Questions Asked on
October 18, 2017

  1. Spanish

    I would appreciate it if someone could check my answers immediately please!!!!!!! I don't need answers, I just need someone to see if mine are correct. 1. Translate the following into Spanish: "Where is the door?" A-Dónde es la puerta? B-Dónde están la

    asked by anon
  2. College Algebra. Please Help.

    Use the quotient property to simplify roots. \sqrt{\frac{27a^{13}}{b^{12}}}

    asked by Anonymous
  3. History

    How did an astrolabe serve European explorers during the Age of Discovery? it was a navigation tool used to determine longitude an latitude by calculating the angle between the horizon and celestial body such as the moon, sun, or a star it was a

    asked by malia
  4. History

    Which best describes how the Age of Discovery affected religious practices of indigenous peoples in the New World? spanish explorers set out to convert the Mayan empire in present-day Mexico to Islam hernan Cortes set out to convert the Aztec empire to

    asked by malia
  5. History

    Why did Europeans sail across the Atlantic Ocean during the Age of Discovery? (Select all that apply.) european explorers attempted to claim new lands for the Byzantine empire european explores attempted to claim new lands or the Carolingian dynasty

    asked by malia
  6. History

    European countries sought new territory and expanded trade markets during the Age of Exploration (1). In particular, when the Ottoman Empire seized control of Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul, Turkey), it blocked European trade ships traveling to Asia

    asked by malia
  7. language arts

    What is a key difference between the narrators of "Stolen Day" and "The night the Bed Fell"? a. the narrator of stolen day is honest; the narrator of "the night the be fell" is dishonest. b. the narrator of stolen day is a boy; the narrator of "the night

    asked by madison
  8. college math

    a medical institution request 1 gram of bismuth-214 which has a half life of 20 min. How many grams of bismuth-214 must be prepared if the shipping time is 2 hours.

    asked by shelly
  9. History

    What resulted from European explorers discovering new lands during the Age of Discovery? the indigenous peoples of America transmitted smallpocks to European explorers new foods and resources were brought back to European markets europeans adopted American

    asked by malia
  10. Math

    1. Which number is a solution of the inequality? 10.68 A)-5 B)-6 C)6*** D)7 3. Which number is a solution of the inequality? 12 < y ( 8 - y ) A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3*** 4. If N is the set of natural numbers that are factors of 24, choose the selection below

    asked by INeedNachos
  11. Algebra

    Is the equation true, false or open 4y+8=6y+3

    asked by Rose
  12. Spanish

    HELPPPP!!!!!! What is the mystery of Tiahuanaco? A. No one knows where it is. B. No one knows why people lived there. C. No one can decipher their writings. D. No one knows why the people there disappeared.

    asked by Ijeoma
  13. History

    What resulted from European explorers discovering new lands during the Age of Discovery? the indigenous peoples of America transmitted smallpocks to European explorers new foods and resources were brought back to European markets europeans adopted American

    asked by malia
  14. Physics

    Beth, a construction worker, attempts to pull a stake out of the ground by pulling on a rope that is attached to the stake. The rope makes an angle of 44.8 ◦ with the horizontal. If Beth exerts a force of 146.8 N on the rope, what is the magnitude of the

    asked by Ovidio
  15. History

    Why did Christopher Columbus originally decide to sail across the Atlantic Ocean? he wanted to find the fabled Christian leader prester john he wanted to find an oceanic route to India to acquire spices he wanted to find an oceanic route to China to

    asked by malia
  16. Calculus

    A piece of ice stays in the shape of a sphere as it melts. The volume of the ice is decreasing at a constant rate of 3π/2 cubic feet per hour. What is the rate of change of the surface area of the piece of ice when the radius is 10 feet? I found the rate

    asked by Anonymous
  17. social studies

    Northwest Ordinance outlawed in the Northwest Territory A. religious freedom B. slavery C. trial by jury D. admission of new states

    asked by Savanna Reed
  18. connections academy

    So this isn't a questions about any subject really. I'm just here to ask, is this website ok to use or is it cheating? If it is cheating then why is it created . I also saw a couple of teachers so I doubt its cheating but I just want to make sure so I

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Social Studies

    HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!3. Based on evidence from your text, why did Washington reject the advice of both Jefferson and Hamilton and adopt a policy of neutrality? A. The nation could not afford another war so soon after the Revolution. B. Washington was timid

    asked by Queen
  20. college math

    the half life of Uranium -238 is 4.5 billion years and the age of earth is 4.5 X 109 years. What fraction of Uranium-238 that was present when earth was formed still remains?

    asked by shelly
  21. chem

    How much heat is released if 2.00 moles CF2Cl2 reacts with 70.0 g F2 with a 75.0 percent yield? CF2Cl2 + F2 → CF4 + Cl2 ∆H for this reaction is -401 kJ/mol rxn.

    asked by halp
  22. Algebra

    1. Of 350 males athletes at a high school, some play only basketball, some play only baseball, and some do both. if 250 of males play basketball, and 120 play both sports how many of the males play baseball? A. 100 B. 220** C. 130 D. 120 2. Suppose T = (

    asked by Carryyourtorches
  23. Algebra 2

    1)which of the following is equal to (2x/5 - 9)+9? a) 2x/5 b) 5x/2 c) 2x - 45/5 d) (2x - 9)+ 45 2)the equation y - 100x + 2000 can be used to represent the monthly salary of a salesman, y,when he sales x computer systems. What is the salesman's monthly

    asked by Enyce Mullins
  24. MATH


    asked by ALISA
  25. social studies Part 1 unit test

    Justinian’s code became the backbone of modern Europe’s 1.Phone system 2 alphabets 3 legal system 4 religions

    asked by ABN
  26. Physics

    Supposed a skydiver ( mass=75kg ) is falling toward the earth. When the skydiver is 100m above the earth he is moving at 60m/s. At this point calculate the skydiver: Gravitational potential energy Kinetic energy Total mechanical energy

    asked by Terry
  27. Science

    How does the amount of substance affect the rate at which temperature changes? I will like someone to explain this to me, please.

    asked by Valerie
  28. History

    What was a major motivational factor for sailing expeditions during the Age of Discovery? orthodox Christians controlled the overland routes to the Asian spice markets muslims controlled the overland routes to Asian spice markets European monarchs sought

    asked by malia
  29. Math

    Tell which number is prime: 19, 28, 49, 63. A.63*** B.49 C.28 D.19

    asked by Lyn
  30. Texas State History

    Green DeWitt brought settlers to which area? Nacogdoches. The Brazos Valley. The Red River.* The Guadalupe River. PLZ HELPPP ME!

    asked by ROBLOX
  31. History

    The English Reformation was initiated by King Henry VIII, who wanted to end his marriage, but the pope refused to grant an annulment (1). King Henry VIII broke England free from the Catholic Church, declared religious sovereignty, and had his marriage

    asked by malia
  32. ochem

    A 74 kg man weighs himself at the north pole and at the equator.By how much?

    asked by ang5458
  33. Algebra

    Simplify the expression -5+i/2i I typed this problem into mathway and they told me the answer was 1/2+5i/2 but wouldn’t show me how they got it. They said to (“multiply by the conjugate and simplify”) but I have no clue on what the conjugate is and

    asked by Samantha
  34. English 1 (Help)

    The Ants and the Grasshopper One fine day in winter some Ants were busy drying their store of corn, which had got rather damp during a long spell of rain. Presently up came a Grasshopper and begged them to spare her a few grains. The Ants stopped work for

    asked by Bobby Newberry
  35. Physics

    Ann, a 66.2 kg person throws a 0.0461 kg snowball forward with a ground speed of 39.2 m/s. Billy, with a mass of 54.8 kg, catches the snowball. Both people are on skates (Disregard friction between the skates and the ice. ). Ann is initially moving forward

    asked by Kasey
  36. History

    How did the Protestant Reformation and the Renaissance lead to the Age of Exploration?

    asked by malia
  37. math

    The function rule T–4, 6(x, y) could be used to describe which translation?

    asked by dont care
  38. Math

    Basketball player scored 12 times during one game. He scored a total of 18 points, two for each two-point Shot and one for each free throw. How many two-point shots did he make? How many free throws?

    asked by Jaymison
  39. Living Environment - Science

    What are the disadvantages and advantages of individual cells cooperating and forming early multicellular organisms?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. English

    What did noblewomen do in feudal society? A.managed the household B.Trained as Knights C.Worked in the fields D.Helped peasants escape

    asked by Adol
  41. Math

    Which of the following functions have graphs that contain no asymptotes? Select all that apply. (2 points) a. power; y=x^n b. reciprocal; y=1/x c. exponential; y=b^x d. logarithmic; y=log b x e. root; y=n(rt(x)) Please help I'm really confused. Thank you!

    asked by Girly Girl
  42. History

    The need to find new routes to the spice markets of Asia was a major determining factor in many early voyages during the Age of Discovery (1). However, it was more than the quest for spices that inspired these voyages (2). As new continents and islands

    asked by malia
  43. Science

    Which physical properties are characteristic of normal solids? 1)brittle 2)little luster 3)malleable 4)ductile 5)good conductors of heat I think #1 and #2

    asked by Jamie
  44. Math

    Use a graphing calculator to solve the equation -3cost=1 in the interval from.0

    asked by Steve
  45. music

    In lesson 6 for music i need help on these three questions in 4/4time what note gets the beat . a eighth note b quarter note c half note d whole note I chose C

    asked by mick
  46. Algebra 1

    Brianna needs to earn a C in her Geology class. Her current test scores are 65, 67 67, and 93. Her final exam is worth 6 test scores. In order to earn a C Brianna's average must lie between 70 and 79 inclusive. What range of scores can Brianna receive on

    asked by Brianna
  47. Math

    A new car is purchased for $15,000. In 10 years the same car has a scrap value of $1000.00. The rate of depreciation of its value is constant each year. A determine an equation in the form y=mx+b to represent this situation B how much is the car worth

    asked by Joc
  48. Math

    The temperature on Monday was 14°C. On Tuesday the temperature decreased by 5°. On Wednesday the temperature decreased another 10°. On Tuesday the temperature increased by 8°. What was the temperature at the end of the day on Thursday.

    asked by Krystal
  49. English

    1. Tom is one year older than John, 2. Tom is twice older than John. 3. Tom is twice as old as John. 4. Tom is a little older than John. 5. Tom is two years older than John. 6. Tom is older than John by two years. 7. Tom is much older than John. 8. Tom is

    asked by rfvv
  50. Math

    A basketball has a surface area of 1810 in^2 and a baseball has a surface area of 6 in^2. What is the diameter of a baseball if the diameter of a basketball is 9.5 in^2.

    asked by Naomi
  51. Math

    Your final balance of an investment of $270 invested at 10% was $459. For what period of time did you invest?

    asked by Lehar
  52. English

    1. I like Admiral Yi Sunsin because he protected our country from Japanese. 2. I like Admiral Yi Sunsin because he saved our country from the Japanese invasion. 3. I like Admiral Yi Sunsin because he fought against the Japanese navy and protected our

    asked by rfvv
  53. Algebra, Trig

    The full question: A point on a wheel has an equation y = 10 sin (x - 45°) + 20 that models the height as the wheel rotates. Answer the following questions. 1) What is the height if the wheel has rotated 135°? 2) What are the possible values of rotation

    asked by Helena
  54. English

    1. The cell phone vibrates when somebody calls me. 2. The cell phone vibrates when someone calls me at the phone. 3. The cell phone vibrates when a text message comes/arrives. 4. The cell phone vibrates when a text message is sent to the phone. 5. The cell

    asked by rfvv
  55. pre-algebra

    can someone please help me to writ an inequality for this wor problem? Mr.Kirkland receives $13/hr. for regular time (8hr./day) and double pay for working on holidays. He worked on Friday even though it was a holiday. If his week's pay was at least $650,

    asked by mikey
  56. Statistics

    There are two decks of cards. Each deck has a red, a yellow, a blue, and a green card in it. If a card is drawn, from the first deck, and then a second card drawn from the second deck, what is the probability that a red card and green card are drawn (not

    asked by Tom
  57. Math

    Michael bought a shirt on a 25% discount. If he paid only 339 pesos, what is the original price of the shirt?

    asked by Jonna
  58. physics

    A warehouse worker pushes a crate along the floor, as shown in the figure below, with a force of F = 10.5 N that points at an angle of θ = 61°. Find the horizontal and vertical components of the force.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    6sin(2x)+3=0 How do you find the smallest value of x in the interval 0≤x≤π for which y=0? My work so far: 6sin(2x)=-3 sin(2x)=-1/2 The answer should be 7π/12, or 1.83 Thanks in advance!

    asked by Autumn
  60. math

    seven and two thirds minus six and a half

    asked by kayla
  61. Chemistry

    Determine which reactant is the limiting reactant, if, Mass of Sodium Bicarbonate= 2.00g Mass of Citric Acid = 0.76g Are my calculations right, or is it wrong? (2.00g of NaHO3)(1mol/84.01g of NaHO3)(1mol of H3C6H5O7/ 3 mol of NaHO3)(192.14g of H3C6H5O7)=

    asked by Sdney
  62. Math

    What multiplication fact can help you find 7÷7

    asked by Jennifer
  63. Chemistry

    The solids aluminum and sulfur react to produce aluminum sulfide

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Statistics

    There are ten Cortland, seven Gala and eight Macintosh apples in a basket. You pick three apples from the basket. a) What is the probability that three picked apples are all Gala or all Macintosh? b) What is the probability that three picked apples are one

    asked by Anonymous
  65. PreCalc

    The fifth term of an arithmetic sequence is equal to 6 and the sum of the first 12 terms is equal to 45. Find the first term and the common difference. having trouble with this, can't figure out the steps?

    asked by jeff
  66. Chemistry

    Determine which reactant is the limiting reactant, if, Mass of Sodium Bicarbonate= 2.00g Mass of Citric Acid = 0.76g Are my calculations right, or is it wrong? (2.00g of NaHO3)(1mol/84.01g of NaHO3)(1mol of H3C6H5O7/ 3 mol of NaHO3)(192.14g of H3C6H5O7)=

    asked by Sydney
  67. Algebra help!!

    Give the equation of a square root function that is translated 4 units UP. Circle the part of the equation that makes the translation.

    asked by Hannah
  68. Math

    For this math problem I am selling 30 pies for $25 each at the farmers market. I spent $500. $200 on the booth and $300 on all of the pies, each pie costing $10 to make. I earned $750 total, making a $250 profit. c. In Task 1 you determined how much you

    asked by Spn
  69. math

    Which equation describes a linear function? A. 5x + 1 = y B. 5x3 + 1 = y C. (5x)2 + 1 = y D. 5x2 + 1 = y

    asked by a person in need of help
  70. maths

    find the product of x and y if x,3/2,6/7,y are in geometric progression

    asked by christian
  71. LA

    What's a line from The Call of the Wild that supports that Buck is a strong, loyal character? And how does it support it?

    asked by Spn
  72. Algebra 2

    Do you factor 9x^2 +7x-56

    asked by Smit
  73. Math

    Kyla has 20 more 10-cent coins as he does 5-cent coins. He has half as many 1-peso coins than 10-cent coins. If he has a total of 38 pesos how many 5-cent coins does he have?

    asked by Ej
  74. Chemistry

    How many moles of Al2O3 exist in 250.0 g of sample? Please help tried still can't understand how to get it. Need before tomorrow. Thanks so much.

    asked by Kelly
  75. Math

    A right triangle has legs measuring 35.4 and 47.2 inches. What is the measurement of its hypotenuse?

    asked by Ej
  76. physics

    A 50.0 kg mountain climber is rappelling down a steep mountain face. Her foot makes contact with the rock at point A. Her rope attaches to her harness at point B, which is located at x1 = 0.77 m and y1 = 0.42 m relative to point A. Her centre of mass is

    asked by Karin
  77. Math

    A bus left for Baguio, and 6 hours later, a train travelling 161 mph tried catching up to the bus. After the train travelled for 8 hours, the train caught up. What was the train's average speed?

    asked by Lyven
  78. Astronomy

    How does the size of an object impact gravity? A.) The objects closer to the Sun have more gravity. B.) The smaller the mass of an object the more gravity it has. C.) Size does not impact gravity. * D.) The larger the mass of an object, the more gravity it

    asked by .
  79. Chinese

    What tone mark is used in the pinyin term "zhè"? A. Dipping B. Dipping then rising C. Falling

    asked by Kat
  80. math

    a boat can travel 171 miles on 19 gallons of gasoline how far can it travel on 11 gallons

    asked by zero
  81. Physics

    A ball is battled straight up and returns to the level of the batter after 6.5s determine how high the ball went

    asked by Alex
  82. Chemistry

    you are given two unlabelled colorless solutions: AgNO3(aq) and Ca(NO3)2. A)Which ion when added to each unlabelled solution would produce a precipitate with the calcium and silver ions? No clue what this question is asking. Can I get help?

    asked by Sarah
  83. Math

    Given that I take a piece of paper and cut it in half and then in half again. If the paper originally had an area of 187/2 in^2.What is the area of my new paper?

    asked by Naomi
  84. Physics

    A bal is batted straight up and returns to the level of the batter after 6.5s. Determine how high the ball went. A=-9.8m/s^2

    asked by Alex
  85. Algebra 2

    Solving polynomial inequalities- Z^3 + 7z^2 + 10z > 0

    asked by Alex
  86. English

    1. A coin sinks in water. 2. The coin sinks in water. 3. Coins sink in water. 4. Any coin sinks in water. 5. All coins sink in water. ------------------------------- Thank you for your help. One more similar question. Are the sentences all in generic use?

    asked by rfvv
  87. Science

    If given groups of cells, what are the characteristics that will allow us to identify prokaryotic cells from eukaryotic cells?

    asked by Woah read carefully
  88. Age problem

    Tony is 57 years younger than Elizabeth. 9 years ago, Elizabeth's age was 4 times Tony's age. How old is Tony now?

    asked by anh
  89. Algebra

    Alex is two-fifths as old as Clara. The sum of their ages is 56. How old is Alex?

    asked by Kevin
  90. Maths, Physics, Resultant force

    Hi all, I have been given component x- and y- for F1=(8.0*10^7N,7.0*10^7N) F2=(4.0*10^7N,-2.0*10^7N) for an object. Which following my textbooks have found the following vector components: F1+F2=(1.2*10^8N,5.0*10^7N) Now I want to find the distance from

    asked by Anon
  91. Maths

    Rakesh purchased a box 16 kg apples if 1.789kg were found spoiled. 10kg 50g is consumed how much weight of apples were left?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. prealgebra

    can someone please help me to writ an inequality for this wor problem? Mr.Kirkland receives $13/hr. for regular time (8hr./day) and double pay for working on holidays. He worked on Friday even though it was a holiday. If his week's pay was at least $650,

    asked by mikey
  93. Gen chem

    How many milliliters of .455 M sulfuric acid it it would it take to neutralize a 56.7 mL of 1.75 M sodium hydroxide

    asked by Chace
  94. prealgebra

    a junior basketball player has a goal of scoring at 1,000 points during his high-school career. his team plays twenty games per year, after two years he has 320 points. to be successful, how many points does he have to average per game over his last two

    asked by mikey
  95. Physics - Fluids

    A helium balloon (mass including fill gas 2.1 g) is tied to a long string (mass per unit length is 3.1*10^2 g/cm, i.e., one cm of the string has a mass of 3.1*10-2 g). It rises to a height x of 210 cm, with the remainder of the string laying on the floor.

    asked by Kid
  96. Math

    - 7/9 x 3/5 Answer i got is -27/45 is this correct??

    asked by ha
  97. Math

    Mary scored 89 on her first test and 92 on her second test, 98 on the third, and 95 on the fourth. She has one more test to take. If she wants to have an average of 100 on all five sets, what score should she get on her removal test?

    asked by Ej
  98. Math

    A round fountain fits snugly inside a rectangular garden. If the width of a rectangle is 25 m, what is the area covered by the circle?

    asked by Larry
  99. Math

    Three more than twice the smaller number is equal to the bigger number. If the sum of the numbers is 33, what is the smaller number?

    asked by John
  100. Math

    The larger of two numbers is 8 more than twice the smaller number. If the sum of the two numbers is 113, what is the smaller number?

    asked by Nana
  101. Chemistry

    How many grams of sucrose should be added to make 1 litre of 0.3M sucrose solution

    asked by Omukule
  102. Math

    There are ten Cortland, seven Gala and eight Macintosh apples in a basket. You pick three apples from the basket. a) What is the probability that three picked apples are all Gala or all Macintosh? b) What is the probability that three picked apples are one

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Math

    I trying to find the density for 1.05 x 10>2kg>3 x 5.9 x 10>24 kg. Can you help me @Ms.Sue

    asked by Nickole Sikes
  104. Math

    A solid cone that fits inside a cylinder witha height of 12 inches and a radius of 4 inches leaves some space for air. What is the volume of the air inside?

    asked by Lyven
  105. math

    write as a product of factors. then solve for x. 6x^2-7x-5=0 can someone tell me if i'm doing this correctly? (6x + 5)(x-1) I'm not really sure what else to do from there or if it's even correct. can someone help?

    asked by Gina
  106. Math

    Evaluate: 5^2 + 6•2^2+(4^2+3^2)^0.5 PLz show work

    asked by BLT
  107. Math

    I desperately need help in solving this. -4>/= 4(6y-12)-2y I have not found an answer yet.

    asked by Kat
  108. science

    What is food

    asked by hamza
  109. English

    1. A cell phone is a useful device. 2. The cell phone is a useful device. 3. Cell phones are useful devices. ------------------------------ Are they all in generic use? Is #2 in generic use here?

    asked by rfvv
  110. math


    asked by Sara
  111. Writing - Junior in College

    Good Evening! I am currently struggling to write an...essay of sorts... on an Interview that I held with a child's father. The class is all about language acquisition in children and I don't know how to write up the interview! Any help you can give would

    asked by Emily
  112. Calculus

    Find dy/dx for y=3tan^-1(x/2). I know the answer is 6/x^2+4 but I'm stuck at y'=3(1/1+(x/2)^2)(1/2)

    asked by Mike
  113. MAth

    Evaluate: -3^4+5[3(-4)^2-7]

    asked by BLT
  114. Maths


    asked by Kat
  115. Math


    asked by Hannah
  116. Math

    Arrange from lowest to highest. 3(6/30), 0.5, 6/13, 1/4 Please explain how :'(

    asked by Jon
  117. Math

    16 ÷ 4 • 2 = My answer is 2 but my calculator says 8. (Yes I am aloud to use a calculator) IDK what it is, because if I use order of operations shouldn't it equal 2?

    asked by kyl3
  118. Mathematics

    Hello, I am currently computing the "efficiency index" of an iterative method, given by this formula E = p^(1/m), where p is the order of the method and m is the number of functional evaluation of the iterative method. However, i do not know how to compute

    asked by Gabriel
  119. Math

    Thank you for answering my question but it is not quite right. Uhmm what i want to know is how to get the number of functuonal evaluation of a function. In the paper if it is f(x) it is n, f'(x) it is n^2 where n is the dimension. But how? Where did that

    asked by Gabriel
  120. Algebra


    asked by Wilson
  121. English

    1. I like King Sejong because he made the Korean alphabet, Hangeul. 2. I like King Sejong because he created the Korean alphabet, Hangeul. 3. I like King Sejong because he invented the Korean alphabet, Hangeul. [I used three kinds of verbs. Which one is

    asked by rfvv
  122. Algebra HELP

    How is the graph of the square root function similar to a parabola? How is it different? Why might they be related?

    asked by grace
  123. English

    1. Remove the poster from the wall. 2. Remove the poster off the wall. 3. Remove the poster out of the wall. ---------------------------------- Which preposition do people use frequently? #3 is not right?

    asked by rfvv
  124. Earth Science

    What would be the strongest gravitational force if an astronaut is between Earth and the Moon?

    asked by Anon
  125. Math

    n/5≥11 n≥ I multiplied by the reciprocal on both sides n/5 * 5/n which canceled out the n/5 then 11/1 * 5/n 55/1 n≥55 is that correct?

    asked by Patrick Star
  126. science

    Why do scientist us liters and milliters instead of gallons and ounces

    asked by goo
  127. system analysis

    how to develop an inventory management system

    asked by Lady Martin
  128. English

    1. I want to learn whom to drive to the place. 2. I want to learn whom I should drive to the place. 3. We want you to drive us to the restaurant. 4. I don't know whom to drive to the restaurant. 5. I don't know whom I should drive to the restaurant.

    asked by rfvv
  129. River hieghts

    What is the fraction of 6 gallons?

    asked by Anonymous
  130. Math

    Mr. Chua left 108 hectares of land after he passed away. He asked for the land to be divided between his wife and their two sons at a ratio of 5:4. How much land should each son expect to receive?

    asked by Beverly