FIGURE IT OUT URGENT QUESTION

    asked by HELPPPPPPPPP
  8. History

    What were causes of the French Revolution? (Select all that apply.) widespread hunger of the third estate overreliance on trade with Muslim nations poor leadership and extravagant by the king rebellion from the Catholic church's practices a and c

    asked by malia
  9. Math

    In a group of 40 students, 22 study Economics, 25 study Law, and 3 study neither of these subjects. Determine the probability that a randomly chosen student studies: 1. Both Economics and Law 2. At Least one of these subjects 3. Economics given that he or

    asked by John
  10. History

    Why did Benjamin Franklin change Thomas Jefferson’s original phrase, “We hold these truths to be sacred” to “We hold these truths to be self-evident” in the Declaration of Independence? (Select all that apply.) benjamin franklin was an atheist,

    asked by malia
  11. History

    Which two weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation were exposed by Shays’s Rebellion The national government was subject to all of the states collectively and could not collect funds owed, leading to unfinanced veteran back pay. The United States

    asked by malia
  12. History

    What economic reasons contributed to the beginning of the French Revolution? (Select all that apply.) king Louis xvi required Protestants to pay higher taxes king Louis xvi required Catholics to pay higher taxes france was in debt due to overspending on

    asked by malia
  13. History

    Which of the following statements best summarizes Washington’s viewpoint on American foreign policy? (1 point) The United States can take advantage of Europe’s ambition. The United States should limit interaction with Europe to commerce, or trade.

    asked by .
  14. Eco

    When Joe started his job at the laundromat 5 years ago, his wage was $5.50 an hour. Today his wage is $8.50 an hour. If Joe started his job in the base year, and his real wage is the same as when he started, what is the Consumer Price Index today?

    asked by Lisa
  15. Geography

    1.what is the longitude of town x whose time is 12:00 noon when Greenwich mean time is 6:00pm. The time at town A (longitude 75 degree W) 5:00pm on Friday, what will be the time and day at town B (longitude 120 degree E)

    asked by Phoebe
  16. Algebra

    Factor completely (x-2/3)^2-16(x-2/3)+63

    asked by Keonn'a
  17. History

    Which best describes a significant event that occurred during the American Revolutionary War? james madison wrote the first 10 amendments to the constitution, known as the bill of rights The battle of Gettysburg occurred in Pennsylvania, causing 15,000

    asked by malia
  18. Math

    Translate the phrase into an algebraic expression. Five times k A 5k (my answer) B k + 5 C k divided by 5 D 5 - k Evaluate the expression when a = 6 a-24 A - 30 (My answer) B - 18 C 18 D 22 Evaluate the expression when s = 9 and t = 12 2s - t A - 6 B 6 C

    asked by hrn
  19. Geometry

    How is constructing a perpendicular bisector similar to constructing an angle bisector? How is it different?

    asked by Ross
  20. History

    5. What was one reason for the formation of the democratic Republican Party? A Washington’s cabinet members wanted to form a new party to strengthen the federal government. B Thomas Jefferson’s views clashed with those of Alexander Hamilton *** C the

    asked by Hi - need help
  21. Chemistry

    1. The value of ΔH° for the reaction below is -6535 kJ. _________ kJ of heat are released in the combustion of 16.0 g C6H6 (l). 2C6H6 (l) + 15O2 (g) --> 12CO2 (g) + 6H20 (l) 3. Given the following reactions CaCO3 (s) --> CaO (s) + CO2 (g) ΔH = 178.1 kJ

    asked by Jess
  22. Math

    Given P(A) = m is the probability of event A occurring in any given trial: 1. State the range of possible values of m 2. Suppose two trials are performed independently. Find, in terms of m, the probability of A occurring: a) Exactly once b) At least once I

    asked by John
  23. english

    23. The gerund phrase in the sentence below is used as a ___ Everyone enjoys watching a dolphin show. a. subject. b. direct object. c. predicate nominative. d. predicate adjective. struggling with this one

    asked by susan
  24. Science disscussion

    What form of pollution, if any, does each energy source cause How does the economy influence energy source choices How does location influence energy source choices

    asked by Sarah
  25. Math

    In a group of 40 students, 22 study Economics, 25 study Law, and 3 study neither of these subjects. Determine the probability that a randomly chosen student studies: 1. Both Economics and Law 2. At Least one of these subjects 3. Economics given that he or

    asked by John
  26. Calculus

    A balloon rises vertically at a rate of 8 feet/sec. A bird flies 40 feet above ground toward the balloon’s path at 20 feet per second. At what rate is the distance between the bird and the balloon changing when the bird is 50 feet from the balloon

    asked by Martin
  27. Math

    In a group of 40 students, 22 study Economics, 25 study Law, and 3 study neither of these subjects. Determine the probability that a randomly chosen student studies: 1. Both Economics and Law 2. At Least one of these subjects 3. Economics given that he or

    asked by John
  28. Statistics

    QUESTION 1 Use the following scenario and data for all the questions The lives of Lithium batteries used in a type of cell phones are normally distributed with an unknown standard deviation. A simple random sample of equation batteries is selected. The

    asked by Neyra
  29. Math

    A surfer paddles out past breaking waves, rides a wave, paddles back out past the breaking waves, rides another wave back to the beach. Draw a sketch of a graph (with labels) that shows the surfer’s possible distance from the beach over time. What

    asked by PicturesDon'tChangeThePeopleInsideOfThemDo
  30. Math(check answers)

    Find the LCD of 3/5 and 1/6 a.5 b.6** c.11 d.30

    asked by tombrady
  31. Science

    Cystic fibrosis is a recessive genetic disorder caused by a mutation of the CTRF gene. The disease is characterized by excessive mucus production along the respiratory and digestive tracts in addition to other symptoms. Cystic fibrosis is a progressive

    asked by leo
  32. Science

    Which factor impacts the possible number of ways in which different atoms can be put together? An atoms inability to share neutrons and protons. The ability of atoms to combine in unlimited ways. An atoms inability to react with all elements the same way.

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Math help

    Most states require students to pass an algebra course in order to graduate high school. Why do you think this is? Explain why you agree or disagree with this requirement

    asked by Thili
  34. physics PLEASE HELP

    A little bumblebee accelerates uniformly at 1.5 m/s2 from rest to 22 m/s. Immediately upon reaching 22m/s, the brakes are applied and it stops 2.5 s later. Find the total distance traveled.

    asked by Mariam
  35. physics

    In a high speed chase, a policeman's car bumps a criminal's car directly from behind to get his attention. The policeman's car is moving at 40 m/s to the right and has a total mass of 1800 kg. The criminal's car is initially moving in the same direction at

    asked by ricky
  36. Science

    Witch of the following shows the path followed by nerve impulses in a reflex

    asked by Matthew
  37. AP US History

    Evaluate the extent to which the opposition to slavery contributed to maintaining continuity as well as fostered change from 1776 to 1856. Please give me some topics to write about in my essay

    asked by Jillian
  38. Geography

    1.A football match between Senegal on Saturday the 22nd of September 1995 at 6pm calculate.1. the time. 2. Day to listen to the commentary's of the match by the Japanese

    asked by Phoebe
  39. physics

    A piece of uniform sheet metal measures 25 cm by 25 cm. If a circular piece with a radius of 5.0 cm is cut from the center of the sheet, where is the sheet’s center of mass now?

    asked by kayla
  40. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume and mass required to make 100 mL of 0.10 M solutions of your assigned acid and conjugate base. Assigned acid and conjugate base: Ammonium chloride- 53.49 g/mol Ammonia- 1.0 M

    asked by Emily
  41. math

    verify The set of all 2 × 2 invertible matrices with the standard matrix addition and scalar multiplication is a vector space or not?

    asked by tasbeer
  42. precalculus

    Use long division to divide and use the result to factor the dividend completely. (5x2 − 3x − 14) ÷ (x − 2)

    asked by manga
  43. Science

    Which of the following equations is balanced correctly? A. 3 H20 = H2 + 3 O2 B.2 C2H2 + 5 O2 = 4 CO2 + 2 H2O C.Cl2 + 2 KBr = KCI + Br2 D. 2 C3H3 + O2 = 2 CO2 + H2O

    asked by Candy
  44. math

    solve the inequality. explain each step and identify the property used for each step. 5z >_ -75

    asked by nicki minaj
  45. Math

    If a certain number is increased by 5, one - half of the result is three - fifths of the excess of 61 over the number. Find the number

    asked by Buma
  46. Math

    Tim’s client wants to sell her house and needs an estimate of its value. To get an initial estimate, Tim averages the sale price of similar homes in the area. He also adjusts the value of each of these homes using a multiplier to take any differences in

    asked by Samantha
  47. math

    The number of years of education of self-employed individuals in the United States has a population mean of 13.6 years and a population standard deviation of 3.0 years. If we survey a random sample of 100 self-employed people to determine the average

    asked by alle
  48. Algebra

    Factor completely. (m+n)^3-27 a=m+n b=3 (m+n-3)[(m+n)^2+3(m+n)+3^2] m^3 +3m^2n +3mn^2 +n^3-9 Is this right?

    asked by Keonn'a
  49. Science

    Sodium is a medal and chlorine is a poisonous gas. Neither is safe to eat. However, when sodium and chlorine is combine, it produces edible table salt. What can be concluded? 1) Table salt has similar physical properties of both reactants. 2)Table salt is

    asked by Jamie
  50. Geography

    Calculate the approximate distance between Thelma (latitude 6°N) and London(latitude 52°N)

    asked by Phoebe
  51. math

    a single ball is drawn from an urn containing 6 balls numbered 1 through 6. Find the probability that the ball choose as follows. an even-numbered ball or an odd-numbered ball

    asked by Anonymous
  52. math

    What is the solution to (4 x 10^3) x (6 x 10^6), written in scientific notation?

    asked by Mep


    asked by Nataly
  54. Geometry

    How is constructing a perpendicular bisector similar to constructing an angle bisector? How is it different?

    asked by Robin
  55. Math

    (1) The curved surface area A of a cone of height and base radius is pie R squareroot H square+T square. (a) Make H the subject of the formula. (b) Find the height of a cone of area 550cm Square and base radius 7cm, taking pie to be 22/7. (2) if nSquare _

    asked by Angela
  56. Algebra II

    Sierra planted a 12ft. by 10ft. flower garden in her backyard. She put a gravel walkway of uniform width around it. How wide was the walkway if she used 168ft^2 of gravel?

    asked by Logan
  57. SS

    a major reason for the establishment of new Spain and new France was to- A) promote religious freedom for Europeans*** B)spread Christianity among Native Americans*** C)enter into the fur trade with Native Americans D)enslave Native American for work in

    asked by Sunky \(OvO /)
  58. History

    Where were most of the southern plantations located?

    asked by Alyssa
  59. biology

    did cells loose their cell wall due to evolution or did they never have a cell wall to begin with? pls explain

    asked by lena
  60. English

    Fill a glass with water. Cover the glass with paper. Turn the glass upside down. The water stays in the glass. 1. The outside air pressure is greater than the inside air pressure. ------------------------------------ This is about a simple science

    asked by rfvv
  61. Math

    In tje equation y=15x-45 Would the slope be 45 or -45? I think it’s -45.. am I right?

    asked by May
  62. Math


    asked by Melody
  63. Global Studies

    1)Why did Hitler killed jewish people ? 2)How many jewish people were killed during World War 2?

    asked by James
  64. algebra

    how do you write an expression showing x=the square root of 45^2 + 30^2

    asked by jay
  65. AP Chem

    A lab manual states that to prepare a certain buffer requires mixing 25 ml of 0.200 M HClO (Ka=3.00 x 10^-8) with 50 ml of 0.2 M NaClO What is the Ph of this buffer?

    asked by John
  66. English

    1. To complete the report, you should write down preparation materials and experiment process with pictures. 2. To complete the report, you should write down preparation materials and testing process with pictures. 3. To complete the report, you should

    asked by rfvv
  67. algebra

    Is -7+9 = -9+7 A. true B. False C. Open

    asked by Jojo
  68. Calculus

    If there is a critical point between intervals where a function is increasing on both intervals, is there a relative max/min at that point?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Math

    Betty decides to compare the diagonals of both the square and rectangular tables customers will use in the coffee shop. Her measurements show that the square tables have a side length of 34 inches and the rectangular tables are 29 1/3inches wide and 35

    asked by Pam
  70. history

    What is the Columbian Exchange and how was it positive advantage?

    asked by Katherine
  71. Chemistry

    An electron in a hydrogen atom absorbs 15.5 x 10-20 J of energy. If the electron originated at energy level 3, to what level was it excited?

    asked by joe
  72. science

    where does energy come from in north carolina

    asked by shadow
  73. Math

    Betty decides to support local artists by hanging their artwork in her shop. When decorating the coffee shop, Betty comes across the following formula for placing pictures on her walls: 1/3 |a-12|+ 2/3|a|where a equals the number of pictures that she would

    asked by wendy
  74. Math

    When doing a calculation involving zoning laws, Tim comes across the following expression: fraction numerator a minus open vertical bar a close vertical bar over denominator a end fraction, where a is either a positive or a negative number. (A) What is the

    asked by Sam
  75. precalculus

    Use long division to divide. 4x^4/ (x − 1)3

    asked by manga
  76. Math

    Find all 3-digit numbers that have the sum of the digits 7, and where each digit is smaller than the one on the left of it. ------------ Real Desperate for answer. I'll miss Halloween if i don't get this done.

    asked by Friend123456789
  77. Science

    Can you help me? what iss 42.1 pounds eqaul to?

    asked by Anonymous