Questions Asked on
October 7, 2017

  1. History

    Which most accurately describes the Arab Empire’s impact on religious practices? the Arab empire spread Islam across the middle east and north Africa the Arab empire spread Hinduism across India and southwest China the Arab empire spread Confucianism

    asked by malia
  2. Math

    If x=loga(bc), y=logb(ca), and Z=logc(ab). Prove that x+y+Z=xyZ-2

    asked by Abass
  3. math unit 2

    Ray BD bisects ∠ABC so that m∠ABD = 5y – 3 and m∠CBD = 2y +12. Find the value of y. The midpoint of Line Segment AB is (2, -9). The coordinates of one endpoint are A (4, 10). Find the coordinates of endpoint B. Find the distance between points F

    asked by Anon
  4. Calculus II

    Suppose a cell of volume V cc is surrounded by a homogeneous chemical solution of concentration C g/cc. Let y denote the concentration of the solute inside the cell at any time t and suppose that, initially, the concentration is y0. Fick's law, named after

    asked by Catherine
  5. Algebra 2

    1. The roots of the quadratic equation z^2 + az + b = 0 are 2 - 3i and 2 + 3i. What is a+b? 2. Find all pairs of real numbers (x,y) such that x + y = 6 and x^2 + y^2 = 28. If you find more than one pair, then list your pairs in order by increasing x value,

    asked by Nanami
  6. algrbra

    It is known that a>0 and b

    asked by Ashly
  7. MATH unit 2

    I am so confused, please help!! ∠1 and ∠2 are supplementary angles. m∠1= 11a+19. m∠2 = 6a – 9. Find m∠2.

    asked by Anon
  8. Math

    Two factory plants are making TV panels. Yesterday, Plant A produced 9000 panels. Ten percent of the panels from Plant A and 3% of the panels from Plant B were defective. How many panels did Plant B produce, if the overall percentage of defective panels

    asked by Sarah
  9. Science

    Look at the border of the Amoeba. What is unique about it? Why do you think it might be important to the cell?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Maths

    The sum of the last three terms of a G.P having n terms is 1024 times the sum of the first three terms of the progression. If the third term is 5, find the last term.

    asked by Abass
  11. Math

    Which question is an example of an statistical question? Ask all your friends,"What is your favoriet color?"(my anwser). Ask your teacher,"What college did you attend?" Ask one of your neighbors,"How Manu times do you eat pizza a month?"

    asked by Jordan
  12. 5th grade Math

    Can you check my answer? 4. Solve. 6 tenths = ___ thousandths Answer = 600 5. Write 347.392 in expanded form. Answer: (3*100)+(4*10)+(7*1)+(3* 1/10) + (9*1/100)+ (2*1/1000) 9. Write in standard form (number name) for: three thousand four hundred eight-two

    asked by Jared
  13. physics

    A 76 kg rock is rolling horizontally at the top of a vertical cliff that is 20m above the surface of lake.the top of the vertical face of the dam is located 100m from the foot of the cliff with the top of the dam level plain is 25m below the top of the

    asked by rebika
  14. Geometry

    ST=x+3 and TU=4x-6 what is the value of ST and SU I know ST=6 and SU=12, but I'm not sure how to do the problem, can someone explain? (S, T, and U are all on the same line)

    asked by Ember Lovet
  15. Math

    If I’m enlarging a photo from 5 width x 7 length , to 21 inches long, how wide will the print be?

    asked by Linda
  16. stats

    In a straight 3 lottery you choose a 3 digit number. A 3 digit number is chosen at random, If your number mataches you win $250. 1. There are two outcimes in the sample space($250,$0) using these write down a probability model for the straigjt pick three

    asked by Morgan
  17. Xtremely Diffucult ALgebra

    Point M(3,7) is the midpoint of a line over AB. If point A has coordinates (9,3), what is the sum of the coordinates of point B?

    asked by Jacobic
  18. Equality Studies

    What are some steps white Americans can take to check their privilege?

    asked by Jen
  19. Science

    Do prokaryotes or eukaryotes have cell Wall?

    asked by Emilia
  20. Economics

    The pricing of pharmaceutical products can be controversial. A recent example is EpiPen produced by Mylan which is used to treat anaphylaxis. The retail price of an EpiPen is $300, while industry sources estimate that it costs around $30 to produce each

    asked by Jess
  21. Finite Math

    An urn contains 55 green marbles and 44 red marbles. One marble is​ removed, its color​ noted, and not replaced. A second marble is removed and its color is noted. ​(a) What is the probability that both marbles are green​? red​? ​(b) What is

    asked by Bob
  22. BIO

    Describe the phases of the nitrogen cycle, in the marine environment, starting with the death of a fish. Could someone help me with this? I just need it explained to me, I've watched and read many articles.. but still do not understand very well

    asked by mstv1112
  23. science

    Special telescopes, such as the Chandra X-ray Telescope, help astronomers see different kinds of electromagnetic radiation besides visible light. Why is this helpful? • X-Rays give off a spectrum of light that tell astronomers what elements make up

    asked by maddie
  24. Science

    IF 8.5g of KOH powder are placed in 100g of water at room temperature of 20degree Celsius, what is the final temperature of the solution. KOH K+OH H=-57.61 KJ/MOL KOH

    asked by Meena
  25. math

    cos(A-B)+cos(B-C)+cos(C-A)=-3/2 then prove that cos A+cos B+cos C=0 and sin A+sin B+sin C=0 and also prove that cos(A-B)=cos(B-C)=cos(C-A)=-1/2

    asked by Binoy kumar mahato
  26. science

    GHOST's are on the earth (yes& no)?

    asked by xddz
  27. Marh

    The length and breadth of a rectangular are in the ratio 5:3 .If the cost of reaping the field at 85 paise per square metre is Rs 624.75 find the cost of fencing it at the rate of Rs 4per metre

    asked by Anonymous
  28. math

    Devante is 2 years older than Victoria. In 5 years the sum of their ages will be 82. How old is Devante now?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Math

    in a survey of 900 people, 620 approved of the current mayor. Judging from this sample, what is the mayor's percentage approval?

    asked by Bo
  30. math

    The population of a town decreased from 15,400 to 12,950. What is the percentage decrease?

    asked by Shelly
  31. Math

    Write a let statement Debra has $67 in loonies and toonies. If there are 45 coins in total, how many loonies are there

    asked by Variables
  32. Science

    Calculate the no:of moles of a gas in 44.28L at STP

    asked by Nisha
  33. science

    Special telescopes, such as the Chandra X-ray Telescope, help astronomers see different kinds of electromagnetic radiation besides visible light. Why is this helpful? • X-Rays give off a spectrum of light that tell astronomers what elements make up

    asked by maddie
  34. statistics

    Find both the -intercept and the -intercept of the line given by the equation . Round your answers to decimal places.

    asked by LJ
  35. Math

    Of the students in Rosalie’s dance class, 29 out of 59 have participated in dance class before. About how many of her students have participated in dance class before? 1.0 2.1/2 3.1 4.2

    asked by Kinaya
  36. algebra

    and for this one I got no clue: By what percent will the fraction increase if its numerator is decreased by 10% and denominator is decreased by 50%? can you just show the equation, i can solve it

    asked by Ashly
  37. Bio

    There are a lot of components to the question. How can I answer this with a paragraph? Need help. Explain the role of sex chromosomes in inheritance> Answer must include: 1. Anatomical differences as result of XX/XY, 2. Arrangement and structure of X and

    asked by A
  38. stats

    In a straight 3 lottery you choose a 3 digit number. A 3 digit number is chosen at random, If your number mataches you win $250. 1. How many diifrent three digit numbers are there? I thought you would do 3^3 but that only equaled 27 so i assumed im wrong

    asked by Morgan
  39. Physics!

    No matter what i do i can't seem to find a reasonable answer for this problem! I've done everything I can think of. Block m1( 7 kg ), lies on an incline plane with a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.15. m1 is connected to mass m2 by a massless rope

    asked by Randy
  40. physics!

    A taut massless string connects two boxes as shown in the figure. The boxes are placed on an incline plane at θ = 31.00. What is the acceleration of boxes as they move down the incline, given m2 = 1.6 kg, m1 = 7.6 kg, μ2 = 0.10 and μ1 = 0.20. Please

    asked by Randy
  41. Physics!

    HELP!!! A box rest on an incline making a 34 angle with the horizontal. It is found that a parallel force to the incline of at least 240 N can prevent the box from sliding down the incline. If the weight of the box is 800 N, find the coefficient of static

    asked by Randy
  42. math

    A company's stick lost $3.15 of its value each day for 5 consecutive days. What was the total change in the stock price?

    asked by Jayla
  43. physics

    A person walks in the following pattern: 2.8 km north, then 2.9 km west, and finally 5.5 km south. (a) How far and (b) at what angle (measured counterclockwise from east) would a bird fly in a straight line from the same starting point to the same final

    asked by yousef
  44. history

    In what way does Saudi Arabia play an important role in foreign and security aspects in the Middle East

    asked by Amy
  45. Chemistry

    What volume in liter will be occupied by 162.3 g of carbon monoxide at 273k and 760 torr?

    asked by Tammy
  46. Algebra

    Divide the rational expression. a^3+x^3\2a^3-2a+2x^2÷a^2-x^2\10.

    asked by Keonn`a
  47. physics

    why do you fall forward when a moving bus decelerates to a stop ?

    asked by amgad
  48. Algebra

    Divide the rational expression. x-11\6-x÷x^2-121\x-6

    asked by Keonn`a
  49. Algebra

    Divide the rational expression. 3x^2+8x+5/3x+15÷x^2+4x+3/x^2+8x+15

    asked by Keonn`a
  50. Algebra

    Find R(x)=f(x)/g(x), where f(x) and g(x) are given f(x)=2a^2+7a+5/5a+25 g(x)=a^2-2a-3/a^2+2a-15

    asked by Keonn`a
  51. earth science

    What are the long-term effects of banning plastic bags, and who is impacted by this issue or problem?

    asked by UB
  52. Physics

    Question from lab regarding Conservation of Energy Why doesn't the potential energy of the pulley matter when calculating the change in energy of our system?

    asked by Brad
  53. History

    The Chinese civilization has provided many innovations. Some of these innovations include the development of paper (1) medicines from plants and herbs, including ephedrine (2) the heliocentric theory (3) acupuncture (4 which one is true and which are

    asked by malia
  54. MaTh

    Simplify i^1+i^2+i^3+... i^97 + i^98+i^99

    asked by Jane
  55. Algebra 2

    Part A: For what real values of c is x^2 + 16x + c the square of a binomial? If you find more than one, then list your values separated by commas. Part B: For what real values of a is x^2 + ax + 25 the square of a binomial? If you find more than one, then

    asked by Aria
  56. Math

    show that the set of nonzero rational numbers is closed under division

    asked by Anonymous