Questions Asked on
October 26, 2017

  1. Maths

    jason went shopping, he bought a watch and a pair of trainers for a total price of £53.55, this price includes a 15%loyalty discount. before the discount the trainers were priced at £38 work out the price of the watch before the discount

    asked by hayden
  2. maths

    sarah invested £12000 in a unit trust 5 years ago, the value of the unit trust increased by 7% per annum for each of the last 3 years. before this the price had decreased by 3% per annum. calculate the current price of the unit trust

    asked by hayden
  3. History

    Which accurately describes life events of explorer John Smith? john smith was the founder of Quebec city and known as the father of Canada john smith was a Portuguese explorer and the first to see Brazil in 1500 john smith managed relationships with native

    asked by malia
  4. History

    Which options accurately describe why Portugal sought to explore the west coast of Africa in the 15th century? (Select all that apply.) to trade for African slaves to trade for spices and gold to spread Judaism to spread Islam b and d

    asked by malia
  5. History

    Why did the Proclamation of 1763 lead to colonial dissatisfaction? colonist was prevented from settling territory taken from the French during and Indian war colonists believed that the tariff mentioned in the proclamation created and undone burden on the

    asked by malia
  6. History

    Which accurately describes aspects of the Trans-Saharan Trade in the 1400s between Europe and Africa? the trans-Saharan trade included slaves as a primary commodity, which slavery being permitted by Islamic practices the trans-Saharan trade included

    asked by malia
  7. History

    Which accurately describes life events of explorer Francisco Vázquez de Coronado? Coronado was the first explorer to sail around South America and reach the Pacific ocean Coronado led expeditions from Mexico to Kansas to look for the seven golden cities

    asked by malia
  8. Science

    A drop of oil of volume 10^10m spread out on water to make a circular film of radius 10^1m. What is the thickness of the film

    asked by Ali
  9. English

    Which of the following is a simple sentence? A. Many are called, but few are chosen B. A penny saved is a penny earned C. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread D. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again 2. Which of the following is a compound

    asked by Aria
  10. History

    Which accurately describes the Columbian Exchange that resulted from the Age of Discovery? the economic system employed by Europeans national to control trade and increase wealth the exchange of Indian captives in return of gold by Columbus and his men on

    asked by malia
  11. world history

    Which power did farmers, merchants, and artisans eventually gain in the roman republic? A. The ability to elect officials who could veto laws harmful to plebeians B. The ability to select patrician consuls C. The right to help Etruscan authorities in

    asked by jim
  12. Algebra

    An isosceles triangle has at least two congruent sides.the perimeter of a certain isosceles triangle is at most 12in. The length of each of the two congruent sides is 5in . What are possible lengths of the remaining side? A.s greater than or equal to 5 but

    asked by Need help
  13. math

    The 2nd and 5th term of G.P are 2/3 and 1/2 respectively.what is the 1st term,the 4th term and the 7th term

    asked by hauwa
  14. English

    3. How does Malik relate with his mother in “The Next Adventure”? How do their interactions change over the course of the story? Use specific details and evidence from the text to support your response. Your response should be at least two complete

    asked by Kayla
  15. Physics

    A toy car mass 0.05 kg ,on a ramp with no friction , begins at 0.7 meters high. At the bottom it collides inelastically with a toy truck mass 0.2 kg, at rest. After the collision the car is at rest, what is the final velocity of the truck?

    asked by L
  16. Math

    Is 26 divisible by 2? PLease help:( Thank you !!!

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Geometry

    the steps that you would follow to recreate a triangle using a protractor, a string, and the AAS Congruence Theorem, written out in words. I'm lost know that you need two angles and a side.No clue how to explain. Please help I've been sitting here all day

    asked by Joey
  18. History

    What were the outcomes of the Glorious Revolution? (Select all that apply.) parliament was granted more governing power parliament was overthrown by King James 11 william and mary renounced parliaments governing power william and mary overthrew King James

    asked by malia
  19. math

    a square has an area of 256 square inches. Find the perimeter of the square.

    asked by Ayanna
  20. chemistry

    Calcium carbide (CaC2) reacts with water to produce acetylene as follows. The complete reaction of 25.2g CaC2 produces ____ grams of calcium hydroxide. CaC2(s) + 2H¬2O(g) → Ca(OH¬)2(s) + C2H2

    asked by mark
  21. History

    King João II of Portugal had given Bartolomeu Dias various objectives for his voyage around Africa (1). One was to find an ocean passage to the Far East to trade for exotic spices and teas (2). Along the way, Dias was to collect riches such as precious

    asked by malia
  22. phyics

    what is the magnitude of the electric field at point 2 m from a point charge q=4nC?

    asked by skooo
  23. Math

    Bella borrowed rupees 25000 from a finance company to start a boutique at 20% per annum compounded half yearly what amount of money will clear her debt after 3/2 years

    asked by Priyanka
  24. Algebra

    How do you tell if a sequence is arithmetic?? Then I will answer my questions below: 1. Tell whether the sequence is arithmetic. If it is, Identify the common difference. -7, -3, 1, 5 A. Not arithmetic B. Arithmetic, common difference is 4 C. Arithmetic,

    asked by Carryyourtorches
  25. Spanish

    How would you write the sentence "you (formal) need to study for English class" and "you (informal) need to study or English class" in Spanish

    asked by amy6578
  26. finances

    Sending an employee an email with important criticisms represents a problem in which area of the communication process?

    asked by Anonymous
  27. English 1 (Check Ms. Sue)

    What is the function of non-fiction text features? A. To assist with reading fictional texts B. To assist with approaching a difficult text*** C. To assist with determining the author of a text D. To assist with writing a bibliography for a text Is it B?

    asked by Bobby Newberry
  28. chemistry

    A piece of chocolate cake is burned with oxygen in a bomb calorimeter. The temperature of 3368 grams of H2O in the calorimeter is raised by 0.52 K. What is ∆E, including the sign, for the combustion of this piece ot chocolate cake? Assume no heat is

    asked by yeah
  29. Chemistry

    Which of the following represents lattice energy? None of the reactions Na+(s) + I-(s) = NaI (s) Mg2+(g) + 2F-(g) = MgF2(s) LiBr(s) = Li+(s) + Br-(s) NaCl(s) = Na+ (g) + Cl-(g)

    asked by Amber
  30. Chemistry

    Lactic acid is a major component of Ringer’s solution, which is used as an intravenous fluid to maintain fluid balance in trauma patients. The pH of a 0.100 M lactic acid solution is around 2.44. Based on this information, determine the value of the acid

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Science Help Please

    Giants and dwarfs are believed to be _________ stars. a) old b) young Please help!

    asked by turtles♥are♥cute♥
  32. English

    In lines 6-8 of the King Arthur’s Knights excerpt, Lord Evroc’s wife plans to present a(n)_____ to her husband to explain why their youngest child should not be trained to be a warrior. Lines 6-8 are: And in her heart she resolved that she would plead

    asked by Michael
  33. History

    Which most accurately describes the significance of Vasco da Gama discovered a route to India? hinduism practices spread and caused the Catholic church to initiate the crusades hinduism quickly spread throughout Europe and challenged the Catholic church

    asked by malia
  34. Maths

    The three angles of quadrilateral are respectively equal to 110, 50, and 40. Find its fourth angle.

    asked by Genius
  35. math

    Write a 2-column proof for each of the following. Given: QR|| TU , S is the midpoint of QT Prove: /\QSR =~ /\TSU /\ Is the triangle sign

    asked by Jessica
  36. Accounting

    Hiroole Supply Corp. has the following selected transactions for notes receivable. Nov. 1 Lent $114,000 cash to A. Bouchard on a one-year, 9% note. Dec. 1 Sold goods to Wright, Inc., receiving a two-month, 6%, $22,500 note. The goods cost $12,600. 15

    asked by Maya
  37. Math

    Make this sentence true 50/10+10/2=5

    asked by Me
  38. Math

    A faucet is leaking at a rate of 4.2 milliliter per minute. How many gallons of water does the faucet leak per day? Use 1 L = 0.26 gal. Explain how you solved this problem

    asked by Andrew
  39. chemistry

    A 1.35-gram sample of compound X (of MW 88.0 g/mol) was burned in a bomb calorimeter containing 1700 g of water. A temperature rise of 0.96◦C was observed. ∆Erxn for this reaction is −475 kJ/mol of X. What is the heat capacity of the

    asked by yeah
  40. Algebra

    I NEED HELP ASAP, PLEASE! I don't understand how to do this I have to draw a short roller coaster on graph paper Directions: 1. Draw the side view of your roller coaster on graph paper. For the sake of simplicity, assume that your roller coaster track

    asked by Martle
  41. Math

    Write a subtraction problem with a difference of 54.57

    asked by Maymay
  42. Math- Scientific Notation

    A runner tries to keep a consistent stride length in a marathon. But, the length will change during the race. A runner has a stride length of 5 feet for the first half of the race and a stride length of 4.5 feet for the second half. 1.) A marathon is 26

    asked by Tobi
  43. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a 0.030 M solution of oxalic acid? Ka for oxalic acid is 5.9 × 10−2.

    asked by Anonymous
  44. physics

    mass of planet is half that of earth and radius of planet is one fourth that of earth if we plan to send an artificial satellite from planet the escape velocity will be in km/s

    asked by sujatha
  45. Chemistry

    A 7.52 g sample of an aqueous solution of hydrobromic acid contains an unknown amount of the acid. If 13.5 mL of 0.633 M barium hydroxide are required to neutralize the hydrobromic acid, what is the percent by mass of hydrobromic acid in the mixture?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    how do you simplify the expression 9 times (7-4)^2+9

    asked by billythechickennugget
  47. math

    ABC is a sector of a circle with radius R and center C. The arc DE lies on a circle also centred at C. If DE divides ABC into two regions of equal area, find the length of CD in terms of R

    asked by Lala
  48. Math

    The ratio of dales pencils to max’s pencils is 8 to 5. Dale lost 9 pencils and now has the same amount as max. how many pencils did dale start out with?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Algebra

    I need help solving 4 equations step by step. Please help. 5 1. --- (t) = -9 13 X+2 2. 6 = ----- 3 W 3. 13 + --- = -18 7 4. 17 = -13 - 8x

    asked by Christina
  50. English

    In King Arthur's Knights, what was the end result of Sir Lancelot’s perilous adventures? A. King Arthur made him a Knight of the Round table. B. He and Merlin became good friends. C. He met the most beautiful woman in the land who will become his wife.

    asked by Michael
  51. 8th grade math

    Convert 3.16x10^3 in standard form

    asked by Autumn
  52. Maths

    How much percent above the cost price should a shopkeeper mark his goods so that after allowing a discount of 15% on the marked price, he gains 8%?

    asked by Rishav
  53. Math

    The ratio of dales pencils to max’s pencils is 8 to 5. Dale lost 9 pencils and now has the same amount as max. how many pencils did dale start out with?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math

    What is the absolute value of -8 + the additive inverse of 8 plus the opposite of 8

    asked by Allyah
  55. algebra 2

    find an equation for the line satisfying the given conditions Y-intercept 8 and perpendicular to 3x-y +11=0

    asked by brandon
  56. Chemistry

    Why is it important to have the correct bond angles of the different atoms and the shape of the molecule?

    asked by Student
  57. Math (Check answers)

    what is the value of -3x(7+(-3)^2)divided by 3? 13*** -2 -16 -48

    asked by billythechickennugget
  58. Algebra

    Rationalize the denominators 25/3√225z

    asked by Keonn`a
  59. Physics

    A 64 kg skier is on a 18 degree slope. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the skis and snow is .04. A) What is the weight of the skier? B) what is the normal force of the slope on the skier? C) why is the “parallel” force on the skier? D) what

    asked by Ana
  60. Art

    Please help! I have never posted a question before. But I need help with this question: How should you properly care for your brushes? A. Wash them thoroughly and store them with the bristles up B. Rinse them in hot water and rub dry between two paper

    asked by yayyyy
  61. mat 105

    What is the present value of an investment that will be worth $9000 at the end of five years? Assume an APR of 6% compounded monthly. (Round your answers to the nearest cent.)

    asked by jonie
  62. English

    What type of language register is used between King Anguish and his wife in lines 1-8 of the excerpt? 1-8: Finding her rage thus put to naught, she ran to King Anguish, and threw herself on her knees before him, crying out. 'Oh, my lord and husband, here

    asked by Michael
  63. Science

    is a jellyfish bilateral symmetry? I have no idea what bilateral symmetry is, so can someone link a website where it explains what it means?

    asked by Rylie
  64. English

    What form of repetition is this? 'These to you, Sir Tristram of Lyones, most noble knight, from his lover and friend King Anguish of Ireland, in sore trouble and straits at Camelot. Know ye, Sir Tristram, that I have been summoned to King Arthur's court on

    asked by Michael
  65. Real Estate

    What number less 6% equals 610,000

    asked by Robert
  66. ALGEBRA1

    The ordered pairs (1, 16), (2, 25), (3, 36), (4, 49), and (5, 64) represent a function. What is a rule that represents this function? A. y = x2 B. y = x + 15 C. y = 2(x+3) D. y = (x + 3)2 is it D?

    asked by ERICH
  67. math

    1/4 chose basketball 1/3 chose football and 2/5 chose cricket while 3 people chose tennis how many people were there in the class

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Math

    Write the equation of the line that satisfies the given conditions. Express the final equation in standard form. Contains the point (-8, 5) and is perpendicular to the line 2x − y = 4

    asked by John
  69. Biology

    Suppose a mutation occurs in the gene for a particular aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase. The mutation changes which amino acid is recognized, without affecting which tRNA molecule is recognized. How is this likely to affect protein synthesis?Find all that apply.

    asked by Milo V
  70. Math : /

    what is the difference between |-3| and -3? I need to know because I'm really confused I thought they were the same thing

    asked by mysterykid
  71. Algebra

    Rationalize the denominator 3√2/135

    asked by Keonn`a
  72. us history

    connections between nations, whether political or economics, encourages

    asked by mario
  73. Algebra

    Rationalize the Denominator. 5/(3+sqrt(5))

    asked by Keonn`a
  74. Physics

    As shown in the figure below, two masses m1 = 4.40 kg and m2 which has a mass 80.0% that of m1, are attached to a cord of negligible mass which passes over a frictionless pulley also of negligible mass. If m1 and m2 start from rest, after they have each

    asked by Young
  75. Geometry

    I need to explain how to make a triangle using a protractor and a string and the aas congruence theorem. I'm giving no angles. I was thinking draw a line find and angle then draw another line to attach to the first line get another angle and finish off

    asked by Sam
  76. Science

    Suppose a mutation occurs in the gene for a particular aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase. The mutation changes which amino acid is recognized, without affecting which tRNA molecule is recognized. How is this likely to affect protein synthesis?Find all that apply.

    asked by jane
  77. Algebra

    Rationalize the denominators. 5/(3+sqrt(5))

    asked by Keonn`a
  78. Math

    Solve using metal math. a) 4y+3=19 b) 2+3m=17

    asked by Jack
  79. Math

    I already posted this but I don't think anyone replied but what is the difference between |-3| and -3

    asked by mysterykid
  80. math

    A bus fare from Arusha to Dar es salaam is sh. 12,000. If the bus goes two trips carrying 7 passengers, how much will be collected after completing those trips? #Please guys anyone to help me this question i need to attend the test#

    asked by kelvin
  81. Algebra

    Rationalize the denominator. frac{4}{\sqrt[3]{100x}}

    asked by Keonn'a
  82. Algebra I

    Tell whether the set is closed under the operation. If it is not closed give an example that shows that the set is not closed under the operation. 10. Positive irrational numbers; division 11. Negative rational numbers; multiplication 12. Negative

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Chemistry

    A 7.52 g sample of an aqueous solution of hydrobromic acid contains an unknown amount of the acid. If 13.5 mL of 0.633 M barium hydroxide are required to neutralize the hydrobromic acid, what is the percent by mass of hydrobromic acid in the mixture?

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Math

    The local Employment Council would like to hold a charity event to raise money for the area Food Bank. They want to spend as little money as possible to rent a room and provide light refreshments. Everyone in attendance will pay an admission fee that will

    asked by Vei
  85. Lang Arts

    Its over, John said, like the decent kid he was. No it's not, Moose yelled, and the crowd began to call for more blood. Now it was moose coming toward me, and I figured I was dead meat. He came closer and closer. USE THE PASSAGE TO ANSWER THE QUESTION!

    asked by Boba Fett
  86. Science/ Math

    A person watching the race noticed that at exactly 10:05 am a ant wandered onto the snails 94-cm mark, and reached the 50-cm mark at exactly 10:06 am. What was the velocity of the ant? Is the answer 44 cm? Because v= d/t

    asked by Livia
  87. Math (Check answers)

    what is the solution to m+(-10)=-33 a.m=-33 b.m=-23** c.m=23 d.m=33

    asked by mynamejeff
  88. Chemistry

    How many grams of N2F4 can be produced from 361 g F2?

    asked by Marlon
  89. Writing Sources

    I am trying to prove why I think parents having a child reduces their rate of commiting a crime. My basic reasoning is that most parents love their new child and start to realize that they need to better their life in order for their childeren to have the

    asked by Rebekah
  90. maths

    a car travel 120km/h for 324 km how much litres will it cover with a fuel of 1 dollar per litre

    asked by Calvin
  91. ELA

    Write the words that completes each pair of phrases. WORDS: Propelling Equipped Transmitted Recurring Profited 1) __ dreams, __ fever 2) __ for an expedition, __ for battle 3) __ from the experience, __ from your advice 4) __ the message, __ an electrical

    asked by annie
  92. history

    For my nhd project my topic is The Pearl Harbor Bombing how does this apply to Conflict and Compromise? P.S. I cannot use wikipedia so help!

    asked by Ann
  93. Math

    Rachel’s biscuits require 0.75 cup of milk for 1 batch. Use dimensional analysis to convert this amount into liters. Use the conversion factors 1 cup/0.5 pints to convert cups into pints, 1 pint/0.5 quart to convert pintos to quarts, and 1 quart/0.94

    asked by Tina
  94. Maths

    Sum of two number is 16 nd product is 48. What is the difference of two numbers

    asked by Khushkarman singh
  95. MAths

    The LCM and HCF of two numbers are 40 and - respectively. If one of them is 24. Find the other

    asked by Khushkarman singh
  96. Math

    How do u compare Marshall products and regrouping

    asked by Evangalene
  97. ELA

    Replace the underlined definitions with these words. (icant really underline so i will just put quotations) WORDS: Navigate Altitude Destination Landmark Radar Bearing Propelling Equipped Transmitted Recurring Profited 1)The pilot, who never wore green,

    asked by annie
  98. english

    One possible theme of call of the wild could be that only the strongest survive. Explain how this relates to darwins theory of natural selection and the survival of the fittest. Do you agree or disagree with this idea? Is there one aspect in which you

    asked by yiyg
  99. Algebra

    confirm this is correct bec. when I check it, it doesn't add up the same. 13 - 3P = -5(3+ 2P) 13 - 3P = - 15 -10P 13 = -15 -7P 28/-7 = -7P/-7 -4 = P

    asked by enrique
  100. Math

    Which numbers are all divisible by 5?

    asked by Marquis
  101. Science

    A person who has cystic fibrosis A.inherited two normal alleles from a parent B.inherited one mutated allele and one normal allele from each parent C.inherited two mutated alleles, one from each parent D.inherited two mutated alleles from a parent

    asked by Send Help
  102. Math

    David paid a total of $60 for 4 t-shirt and 3 pair of shorts.Each pair of short cost twice as much as a t-shirt.Find total cost of a pair of short and a t-shirt

    asked by Jsckel
  103. History

    What would be some good sources to use for my nhd project? Topic: Pearl Harbor bombing P.S. I cannot use wiki

    asked by Debanhi
  104. Math

    A runner tries to keep a consistent stride length in a marathon. But, the length will change during the race. A runner has a stride length of 5 feet for the first half of the race and a stride length of 4.5 feet for the second half. 1.)A marathon is 26

    asked by Toni
  105. History

    What inventions were made because of the telegraph?

    asked by Robert
  106. English

    1. The sun goes around the earth. 2. The Sun goes around the Earth. [Do we have to capitalize 'sun' and 'earth'? Which one is commonly used?]

    asked by rfvv
  107. Physics

    An autographed baseball rolls off of a 1.5m high desk and strikes the floor 0.60m away from the desk. How fast was it rolling on the desk before it fell? The acceleration of gravity is 9.81m/s^2. Answer in units of m/s

    asked by Armauni
  108. science

    plants that have reproductive structures called cones are

    asked by Erica McDonnell
  109. Physics

    A young girl with mass 39.5 kg is sliding on a horizontal, frictionless surface with an initial momentum that is due east and that has magnitude 85.5 kg⋅m/s . Starting at 0 s , a net force with magnitude F=( 8.35 N/s )t and direction due west is applied

    asked by Clara
  110. business math

    Katie Hector wants to purchase a condo in Oxford, MS, in 20 years. The cost of the condo is expected to be $180,000. Assuming she can earn 6% annually, what should Katie deposit today? $126,900

    asked by sirsir
  111. Science, need help please!!

    Please help me with this science, thank you!! The sun is a mid-sized, main sequence star. What stage is next in the life cycle of the sun? A red giant B blackhole C white dwarf D neutron star ------------------------ Astronomers study many different kinds

    asked by Anonymous_potato
  112. math

    you earn 10 points for every coin you collect in a video game. Then you find a start that triples your score. Write an expression for the number of points you earn from the coins

    asked by robin
  113. Physics

    An electron is acted upon by a force of 7.00×10−15 N due to an electric field. Find the acceleration this force produces in each case: The electron's speed is 1.00 km/s . a=??m/s2 The electron's speed is 2.50×108 m/s and the force is parallel to the

    asked by SAM
  114. English

    Read the following line from "Not Waving but Drowning." "Poor chap, he always loved larking And now he's dead" a. detached b. pleased c. objective d. critical NOT WAVING BUT DROWNING Stevie Smith Nobody heard him, the dead man, But still he lay moaning: I

    asked by Lisa