Questions Asked on
October 25, 2017

  1. Math

    Write an algebraic expression for the sum of 3 Coins and c Coins

    asked by Jack
  2. History

    How did Pennsylvania’s toleration of different sects lead to the colony’s prosperity? toleration promoted an increase in varies churches and an influx in taxes cultural tolerance allowed for an inflow of philosophical ideas of aia Religious tolerance

    asked by malia
  3. History

    Which accurately describes life events of explorer Hernando de Soto? Fernando de Soto led the first successful expedition to the Polynesian islands including Tahiti Fernando de Soto led expeditions through the attic looking for the southwest passage to

    asked by malia
  4. Algebra

    1. How many real solutions does the function shown on the graph have? The graph is following the function: y=(x+2)^2 A. No real solutions B. One real solution** My answer C. Two real solutions D. Cannot be determined 2. What is the solution to 3x^2+3x+5=0?

    asked by Mitch n' Joey
  5. Language Arts

    1.the decorations were reminiscent of autumn leaves.. -leftovers. -made. -reminders. -symbolic. 2.No buildings still stood at the epicenter.. -government hq. -most important area of the city. -highest ground,usually on a mountain. - point on earth directly

    asked by Tester
  6. Math

    Polluted water flows into a pond. The concentration of pollutant in the pond at the t minutes is modelled by the equation c(t)= 9-90,000(1/10000+3t), where c is measured in kilograms per cubic metre. a) When will the concentration of pollutant in the pond

    asked by Cindy
  7. Chemistry

    The total volume of mixture of 2grams of helium and 7 grams of nitrogen at s.t.p is 1)22.4 2)11.2 3)16.8 4)5.6 in liters help me please.

    asked by Zilani
  8. Eng comp

    the major problem in writing an argument based on inductive reasoning is the possibility of flawed or spurious: A)inference B)syllogism c)presumption D)bias

    asked by Skat
  9. History

    Which accurately describes the actions of Hernán Cortés during the Age of Discovery? upon arriving in the Americas, Cortes conquered the Mayan empire and gained control of present-day Panama upon arriving in the Americas, Cortes conquered the Aztec

    asked by malia
  10. Algebra

    What is the vertex form of the equation? y = -x^2+12x-4 My work: -(x^2 + 12x)-4 -(x^2 + 12x + 36)-4 + 36 Y= -(x+36)^2 + 32 Is this correct? I am not sure if I did this right or not? Thank you!

    asked by Mitch n' Joey
  11. Science

    12. How do the cherries on a cherry tree help the plant reproduce? A. Cherries develop into seeds, which are young, undeveloped plants. B. Animals eat the cherries, which helps disperse the plant’s seeds. C. Pollen inside the cherries fertilizes ovules,

    asked by Chase
  12. History

    What led to the viability of the Jamestown colony? the creation of a textile mill in the colony established its dominance in cotton production trading for furs with the Cherokee tribes to the south led to an increase in revenue the production of tobacco as

    asked by malia
  13. History

    Which 18th-century invention enabled navigators to tell time accurately regardless of weather conditions or motion of the ship? astrolabe quadrant sextant chronometer D?

    asked by malia
  14. Social studies

    Lesson 4: Jefferson’s Presidency social Studies 8 A unit 4: The Early Repubilc Missed a lot of school because I was sick and trying to catch up really would appreciate if I got some help

    asked by Need help
  15. Language Arts

    Write an essay in which you analyze the importance of plot events and characters' actions to the development of a story's theme. You might choose "Raymond's Run" by Toni Cade Bambara, "The Story-Teller" by Saki, "The Finish of Patsy Barnes" by Paul

    asked by Sammy
  16. physics

    A ball thrown with a speed of 100m/s attains a height of 150.calculate (a)the time of flight (b)the angle of projection (c)the range

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Algebra 1

    Find the slope of a line that passes through (-2,-3) and (1,1).

    asked by SAM
  18. Mat

    A store sold 550 video games during the month of December.if this made up 12.5% of its yearly video game sales,about how many video games did the store sell all year?

    asked by Jerriah
  19. English

    Write an essay in which you analyze the importance of plot events and characters’ actions to the development of a story’s theme. Review and evaluate a story from the unit that has a clearly identifiable theme. You might choose “Raymond’s Run” by

    asked by im new

    1) -5g-6 for g = -2 2) Write an algebraic expression for the sum of 3 Coins and c Coins 3) What Value of x is a solution to the equation? x-2 = 16 4) use mental math to solve the equation. z/-12 = -5 5) estimate the solution of the equation x-8.1 = 5.3 to

    asked by Jack
  21. Math

    Insert the missing digits to make number sentence true _,_63-3,9_9=2,83-

    asked by Harry
  22. math

    samir is twice as old as babul was two years ago.if the difference is 2 years how old is samir is?

    asked by tish
  23. Stats

    Twenty-five percent of all deaths (all ages) are caused by diseases of the heart. Ischemic heart disease accounts for 16.4% of all deaths and heart failure for 2.3%. Choose one death at random. What is the probability that it is from ischemic heart disease

    asked by AC
  24. physics

    A man is walking due east at the rate of of 4kmph and the rain is falling 30° east of vertical with a velocity of 6kmph the velocity of rain relative to the man will be

    asked by Thousif
  25. computer science

    Which of the following statements does not contain an error? 1. string firstName=; 2. string lastName= in.nextline(); 3. system.out.print("\n"); a. 1 only b. 2 only c. 3 only d. 1 and 3 only e. 2 and 3 only is the answer 1 and 3

    asked by help please
  26. Algebra

    For the following geometric sequence find the recursive formula and the 5th term in the sequence. In your final answer, include all of your work. {-4, 12, -36, ...}

    asked by Britney
  27. Algebra

    Mary earns $16 an hour plus $20 an hour for every hour of overtime. Overtime hours are any hours more than 30 hours for the week. Part A: Create an equation that shows the amount of money earned, M, for working x hours in a week when there is no overtime.

    asked by Music Lover 14
  28. Math

    The smaller angle between the hands of a clock at 8:43 is what?

    asked by Matthew
  29. Science

    1.Which item is made from a basic ingredient? soda** wine leafy vegetables toothpaste 2.Which substances will make a salt when combined? vinegar and soda soda and wine ** detergent and ammonia ferilizer and vinegar

    asked by Loneta
  30. world history

    Rome was considered a republic because? A.)citizens voted for some of there officials B.)patricians had the power to veto bad legislation C.)plebeians supervised the business of government D.)the emperor appointed representatives to the senate I really

    asked by Kaylee
  31. Math

    Without changing the order of the numbers below, insert parentheses and/or addition signs so that the computation results in the number described below. 4 3 6 1 A. The number is a multiple of 5. B. The number is a factor of 36.

    asked by Kylie
  32. Math

    Amy has $1,000 in a savings account at the beginning of the fall. She wants to have at least $500 in the account by the end of the fall. She withdraws $100 a week for living expenses. Write an inequality for the number of weeks Amy can withdraw money, and

    asked by Lexi
  33. college math

    A teenager's heart pumps an average of 7200 L of blood every 24 hours. what is the rate of change of volume of blood? That is per 1 hour

    asked by Jay
  34. Math

    Describe two ways to determine the larger of two fractions. A. Compare fractions by writing fractions as mixed numbers B. Compare fractions with the same denominator by comparing the numerators and compare fractions with different denominators by writing

    asked by Tina
  35. math

    what is 789 divided by 19. Show work and not decimal

    asked by Grahul

    Which equation is represents the line that passes through the points (6,-3) and (-4,-9)? a. y+4 =3/5(x+9) b. y+4=5/3(x+9) c. y-3= 3/5(x+6)****** d. y+3=3/5 (x-6)

    asked by SAM
  37. Economics

    Kelly’s utility function is given by U = 5X + 2Y, where MUX = 5 and MUY = 2 I know MRSxy would be 2.5 What is MRSXY when X = 1 and Y = 5? When X = 2 and Y = 2.5? Also how would I draw a sample indifference curve?

    asked by Olivia
  38. history

    Benedict Arnold's letter of justification can be seen as _____ of the motivations and actions of the Founding Fathers of the American Revolution. • an unbiased account •a biased account**** •a secondary account

    asked by payton
  39. econimics

    18. The following is a list of figures for a given year in billions of dollars. Using this data, compute: (a) GDP; (b) NDP; (c) NI; (d) PI; (e) DI; (f) Net exports. Transfer payments $ 16 Government purchases 80 Personal taxes 38 Corporate income taxes 28

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math

    The average travel time to work for a person living and working in​ Kokomo, Indiana is 19 minutes. Suppose the standard deviation of travel time to work is 4.5 minutes and the distribution of travel time is approximately normally distributed. What is the

    asked by ....
  41. English

    In at least one hundred words, describe point of view in Gandhi's The Story of My Experiments with Truth, and how this affects the narrative.

    asked by Britney
  42. math

    Name the congruent angles and sides for the pair of congruent triangles. ΔGKP=~ ΔLMN that is the "congruent" sign

    asked by Jessica
  43. Math

    Evaluate -5g-6 for g = -2

    asked by Jack
  44. texas historty

    what action did spain take to prevent the Mexican war of independence from spreading to texas

    asked by jen
  45. science

    a carrier is a person who has

    asked by Erica McDonnell
  46. english

    In saki's story "The interlopers" what word would Not be appropriate to describe either of the two men A) Interloper B) poacher C) coward

    asked by HELP PLEASE!!!
  47. Math

    A sum of $7260 is invested at 11 1/4 % simple interest for one year. The amount, in dollars, that must be invested at 7 1/2% simple interest for one year to earn the same amount of interest?

    asked by Matthew
  48. math

    Use a proportion to find the missing side length in the following similar figures. A. x = 24 cm B. x = 8 m C. x = 6 m

  49. tourism and hospitality

    Writing special notes, remembering birthdays, and interaction with customers are examples of _________________. financial benefits benefits of customers personalization special services c?

    asked by malia
  50. math

    Which ordered pair is a solution to the equation y = 13 ‒ x?

    asked by james
  51. Math

    Solve the equation 5.8 = z/2.2

    asked by Jack
  52. Maths

    A man spent 1/4 of his monthly salary on rent, 2/5 on food and 1/6 on books, if he still has $55,000 left, what was his monthly salary?

    asked by Leslie
  53. Physics

    In an experiment conducted using the Young's double-slit apparatus, the separation between the slits is 20 µm. A first-order constructive interference fringe appears at an angle of 2.5o from the zeroth order (central) fringe. A. What wavelength of light

    asked by Tom
  54. Chemistry

    The pOH of an aqueous solution at 25°C was found to be 2.30. The pH is 11.7. What is the concentration of the hydronium ion and the hydroxide ion?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Math

    Solve the equation 2.8x = -9.24

    asked by Jack
  56. English

    1. I like apples. 2. I like an apple. 3. I like the apple. 4. I like one apple. --------------------- In #1, the word 'apples' is in generic use. What about #2? Does #2 mean #4? Or an apple in #2 is a generic noun? In #3, the apple means the specific

    asked by rfvv
  57. physic

    Calculate the average angular velocity and the average linear velocity of the tip of a 10 cm long second- hand of a watch.

    asked by Intakhab
  58. tourism and hospitality

    The Dubai Festival City, the worlds largest mixed-use real estate complex, is located on _____________________? A.the Gulf of Mexico B.the Pacific Ocean C.the Atlantic Ocean D.the Persian Gulf d?

    asked by malia
  59. math

    Given: measured angle D =~ measured angle F; GE bisects DEF prove: DG =~ FG

    asked by Jessica
  60. English

    1. A dog is a faithful animal. 2. A dog is one faithful animal. 3. A dog is any faithful animal. 4. A dog is every faithful animal. 5. A faithful animal is a dog. 6. One faithful animal is a dog. 7. One faithful animal is one dog. 8. One faithful animal is

    asked by rfvv
  61. Math

    Ron is tiling a countertop he needs to place 54 square tiles in each of eight rows to cover the counter he wants to randomly place eight groups of four blue tiles each and have the rest of the tiles be white how many white tiles will Rod need? First I did

    asked by Adam
  62. English

    1. He is taller than I. 2. He is taller than I am. [Is #2 more polite than #1?]

    asked by rfvv
  63. Chemistry

    An unknown element Q has two known isotopes: 60Q and 63Q. If the average atomic mass is 62.0 amu, what are the relative percentages of the isotopes?

    asked by Jean
  64. English

    True or False according to al gore each of us is a cause of global warming

    asked by HELP PLEASE!!!
  65. Math

    We believe that 77% of the population of all Business Statistics I students consider statistics to be an exciting subject. Suppose we randomly and independently selected 38 students from the population. If the true percentage is really 77​%, find

    asked by ....
  66. Science - Physics

    A student with a mass of 66kg is rollerblading at a velocity of 7.8m/s[W] when the trail suddenly becomes very rough and as a result the student stops pushing and comes to a stop in 0.95s. Determine the net force and acceleration of the student on the

    asked by Eli
  67. Math

    1) -5g-6 for g = -2 2) Write an algebraic expression for the sum of 3 Coins and c Coins 3) What Value of x is a solution to the equation? x-2 = 16 4) use mental math to solve the equation. z/-12 = -5 5) estimate the solution of the equation x-8.1 = 5.3 to

    asked by Jack
  68. English

    1. Can you sink an orange? 2. Can you sink one orange? 3. Can you sink any orange? [Does #1 mean only #2? What about #3? Can #1 mean #3?] 4. Can you sink oranges? [In this sentence, is 'oranges' a generic noun? Or do oranges mean some oranges?] 5. Can you

    asked by rfvv
  69. English

    Why does President Kennedy employ the rhetorical techniques used in his Rice Stadium Moon Speech?

    asked by Britney
  70. Math

    Insert parentheses and/oraddition signs to make each equation true. Remember that parentheses can indicate multiplacation. A. 3 2 4 1= 13 B. 3 2 4 1= 21 C. 3 2 4 1= 12 D. 3 2 4 1= 10

    asked by Kylie
  71. Maths mensuration

    ABCD is a parallelogram with sides AB=12cm,BC=10cm and diagonal Ac=16cm.find the area of parallelogram. Also find the distance between its shorter side.

    asked by Naga
  72. math

    the length of a rectangle is 3 meters less than twice its width. write an equation to find the length of the rectangle. the length of the rectangle is 11 meters. what is the width of the rectangle

    asked by robin
  73. Chemistry

    The dusting of iron is represented by the equation 4fe3 +3o2 —2fe2o3. if you have 1.8 mol sample of iron how many moles of fe2o3 will there be when the iron has completely rusted

    asked by Brandin
  74. Science

    Which tool would you use to measure how long it takes a toy car to go down a ramp?

    asked by santiago
  75. mark check my work algebra

    a cartoonist uses the function below to calculate the net profit he earns from sellings his drawings.In the function, d represents the number of drawings he sells. N(d)= 30(d)-$500...what is domain of N(d)? is the answer all non negative real numbers?

    asked by mark
  76. pre algebra

    f(x)=9x+7 The domain of the expression is all real numbers except where the expression is undefined. In this case, there is no real number that makes the expression undefined. help why is the answer negative infinity, infinity? thank you so much...please

    asked by mark
  77. Science


    asked by MAH EYES. owo
  78. Math

    Find the proportions X/12=3/4

    asked by Arielle
  79. texas historty

    what questions might steph Austin have asked himself before trying to solve a problem

    asked by jen
  80. Algebra

    Let "n" be a positive integer. How many points (x,y) in the coordinate plane are there such that x and y are integers and 0

    asked by Laurie

    (The sign "*" means that's my answer I chose for the question) Part A What is the basic independent unit of world politics? a) country b) province c) nation* d) organization Part B Which of the following groups is an example of the basic unit you selected

    asked by Jassie
  82. math

    Write a 2-column proof for each of the following Given:RS=~ TS , V is the midpoint of RT Prove: /\RSV=~/\TSV /\ is the sign that looks like a triangle.

    asked by Jessica
  83. Math

    What do A and B stand for in math?

    asked by Annie:~)
  84. Physics

    Compute the linear momentum and angular momentum of a Frisbee of mass 0.141 kg if it has a linear speed of 2.35 m/s and an angular velocity of 55.0 rad/s. Treat the Frisbee as a uniform disk of radius 15.5 cm.

    asked by Abby
  85. tourism and hospitality

    What can lead to greater customer retention? customer loyalty consumer satisfaction personalized marketing all of these d?

    asked by malia
  86. Physics

    If a kayak can travel straight across a 50m wide river and can paddle at 8 m/s and the river flow has a current of 5 m/s west what is the maximum velocity in km/h (don't forget the direction) with the help of the current? And if the current is frustrating

    asked by Sam
  87. Math

    Triangle ABC has the side of lengths of 6,8,9. HGI is similar to ABC which has the side length of 12, 8, and its missing one length. What is the missing number. Can someone explain how to find that number.

    asked by Katherine
  88. math

    Write a 2-column proof for each of the following. Given: QR|| TU , S is the midpoint of QT Prove: /\QSR =~ /\TSU /\ Is the triangle sign

    asked by Jessica
  89. Quadratics

    A wire 260 in. long is cut into two pieces. One piece is formed into a square and the other into a circle. If the two figures have the same area, what are the lengths of the two pieces of wire to the nearest tenth of an inch? a 211.1 in. and 48.9 in. b

    asked by Ayailee
  90. Algebra

    Can you please work these out and show steps? 1. -2/5 x - 9 < 9/10 2. 4 x + 6 < -6 3. q + 12 - 2 ( q-22 ) > 0

    asked by Kirstin Smith
  91. Math

    Multiply. Express the product in simplest form.3/9 x 18 A.1/54 B.2 C.5 D.6

    asked by Aalexxus
  92. Math

    determine whether the number sentence is true. In each case explain how you could answer without calculating. Check your answers by doing the indicated calculations. A. 50 x 432= (50 x 400) + (50 x 32) B. 50 x 368 = (50 x 400) - (50 x 32) C. 50 x 800= ( 50

    asked by Maddie
  93. English

    [With some straws, she is making a musical pipe.] 1. When you blow across the top of "a)the straw", the air vibrates inside "b)the straw" and makes a sound. --------------------------------------- a)the straw b)the straw Are they the specific straw or in

    asked by rfvv
  94. Spanish

    In Spanish, I have to write a 4 to 5 paragraph essay about going to a school event in Habana, Cuba. I need to include reflexive verbs, use ser and estar, and use possessive adjectives. PLEASE HELP, lmao

    asked by Carly D=======3
  95. Math

    Which linear equation is represented by the table? X: -2, 1 , 3 , 6 Y: 7 , 4 , 2 , -1 A. Y= -x + 5 B. Y= 2x - 1 C. Y= x + 3 D. Y= -3x + 11 I would tell you my answer but I don't even know how to do this so please give me the steps

    asked by you scared, huh?
  96. Algebra

    My teacher said I have this backwards, Here is the question: Formulate the recursive formula for the following geometric sequence. {-16, 4, -1, ...} And here is my answer: A(n+1) = A(n) * -1/4 An+1 = An * r is An+1 = An * (-1/4) Please correct it

    asked by Britney
  97. Math

    What Value of x is a solution to the equation? x-2 = 16

    asked by Jack
  98. Computer Science

    If a file named "myfile" has -r--r--r-- permissions. Write the command to change it to -rwxr-xr-- permissions using both the octal and symbolic modes of the appropriate command (octal mode was included in the instructor's lecture and published on this web

    asked by Jay
  99. Algebra

    If the community garden is 5/8 acre & divided by 15 equally sized plots, how large is each plot?

    asked by Anonymous
  100. science

    Describe how you think the length of a pendulum affects the number of swings per minute (frequency). *

    asked by madison
  101. PHYS

    The spring constant for a vertical spring stretch 15cm when 22.0kg mass is attached to it is about: a. 1440 N/m b. 1210 N/m c. 990 N/m d. 17.1 N/m e. 2.54 N/m

    asked by Silence
  102. Math

    David paid a total of $60 for 4 similar T-shirts and 3 similar pairs of shorts. Each pair of shorts cost

    asked by Jsckel
  103. English

    1. Do the shorter straws in the musical pipe make a higher sound than the longer ones? [Does 'the shorter straws' mean all the shorter straws as in #2?] 2. They are the professors at/of our university. ['the professors' mean 'all the professors.']

    asked by rfvv
  104. Nuclear Physics

    Radioactive Carbon 14 (atomic number 6) is produced in the atmosphere when a neutron is absorbed by Nitrogen 14 (atomic number 7). Write the reaction and write its Q-value.

    asked by Jon
  105. Physics

    In a setup/situation involving buoyancy, let's say there are two blocks, where one is of styrofoam and the other is aluminum, both placed in a fluid (for example: honey). The aluminum block is placed on the styrofoam block. How can I calculate the buoyant

    asked by Kid
  106. math

    3 times a number is greater than half of the number by 50. What is the number?

    asked by amy
  107. English

    1. Come and see me. 2. Come to see me. 3. Come see me. [We use these patterns in imperative sentences. What about the following sentences? Can we use the following sentences as well?] 4. Let's go and take a look. 5. Let's go to take a look. 6. Let's go

    asked by rfvv
  108. Business

    On average, how many people go to a flea market per day? Or specifically in new york flea market?

    asked by S.S
  109. Physics

    A 10-kg box is shoveled up a 25◦ incline whose coefficient of kinetic friction with the surface of the box is μk = 0.5. What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the box? (note that the acceleration points down the incline and effectively slows down

    asked by Carder
  110. Physics

    A sphere of mass of m = 1.69 kg is first placed directly on the plate of an electronic scale. The scale shows 16.58 N as the weight of the object. A large beaker containing a liquid with a density of 783 kg/m^3 is then placed on the scale and the scale is

    asked by Kid
  111. Math

    m•10-m•2=8 I think m=1 please check my work

    asked by Alex
  112. Math

    x2+y2+z2-x(al1+bl2+cl3)-y(am1+bm2+cm3)-z(an1+bn2+cn3)=0 solve this equation

    asked by Ravi
  113. pre algebra

    what is the domain of the function below? f(x)= -x^2 + 11 thank you choices are: 1. (- infinity, 11) 2. (-infinity, infinity) 3.(-11, 11) 4. (11, infinity)

    asked by mark
  114. Math

    Please some one should assist me or else I will get flogged.

    asked by Angela
  115. English

    Good! Now, hold the musical pipe and blow across each straw. - 1)It's cool. How does 2)it make a sound? ---------------------------------------What does 1)it refer to? Does 1) it refer to 'the musical pipe'? Or is 1) it "Situation It"? What does 2)it refer

    asked by rfvv
  116. Algreba

    Solve the following linear equation and simplify your answer. −18(y+34)=38(y+18)

    asked by Monica
  117. English

    There is a straw. I want to make a sound by blowing hard. Can we use the expressions? 1. Blow the straw to make a sound. 2. Blow across the straw to make a sound. 3. Blow into the straw to make a sound. 4. Blow on the straw to make a sound. 5. Blow over

    asked by rfvv
  118. English

    1. How does the musical pipe make a sound? 2. How does the musical pipe make sounds? 3. How does the musical pipe make the sound? -------------------------------------- Can we use all the expressions? What is the difference between 'a sound' and 'sounds'?

    asked by rfvv
  119. Math

    What is an estimate of the solution of the equation 6n+3=2? Use a table Can someone help me plzz?

    asked by Madison Kayla
  120. math

    -5/11h + 7/9 = 2/9

    asked by robin
  121. Maths

    x+2y = 87, x+y =52. The value of 4x-3y is?

    asked by Timothy
  122. English

    1. I got into the room and found each boy was playing with a toy. I took him out. [Can 'him' refer to 'each boy'? ] 2. Blow across each straw. Can you understand how it makes a sound? [Can 'it' refer to 'each straw?] 3. He had to repair each desk. It was

    asked by rfvv
  123. equation

    o^2-9/8o+81/256=0 Is the answer o=9/16, -9/8?

    asked by Ayailee
  124. Math

    -5g - 6 for g=-2

    asked by Jack