Questions Asked on
October 9, 2017

  1. science

    the current atomic model would be revised if 1)better microscopes were being used to study its structure. 2)better microscopes are invented in the future. 3)new information about an atoms structure is discovered.*** 4) a new element is discovered in the

    asked by alainaforysthe
  2. History

    Which most accurately describes a Chinese concept that influenced later civilizations? the lliad and Odyssey provided a blueprint for future military dictators regarding war tactics and battlefield strategies confucianism influenced the political theories

    asked by malia
  3. History

    Which most accurately describes the involvement of the Catholic Church in the Crusades? (Select all that apply.) the crusade was a term used by the eastern orthodox church to describe its schism from the roman catholic church the knight templar was an

    asked by malia
  4. History

    Which most accurately describes a major impact of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe during the Middle Ages? the roman catholic sought to improve its image and refute dectractors with the counter reformation pope urban 11 issued a call know n as the

    asked by malia
  5. History

    Which most accurately describes events during Kublai Khan’s rule of the Mongol Empire (Yuan dynasty)? Kublai Khan’s overthrew and assassinated Genghis Khan, creating a civil war within the Mongol empire Kublai Khan’s rejected the Chinese Confucianism

    asked by malia
  6. History

    Which most accurately describes Kublai Khan’s role in trade between the Mongol Empire and European markets? Kublai Khan’s waged war with the Ottoman empire in the near east, resulting in the closing of the silk road which stopped the flow of goods

    asked by malia
  7. Science

    A motorcycle and a bus are moving with the same momentum.Which of them have greater kinetic energy ?

    asked by ABHINA B R
  8. History

    How did the conclusion of the Crusades and weakening of the Holy Roman Empire in the 13th century affect the Ottoman Empire? the ottoman empires economey collapsed, resulting in a civil war between sunni and shiite factions throuout the middle east the

    asked by malia
  9. History

    The Byzantine Empire began as the eastern half of the old Roman Empire and expanded to include much of Rome’s Mediterranean territories (1). South of the Byzantine Empire, the Arab Empire rose to power, conquering the Persian Empire (2). Over time, the

    asked by malia
  10. algebra

    Find the difference between points M(6,16) and Z(-1, 14) to the nearest tenth

    asked by Anonymous
  11. algebra

    Jacob deposits $60 into an investment account with an interest rate of 4%, compounded annually. The equation, y = 60(1 + 0.04)x, can be used to determine the number of years, x, it takes for Jacob's balance to reach a certain amount of money, y. Jacob

    asked by christian stark
  12. Geometry

    The two triangles in the following figure are congruent what is m

    asked by Keef.IBH
  13. social studies

    What was Hamilton’s main purpose in proposing a protective tariff? A. To support american business B. To raise money for the government C. To make the North stronger than the South D. To provide funds for the bank of the United States Connections

    asked by Anonymous
  14. History

    Which most accurately describe similarities between feudalist Europe and Japan? (Select all that apply.) both Europe and Japan had a strong centralized government both Europe and Japan lacked a warrior class and relied on mercenaries both Europe and Japan

    asked by malia
  15. Physics

    In a friendly neighborhood squirt gun contest a participant runs at 7.8 m/s horizontally off the back deck and fires her squirt gun in the plane of her motion but 45' above horizontal. The gun can shoot water at 11 m/s relative to the barrel, and she fires

    asked by Kris
  16. History help, please

    What are the answers!? What problem did the creation of the colony of Georgia create for South Carolina? A.) Georgia rivaled South Carolina for slaves B.) Many debtors and criminals who settled in Georgia moved to South Carolina C.) The creation of Georgia

    asked by cora
  17. Geometry

    The midpoint of CD is E(–1, 0). One endpoint is C (5, 2). What are the coordinates of the other endpoint?

    asked by BurtoGucci
  18. Social Studies

    The late 1400s through the early 1600s was a time of exploration and early settlement of several European colonies. Each European country had different reasons for their exploration and settlement, but all encountered Native Americans during their

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Graphic Design

    what term used to be defined as using a blade to cut a physical photograph so that only a segment remains? 1.) Clip art 2.) Crop 3.) Cut and paste 4.) Typeface Please help me!

    asked by Fox Girl
  20. Math

    To adopt a dog from an animal shelter, you must pay $80 for vaccinations, $65 to spay or neuter the dog, and $50 for a wellness exam by a veterinarian. a. Write an expression in simplest form that represents the amount (in dollars) it costs to adopt x

    asked by Kaylana
  21. History

    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all polytheistic religions (1). They share commonalities such as that Abraham was an essential founder (2). However, there are significant differences such as Judaism following scripture of the Koran, Islam following

    asked by malia
  22. Math please help

    which number is equivalent to 0.7 repeating?

    asked by beachkitty4
  23. physics

    an object of 1 cm^2 face area is placed at a distance of 1.5m from a screen. How far from the object should a concave mirror be placed si that it forms 4 cn^2 image on the screen?

    asked by rk
  24. math

    A street light is at the top of a 11 ft. tall pole. A man 6.2 ft tall walks away from the pole with a speed of 4.5 feet/sec along a straight path. How fast is the tip of his shadow moving when he is 31 feet from the pole?

    asked by Ramin
  25. math ; Geomentry

    A Ferris wheel is drawn on a coordinate plane so that the first car is located at the point ​(40,0). What are the coordinates of the first car after a rotation of 270 degrees counterclockwise about the​ origin?

    asked by rob
  26. Chemistry

    Somebody please help me. A friend of mine is trying to figure this out and I don't know how to help her because I haven't learned this. A student heats a 15.0 gram metallic sphere of unknown composition to a temperature of 98°C. The sphere is transferred

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math HELP PLEASE

    the following graph shows the number of soccer games a team won in each of their first three seasons explain how you could redraw the graph so that the change in wins between the three

    asked by Lilac
  28. math algerbra

    1. Which exponent makes the statement true? Start Fraction 1 over 5 superscript 9 baseline End Fraction equals 5 superscript question-mark baseline (1 point) 9 –9 one-ninth –one-ninth 2. y5 • y14 = (1 point) 2y19 y60 y19 2y60 3. Start Fraction w

    asked by help
  29. math

    in a jewelry store, rings make up 5/9 of the inventory. Earrings make up 4/15 of the inventory. How many times greater is the ring inventory than the earring inventory?

    asked by teresa
  30. Physics

    Please help me, I am in dire need of it, A football quarterback shows off his skill by throwing a pass {5.70 m downfield and into a bucket. The quarterback consis- tently launches the ball at 38.00' above horizontal, and the bucket is placed at the same

    asked by Kristi
  31. History

    How are religion and culture connected? (Essay)

    asked by K
  32. U,S, History (please help)

    Who was responsible for writing the amendments that later became the bill of rights?? A) George Washington** B) Patrick Henry C) George Mason B) James Madison I think it's A, but I'm not sure, it would mean the world if someone could please check my

    asked by Maggie
  33. Physicss

    A torque of 77.7 Nm causes a wheel to start from rest, completes 5.55 revolutions and attains a final angular velocity of 88.8 rad/sec. What is the moment of inertia of the wheel? I am trying to find angular acceleration first. How do I find it given this

    asked by Tyger2020
  34. Math

    1) for any three consecutive numbers, what can you say about odd numbers and even numbers? Explain. 2 A)Mirari conjectures that, for any three consecutive numbers, one number would be divisible by 3. Do you think Mirari is correct? Explain. 2 B) Gia claims

    asked by Ali
  35. Math

    1. Which equation below matches the relationship shown in the table? Table- X: 0, 1, 2 Y: 0.5,3.5, 6.5 A. y=2x+0.5 B. y=2x+2 C. y=3x D. y=3x+0.5 Please help, thank you. BTW I would share my answer for anyone to check but I am not sure how to do this so

    asked by You're here now, hello
  36. Chemistry

    How would you write an ionic equation for: NH2SO3H + NaOH —> NaNH2SO3 + H2O? Is it simply H+ + OH- —> H2O?

    asked by Autumn
  37. Science

    How does that contribute to the continuous and ongoing nature of science? In other words, why is science a never-ending process?

    asked by Help i need somebody not just anybody
  38. Algebra

    1. I need help solving the system by substitution -x-y-z=-8 -4x+4y+5z=7 2x+2z=4

    asked by Samantha
  39. Maths

    A pole of height is a 3m is struck by a speeding car and breaks into two pieces such that the first piece is 1/2 second find the length of both pieces.

    asked by Ritu
  40. algebra

    You can buy 1 child's ticket, 1 adult's ticket and 1 senior citizen's ticket for a minor league baseball game for $29. Tickets for adults cost 3 times as much as tickets for children. A family of 3 children, 2 adults, and 2 senior citizens pays a total of

    asked by allison
  41. Math

    The population of a town is modelled by P=-0.1x^2+1.2x+4.4 where x is the number of years since the year 2000, and y is the population in thousands. a) In the year 2005, what is the population? I used the equation, put x=5 and I got 7900 as the

    asked by Sarah
  42. Introduction to Graphic Design

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 9. There are two sculptures of George Washington. One sculpture makes use of sharp edges and abstract shapes, while the other captures a more realistic view. Which of the following is different about these

    asked by Da Fash
  43. algebra1

    Which of the following functions represents a geometric sequence? Why? Answer Choices The function f(x)=x7 represents a geometric sequence because each term is raised to the seventh power to make it greater. The function f(x)=7x represents a geometric

    asked by miyah
  44. qualitative analysis

    how would we use silver nitrate reagent to distinguish between tartaric acid and one of its salts?

    asked by HARLEY
  45. Physics

    A lawn mower weighs 1274 N. A person tries to push the mower up a hill that is inclined 15o to the horizontal. How much force does the person have to exert along the handle just to keep the mower from rolling down the hill if the normal force exerted on

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Geometry

    Find the difference between points M(6,16) and Z(-1, 14) to the nearest tenth

    asked by anonymous question
  47. Math

    We all need help on this. The population of a town is modelled by P=-0.1x^2+1.2x+4.4 where x is the number of years since the year 2000, and y is the population in thousands. a) In the year 2005, what is the population? I used the equation, put x=5 and I

    asked by Sarah/Juliet/ Rameen
  48. Physics

    A 0.471-kg hockey puck, moving east with a speed of 8.17 m/s, has a head-on collision with a 0.795-kg puck initially at rest. Assuming a perfectly elastic collision, what will be the speed of the 0.795-kg puck after the collision?

    asked by wanda
  49. Math

    After giving away 20 marbles, joshua had 60% left. How many had he at first. Please help me solve.

    asked by Abia
  50. math

    Sketch one full cycle of the graph of y=3sin(0.5x)-2.Give the amplitude and the period and the indicate the turning points and intercepts clearly.

    asked by Cedric
  51. math

    find the volume of iron required to make an open box whose external dimensions are 36cm×25cm×16.5cm, the box being 1.5cm thick throughout. if 1cm^3 of iron weighs 8.5g. find the weight of empty box in kilogram.

    asked by pranoy
  52. Physics

    Bob has a helicopter and from the launch pad he flies the following path. First he travels from the launch pad a distance of 52 kilometers at heading 79 degrees South of West. Then he flies 26 kilometers heading 22 degrees north of East. After this he

    asked by David
  53. Science

    Why do scientific theories change over time?

    asked by Help i need somebody not just anybody
  54. chemistry

    Calculate the PH and POH of an aqueous solution that is 25.00% of HCL by mass and density of 1.35g/ml

    asked by okore
  55. chemistry

    why is it important to know how to separate solids from liquids

    asked by Asma
  56. Math

    At noon, ship A is 30 nautical miles due west of ship B. Ship A is sailing west at 22 knots and ship B is sailing north at 25 knots. How fast (in knots) is the distance between the ships changing at 6 PM? (Note: 1 knot is a speed of 1 nautical mile per

    asked by Ramin
  57. Math

    Describe the following transformations on y=x^2: y=-4(2x+10)^2 -7

    asked by Sarah
  58. Math

    1: Goldbach's Conjecture is a famous conjecture that has never been proven true or false. The conjecture states that every even number, except 2, can be written as the sum of two prime numbers. For example, 16 can be written as 5+11. 1 a: Write the first

    asked by Jordan
  59. Algebra

    Can someone show me how to solve the system by elimination with? -2x+2y+3z=0 -2x-y+z=-3 2x+3y+3z=5

    asked by Samantha
  60. Physics

    At a time when mining asteroids has become feasible, astronauts have connected a line between their 3830-kg space tug and a 5930-kg asteroid. They pull on the asteroid with a force of 671 N. Initially the tug and the asteroid are at rest, 514 m apart. How

    asked by Amelia
  61. physics

    A basketball is thrown at 8.00m/s [up] from a height of 2.00m and eventually comes back down to hit the floor. a)assuming a uniform acceleration of 9.80m/s^2 [down], how long was the ball in flight? b) calculate the balls velocity immediately prior to

    asked by emily
  62. Maths

    If 8 labourers can earn rs.9000 in 15days,how many labourers can earn rs.6300 in 7days?

    asked by Nikki
  63. math

    A recipe asks for 1/2 cup of milk. How much milk is needed to make 1/2 of the recipe? A.1/4 cup B.1/2 cup C.2/3 cup D.3/2 cup

    asked by bhj
  64. Physics

    C:\Users\Kristi\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (691).png

    asked by Kristi
  65. Functions

    Describe the following transformations on y=x^2: y=-4(2x+10)^2-7 I really don’t understand transformations, please help

    asked by Sarah
  66. math 2

    Write a single algebraic notation for an image that has been rotated 180 about the origin and has undergone the following translation: 3 units down and 5 units left(pleasee help)

    asked by yissel luna
  67. chemistry

    How many moles of iron atoms are in 22.37 g of iron (II) sulfide, FeS?

    asked by iman
  68. math

    4/9 divided by 2/3 divided by 5/6

    asked by teresa
  69. math

    ruben is thinking of a number x.if he multiplies the number by 5 and then subtracts 12 from the product, the answers he gets is equal to 3 times x. what is x?

    asked by ruben
  70. chemistry

    Calculate the PH and POH of an aqueous solution that is 25.00% of HCL by mass and density of 1.35g/no

    asked by okore
  71. English

    I would like someone could check my short story. Thanks One fall in the mid-1980s, Karla took some time off and got a ticket to visit relatives in Cuzco. She was fresh out of school and had begun working as an office clerk. On her return trip, she noticed

    asked by Eliz
  72. math

    An old lady has 125 cats. Seven of them are old, 9 of them are her favorite, 5 of them are both (old and favorite). How many of are neither old nor favorite?

    asked by bob
  73. Physics

    A car of 900kg accelerates uniformly from rest to a speed of 30 m/s in 15 seconds.what is its power?

    asked by Shahzaib
  74. English

    How do I make a profile about a latina woman and her impact on the community, relevant or interesting to professor, a white male? What angle can approach to write my profile essay?

    asked by Mayela
  75. Biology

    The _ has an eyespot a. Diatom b. Dinoflagellate c. Euglena

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Social Studies

    I need some help with some questions from my civic's homework! It's about the Articles of Confederation 1. How are delegates selected for Congress? My answer: Delegates were selected for Congress by being appointed by the legislatures of each State. 2.

    asked by Gay4Space
  77. Physics please

    A tennis ball is tossed up off a building with a velocity of 22m/s. It takes 6.4s to reach the ground. How high is the building and what is the maximum height of the tennis ball?

    asked by Mariam
  78. Another physics please

    Rex flips a coin vertically upwards with an initial velocity of 0.262m/s. Determine the height to which the coin will rise above the initial height. At what velocity is the coin moving when Rex catches it.

    asked by Mariam
  79. chemistry

    The volume of a H2SO4 solution to 36.75% by weight of density 1, 8g/cm ^ 3, necessary to prepare 500 ml of a solution 3N of sulphuric acid is approximately:

    asked by william
  80. Math

    Stage 1: 1 = 1 Stage 2: 1+3 = 4 Stage 3: 1 +3+5 = 9 Stage 4: 1+3+5+7= 16 a. Find the next four stages and their sums. b. What is the sum in Stage 20? c. In what stage will the sum be 567? What is the greatest number added in the sum of this pattern?

    asked by annie
  81. chemistry

    In a solution of Fe²+ and Aluminum immersed in a solution of Al³+ knowing that aluminum is more reactive than iron, what metal form the anode?

    asked by Nora
  82. English

    1. We can see a person in the picture. The blues are on/at the background. (Which preposition do we have to use?) 2. By whom was this painting painted? 3. By whom was this picture painted? 4. By whom was this painting drawn? 5. By whom was this drawing

    asked by rfvv
  83. Math

    In the early months of some year, one site added 0.5 million new accounts every day. At this rate, how many days would be needed to add 40 million new accounts?

    asked by Nick
  84. MATH!!!!

    Is 107 X 10^4 A Scientific Notation

    asked by Autumn
  85. math

    If you have a square blanket and it's 130 square inches. How long is one side in furlongs?

    asked by Ron
  86. calculus

    Differentiate the function.((x^2)-((3x^2)(ln(4x))))/(x^6)

    asked by John
  87. English

    I will check your reading activity with a gun on the screen of this laptop. (A gun is a selecting program on the computer.) When a number shows up on the screen, the student should come up here and read one part aloud. This reading text is divided into 4

    asked by rfvv
  88. math

    will need 3000 for a down payment on house in 10 years. account earns 6% compounded monthly, how much needs to be deposited now to reach that goal?

    asked by gaye
  89. math

    tan 75/2 ka maan long solve

    asked by Anonymous
  90. English

    I wrote my Book Review: Pride and Prejudice I would like someone correct my grammar mistakes.180 words Thanks so much Pride and Prejudice Pride and Prejudice was written about 200 years back by Jane Austen. It is a romantic love story about the pride of a

    asked by Eliz
  91. Math

    A ball is thrown from a cliff. This is modeled by the eqn h=-5t^2 +5t+210 How long does it take the ball to reach a height of 60m? I don't understand how to find this, please help.

    asked by Sarah
  92. Math

    A car has a fuel efficiency of 33 miled per gallon.(a) Find a function G that calculates the number of gallons required to travel x miles. (b)If the cost of gas is $4 per gallon, find the function C that calculates the cost of fuel to travel x miles.

    asked by Nick
  93. chemistry

    An impure silver sample weighing 0.1652g reacts with diluted HNO3, forming the add HCl, a white precipitate that weighed 0.0911 g of silver chloride. What degree of purity of silver in the sample?

    asked by william
  94. Maths, velocity time graph

    I am asked to draw a graph of the total distance traveled versus the total time taken for a journey between points A and B. The journey never stops but midway through its velocity remains stable for a good period of the journey. So regarding the shape of

    asked by Anon
  95. Biology

    Can someone please explain what this article isn't talking about I couldn't post the link but you can find it online "The relationship between the volume of antimicrobial consumption in human communities and the frequency of resistance" Please don't just

    asked by Collee2
  96. Math-Ratio and Proportion

    The scale of a die cast model car is 4:13.If the real car has a length of 177 inches and a height of 59 inches.How tall is the die cast model?

    asked by Alice
  97. Math

    If a boat in a bottle is an exact replica and has a sail height of 2 inch,while the real version of the boat has a sail height of 48 ft.What is the scale of the replica to the real boat?

    asked by Alice
  98. Algebra

    I'm stuck on this question, and really need help. Question: True or false? Explain your answer. The inequality −2(x + 10) ≥ 75 says the same thing as −2x − 20 ≥ 75. I can multiply by -2 on the left side without reversing the inequality symbol.

    asked by Anonymous
  99. English

    Please how can correct my grammar mistakes. Thanks 3. What are your three BEST life skills? I have the ability to empathize with other people. Also I keep calm and resilient in hard situations. But the most important is I'm excellent managing my finances.

    asked by Eliz
  100. Career Help

    How long do you have to go to school to be a Construction Engineer?

    asked by Haile
  101. literature

    In the house on mango street, after she gets married, what does Sally do all day because her husband won’t allow her to do all that she wants? A. She sits and looks out the window and at her possessions. B. She talks to her friends on the telephone. C.

    asked by Katie
  102. english

    anyone ever read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn? Well...I haven't! and I'm doing something where I need to list his interests, but I haven't read it, so I'm researching about it A LOT. I still haven't found anything on his interests, only one, but i'm

    asked by hotdognibba70
  103. history

    I have an essay about J.H Elliott and I have to write about his arguments he made about symbolic occupation. Can someone help me what was his arguments.

    asked by Katherine
  104. Math

    I'm having hard time understanding input/ output If input is 2 3 5 1 and output is 9 12 18 6 then if I put is 7 what is output

    asked by Sheena
  105. Math

    if you play soccer in a street 9 meters wide and you put the goals 12 meters apart what is the lenght of a soccer pitch if the street is a 1:10 scale of a normal soccer pitch.

    asked by Alice
  106. biology

    Difference between the reproduction of sweet potato and potato.

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Biology

    Can someone please explain what this article isn't talking about I couldn't post the link but you can find it online "The relationship between the volume of antimicrobial consumption in human communities and the frequency of resistance"

    asked by Collee2
  108. simple harmonic motion

    So I have the following information: Amplitude (A)=1.60mm, Angular Velocity (w)=2760 and phase constant (o) = pi/2. and I need to find: a)the period of oscillation. b)maximum speed. c)max magnitude of acceleration. Firstly I dont want anyone to give away

    asked by Anon
  109. Weather maths

    Saturday temperature was24oc an Sunday it drop to 22oc why the temperture is lower on that day

    asked by Jomal
  110. science

    Special telescopes, such as the Chandra x-ray Telescope, help astronomers see different kinds of electromagnetic radiation besides visible light. Why is this helpful? • X-rays give off a spectrum of light that tell astronomers what elements make up

    asked by layla