Questions Asked on
October 6, 2017

  1. History

    Which best describes Christianity’s influence on the feudal system in Europe? the Christian church's promotion of democratic policies inspired Europes feudal society church leaders often were at odds with kings during medieval times, fighting for rights

  2. math

    if cos(B-C)+cos(C-A)+cos(A-B)=-3/2 then prove that cosA+cosB+cosC=O and sinA+sinB+sinC=O after that prove that cos(B-C)=cos(C-A)=cos(A-B)=-1/2

  3. Math

    In a class of 83 students, 72 are present. What percentage of the students are absent? Provide answer up to two significant digits. a. 12 b. 13 c. 14 d. 15 What I did is I subtracted both 83 and 72 which is 11 and I put it as proportions. I put x as a

  4. Math

    Rounding to significant figures 99.98 to 3 significant figures Can it apply to this number as if I round to 100 this is one significant figure or we keep it as 99.9. Please clarify And same number to 2 sig figure Will it be 100? Or it stays 99 Round to 1

  5. mathematics

    8 is added to a certain number and the sum is multiplied by 3 the result is 57.find the number

  6. Math

    Each month, Allen pays a total of $150 for both cable TV and internet service. If he were to switch to a rival service provider, he would pay $70 less per month for cable TV service and twice as much per month for internet service. To save $20 per month

  7. Math

    What is the repeating decimal 0.7777.... as a fraction in simplest form?

  8. Calculus II

    Assume that the rate of change of the unit price of a commodity is propirtional to the difference between the demand and the supply, so that dp/dt = k(D-S) where k is a constant of proportionality. Suppose that D = 72-5p, S = 9 + 2P, and p(0) = 2. Find a

  9. Statistics

    In a study by Peter D. Hart Research Associates for the Nasdaq Stock Market, it was determined that 20% of all stock investors are retired people. In addition, 40% of all adults invest in mutual funds. Suppose a random sample of 25 stock investors is

  10. math .

    [ number 1 & 2are a rule of sequence ] 1: Write a rule for the sequence. 2,6,10,14 a; start with two and subtract four repeatedly b; start with four and add two repeatedly ** c; start with two and add four repeatedly d; start with two and add one , add two

  11. algebra 2

    Determine whether y varies directly with x. If so, find the constant of variation and write the equation. X | Y ------ 1 | -2 3 | -6 5 | -10 i think it's A ?? A. yes; k=2 and y=2x B. no C. yes; k= -2 and y= -2x D. yes; k= -1/2 and y= -1/2x

  12. s.s

    1. What was one reason Tecumseh wanted to form a confederation? A. to end fur trading amongst setters B. to stop the advancement of white settlement C. to take over the Canadian territory**** D. to have the ability to fight the War Hawks

  13. physics

    Consider a particle initially moving with a velocity of 5m/s starts deaccelarating at a constant rate of 2m/s*2 find the distance travelled in 2sec? Ans:2m

  14. Chemistry

    What is the mass, in grams, of 7.18 x 10^24 molecules of chlorine?


    5. Which of the following examples best represents how the vice presidency has evolved over time? A. Vice Presidents are now presidents on waiting B. Vice Presidents powers have decreased overtime C. Vice Presidents fill vacancies of cabinet posts D. Vice

  16. math

    Find the x intercept and the y intercept: x – 5y = –5 I think the y intercept is 1 so do I just substitute?

  17. Math

    Let $$f(x) = \frac{x^2}{x^2 - 1}.$$Find the largest integer $n$ so that $f(2) \cdot f(3) \cdot f(4) \cdots f(n-1) \cdot f(n) < 1.98.$

  18. Chemistry

    Consider 30.0 mL of water that has absorbed 1540 J of heat from a chemical reaction. What is the change in temperature that should be observed in degrees Celsius?

  19. Language Arts

    What is the topic sentence of this paragraph from life without gravity?

  20. Statistics

    In a particular manufacturing plant, two machines (A and B) produce a particular part. One machine (B) is newer and faster. In one five-minute period, a lot consisting of 32 parts is produced. Twenty-two are produced by machine B and the rest by machine A.

  21. Physics

    A particle travels 10m in 5sec and 10m in 3sec assuming constant acceleration what is the distance travelled in next 2sec? Ans:8.3m

  22. Physics

    A box is on a flat plane and has a force of 16 N applied downward to it at an angle of 55 degrees. The box has a mass of 28 kg. What is the minimum horizontal force F needed to make the box start moving in (Figure 1)? The coefficients of kinetic and static

  23. driving

    Corinne was driving erratically and the police stopped her. The officer immediately asked Corinne to take a sobriety test because of the.. teenage driving law. implied consent law.National Highway Safety Act. National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

  24. History plz help!!!

    How should the success of the United States be evaluated and measured? What tools or data should be used to do this? What are your measurements of natural success in the economy, politics, social services, or the environment? —————— my

  25. Calculus

    Given that f(150)=100, f'(150)= -2.5, approximate the value of f(151.5). The answer is approximately 96.25, but I'm unsure of how my teacher has gotten that answer. Can someone please explain this to me?


    Ralph needs to earn a B in his Geology class. His current test scores are 82,83, 90, and 77. His final exam is worth 4 test scores. In order to earn a B​, Ralph's average must lie between 80 and 89 inclusive. What range of scores can Ralph receive

  27. Science- bio- Please help!!

    Pretend you are a medical professional and it your job to make an I.V. solution for a patient that has a total cellular solute count of 1.19%. What would be the perfect I.V. solution to administer to your patient?

  28. Pre-Calculus

    Can you please help me to explain how to divide complex numbers by an imaginary number

  29. History

    how did the agricultural revolution impact religion and culture?

  30. Social Studies

    Which Native American group had hunters and gatherers who followed the vast herds of buffalo and relied upon the buffalo for their survival? A. California Indians B. Makah C. Plains Indians* D. Iroquois

  31. Home Economics

    The pricing of pharmaceutical products can be controversial. A recent example is EpiPen produced by Mylan which is used to treat anaphylaxis. The retail price of an EpiPen is $300, while industry sources estimate that it costs around $30 to produce each

  32. science

    Special telescopes, such as the Chandra X-ray Telescope, help astronomers see different kinds of electromagnetic radiation besides visible light. Why is this helpful? • X-Rays give off a spectrum of light that tell astronomers what elements make up

  33. MATH!!

    An Uber fare in Columbus is $3.50 for the first ½ mile and additional mileage charged at a rate of $0.30 for each additional 0.1 mile. You plan to give the driver a $2 tip. How many miles can you ride for $15? Please show or explain your calculations.

  34. Algebra 1

    1. Solve for x. 4(x – b) = x b= 4/3x b=3/4x x=4/3b x=3/4b Solve for y, then find the value of y when given x = –2. 6x = 7 – 4y –12 7/4 19/4 24 solve for h A= 1/2bh h=2A/b 2A=b/h h=1/2Ab h=2Ab

  35. Pre-calc

    how can I divide (3+4i)/(2-5i)?? If there's work, that would help me too

  36. math

    Find the midpoint of the line segment with endpoints (-5, 7) and (9, -3)

  37. Physics

    A particle moving along a straight line with a constant acceleration of -4m/s*2 passes through a point A with a velocity of +8m/s at some movement find the distance travelled by the particle in 5sec after that movement? Ans:26m

  38. Physics

    A particle travels 10m in 5sec and 10m in 5sec and 10m in 3sec assuming constant acceleration what is the distance travelled in next 2sec? Ans:8.3m

  39. Marine Science

    Describe the phases of the nitrogen cycle, in the marine environment, starting with the death of a fish. Could someone help me with this? I just need it explained to me, I've watched and read many articles.. but still do not understand very well

  40. English

    1. He helped to organize the party. 2. He helped to arrange the party. 3. He helped to prepare the party. 4. He helped to prepare for the party. -------------------------------- Can we use all the expressions? Which ones are commonly used? 5. He helped

  41. English

    1. He helped Mother wash the dishes. 2. He helped Mother with the dishes. 3. He helped his brother study math. 4. He helped his brother with math. 5. He helped study math. 6. He helped with math. 7. He helped his brother study math. 8. He helped me study

  42. Spelling

    was hiding He in a canyon mountains in the

  43. Physics shm

    A trolley of mass 1.2kg is resting on a smooth surface attached to two identical springs constant k=25Nm-1,on either sides.when the trolley is displaced to the right by 55mm and releases,determine resultant force at the moment of release and state its

  44. Math. Answer soon please.

    An estimate for negative square root of 93 is ___ A-8.1 B-8.5 C-9.1** D-9.5 Julie is digging a square area in her backyard for a vegetable garden. If the area is 52 square feet, what is the approximate length of one side of her garden? A:6FT** B:7FT C:8FT

  45. Chemistry

    Consider reacting 100.0mg magnesium with 20.0mL of 1.0M hydrochloric acid. Which reactant is the limiting reagent? What is the theoretical yield of hydrogen? Express answers in millimoles. Can you please describe the steps taken in order to find the answer

  46. History

    can someone give me an example of an ancient civilization who created government and laws during the agricultural revolution.

  47. math

    Is the y intercept a point on the line?

  48. Algebra

    Find the slope of the line that goes through the points (-3,-3) and (5, 6).

  49. Physics

    particle travels 10m in 5sec and 10m in 3sec assuming constant acceleration what is the distance travelled in next 2sec? Ans:8.3m

  50. History

    1. What two factors caused retrenchment from 1731-1745? A. Apache raids and poorly timed military cutbacks B. Border disputes and attack on the french C. The Mexican war of independence and the Spanish American war D. Wars in Europe and numerous failed

  51. Maths

    A shopkeeper buys 11 hair clips for $10 and sells 10 clips for $11. Find out the gain or the loss percent.

  52. History

    Hello, I have to discuss a topic for my homework. I am having a really hard time finding a discussion starter (for I have a tough time speaking to other people, even if I talk online) The topic today is "discuss Reform Movements." I go to connections

  53. English

    The Catholic Church condemned Galileo because in his teachings earth and humans were not the center of all things. Identify random nouns Identify subjects Identify adjectives Thanks. (is Catholic an adjective)?

  54. Equality Studies

    Who are some prominent obese role models?

  55. math

    a monkey climb a tree first 1 minutes 3 meter and then next 1 minutes he slips 1 meter. so 3 minutes he take to end the climb hight of tree

  56. Math

    A tourist traveled 10 km away from the city by bus, and then continued his journey by foot in the same direction at the speed of 5 km/h. At which distance y was he from the city in x hours of walking?

  57. eastern michigan

    A pole-vaulter just clears the bar at 4.24 m and falls back to the ground. The change in the vaulter's potential energy during the fall is -3500 J. What is his weight?

  58. organic chemistry

    1. A chemist conducted a recrystallization on 18.5 g of a solid and collected 11.2 g as a first crop. She re-cooled the mother liquor and obtained 2.1 g as a second crop. Show your calculation when answering the following questions: (a) What is the percent

  59. math

    what is the equation of a line parallel to the given line and passing though the given point y=x+4 ;(-7, 1)

  60. History

    can someone give me an example of an ancient civilization who created culture and religion during the agricultural revolution.

  61. math

    -11 1/8+ 15 5/12=?? a:4 7/24 b:4 7/12** c:-4 1/3 d:-4 7/24*

  62. math

    How do I find the continuity or discontinuity of a graphed function? I am stuck on this problem and cannot whatsoever get past it.

  63. Math

    Is the equation true, false, or open? 9p+8=10p+7

  64. Math exponent & radicals

    If 4^x-4^x-1=24 find the value of x

  65. Math

    -11 1/8+ 15 5/12=?? a:4 7/24** b:4 7/12 c:-4 1/3* d:-4 7/24

  66. History

    can someone explain the Mesopotamian culture during the agricultural revolution

  67. s.s

    what difficulties did the U.S faced in preparing for war with Britain? select all that apply > France backed out after offering to help the U.S >Britain had a much larger navy then the U.S*** > Enslaved African Americans refused to help fight > The U.S had

  68. SS

    In his farewell address, what did Washington say about the U.S. forming alliances with specific European countries? A) it would be seen as a sign of disrespect**** B) other countries might also seek to form alliances C) it might put peace and prosperity at