Questions Asked on
October 3, 2017

  1. algebra

    Rearrange the formula KE = 1/2 mv^2 for m

    asked by noah
  2. Language Arts please help

    1)Which of the following best describes an expository essay? an essay that uses casual, conversational language an essay that tells a story about a real-life experience an essay that explains an idea by breaking it down*** an essay that uses humor to

    asked by Haley
  3. Physics

    A person skateboarding with a constant speed of 1.30 m/s releases a ball from a height of 1.25 m above the ground. Given that x0 = 0 and y0 = h = 1.25 m, find x and y for (a) t = 0.250 s and (b) t = 0.500 s. (c) Find the velocity, speed and direction of

    asked by Zz
  4. Latin help

    1. How would you express "I am giving "in Latin? (5 points) Dabunt Dabis Do Dabam * 2. How would you express "he kept entrusting" in Latin? (5 points) Mandalay * Manadabit Mandar Mandates 3. How would you express "they will tell" in Latin ? (5 points)

    asked by Gloony90
  5. latin 1

    dominus me amat. dominus me amat quod vitam fili servabam.sum xeno; romae ( in rome) sum sextus. mox liber (free)ero.

    asked by james
  6. Biology

    what promote cellular respiration in yeast cell? what condition appear to be detrimental to cellular respiration in yeast cell

    asked by kelly
  7. World History

    The Roman Empire had unified the Mediterranean region on both northern and southern seacoasts (1). Following the decline of the Roman Empire, a power vacuum was filled by the Byzantine and Arab Empires (2). Under the Byzantine Empire, the region became

    asked by malia
  8. history

    What was the capital city of the Ottoman Empire?

    asked by Kira
  9. Physics

    The ceiling of a school gymnasium is a distance of 20m. You toss a ball 1.5m from the ground. What is the maximum initial velocity you can toss the ball and have it just miss the ceiling?

    asked by Mariam
  10. Science

    An animal that has body parts arranged around a central point has: A.bilateral symmetry. B.radial symmetry. C.asymmetry. D.a distinct head and tail end.

    asked by Jay
  11. English

    Select the word or phrase in the sentence that is not used correctly 1) The physician started to perform the operation, but the patient was not yet completely under anesthesia. a) Started to b) Perform c) Was not d) Completely under 2) Before his death at

    asked by meg
  12. Advanced Algebra

    Bart made some home improvements for $6,091 using a six-month deferred payment plan with an interest rate of 23.79%. What is the balance after the deferment period if no payments are made? A.$6,091.00 B.$6,776.90 C.$7,540.05 D.$6,852.40 My answer is D

    asked by Steve
  13. World History (check answer)

    Which characteristic of the Avignon papacy drew harsh criticism? A. inclusion of women in Church services B. lavish lifestyle C. persecution of non-Christians*** D. worship of icons

    asked by Ember Lovet
  14. Check my answer please

    Blank are nutrients that are needed for growth and repair of the body's tissues A. carbohydrates B. Fats (My answer) C. Fiber D: Proteins

    asked by OCA student
  15. Geometry

    Find the side of a square whose diagonal is 16√2cm

    asked by Dhiraj
  16. math

    Certain private water utilities in South Carolina charge a variable rate for the drinking water they provide to residences. One customer's bills over a 23-month period were used to fit a linear regression in an attempt to predict charges on future bills

    asked by anon
  17. Health

    _______is a substance that helps in the chemical digestion of food 1. Epiglottis 2. Enzyme 3. Gallbladder 4. Peristalsis plz help

    asked by Tammy Connexus
  18. Physics

    Jeff tosses a can of soda pop to Karen, who is standing on her 3rd floor balcony a distance of 8.5m above Jeff’s hand. Jeff gives the can an initial velocity of 16m/s, fast enough so that the can goes up past Karen, who catches the can on its way down.

    asked by Mariam
  19. science

    A body fired vertically up reaches a maximum heigh H where is kinetic energy 75% of potential energy

    asked by sakshi
  20. Science

    Explain why science is a continuous progression of study. No, I'm not trying to plagiarize, I just want an example of what you would write, so I can figure out what I'll write in my own words. I learned that plagiarism has consequences the hard way.

    asked by My name's not important
  21. Physics-Average velocity

    The first controlled, sustained flight in a heavier-than-air craft was made by Orville Wright on December 17, 1903. The plane took off at the end of a rail that was 60 feet long, and landed 12 seconds later, 180 feet away from the beginning of the rail.

    asked by Destiny
  22. Physics

    A 50kg boy runs up the steps to the third floor of height 10.5m in 45s.While at the third floor,the boy drpos a 0.25kg ball and strike the ground. 1)calculate the rate of work done 2)by using the work-energy theorem,calculate the speed of the ball just

    asked by Anonynous
  23. LA helppp

    1)The most catastrophic natural disaster in the U.S was a Category 4, or extreme, hurricane that struck Galveston, Texas on September 8,1900. 2)A 15-foot storm surge killed more than 8,000 people on the low-lying island. 3) In an effort to prevent a

    asked by Haley
  24. Math

    Phoebe wen to a pet shop and saw birds and puppies. There are 18 animals in all in the pet shop. If Phoebe saw 50 animal legs on all, how many puppies and how many birds are there in the pet shop?

    asked by Eileen Mae
  25. Physics

    A system of pulleys is used to lift a load of 1000kg.if the efficiency of pulley system is 80%and velocity ratio is 20,find effort required to lift the load...............??

    asked by Anonymous
  26. English

    1. Our swim coach reminded us to eat a healthy meal, sleep well, and to come early for warm-ups before the swim meet. 2. While Jenny was skiing on Saturday morning, the trail cut through the forest. 3. After a moment of panic when I couldn’t find my

    asked by mw
  27. Rounding to the ten and hundred

    Write a number that is the same when rounded to the nearest hundred and ten explain

    asked by Tj
  28. Math

    The verticies of triangle RST are R(3, 2), S(-2, 3) and T(-2, 1). Which describes triangle RST? 1) isosceles 2) scalene 3) equilateral 4) none of the above

    asked by Carl
  29. Math

    The first term of GP exceed the second term by 2 and the sum to infinity is 15 find the series and the sum of first 5 term

    asked by Mohammad umar
  30. college algebra

    If there are 400 cubic centimeters of a chemical in 1 liter of solution (1000 cc=1 liter), how many cubic centimeters of water must be added to dilute it to a 25% solution?

    asked by tay
  31. Math

    Determine the number of factors of 5^x + 2•5^x+1. Choices: A) x B) x + 1 C) 2x D) 2x + 2 Please show solution:)

    asked by K
  32. social studies

    Which group was especially interested in winning the Crusades? 1)farmers 2)teachers 3)merchants *** 4)artists I think merchants, because of the trade. Thanks for your help.

    asked by Jamie
  33. history

    "That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men... Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it..." Which of the following historical persons would have been

    asked by lily
  34. math

    where do I place the parenthesis in this problem so that the answer is 7? 4-3*2+6=7

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Math plz help

    2. | y+4|

    asked by Gloony90
  36. Algebra 2

    Describe the following functions transformation:g(x)=-f(-2x)+5

    asked by Kate
  37. chemistry

    How many grams of O_2(g) are needed to react completely with 3.95 g of H_2(g) according to the following balanced chemical equation: 2H_2(g) + O_2(g)--> 2H_2_O(g) Molarity (M) is the number of moles of a solute per 1 L of solution--> M= (mol solute)/(L

    asked by Kane
  38. Math

    At midnight the temperature was 9 C. If the temperature rose 4 C per hour, what was the temperature at 9:00 AM? I said 36 C but it was incorrect, help?

    asked by Ana
  39. Physics

    A 50kg by runs up the steps to the third floor of height 10.5m in 45s.While at the third floor,the boy drops a 0.25kg ball and strike the ground 1)Calculate the rate of work done. 2)By using work-energy theorem,calculate the speed of the ball just before

    asked by Anonymous
  40. chemistry

    How many moles of permanganate are in 5.93 L of a 3.81 M solution?

    asked by Mcculum
  41. Health

    A(n) ________ is a substance that helps in the chemical digestion of food. A. Epiglottis B. Enzyme C. Gallbladder D. Peristalsis

    asked by @LittleMsAmelia
  42. Math

    Does m^8/m^4 (Exponent) equal m^2? I think it does.

    asked by Ana
  43. history

    What were some differences between the Byzantine and Arab Empires? (Select all that apply.) the byzantine empire forbade trade with Visigoth and Frankish nations, whereas the arab empire encouraged seagoing trade. the byzantine empire had great regard for

    asked by Kira
  44. physics

    an 85.0kg mountaineer remains in equilibrium while climbing a vertical cliff. the tension force in the supporting rope is 745 N. Find the magnitude of the reaction force F, which the cliff exerts on the mountaineer's feet.

    asked by a
  45. Algebra

    50 calories per day for every 2 pounds body weight. How many calories a 175 pound athlete consume per day?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    Does there exist a set S consisting of rational numbers with the following property: for every integer n there is a unique nonempty, finite subset of S, whose elements sum to n?

    asked by mathstreet
  47. Math

    How to solve 0.67 x 0.3?

    asked by Kaitlyn
  48. History

    What are 2 possible economic theorists/ financial gurus I can compare with opposing views? One favouring fiscal policy while other favouring laissez faire?

    asked by Susan
  49. history

    "Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains." The quote above most accurately reflects the need for which of the following Enlightenment ideals? •individual freedom*** •faith •moderation

    asked by katie
  50. Math

    Determine the number of factors of 5^x + 2•5^x+1. Choices: A) x B) x + 1 C) 2x D) 2x + 2 Please show solution:)

    asked by K
  51. social studies

    Which of the following statements best summarizes Washington’s viewpoint on American foreign policy? (1 point) The United States can take advantage of Europe’s ambition. The United States should limit interaction with Europe to commerce, or trade.

    asked by shadow
  52. history

    What tradition of the Ottoman Empire gave the sultan absolute power yet a duty to ensure fair justice and protection for the empire’s citizens? is it adalet

    asked by Kira
  53. Pre-Calculus

    True or false: P varies directly as Q can be written as P = kQ.

    asked by Mariam
  54. Pre-Calculus

    True or false: Suppose that y varies directly as x. If y is 5 when x is 30, the constant of variation is 150.

    asked by Mariam
  55. social studies

    Why did Jefferson oppose Hamilton’s plan for creating a national bank? Select all that apply. (2 points) He argued that Congress did not have the constitutional power to establish it. He felt that there would be no way to effectively run a national

    asked by shadow
  56. Pre-Calculus

    If w varies directly as z and w = 9 when z = -6, find w when z = 3. a) 0 b) -4.5 c) -2 d) 4.5

    asked by Mariam
  57. Pre-Calculus

    When buying gasoline, you notice that 14 gallons of gasoline is approximately the same as 53 liters. Use this information to find a linear model that relates gallons to liters. Then use the model to find the number of liters in 25 gallons. Round your

    asked by Mariam
  58. calculus

    3cotx - radical 3 = 0 solve for x please show it step by step

    asked by tom
  59. Physics

    A swimmer crosses a river 300 yards wide by swimming at a constant velocity of 1 mile/hour perpendicular (that is, at right angles to) to the riverbank. The river is flowing at 3 miles per hour. What is the velocity (expressed in m/s) of the swimmer

    asked by Brittany
  60. Math

    I need helppp D: ---------------- Simplify the expression -4-5(x+8) *-5x-44 *-5x+36 *-x-8 *-20x+8 5x+6(x-2)-8(x-3) *19x+36 *19x+12 *3x-36 *3x-12 x+8

    asked by Shadow
  61. Physics

    please help: "george drops a stone from atop a cliff of 25m. How long does it take to hit the ocean below, what velocity is it travelling when it gets there?"

    asked by Lily
  62. language arts

    I need to rewrite my concluding sentence from my topic sentence by using synonyms to sound the same but worded different

    asked by tyson
  63. Ordered Pairs ASAP

    3. Which ordered pair is a solution of the equation y=x-3 **(5,2) 4. Which ordered pair is a solution of the equation y=5x **(-2,10) 5 Which ordered pair is a solution of the equation y=-7x+2 **(1,-7)

    asked by Mate
  64. Science help

    identify the terms or phrases that are paired together correctly a. deserts and dwarf trees b. temperate and deciduous forest and evergreen trees c. subarctic taiga and moss d. tundra and permafrost (my answer) In which bione would you find the main types

    asked by OCA student
  65. MATH

    Add 4 to 5 times a number is fourteen.

    asked by Abhishek
  66. Biology

    (How would I go about doing this?) Design an experiment that tests the effect of different concentrations of carbon dioxide on the rate of photosynthesis. 1. A specific question easily measurable and clearly stated 2. A hypothesis that is clearly stated

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Math

    24. Multiple Choice For which pair of numbers is the greatest common factor 8? Anwer

    asked by Anonymous
  68. math

    Which number can be added to a rational number to explain that the sum of two rational numbers is rational? a: pi b: 3 7/8 c: square root of 8 d: square root of 47

    asked by noah
  69. Solving One-Step Inequalities

    Solve this inequality. 2 is greater than or equal to s-2 Sorry if I didn't write it in a simple way, I guess. I couldn't write the sign of greater than or equal to.

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Science

    How did the indicator of barium hydroxide appear in the absence of carbon dioxide by yeast cell

    asked by Nica
  71. Social Studies

    What influence did Egypt have on North African Culture?

    asked by me
  72. Calculus 1

    A filter filled with liquid is in the shape of a vertex-down cone with a height of 12 inches and a diameter of 18 inches at its open (upper) end. If the liquid drips out the bottom of the filter at the constant rate of 5 cubic inches per second, how fast

    asked by Krystal
  73. Advanced Algebra

    Jeffrey earned a gross income of $51,280 last year. He made $1,746.83 in student loan interest deductions, donated $2,914 to his favorite charities and paid $3,941.47 in home mortgage interest. Jeffrey claims a standard deduction of $11,400 for himself and

    asked by Steve
  74. Art

    The lighthouse at honfleur by Georges Seurat To create this lighthouse scene, the artist A. used organic shapes to create the boat** B. used geometric shapes to create the lighthouse and the buildings C. could not reference recongnizable shapes to create

    asked by Destiny
  75. Science Portfolio

    1st Safety Rule What you should before you start a lab 2nd Safety Rule What you can/should do DURING the Lab 3rd Safety Rule Of what you can/should do After a lab

  76. art

    keeping facial features in proportion means

    asked by jack
  77. AP Statistics

    why might s be more commonly used than s squared as a measure of variability?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Chem

    how did barium hydroxide appear in the absence of CO2 and how it appear in the presence of CO2

    asked by Kelly
  79. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of 175.0 mL of H2O following the addition of 0.57 mL of 1.39 M NaOH

    asked by Aj
  80. Physics

    Roger tosses a ball straight upward at a velocity of +32m/s, calculate the maximum height of the ball and the time to get to the maximum height.

    asked by Mariam
  81. Physics

    George drops a stone from atop a cliff of 25m. How long does it take to hit the ocean below, what velocity is it travelling when it gets there?

    asked by Mariam
  82. Rsutio

    In the board game monopoly, a player tosses two dices together and the sum of the two dices points is the number of steps he or she should go. For example a player gets a 2 and a 3, then he or she should go 5 steps forward. If the two dices give the same

    asked by sijia
  83. More SS help!!

    How Did Europeans Affect Africans during the 1800’s.? How did Africans respond in the 19000’s?

    asked by me
  84. History

    CHECK AND CORRECT MY ANSWER PLEASE!ASAP!I ONLY KNOW THE 1ST ONE. 1. What was the primary cash crops of Jamestown? A. Corn B. Cotton C. Tobacco** D. Sugar 2. What is the main reason settlers of the middle colonies develop their economy? A. Land for large

  85. fire dynamics

    11. Suppose 3,500 gallons of gasoline spill into a banked up area that measures circular area that is 10ft in diameter. If the fuel’s vertical burning rate is 6 in/hour, how long will the fire last if it is left unattended?

    asked by clint
  86. Chemistry

    How many grams of O_2(g) are needed to react completely with 4.46 g of H_2(g) according to the following balanced chemical equation: 2H_2(g) + O_2(g)--> 2H_2_O(g)

    asked by Lilly
  87. fire dynamics

    12. A 30ft diameter cylindrical tank of xylene is burning. The depth of the fuel is 15 ft. how long will it burn without intervention

    asked by clint
  88. chemistry

    How many grams of O_2(g) are needed to react completely with 3.95 g of H_2(g) according to the following balanced chemical equation: 2H_2(g) + O_2(g)--> 2H_2_O(g) Molarity (M) is the number of moles of a solute per 1 L of solution--> M= (mol solute)/(L

    asked by Kane
  89. Physics

    A tourist hikes 3.4 km North to visit a landmark and then hikes an additional 1.2 km South to a lake. What is the hiker's total distance traveled and the hiker's displacement?

    asked by Black
  90. Physics

    A baseball is hit by Aaron Judge, a New York Yankees baseball team member, at an amazing velocity of 110 miles/hour at an angle of 35 degrees from the horizontal from home plate in Yankee Stadium in New York City. The baseball was initially launched from

    asked by Brittany
  91. Solving One-Step Inequalities

    Solve each inequality. 1/5 is less than or equal to x/15 70-a is greater than or equal to 25 I am really confuse about this and I Don't want cheating, I just want steps because I am not really getting this at all. Thanks! Also, this is for Ms.Sue, I know

    asked by Anonymous
  92. History

    PHOENIX, Sept. 20, 2012—Arizona's new immigration law takes effect this week. According to the law, police officers must check the status of anyone who may be an undocumented immigrant. Officers have the right to decide who is checked under this law.

    asked by Us History help
  93. math

    String A is 35centimeters long. String B 5 times as long string A. Both are necessary to create a decorative bottle find the total length of string needed for 17 identical decorative bottles express your answer in meters

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Math

    To travel 88 miles, it takes Sue, riding a moped, 4 hours less time than it takes Doreen to travel 72 miles riding a bicycle. Sue travels 13 miles per hour faster than Doreen. Find the times and rates of both girls. Doreen _ mph for _ hr Sue _ mph for _ hr

    asked by John
  95. Math

    Find the value of x and y if 10x + y= 2xy-9.

    asked by Kuldip
  96. Math/fire dynamics

    17. A 50 ft diameter circular pool fire is burning and has a mass flux of 0.05 kilograms per meter squared second. The heat of combustion of the fuel is 30.79 kilojoules per gram. If the density is the same as kerosene, what is the regression rate of the

    asked by clint
  97. math

    Stephanie is a very good soccer player. She can kick a soccer ball with an initial velocity of 21.3m/sec. The function that represents the height of the ball with respect to time is h(x) = -4.9x^2 + 21.3x. About how many seconds will it take for the ball

    asked by Elizabeth
  98. Physics

    A baseball is hit by Aaron Judge, a New York Yankees baseball team member, at an amazing velocity of 110 miles/hour at an angle of 35 degrees from the horizontal from home plate in Yankee Stadium in New York City. The baseball was initially launched from

    asked by Brittany
  99. chemistry

    Inglês Português Espanhol For the determination of the quantity of chloride in a physiological serum sample by the Volhard method, a sample of 25.00 ml was treated with 50.00 ml of 0.110 mol/L Silver nitrate solution and the excess of silver ions was

    asked by william
  100. Sociology

    How would a conflict theorist analyze the attitude about the feminist perspective?

    asked by Nick
  101. History

    The framers of the Constitution began with the famous words, "We the People." Consider whether those words were Federalist or Anti-federalist and what was meant by "the people." Which can you infer about those opening words? A. Those words likely came from

    asked by Us History help
  102. math


    asked by rabu
  103. math

    6 people share 3/5 pound of peanut equally

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Math

    One day at 1:00 P.M, the temperature was 7 F in Kodiak, Alaska. At 9:00 P.M. the temperature was -17 F. What was the average change in temperature per hour?

    asked by Ana