Questions Asked on
October 2, 2017

  1. history

    What best describes tactics used by the Arab Empire when it captured a region? A) The conquerors used Visigoth mercenaries to maintain order. B) The conquerors forced the populace to convert Islam. C) The conquerors used the region's existing leaders as

    asked by Kira
  2. Linear Algebra

    Given the following vector X, find a non-zero square matrix A such that AX=0: X=[2 -5 3]^T Im not sure how i would find the sqare matrix a?

    asked by Angel
  3. math

    The sum of two numbers is 31.2/3 of one of the numbers is equal to 5/8 of the other.find the two numbers

    asked by sofia
  4. Physics

    A rail gun uses electromagnetic energy to accelerate objects quickly over a short distance. In an experiment, a 2.00 kg projectile remains on the rails of the gun for only 3.500e-2 s, but in that time it goes from rest to a velocity of 4.00×103 m/s. What

    asked by Chris
  5. history

    "Having undertaken, for the Glory of God, and advancements of the Christian faith and honor of our King and Country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the Northern parts of Virginia, do by these presents, solemnly and mutually, in the presence of God,

    asked by maggie
  6. Math

    What is an estimate of the solution of the equation 6n+3=2? Use a table. ok so I know the answer is -1/6 but its asking to use a table? does anyone know what kind of table you use for this and how I'd use it? thank you soo much

    asked by Memes
  7. science

    A bullet m9ving at a speed of 10m/s strikes a wooden plank . The bullet penetrates the plank 2cm deep and remains embedded in it . The acceleration of the bullet is?

    asked by samiksha
  8. Physics

    A watermelon cannon fires a watermelon vertically up into the air at a velocity of +9.5m/s, starting from an initial position of 1.2m above the ground. When the watermelon reaches the peak of its flight, what is the velocity, the acceleration, the elapsed

    asked by Jackie
  9. chemistry

    What is the oxidizing agent in the following reaction? Sn(s) + 2HCl(aq) → SnCl2(aq) + H2(aq) HCl H2 Sn SnCl2 . Question 2 The following is an oxidation-reduction reaction: H2CO3(aq) → CO2(g) + H2O(l) True False

    asked by larlee
  10. Grammar

    Select the word or phrase in the sentence that is not used correctly. 1) After the policeman had ran for several miles, he finally caught up with the man who had stolen the purse. a) Had ran b) Several miles c) Who d) Up with 2) The man’s heart attach

    asked by pal
  11. English

    Which of the following sentences demonstrates the correct use of capitalizing direction words? A. Are you heading East? B. Poor Alex thought he was driving West. C. The Northeast has been hit with an unusually cold winter. D. I live just South of Scranton.

    asked by LEE
  12. Science

    Explain what the difference is between a scientific law and a scientific theory. My answer: A scientific theory predicts why something might happen and when more information goes into the theory it can better predict. But a law is something that no matter

    asked by Cough
  13. Science

    If don't mind could you check my answers for environmental science 1.The interdisciplinary study of humanity’s relationship with other organisms and the non-living physical environment is termed: a) ecology b) sociology c) political science d) risk

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Maths

    A baker uses 3/5 of a bag of flour to make 6 muffins. How many bags of flour will he need to make 48 muffins?

    asked by Rachel
  15. Math

    Maria ate 1/3 of a pie. Her sister ate 1/5 of what was left. What fraction of the whole pie did her sister eat?

    asked by John
  16. history

    Which options accurately describe the impact of the Roman Empire on later civilizations? (Select all that apply.) the roman empire invented gunpowder used by western nations in future wars the roman empire bureaucratic government was adopted by European

    asked by Kira
  17. LA

    Which best describes the climax of the story? 1 Chris and Taylor have been neighbors for years. During the summer, they enjoy biking on the trails in town. Chris always has to remind Taylor to wear his helmet or else Taylor forgets. Every time that

    asked by Kj
  18. World History

    Several factors contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire. Rome was experiencing an internal financial crisis due to overspending on wars (1). Rome also suffered losses to invading tribes including the Persian Empire, which successfully sacked Rome in AD

    asked by malia
  19. History

    1. La salle had conflicts with which of the following groups of American Indians? Hasinai Caddo*** Apache Karankawa Please help quickly

    asked by Annonymous
  20. Math

    When you add the same number to both sides of an inequality, is the inequality still true? Explain how you know that your conjecture holds for subtracting the same number.

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Algebra

    A driver drove at a speed of 42 mph for m hours how far did the driver go

    asked by Renee
  22. math

    Claire has a part-time job walking dogs Monday through Friday. Business has really increased. She is walking 3 more dogs per day than she did last week if she walked a total of 35 dogs this week, how many dogs did she walk per day last week?

    asked by Marvel
  23. AP Calculus

    - Which of the following is false for f(x) = (5x^3-5x^2-10x)/(2x^5-2x) a) The x-axis is an asymptote of f(x) b) x = -1 is not an asymptote of f(x). c) x = 1 is an asymptote of f(x). d) The y-axis is an asymptote of f(x). Thanks

    asked by Will
  24. ELL

    Mr.Pearson hints to Squeaky that she should let Gretchen win the race.Prediction,Actual outcome (If known)

    asked by Umida
  25. Math

    Find the median of the data set. 3,35,23,37,45,27,48 How do I find the answer? Help me plz

    asked by GYMNAST
  26. MATH

    The height of an object varies directly with the length of its shadow. A person who is 6 feet tall casts a 15-foot shadow. How long is the shadow of a 20-foot tree? answer

    asked by ODETTH
  27. Science check my answers please

    1. Convert 4.0 kilometers (km) to meters (m). (1 point) 0.04 m 40 m 400 m 4,000 m (my answer) 2. For his science project, Austin wants to determine if the pH of standing rainwater changes over time. He collects a jar of rainwater and places it indoors in a

    asked by OCA student
  28. Physics

    In fusion reaction two light nuclie fuse together to form one heavy nucleus.. We know like charges repel each other then how it's possible for the nuclie to fuse 2gether. 2. How is energy released during fusion reaction.a

    asked by Ubaid ullah
  29. Calculus

    1) A particle is moving along the x-axis so that its position at t ≥ 0 is given by s(t) = (t)In(2t). Find the acceleration of the particle when the velocity is first zero. 2) The driver of a car traveling at 50 ft/sec suddenly applies the brakes. The

    asked by James
  30. Calculus

    1) If y = 2x3 - 4x and dx, dt equals 4 , find dy/ dt when x = 1. 2) The area A = πr^2 of a circular water ripple changes with the radius. At what rate does the area change with respect to the radius when r = 4ft? 3) A rectangular box has a square base

    asked by Deondre
  31. World History

    From AD 527 to 565, Justinian I was the first ruler of the Byzantine Empire (1). During his reign, the empire encompassed most of the land around the Mediterranean Sea (2). Under his rule, magnificent monuments were built including the Hagia Sophia church,

    asked by malia
  32. Biochem

    If you had a wheat germ RNA yield of 0.213 g, how much DEPC water would you need to add to make a 20 mg/mL solution of RNA/polysaccharide mixture?

    asked by shiva
  33. buissness math

    One-sixth of all sales at a local Subway are for cash. If cash sales for the week were $690, what were Subway's total sales?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Math

    The sum of two numbers is =21.five times the first number is added to two times the second number is =66 what the number

    asked by Blessing
  35. Chemistry

    For potential and kinetic energy when it comes to phase change, do the temperatures remain constant in one of them? I forgot which one it was. Can you help?

    asked by Sarah
  36. health

    how to achieve a nutrition?

    asked by karla
  37. Why so much school

    Can anyone help me?? Suppose Ann’s bread recipe calls for 900 g of flour, 0.68 kg of sugar, 145 mg of salt, and 185 mg of baking powder. Her scale measures grams only. How can she convert each of the ingredients to equivalent measures in grams? Dont give

    asked by Pedro
  38. Physics question

    A box of mass 25kg is sitting on a horizontal plane and has a normal force pointing down of 31N, and the coeff of kinetic and static friction between the box and floor are .22 and .38, respectively. What is the min horizontal force F needed to make the box

    asked by aria
  39. maths

    A ladder 9cm long leans against a wall if the foot of the ladder is 4.5cm away the wall how far up the wall does the ladder reach.

    asked by frimpong
  40. Science

    If don't mind could you check my answers for environmental science 1.The interdisciplinary study of humanity’s relationship with other organisms and the non-living physical environment is termed: a) ecology b) sociology c) political science d) risk

    asked by Aria
  41. chemistry

    If a container is heated with CaCO3, the compound decomposes into CaO and CO2. If the container and CaCO3 originally weigh 30.08g and loss 4.40g during the heat, what is the mass of the empty container?

    asked by homework
  42. Calculus

    I have three questions I need help solving 1) A ball's position, in meters, as it travels every second is represented by the position function s(t) = 4.9t2 + 550. What is the velocity of the ball after 3 seconds? 2) The cost in dollars of producing x units

    asked by Dante
  43. MATH


    asked by Abhishek
  44. math

    Product 0.0925 and one is0.37 find the other no.

    asked by Anonymous
  45. math


    asked by help
  46. Maths

    The capacity of a cylindrical tank is 32l .It is 4/5 full of water .A quarter of this volume is poured into a pail .How much water is left in the cylindrical tank

    asked by Anitha
  47. Science

    Using a complete sentence, state what would mostly likely to happen to the production of oxygen by duckweed plants if the intensity and duration of exposure to light were increased

    asked by Anonymous
  48. physics

    An acrobat hangs from a trapeze with the tension in both ropes is 315 Newtons.What is the mass of the acrobat?

    asked by Anthony
  49. World History

    Several factors contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire. Rome was experiencing an internal financial crisis due to overspending on wars (1). Rome also suffered losses to invading tribes including the Persian Empire, which successfully sacked Rome in AD

    asked by malia
  50. Math

    What is 5/9 written as a decimal? 0.45 0.4 repeating 0.5 0.5 repeating What is 0.26 written as a fraction in simplest form? 26 over 100 13 over 50 26 over 10 13 over 25 In a fraction with a denominator of 15,which value could the numerator be to produce a

    asked by Help ms.sue
  51. algebra

    solve the following system of equations, please show work 3x-2y+z=12 x+3y+z=-4 2x+2y-4z=6

    asked by heidi
  52. algebra


    asked by The Great Saiyaman
  53. New Mexico history

    Choose at least two contributions of early cultures in the Eastern or Western Hemispheres and explain how they might have affected the development of New Mexico.

    asked by Annie:~)
  54. Math

    Tanα-secα+1/tanα+secα-1. Please. Give. Me. Ans...

    asked by Sorabh
  55. Biology

    Why can viruses of the family of the Poxviridae be genetically modified more easily than viruses of most other viral families? A. Because their genome is smaller. B. Because their genome is made of DNA. C. Because their genome mutates more slowly. D.

    asked by Danny
  56. Physics

    what is the minimum thickness of magnetization fluoride coating on a lens which will make the lens non reflecting for light of wavelength 5000 Angstrom. Take the refractive index of magnesium fluoride as 1.83

    asked by Naf
  57. 6th grade math

    Zachary saved x nickels and y dimes last month. Lily saved x nickels and 2y dimes. Lily saved $2 more than Zachary and the total number of her dimes is 4 times the total number of her nickels. a) How many coins does Zach have? b) How much did Lily save? c)

    asked by Julia
  58. math

    19. Track The sketch at the right shows the distance three runners travel during a race. Describe what occurs at times A, B, C, and D. In what order do the runners finish?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Texas State History

    Plzzz Help!!!!! If you answer plz be right!!!! The Caddos were an American Indian group in Texas that practiced agriculture and built permanent houses. What can be inferred about the group? (1point) A it created large populations . Bit formed a small and

    asked by tay
  60. History

    Explain the impacts that European contact and settlement had on the Native Americans

    asked by ?????
  61. S.S.

    Who are the new United States governments of 2017?

    asked by Kevin
  62. Science

    how are carbon atoms incorporated into organic molecules by plants?

    asked by Emma
  63. math

    For the following geometric sequence find the recursive formula and the 5th term in the sequence. In your final answer, include all of your work. {-4, 12, -36, ...}

    asked by S.A
  64. Physics

    1) Seagulls are often observed dropping clams and other shellfish from a height to the rocks below, as a mean of opening the shells. If a seagull drops a shell from rest at a height of 14 m, how fast is the shell moving when it hits the rocks?

    asked by Jackie
  65. Spanish

    I've looked everywhere and couldn't find the correct information about this, so please help. Thank you! 23. Give two reasons why the work of Maria Nsue Angue is culturally important.

    asked by bluah. PLEASE HELP ME!
  66. Math

    A Japanese beetle has a length between 0.3and0.5 inch .Find two lengths that are within the given span .Write them as fractions in simplest form

    asked by Cyara
  67. Physical

    A soild cube of aluminum (density2.70g/cm^3) has a volume of 0.200cm^3 . It is known that 27.0g of aluminum contains 6.02x10^23 atoms . How many aluminum atoms are contained in the cube ?

    asked by Rawan
  68. Math

    Pat has 9 cards , Frank had 2 more cards than Steve , Steve has 3 cards . How many card does Pat have than Frank .? Cards Frank has _ () _ () _ More cards Pat has Frank _()_()_ Pat _ more cards than Frank.

    asked by Yanira