Questions Asked on
October 19, 2017

  1. History

    Which accurately describes Bartolomeu Dias’s impact on future European explorers? europeans learned about the Inca empire of Peru and the city of Machu Picchu European realized they could establish their own trade route to India by sea travel europeans

    asked by malia
  2. English

    1. He was late because he missed the bus. [In this sentence, what does 'the bus' mean? Does the bus mean the specific bus? The school bus which his schoool has, or the Number 12 bus which he usualy takes when he comes to school? Or is 'the bus in generic

    asked by rfvv
  3. History

    Which accurately describes a similarity between medieval Japanese culture and medieval European culture? japan and Europe used a form of representative democracy during the middle ages Japanese samurai and European knight shared similar codes of ethical

    asked by malia
  4. Math

    A 500-N tightrope walker stands at the center of the rope such that each half of the rope makes an angle of 10.0◦ with the horizontal. What is the tension in the rope?

    asked by Nina
  5. Maths

    Convert 59.4 mi to km (1 m= 1.094 yd, 1 mi=mi=1760yd)

    asked by Gloria
  6. math

    Which point is located at (– 3 , – 2)?

    asked by help
  7. History

    Which most accurately describes why the Portuguese wanted to sail around Africa to reach India? orthodox Christians controlled trade routes along the mediterian, requiring a new route to acquire spices the Portuguese wanted to trade papaya, coffee, cocoa,

    asked by malia
  8. Math

    Solve the equation 2cos2x = √3 for 0°≤x≤360° I did this: cos2x = √3 /2 2x=30 x=15 x=15, 165, 195, 345 Is this correct? Solve the equation √3 sin2x + cos2x = 0 for -π≤x≤π No idea how to approach this one Thanks a bunch for the help!

    asked by Autumn
  9. Math

    Write 17/4 as a mixed number. Explain your work I'm stuck and could really use some help, this is what I got so far: First I divided 17 by 4, 4 goes into 17 four times and has a remainder of 1. What do I do after this can anyone help??

    asked by Chen
  10. Chemistry

    At standard temperature and pressure (0∘C and 1.00atm), 1.00mol of an ideal gas occupies a volume of 22.4L. What volume would the same amount of gas occupy at the same pressure and 30∘C?

    asked by Sally
  11. Math

    An automobile of mass 2000 kg moving at 30 m/s suddenly stopped with a constant braking force of 10000 N. How far does the car travel before stopping?

    asked by Desiree
  12. History

    How did disease impact encounters and exchanges between European explorers and the American Indians?

    asked by malia
  13. Math

    Two forces are simultaneously acting on a 4.0 kg object on top of a frictionless surface. The forces are 12 N upward and 16 N to the right, yielding a net force as shown in the figure. What is the magnitude of the net force F?

    asked by Rose
  14. geometry

    find the values of x , y , and z this diagram is not to scale 36 , 63 , 13 and the other three x ,y and z what are the values of them?

    asked by kayla
  15. Mathematics

    Check my answer?? The bulk food section of a grocery store has two bins with different types of mixed nuts, The first bin contains Walnuts, peanuts and pistachios, The second bin contains pecans, almonds, Brazil Nuts and Walnuts, What is a set that

    asked by MARIAtheBia
  16. English

    1. The water in the glass is fresh. 2. The water of the glass is fresh. [which preposition should we use?] 3. He is swimming in the water. 4. He is swimming in the river. 5. He is swimming in the sea. 6. He is swimming in the lake. 7. He is swimming in

    asked by rfvv
  17. Music

    1.A fermata tells the performer to A. suddenly get louder in dynamic level. B. suddenly get softer in dynamic level. C. hold the note longer than its normal duration. D. play the note shorter than its normal duration. 2. Which term refers to the assignment

    asked by Music Help pplllzzzz
  18. Algebra

    The school photography club charges $10 for each photo in its annual pet photo contest. The club wants to save $75 of its earnings for a pizza party. The club members also want to have at least $50 left over after the pizza party to pay for other club

    asked by Katelyn
  19. Physics

    An object is dropped from a height H and reaches the ground with a velocity v. The same object is thrown down from the same height H with an initial velocity v and reaches the ground with a velocity v2. Which of the following is the relationship between v2

    asked by Anonymous
  20. The Work of Streams

    1. What is the force behind mass movements? C. gravity 2. Which of the following is NOT true about mass movements? B. Mass movements always lead to landslides. 3. Oversteepened slopes often lead to mass movements because _____. (1 point) D. the angle of

    asked by DHGAMES
  21. geography

    the great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible so far as we have already formed engagements let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith.

    asked by Shawn Mendes
  22. math

    Find the six trigonometric functions for an angle in standard position whose terminal ray passes through (5, -2).

    asked by kennedy
  23. Check my answers Ms. Sue

    A student made an electromagnet using a battery, electrical tape, and metal wire. Which of the following actions will NOT increase the magnetic field that is being produced? (1 point) • changing the type of wire that has low resistance • making coils

    asked by GTA 5 Gt:trillesthooper2
  24. Math

    Leila will rent a car for the weekend. She can choose one of two plans. The first plan has no initial fee but costs $0.70 per mile driven. The second plan has an initial fee of $65 and costs an additional $0.50 per mile driven. How many miles would Leila

    asked by Dylan
  25. Math

    Two blocks are connected by a string and pulley. On the left side the block weighs 90 grams while on the other side it weighs 110 grams. Assuming that the string and pulley are massless, the magnitude of the acceleration of each block is?

    asked by Norman
  26. Math

    A 100-kg box is placed on a ramp. As one end of the ramp is raised, the box begins to move downward just as the angle of inclination reaches 15◦. What is the coefficient of static friction between the box and the ramp?

    asked by Norie
  27. Math

    Solve the system: p-3q=-1 -5p+16q=5 a. (2,1) b.(3,3) c. (-1,0) d.(5,2)

    asked by Jewell
  28. History

    For my project we have to make a claim based off of how our country (mine is Libya) has been impacted by religion. Is this a solid claim: Because of Libya’s transitional government, Mummer al Qaddafi came into power, leading the Libyan people in a

    asked by susan
  29. Stats

    Let Y = the number of hours a student studies for the midterm. From previous semesters we know that Y ∼ N(6, 1.5). What is the probability that for 100 randomly chosen students, their mean study time will be more than 6.3 hours?

    asked by Olivia
  30. Cost Accouting

    Which methods has the most layers of inventory? A.FIFO and LIFO B.Average method C.LIFO D.FIFO E.FIFO and Average methods

    asked by Sharvindra
  31. Math

    Can someone please help me with this question? If f(x) = 7x2 – x + 3 and h ≠ 0, find the following and simplify. a.) f(x+h) b.)( f(x+h)-f(x))/h

    asked by Anonymous
  32. English

    1. He saw some horses on the farm. 2. He was on the farm and saw some horses there. 3. He was not on the farm. He was a little far away from the farm. He was able to see some horses which are on the farm. -------------------------------------- Does #1 mean

    asked by rfvv
  33. English

    1. A coin sinks in water. 2. A coin sinks in the water. 3. A coin sinks in the water of the glass. 4. A coin sinks in the sea [water]. 5. A coin sinks in the river [water]. ------------------------------------- [What about my explanation about 'water' and

    asked by rfvv
  34. Chemistry

    2C2H6 + 7O2 → 4CO2 + 6H2O what equivalences can you write in terms of moles and why ?

    asked by TRH
  35. Pre-algebra

    List two different equations for the following situation. Linda buys a new car. She travels 96 miles using 4 gallons of gasoline. Let m = the number of miles Lina travels. Let g = the number of gallons of gasoline she uses

    asked by Kirsten
  36. Healthcare management

    _______ is the linking together of activities in a structured way, requiring delineation of roles and relationships. A. Collaboration B. Cooperation C. Specialization D. Coordination A

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Healthcare management

    When may an employer use selection criteria that screen out individuals with disabilities? A. Never—the ADA prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability B. When the criterion is job related and necessary to the function of the job C. When the

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Chemistry

    Determine the angular/ Radial nodes of n=4, l=2, and ml=-2 Does the m sub l value even matter?

    asked by Jonah
  39. Health

    Anabolic steroids can cause growth of facial hair for men. True False* Overdosing when using steroids can lead to death. True * False

    asked by R
  40. science/chemistry

    who understands heat release rate?

    asked by clint
  41. Math

    at lunch, lupe shared 3 1/2 small pizzas equally among his 4 friends. lupe's friend, Jon, only ate 1/2 of the pizza Lupe gave him. what fraction of a whole pizza did Jon eat?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. math

    How do I find the y-intercept from a table? I know if the table has the x value as 0, and it gives the y value, then that is the y intercept coordinates. But I'm talking about if it doesn't show a zero value for x. So for example, if my table is something

    asked by Carly
  43. math

    How many number of standard bed fit in an area of 15625 square meters

    asked by wert
  44. pre-algebra

    please help to write the inequality for this problem. the difference between a number and 10 is at most 27.

    asked by mikey
  45. Geometry

    6. Which of the following facts, if true, would allow you to prove that line l and m are parallel? A.angle m + angle 4= 180 B. angle 1 = angle 8 ** C. angle 6+angle 3 = 180 D. angle 7= angle 6

    asked by kayla
  46. language ats

    what does the authur want to convey about this time though the use of the phrases explosions in thinking and dynamic eras

    asked by destiny
  47. Social Studies

    On the map what do we look at to determine the distance between two places? 1. The Key 2.The Scale 3.The Title 4.The Compass Rose Can you please help me with this question I've been stuck on this question for a while, and I can't figure it out.

    asked by Jasmine
  48. pre algebra

    Lilliana is training for a marathon. She runs the same distance every day for a week. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, she runs 3 laps on a running trail and then runs 6 more miles. On Tuesday and Sunday, she runs 5 laps on the trail and then runs 2 more

    asked by mark
  49. Math

    What is 0.4 ten times as much as

    asked by Jaylen
  50. earth science

    which of the following is NOT a major component of soil a)mineral matter b)air c)humus d)earth worms 2) a soils texture is determined by a) mineral composition B)type of humans c)water content d)particle size 3)the main source of organic matter in soil is

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Math

    Number one which table of values can be used to graph the function Y= - 4X +3

    asked by This sucks
  52. math

    kendra was 46

    asked by Anonymous
  53. English

    1. A dolphin is a clever animal. ---------------------------------- In this sentence, 'A dolphin' is in generic use. How about 'a clever animal'? Is it in generic use? Does 'a' mean 'one' in 'a clever animal'?

    asked by rfvv
  54. Algebra help??!!

    I'm really confused with sets, could someone please check my answer?? I just really don't want to get it wrong... You have two boxes of colored pens, The first box contains a red pen, a blue pen, and a green pen, The second box contains a yellow pen, a red

    asked by Rebecca
  55. Math

    Cells an average of 15 3/5 bushels of corn each day. what integer represents the change in the bushels of corn in his inventory after six days?

    asked by Taylor Meadows
  56. Health

    True or false: Life changes, whether they are positive or negative, can caude stress.

    asked by Aiden d
  57. Math

    Which ordered pair is a solution of the equation: y= -9x + 4 A (10,-86) B (-4,-58) C (6,-41) D (-6, 57)

    asked by HELP PLEASE!!!
  58. Biology

    What molecules carry the energy derived from breaking down glucose? Where are these molecules made? Now, I'm thinking ATP and NADH but I'm not sure. Both these molecules are made outside the mitochondria in the cytoplasm.

    asked by Heidi
  59. History

    During the Protestant Reformation, which church used new genres such as the Anglican chant, the anthem, and the long and short services? a) Calvinist Movement b) Lutheran Church c) Catholic Church d) Church of England I think it might be A but I'm not

    asked by Kat
  60. Social studies

    lesson 14: focus on history 7th Please need help 1-14

    asked by Jesse
  61. pre-algebra

    can you please show me the steps for this word problem? in need to write the inequality and solve. how long will Kenzie drive if she averages 55mph and wants to complete at least 440 mi. of her trip?

    asked by mikey
  62. MATHS


    asked by JOHN
  63. Linden Math

    Ted wanted to share 2!/2 pounds of strawberries equally with 5 friends. How many pounds of strawberries would each person get?

    asked by Cassy
  64. Chemistry

    In the laboratory a student combines 41.7 mL of a 0.386 M iron(III) fluoride solution with 21.3 mL of a 0.616 M iron(III) bromide solution. What is the final concentration of iron(III) cation ?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. English

    Im in advanced english this usually doesnt happen but im having a hard time starting it

    asked by Aka'aisha
  66. Physics

    A block with a weight of 3.7 N is launched along a slope upwards by a spring with k = 2.25 kN / m. The slope makes an angle of 30° with the horizontal and has a vertical height of 0.75 m (measured from the starting point of the block). When the block is

    asked by Bob
  67. Chemistry

    When using the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and you are seeking to find delta x, and are given both the velocity and delta v, does the velocity even matter? The equation only states that h/ (4 times pi times mass times delta v) = delta x.

    asked by Amber
  68. English 9 A

    (5) Many citizens would have given him their vote again, because he was so popular. What is the verb phrase in sentence 5? A would have given B given him*** C was so D would have Am I right? Please correct me if I am wrong.

    asked by Get Grammarly

    what is the heat release rate for a 30-m diameter gasoline pool fire?

    asked by clint
  70. social studies

    why does the cartoon from the bank war 1832 portray president jackson as a king? A many people felt he was motivated by his own wealth B some felt he had used his power inappropriately in vetoing legislation to recharter the bank C some felt there remained

    asked by shadow
  71. Pre Calc

    1)A particular pain relieving medicine has a decay rate of 10 % per hour. A patient was given a dose of the medicine 7 hours ago and there is currently 68 milligrams of the medicine in the patients bloodstream. 2)How long will the patient need to wait for

    asked by Joe
  72. algebra

    of all the houses in a certain neighborhood,80 % have garages.Of those houses with garages 60% have two car garages.If there are 56 houses with garages that are not two car garages,how many houses are there in the neighborhood.

    asked by delila
  73. Chemistry

    Halothane is a gas once used in anesthesia in hospitals. Its density is 0.857 g/L at 23 ºC and 80.2 torr. What would be its density at STP? What is its molar mass?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Physics

    A 25.0 kg block is very slowly raised up a vertical distance of 10.0 m by a rope attached to an electric motor in a time of 8.2 s. Calculate the power developed in the motor.

    asked by Anonymous
  75. History

    Which accurately describes a cultural similarity between Eastern and Western societies? eastern and western cultures instituted representative republics in the 17th century both Confucianism and Christian scriptures tell tales of Abraham and Moses both

    asked by malia
  76. spanish

    What is the error in each sentence below. Re-write the sentences correctly and explain the error in each sentence. yo nadir - ellos cantamos- yo cantas-

    asked by yuh
  77. Sciencee

    Two electrical circuits have the same 15-volt batteries. Circuit A has 2 ohms of resistance, and circuit B has 6 ohms of resistance. Which of the following statements is correct? (1 point) • Circuit B has the same amount of current as circuit A. •

    asked by Lilly
  78. Science

    Explain how sexual reproduction increases genetic diversity in many species of plants and animals, make sure to include the importance and function of gametes. PLEASE HELP!!

    asked by Courtney
  79. Physics

    A(n) 94 kg clock initially at rest on a horizontal floor requires a(n) 697 N horizontal force to set it in motion. After the clock is in motion, a horizontal force of 530 N keeps it moving with a constant velocity. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2

    asked by Ovidio
  80. math

    write 70000000+6000

    asked by mama
  81. math

    write 70000000+600000+5000 in standard form

    asked by mama
  82. geography

    what was hamilton's rationale for placing a tax on whiskey? a.he planned to use the tax to reduce the national debt b.he wanted to impose a penalty on Farmers for producing too much whiskey c.he went to halt the export of whiskey. d.he wanted to distribute

    asked by Shawn Mendes
  83. Chemistry

    Calculate the solubility of LaF3 in grams per liter in the following solutions. The Ksp of LaF3 is 2.01 e-19. 0.013 M KF Solution

    asked by Jessica
  84. Math

    Laura was making a recipe that said the ingredients were for 6 people, but she needed to make it for 8 people. The recipe called for 2 2/3 cups of milk and 1/4 cup of oil. How many cups of these liquid ingredients did she need for 8 people?

    asked by Jenn
  85. maths

    In 2002 Jamal was 21 years old. In 2005 Jamal will be three times as old as Malcolm. a. how old will malcolm be in 2005 b. how old was malcolm in 2002

    asked by indira
  86. mathematics

    If 24 out of 30 pupils in a class are present, what percentage of the pupils are present

    asked by muhammad
  87. Physics!

    A 40 kg girl runs up a flight of stairs that is 34 m high. How much work does this require?

    asked by Randy
  88. English

    1. We have two groups. One is a Chinese group and the other is a Japanese group. 2. We have two groups. One group is from China, and the other group is from Japan. 3. We have two groups. One is for young people, and the other is for old people. 4. We have

    asked by rfvv
  89. Chemistry

    If the density of ocean water at a depth of 1.00 x 104 m is 1.071 g/mL and if 20.0 g of water at that depth contains 197mg of potassium chloride, what is the molarity of potassium chloride in the sample? It wants it in M.

    asked by Briana
  90. Connections Academy

    So I'm not sure if this website is considered "cheating". I used it a couple of times and I know that Connections Academy knows I'm using this since one of the teachers said that they know what I do and how quickly I finish tests. I'm worried if this is

    asked by Skrrraa Pa Pa Ka Ka Ka skidi doo pa pa
  91. Math

    the table shows the height in inches of stacks of tires extend the pattern what is the height of a stack of 7 tires Help plz numbers Height of stacks of tires x 1 8 2 16 3 24 4 32

    asked by Linkin park fan & Twenty one pilot fan
  92. Chemistry

    If 2.5 g of element A combine with 5 g of element B to form compound AB how many grams of B are needed to form compound AB2? Which law did you use to answer this question ? My answer is 7.5 g. Im not sure if this is right. Please help this is due Thursday

    asked by Nikki
  93. Physics! NEED HELP!

    A 40 kg girl runs up a flight of stairs that is 34 m high. How much work does this require?

    asked by Randy
  94. science

    best way to figure peak of heat release rate

    asked by clint
  95. Math

    Riddle: why is it always so noisy in the barn? Use this letter to solved: REZGBNESKA Thanks can't figure it out help!

    asked by Bk
  96. music

    which rhythmic value gets the beat in 4/8 could really use help.

    asked by Anonymous
  97. chemistry

    How much heat does your body lose when 2.65 g of sweat evaporates from your skin at 25 ∘C? (Assume that the sweat is only water.) The heat of vaporization of water at 25 ∘C is 44.0 kJ/mol.

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Math

    Rationalize the denominator of (3 * cube root of 12 - 8) / (cube root of 9 - cube root of 6). Please show steps and the full process to rationalize.

    asked by Thomas
  99. java programming

    Write a program that calculates and displays the amount of money you would have if you invested $1,000 at 5 percent interest for one year.

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Math


    asked by Talia
  101. Maths, Physics, Resultant force

    Hi all, I have been given component x- and y- for F1=(8.0*10^7N,7.0*10^7N) F2=(4.0*10^7N,-2.0*10^7N) for an object. Which following my textbooks have found the following vector components: F1+F2=(1.2*10^8N,5.0*10^7N) Now I want to find the distance from

    asked by Anon
  102. geography

    Washington long to retire to his felt at Mount Vernon but he soon realized that the nation under Confederation was not functioning well so he became a prime mover in the steps leading to the constitutional convention at Philadelphia in 1787 when the new

    asked by Shawn Mendes
  103. Math

    Help me with my homework, please! 1. 5/6 x3 A. 8 1/3 B.10 5/6 C. 50/60 D. 5/60 2. 3/7 X 2/3 A. 9/14 B. 1 5/9 C. 2/7 D. 3/12 3. 5/8 X 2/3 A. 7/24 B. 5/12 C. 15/16 D. 16/15 4. 3 3/4 X 2 2/3 A. 6 1/2 B. 6 8/9 C. 8 D.10 5. 2 5/6 X 1 7/8 A. 2 35/48 B. 5 5/16 C.

    asked by Kats
  104. Maths

    Each side of a regular polygon is 4.05 cm in length. How many sides does the polygon have if its perimeter is 0.486m ?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Math

    How much force is needed to accelerate a truck with a mass of 1500 kilograms from a full stop to 40 m/s in 10 seconds if the rate of acceleration is constant?

    asked by Non
  106. Guidance and Discipline

    Miss Melanie is conducting an art lesson with her pre-kindergarten class. She has spent the last fifteen minutes explaining how to construct a rabbit from the materials on the tables. As she begins to discuss how the children will divide the materials at

    asked by Tamika