Questions Asked on
October 16, 2017

  1. Math

    Compare partial products and regrouping. Describe how the methods are alike and different

    asked by Anonymous
  2. social studies

    1. How does one become a citizen? Select all that apply A) A person is born in the united states. B) A person of foreign birth is granted citizenship after living in the u.s. for five years C) A person of foreign birth successfully completes the

    asked by gumball waterson CHECK MY ASWERS
  3. Science

    Which part of the plant is responsible for absorbing water and nutrients? A.leaves B.stem C.roots*** D.xylem

    asked by Lyn
  4. Science

    In which part of the plant would you expect to find cells with the most chloroplasts? A.leaves*** B.roots C.xylem D.cambium

    asked by Lyn
  5. History

    Which option most accurately describes the theology of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages? excommunication was a possible punishment for anyone who disagreed with church doctrine the church promoted literacy among the poor by publishing and

    asked by malia
  6. History

    Which option most accurately describes Oliver Cromwell’s rule of England? cromwell established the Anglican church and led an army of Presbyterians against Russian Catholics cromwell declared England a Catholic nation and reunited it with the holy roman

    asked by malia
  7. History

    Which option most accurately describes an artistic creation and innovation during the Renaissance? vincent van Gogh painting starry night, which became a symbol of the Renaissance artistic movement pablo Picasso painted the weeping woman, which uses

    asked by malia
  8. History

    What was noted Protestant Reformer William Tyndale able to accomplish with the aid of the newly invented printing press? translate and publish the new testament in Yiddish translate and publish the Bible in English translate and publish the new testament

    asked by malia
  9. History

    Which option describes a scientific innovation during the Renaissance? the Julian calendar, consisting of 12 months and 365 days, was invented a complex legal system with terms such as habeas corpus, pro bono, and affidavit was created the heliocentric

    asked by malia
  10. History

    Which option accurately describes Greek and Roman ideas that were revived during the Renaissance by humanist philosophers? the art of public speaking and debate, known as rhetoric, was revived during the Renaissance the worship of Greek and Roman gods as

    asked by malia
  11. History

    What were the occupation and beliefs of Petrarch? he was a German monarch who opposed Machiavelli philosophy and exiled him to Florence, Italy he was an Italian scholar and humanist who opposed hereditary monarchies in favor of philosopher-king he was a

    asked by malia
  12. History

    Which option accurately describes the impact of a scientific innovation during the Renaissance? Gutenberg's printing press greatly improved the flow of information and led to a rise in literacy gunpowder was invented in China and used during the Tang

    asked by malia
  13. History

    Which option most accurately describes the purpose of the Council of Trent? it was a meeting called by Pope Paul 111 to address reformation issues such as the selling of indulgences, clerical corruption, and other abuses it was a meeting called by emperor

    asked by malia
  14. History

    Which Renaissance invention enabled Galileo Galilei to confirm heliocentric (Copernican) theory? microscope telescope mechanical clock mariners compass i think its b

    asked by malia
  15. History

    How might Athenian democracy be considered the root of modern democratic governments?

    asked by Help
  16. Chem

    Separate the following balanced chemical equation into its total ionic equation. AgNO3​(aq)+NaCl(aq) --> NaNO3​(aq)+AgCl(s) (List the ions in order of the above equation.) Write the net ionic equation for the reaction above. (Make sure the cation is

    asked by Emma
  17. chemistry

    if air contains 78% of nitrogen, what is the solubility of nitrogen in water at 298k

    asked by geta
  18. History

    Which option most accurately describes the outcome of the Thirty Years’ War? Spain's armada doubled in size, Sweden became weak and defeated, France lost substantial power and influence in Europe, and the holy roman empire united under king Ferdinand 11

    asked by malia
  19. Pre-algebra

    What is the distance between points A and E A.2.8 B.3.2 C.4.9 D.5.7

    asked by Bobblue
  20. History

    Which option most accurately describes aspects of the Protestant Reformation? led by Constantine, protestants met at the council of Nicaea to declare Jesus a man rather than divine led by John Calvin, Protestant french huge on protested the edict of

    asked by malia
  21. Texas History

    What was Austin able to do by bringing a large number of settlers to Texas? select all the apply. Help Texas grow* Help Mexico grow Contribute to the spreading of American culture in Texas* Contribute to Mexican culture in Texas

    asked by A Person
  22. PE

    Which of the following organs is where most nutrients are absorbed Large intestine *** Esophagus small intestine Stomach 2. The kidneys contains millions of tiny filtering units called Urine Villi Peristalsis *** Nephrons Help me I do not get it

    asked by Meg
  23. History

    Which option best describes a difference between the ideas of humanists and those of the Catholic Church during the Renaissance? humanist were atheists who did not believe in a higher power, whereas the Catholic church believed in the divinity of Jesus

    asked by malia
  24. Math

    Pradip and pam each have apple slices and orange slices. The ratio of apple slices to the total number of slices is 4 to 11. The ratio of the total number of slices to orange slices on Pam's plate is 13:6. Neither person has more than 20 total slices. Who

    asked by Angel
  25. math

    A chef has a 2 3/8 pound salmon filet. He slices the filet into 4 oz servings. How many pounds is each serving? How many 4-oz servings can the chef create from the filet. How many ounces of salmon are left over?

    asked by teresa
  26. Social Studies

    Help please. After the XYZ Affair, what did President Adams do instead of declaring war?

    asked by Queen
  27. Geometry

    A skateboard ramp has a 158° entry angle. Find the measure of angle 1. Answers are a) 22, b) 68, c) 78, d) 58.

    asked by Madelina
  28. History

    Which option accurately compares the theology that dominated during the Middle Ages with the philosophy that came to prominence during the Renaissance? the middle ages followed a communist system form of government, whereas the renaissance followed a

    asked by malia
  29. History

    Which option most accurately describes the purpose of the Council of Trent? it was a meeting called by Pope Paul 111 to address reformation issues such as the selling of indulgences, clerical corruption, and other abuses it was a meeting called by emperor

    asked by malia
  30. Math

    Katherine uses her credit card to purchase a new television for $709.15. She can pay off up to $350 per month. The card has an annual rate of 25.7% compounded monthly. How much will she pay in interest?

    asked by Steve
  31. Health and PE

    _____ is at the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs? 1) physical needs 2)safety 3)esteem 4)self-actualization I think #4 but all are important. Thanks

    asked by Jamie
  32. math

    Solve the following proportion x/3 = 8/9 A 18 B 27 C 2 D 24

    asked by shadow
  33. Language Arts 7a Unit 2 different perspectives

    1. Consider the main character from "Stolen Day" and "The Night the Bell Fell" Discuss which character learns the most and which learn the least. use detail from the selection to support your ideas. Use the reading selection to help you answer the question

    asked by help me
  34. BCom

    Insurance involves the transfer of what to a third party? a) Safety b) Risk c) Cost d) Time

    asked by School123
  35. History

    Which region was homw to the sioux? PLEASE GIVE ALL S+ANSWERS TO THE TEST!!

    asked by History
  36. Mathematics

    Choose the Compound Inequality that represents this phrase: All real numbers that are less than -3, or greater than or equal to 5 (I need to check my answer) A) x < -3 or x >_ 5 B) x < 5 or x >_ -3 C) x 5*** D) X

    asked by Georgie
  37. Math

    By graphing the system of constraints, find the values of x and y that maximize the objective function. 2x+y0 maximum for p=x+2y

    asked by Jewell
  38. math

    Alistair has 5 half-pound chocolate bars. It takes 11/2 pounds of chocolate, broken into chunks, to make a batch of cookies. How many batches can Alistair make with the chocolate he has on hand?

    asked by renita
  39. Math

    Meiling and Jackie are playing a game of chance with a six-sided number cube. The sides of the cube are numbered 1 to 6. Meiling scores a point each time she rolls a number greater than 4. Which would give Jackie an ,begin emphasis,equally likely,end

    asked by Kawaii desu
  40. More physics help

    A solid cylinder with a radius of 5.08 cm starts from rest at the top of a 12m long ramp inclined 20.3 degrees above the horizontal. When it reaches the bottom of the ramp 3.25s later the cylinder has a final linear velocity of 7.38 m/s. What was the

    asked by Anonymous
  41. History

    Which accurately describes the involvement of the Catholic Church in medieval European governments? The Catholic Church forced European lords and barons to spare extra lands for peasant farmers. The rules and rituals of the Church guided the administration

    asked by Tina
  42. Chemistry

    A piece of metal A and a piece of metal B of the same mass and at the same temperature of 80°C are dropped into seperate beakers each containing 100.0 g of water at room temperature. Once they equilibrate, you find that the beaker with the sample of metal

    asked by Tatiyana

    Which of the following is not true of a scientific theory? A. being able to make personal decisions about science related issues. B.being able to evaluate scientific information. C.being able to rely on opinions about science related issues. D.being able

    asked by yanna
  44. 7th grade PE help

    An blank is a substance that helps in the chemical digestion of food Epiglottis Enzymes **** Gallbladder Peristalsis 2.the blank is a small flap of tissue that closes the windpipe when you swallow food to keep you from choking Epiglottis**** Enzymes

    asked by Help me to
  45. Spanish

    in this unit, you learned about several states that border Mexico. write a short paragraph that describes at least two similarities and two differences between those states.

    asked by Kaliyah
  46. math

    Solve the following proportion x/3 = 6/9 A 18 B 27 C 2 D 24

    asked by shadow
  47. Math

    Name the subset of the real numbers to which each number belongs divided 113

    asked by Valerie
  48. Math

    Find two numbers the quotient is in between then estimate the quote 90÷7

    asked by Marquise
  49. Math

    You have five identical pieces of equipment. There is a 1 in 10 chance that each piece will fail in a year. What is the likelihood that ALL pieces fail in the same year?

    asked by Joe
  50. 5th grade Math

    I'm not sure how to answer this. Select two fractions whose sum is 3/4 and whose denominators are both the same but not equal to 4

    asked by Jared
  51. Physics Help

    A student is trying to reduce the mass of a racing bike to achieve greater acceleration. Which would be more beneficial to reduce (assuming each has identical mass)? a. decrease mass in the frame b. decrease mass in the wheels c. decrease mass in the rider

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Periodic Table

    1. The atomic mass of an element is A. the sum of the protons and neutrons in one atom of the element.** B. twice the number of protons in one atom of the element. C. a ration based on the mass of a carbon-12 atom D. a weighted average of the masses of an

    asked by Peru
  53. Math

    A weight of 15 ounces stretches a spring 10 inches. A weight of 24 ounces stretches the same spring 16 inches. How many inches does the spring stretch per ounce of additional weight?

    asked by Aidyn
  54. English

    1. He is not as old as me. (Is 'as' before 'me' a preposition or a conjunction?) 2. He is not as old as I. 3. He is not as old as I am. (Is 'as' before 'I' or 'I am' a conjunction?)

    asked by rfvv
  55. Physics

    A golf ball is shot from a tee, elevated 20m above the green, with an initial speed of 27m/s at an angle of 50° above horizontal. a) What will be the speed of the golf ball before it hits the green, 20m below it started? b) How much time will it take for

    asked by Akash
  56. math

    Sam cleaned 1/3 of his house in 50 minutes. How many hours will it take him to clean his rntire house?

    asked by renita
  57. Math

    Jason's Fahrenheit thermometer was broken. He wanted to know whether he should put shorts on or a winter coat. He had a Celsius thermometer and it read 30 degrees Celsius. What was the temperature in Fahrenheit? (Use Fahrenheit = 9/5 C+32) A. 86 degrees

    asked by x
  58. History

    Compare and contrast the Italian Renaissance with the northern Renaissance.

    asked by Unknown
  59. Thermodynamics

    in a certain process, 500 cal of heat are supplied to a system, and at the same time 100 joules of work are done. what is the increase in the internal energy of the system

    asked by Kingchaww
  60. history

    Which popular ancient Egyptian folk tale recounts the wanderings of its hero? The Epic of Gilgamesh The Tale of Sinuhe

    asked by Lilly Marsella
  61. social studies

    After the Scientific Revolution, scientists no longer made their ideas about science fit? 1) the results of their experiments 2) the teachings of the church 3)their observations in nature 4)their political beliefs I think #2 Thanks

    asked by Jamie
  62. Languege

    Which sentence uses coordinates adjectives? Mario gazes at the large painting of the beautiful lake. Mario gazed at the lake and the beautiful painting. Mario gazed at the large, beautiful painting. Mario gazed at the beauty of the large painting. 2.Which

    asked by Valerie
  63. Math

    In 2012's Superstorm Sandy, about 500,000 insurance claims were settled for approximately $7 billion. What was the average settlement amount?

    asked by Sams
  64. Human Resources

    Based on the role of job analyses in EEO compliance, one can make a reasonable assumption that companies are expected to make hiring decisions based on (1 point) A. Completed analysis questionaires B. Accurate job descriptions C. Unassigned duties within

    asked by Hailey
  65. Math

    The sum of two numbers is 39. Twice the first number plus three times the second number is 101. Find the numbers.

    asked by Coco
  66. Human Resources

    When conducting a job analysis (1 point) A. first-line supervisors provide the most accurate job descriptions. B. It is good practice to consult multiple sources of information. C. The analysis should not be shared with job candidates. D. An employee in

    asked by Hailey
  67. Social studies

    What do colonialism and imperialism both require? (1 point) 1}one country giving money to another 2}two countries sharing resources 3}two countries working together 4}one country ruling another country

    asked by Everligh
  68. Physics

    a golf ball is shot from a tee which is located 18.0m above the green. The initial velocity of the golf ball is 42.0 m/s at an angle of 50.0 degrees above the horizontal. The ball behaves as an ideal projectile during its flight from the tee to the

    asked by Jonathan
  69. math

    The ratio of perimeters of two squares is 1:2. The perimeter of the larger square is 16cm. What is the length of one side of the smaller square?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Chemistry

    The reaction described takes place in solution in a coffe-cup style calorimeter. We will assume that the cups absorb or release a negligible amount of heat so we will not need to worry about the calorimeter constant or qcal. If the total mass of the

    asked by Tatiyana
  71. math

    The area of a rectangle is 3/5 square meter. The width is 2/5 meter. What is the length of the rectangle? How many times greater is the length that the width?

    asked by teresa
  72. accounting

    Sept 29, Year 2 Purchased a one-year public liability insurance policy for $5,000. The policy becomes effective at 12:01 a.m. October 1, Year 2. journalize the transaction

    asked by eve
  73. History

    What were reasons for the decline in power of the Catholic Church during the Renaissance and Protestant Reformation? (Select all that apply.) European leaders resented the papacy switching allegiances with varying European states the papacy decided to

    asked by malia
  74. math


    asked by teresa
  75. ZagaZig University

    A coil spring stretches 4 cm when a mass of 500 g is suspended from it . what is the force constant of the spring.

    asked by Ahmed Shokry
  76. business

    1. An evaluation of the impact of Globalisation in ay country of your choice to date, and in the future. You will need to cite relevant statistics and factual data

    asked by Ise
  77. Math

    Regina buys eggs at the local supermarket. They are sold in different quantities and at different prices. The quantities and prices are shown. Brand A: 6 eggs $1.77 Brand B: 12 eggs $3.75 Brand C: 18 eggs $5.24 Brand D: 24 eggs $7.10 Assuming all the eggs

    asked by REEEEE
  78. S.C Social Studies

    How did the French and Indian War affect South Carolina's economy? Please help me fast!

    asked by Fergie
  79. earth science

    products that conserves resources portfolio

    asked by Anonymous
  80. MATHS

    Manju spends 60% of her monthly allowance on groceries, 20% on clothes, 5% on cosmetic and the rest on gift items. If her monthly allowance is RS.10000, how much money does she spend on various items?

    asked by ROMAN
  81. Physics

    A placekicker kicks a football with a velocity of 35 m/sec and an angle of 25˚ above the horizontal. When the football is 10 m off the ground, a. What is the horizontal velocity of the ball? b. What is the vertical velocity of the ball? c. What is the

    asked by Bob
  82. us government

    I'm writing a research paper on Barack Obama and I have to write two paragraphs about his foreign policies. I've been researching online but I cannot find a good website. I either find blogs saying his foreign policies were a failure, or articles written

    asked by yup
  83. History

    I am going to compare Plato and Gandhi. I find it hard to know what i can compare between the two philosophers. What are the differences and similarities between the two.

    asked by Emma
  84. physics

    an airplane flying north is observed from the ground. it's velocity is 225 m/s north. the pilot who is flying the plane measures a velocity of 250m/s north. what is the velocity of the wind that affects the plane

    asked by anna
  85. Math

    Which set of angles could be the interior angles of a triangle? A. 10°, 20°, and 60° B. 20°, 20°, and 50° C. 20°, 30°, and 50° D. 20°, 60°, and 100° A is what i think

    asked by fr
  86. Maths

    The heights of four of the starting players on the basketball team are 183 cm, 178 cm, 174 cm, and 185 cm. If the mean height of all five starting player is 182 cm, what is the height of the fifth starting player? Plz explain

    asked by Joe
  87. Math

    If a set of closed under addition, must it also be closed under multiplication? explain your answer or give a counterexample

    asked by Kelley
  88. Pre calc

    Find an equation of the parabola described and state the two points that define the latus rectum Focus at (0,4) ; Directrix the line y=4

    asked by Alexa
  89. Algebra

    I need help checking my answer, any help is much appriciated Solve 5 < x - 2 < 11 A) 5 < x < 11 B) 7 < x < 13** C) 7 < x < 11 D) 5 < x < 16

    asked by Gigi
  90. Science

    Difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes

    asked by Amy
  91. History

    The first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence also laid out the concept of "______," the idea that legitimate governments are run by and for the People. • taxation without representation • consent of the governed*** • popularity contests

    asked by Taylor P.
  92. Chemistry

    3. 0.1825 g of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2•6H2O is dissolved in 250.00 mL of solution; this is Solution A. 5.00 mL of Solution A is transferred to another flask, and it is diluted to a total of 100.0 mL to make another solution, which is Solution B. Next, 3.00 mL of

    asked by Chad
  93. Math

    A factory produces 7,482 widgets per day. It ships these widgets in 2 crates. Each widget sells for $7. How much money does one crate earn?

    asked by AP
  94. Science

    Explain the key factors that make an area a biodiversity hot spot. Include its abiotic and biotic factors

    asked by Niki
  95. english

    Is this correct grammar? “Yes,” Lucy anxiously whispers, fingers tapping by her side. “Yes, it is.”

    asked by May
  96. Microeconmics

    The cross price elasticity for widgets with respect to gadgets is -0.5. If the price of the gadgets rises from $0.95-1.10 (a 10% increase), what will the impact on the quantity demand for widgets at the current market price?

    asked by Weaam
  97. English

    He peeled the orange. The orange is sinking. It's because the orange is denser than the water. Then, what is the suitable expression for the blank below? 1. The water is ____ than the orange.

    asked by rfvv
  98. Physics

    Three point sized bodies each of mass M fixed at three corners of light triangular frame of side length L about an axis perpendicular to the plane of frame and passing through centre of frame the moment of inertia of three bodies is

    asked by Chandrika
  99. math

    hat is the range of the scores for Craig? _____ Team | Bowling Scores Member | Game 1 | Game 2 | Game 3 Bob | 92 | 118 | 105 Craig | 127 | 101 | 96 Kim | 131 | 128 | 122 Nancy | 127 | 109 | 115 Phillip| 113 | 109 | 122

    asked by amanda
  100. english

    in the given below sentence can we use should? take care lest you/he fall take care lest you/he should fall. is there any wrong if we use should?

    asked by neeraja
  101. Algebra

    Can someone explain how to find the solution to the inequality. −2x − 14 > −4 + 3x Please show me step by step.

    asked by Bridgette
  102. Math

    Just want to double check If the question asks to find ratio of speed of car to speed of train given speed of car is 40 km/h and of train is 120km/h And I put as Train:car. (Instead of car:train) 120:40 12:4 3:1 Is this incorrect if I put in the reverse

    asked by NJay
  103. Chemistry

    0.1825 g of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2•6H2O is dissolved in 250.00 mL of solution; this is Solution A. 5.00 mL of Solution A is transferred to another flask, and it is diluted to a total of 100.0 mL to make another solution, which is Solution B. Next, 3.00 mL of

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Gen chem

    How many milliliters of .455 M sulfuric acid it it would it take to neutralize a 56.7 mL of 1.75 M sodium hydroxide

    asked by Chace
  105. What books should I read

    Hi, I'm in 11th grade, what fiction books would you recommend? Historical or science fiction books would be greatly appreciated.

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Math

    Kate’s wants a new bike from the sporting good store the bike she wants normally sells $360, the store has a sale on where all the bikes cost 5/6 of the regular price.What is the regular price

    asked by Dewayne
  107. Math

    How can an exponent be negative? Use an example. Having trouble with this prompt, I don’t know how to explain what it is asking for.

    asked by Ana
  108. Us history

    Committees of correspondence were designed to... A. Communicate what the king's response was to the Olive Branch Petitionn B. Write the Declaration of Independence C. Raise a militia

    asked by GIOVANNI
  109. History

    The first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence also laid out the concept of "______," the idea that legitimate governments are run by and for the People. • taxation without representation • consent of the governed*** • popularity contests

    asked by Mia
  110. Chemistry

    3. 0.1825 g of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2•6H2O is dissolved in 250.00 mL of solution; this is Solution A. 5.00 mL of Solution A is transferred to another flask, and it is diluted to a total of 100.0 mL to make another solution, which is Solution B. Next, 3.00 mL of

    asked by Anonymous
  111. math

    A news paper boy earns P93 a day how much did he earn in 15 weeks

    asked by melody
  112. Ethics

    Competing influences on ethical behaviors in organization with aid of references.

    asked by Ise
  113. Math

    -2/5 x -1 1/4 I'm confused on how to solve this. can someone help?

    asked by RE
  114. writing

    how do u say that someone says something with no emotion? Is it ok to write that the man "blandly states" something?

    asked by Rach
  115. Chem

    The half-life of a first-order drug degradation reaction is 48hrs. Calculate the rate constant. Thx!!!

    asked by RUby

    How is multiplying radical expression similar to FOIL with binomials?

    asked by grace
  117. Algebra HELP

    How is multiplying radical expression similar to FOIL with binomials?

    asked by grace
  118. Math help

    How is multiplying radical expression similar to FOIL with binomials?

    asked by grace
  119. English

    1. take a rest/ have a rest 2. take a nap / have a nap 3. take a walk / have a walk 4. take a trip / have a trip 5. take a shower / have a shower 6. take a sleep / have a sleep ---------------------------------- Are both the same? Is 'take' interchangable

    asked by rfvv
  120. Math

    1 1/4 cups of sugar is equals to how many liters if 1 cup is equals to 0.24L? with solution please. Thanks!

    asked by Yasmine
  121. English

    Boys should not help in domestic chores

    asked by Debate
  122. math

    Stacey earns $2,550 per month at her job at the library. After 7 months of saving her money, she buys 3 laptop computers for her children. Each laptop costs $562. How much money does Stacey have left?

    asked by AP
  123. Math

    Can i get some help on -2/5 x -1 1/4 please tried doing this multiple times but i keep getting weird answers that don't match up at all.

    asked by HAAILEY
  124. Math


    asked by Gloony90
  125. English

    1. He is an animator. 2. He is an animation maker. (Can we use #2? are both the same? Do you have another name for 'animator'?)

    asked by rfvv