Questions Asked on
September 27, 2017

  1. Art please help!

    1.Which of the following is present in this painting? a. Mostly warm, bright oranges and reds b. Tactile texture the viewer can feel c. Contrast in value between light ad dark d. Radical balance from the painting's center Painting: Adoration of the

    asked by Sid.V
  2. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Physical, English

    A 50 gram bullet moving with a velocity 10 m/s gets embedded into a 950 g stationary body . The loss in K.E. of the system will be

    asked by Arashpardeep
  3. Algebra 2 A

    A jet ski company charges a flat fee of $26.00 plus $3.25 per hour to rent a jet ski. Another company charges a fee of $24.00 plus $3.50 per hour to rent the same jet ski. Using a graphing calculator, find the number of hours for which the costs are the

    asked by Daniel
  4. chemistry

    By what factor is the rate of a reaction changed if an enzyme lowers the Ea by 9.0 kJ/mol at 37°C?

    asked by sr734
  5. pre algebra

    1. Solve the equation. –9v – 5 = –95 (1 point) 17 11 10 –10 2. Solve the equation. x over four – 5 = –8 (1 point) –27 –12 –7 12 3. Solve the equation. p over five + 6 = 10 (1 point) 44 30 20 –20 4. Solve the equation. –2(m – 30) =

    asked by help please
  6. Math

    Find the mode of the set of data 59,61,54,51,38 46,56,52,63,40,44 1.B 2.D 3.C 4.A 5.D 6.C 7.B 8.C 9.C 10.C 11.B 12.D 13.B 14.A 15.A 16.A 17.D 18.A 19.C 20.D Math lesson:10 Unit:2 Practice test 100% answers

    asked by May
  7. Math

    Each type of text has a purpose for the reader if you were looking to research penguins what type of text would u utilize A. textual B. functional C. recreational D. digital how is functional text useful in everyday life A. it provides entertainment B. it

    asked by bvjh
  8. Linguistics

    What are three different ways an English speaker might make the borrowed Polish place name Szczebrzeszynie[ʃtʃɛbʒɛʃɨɲɛ]fit within English phonotactics?

    asked by Andrea
  9. Language Arts

    A cat cornered a mouse in a barn and was about to eat it. “Save me!” the mouse cried. “And someday I may save you!” The cat was haughty. “How can a tiny mouse ever save a cat?” she asked. “I may be tiny,” the mouse answered, “but I have

    asked by AlexaBliss<3
  10. Science

    animals with bilateral symmetry

    asked by Timothy
  11. Maths

    The sum of interior angles of an irregular polygon is 5040 .find the number of sides of the polygon

    asked by Langton
  12. Social studdies

    Which of the following would multiculturalism encourage A.embrace English traditions above French ones. B.Speak only French in some cities. C.maintain traditions while sharing a Canadian identity D.focas only on their own ethic traditions

    asked by Nope
  13. Science

    a biologist diluted a blood sample with distilled water. While observing the sample with a microscope, she noted that the red blood cells had burst. This bursting is most likely the result of which process?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. S.S

    in what way did the structure of the Virginia house of the Burgesses influence the governments of the states and eventually the national government created by the U.S. Constitution? A. It established an elected representative legislature B. It set up a

    asked by Help
  15. Algebra 2 A

    A candy store makes a 9-pound mixture of gummy candy, jelly beans, and hard candy. The cost of gummy candy is $2.00 per pound, jelly beans cost $3.00 per pound, and hard candy costs $3.00 per pound. The mixture calls for two times as many gummy candy

    asked by Daniel
  16. chemistry

    At body temperature (37°C), the rate constant of an enzyme-catalyzed decomposition is 3.0 × 108 times that of the uncatalyzed reaction. If the frequency factor, A, is the same for both processes, by how much does the enzyme lower the Ea?

    asked by sr734
  17. college chemistry

    28.6 grams of SO2 react in the following synthesis: SO2+O2->SO3 How many grams of SO3 could be produced

    asked by josh
  18. Algebra 2 A

    What is the minimum value for z=3x-1/2y over the feasibility region defined by the constraints? a.-4 b.-5 c.-3 d.-6 constraints x greater than or equal to 0 y less than or equal to 8 y greater than or equal to x y greater than or equal to -1/2x+6

    asked by Daniel
  19. math

    One printing press can print 5,000 advertising cards in 12 seconds. Another printing press can print the same number of cards in 7 1 2 seconds. If both presses are used together to print the 5,000 cards, how many seconds will it take them? same with this

    asked by Ashley
  20. geometry

    Ray BD bisects ∠ABC so that m∠DBC = (x + 6)° and m∠ABD = (2x – 12)°. What is x?

    asked by jordan
  21. Math

    Explain how you can use a straightedge and a compass to construct an angle that is both congruent and adjacent to a given angle. I think the answer is that you use the straightedge to draw two parallel lines and then you draw a line that goes through them

    asked by Clash of clans
  22. Algebra

    Image of one smaller cube labeled with fish food with dimensions of one-quarter feet on each side. Larger cube labeled shipping box with dimensions of length 3 and three-fourths feet; width of 3 feet; height of 3 and one-quarter feet. Determine how many

    asked by Dylan
  23. Social studies

    1. The silk road latrading route lasted for centuries and streactched 4.000 miles from china to= my answer the eastern mediterannean sea4. what is one acheivment of the tang dinasty? the compleation of the grand canal. the buliding of the taj mahal and

    asked by Jada
  24. tourism and hospitality

    how the Agricultural Revolution led to permanent settlements and technological advancements, the emergence of government and laws, and advancements in religion and culture. What would be a thesis statement for this?

    asked by Kira
  25. Chemistry

    What is the formula of the precipitate formed from the precipitation reaction of Li2CO3 and ZnCl2?

    asked by andr
  26. Math

    Nico is saving money for his college education. He invests some money at 9​%, and ​$1100 less than that amount at 6%. The investments produced a total of ​$249 interest in 1 yr. How much did he invest at each​ rate?

    asked by Juan
  27. math

    A firm advertises for workers to address envelopes. Priscilla says she will work 100 hours. Herb will work for 80 hours. If each can address 10,000 envelopes in the time they work, how long would it take them to address 10,000 envelopes if they work

    asked by Ashley
  28. Math

    A number rounded to the nearest 10 is 830. Find the greatest possible number.

    asked by Tina
  29. math

    which of these numbers can be classified as both rational and real? a. 1/2 b. -1.016879413894 c. square root of 5 d. 0.89089908999 which is both a real number and an integer? a. square root of 7 b. 0.15 c. -15 d. 1/3 what is an example of an irrational

    asked by lol
  30. Chemistry

    A student needs to analyze a mixture containing an alcohol and a ketone by silica gel tlc. Consult the table of solvent polarities above and suggest a likely developing solvent. Explain

    asked by Mia
  31. chemistry

    1.25 grams of an acidnis completely neutralised by 25ml of a 0.25M Ba(OH)2 SOLUTION.which of the following statements are correct. a)if the acid is dibasic its molar mass would be 200 b)if it is dibasic /0.5g of the acid would neutralise completely 12.5ml

    asked by akshita
  32. S.S

    what major change convinced many states to votes for ratification? A. Washington was elected as the fist president B. Federalists promised to include a bill of rights. C. the Northwest Ordinance was put into effect. D. the framers promised to dissolve the

    asked by Help
  33. math

    What number should be placed in the box to help complete the division calculation? Long division setup showing an incomplete calculation. 12 is in the divisor, 6839 is in the dividend, and 5 hundreds and 6 tens is written in the quotient. 6000 is

    asked by Pagie
  34. Chemistry

    1 mole of each of the following substances is dissolved in 1 L of water. Order them from most ions (1.) to least ions (4.) in solution. CH2CH2-OH ZnCl2 H2SO3 NaNO3

    asked by Tatiyana
  35. Algebra

    A piece of yarn is cut into two parts. If one of the resulting pieces is M inches long, represent the length of the other piece.

    asked by Danielle
  36. Art Please Help I need this answered by 8:10 Pm 2n

    I need help. I got the answers of 1-3. but I don't know what 4-5 are. 4. The Willows of Marissel by Jean-Baptiste- Camille Corot. Which elements helps to give the illusion of great height and reaching upwards? A. the color of the painting B. the lines made

    asked by Destiny
  37. Science

    Use your periodic table of elements. Take any element of your choosing (from period 4 or above) and answer the following questions: What is the element's name and symbol? Is it a metal, nonmetal, or metalloid? Which family does it belong to? How many

    asked by Amaya
  38. Chemistry (Acid Base)

    How many moles of H3O+ or OH- must you add to a liter of strong base solution to adjust its PH from 9.870 to 7.980. Assume a negligible change in volume.

    asked by Nathaly
  39. Chemistry

    What is the formula of the precipitate formed from the precipitation reaction of Pb(NO3)2 and NaI? QUESTION 2 When aqueous solutions of (NH4)3PO4 and KOH are mixed, what precipitate(s) will form? K3PO4 NH4OH no precipitate will form NH4OH and K3PO4

    asked by Tatiyana
  40. Physics

    A quarter on a spinning vinyl record has a centripetal acceleration of 34.0 m/s2. What is the acceleration of the quarter if it is placed twice as far from the centre of the vinyl record?

    asked by Bill
  41. Algebra

    Jen is building a doll house for her daughter. She decided that she wanted the slope of the roof to be 3/4. In the blueprint, the roof starts at (-6,10) and the center of the house is at (0,0). Knowing that the peak of the roof will be at (0,y), what

    asked by Lexi
  42. chemistry

    A 100ml aliquot of a water sample containing Ca(II) and Mg(II) is titrated with 22,74mL of EDTA 0.00998 mol/L at PH 10. Another aliquot of 100ml of the same sample is treated with NaOH to precipitate Mg(OH)2 and is then titrated with PH 13 with 15.86 ML of

    asked by william
  43. Social Studies

    Can I have these answers checked? 1. Which of The following provides the definition of a nation? A. The Highest elected officials in a country B. The area ruled by an independent government**** C. A country with defined borders and foreign policy enforced

    asked by New Here
  44. ASAP Physics

    A small first-aid kit is dropped by a rock climber who is descending steadily at 1.6 m/s. (a) After 3.5 s, what is the velocity of the first-aid kit? (b) After the 3.5 s, how far is the kit below the climber?

    asked by Brianna
  45. Math

    a mother wants to invest 7000 for her son's future education.she invest in two account: a money market fund that pays 4% and a certificate of deposit that pays 7%. if the total interest earned after one year is $420, how much money was invested in each

    asked by Kenetta
  46. S.S

    Why is James Madison considered to be the father of the Constitution? A. His ideas about democratic government influenced the writing of the Constitution B. He wrote the Declaration of Independence.**** C. He wrote the Anti-Federalist Papers, protecting

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Chemistry

    1 mole of each of the following substances is dissolved in 1 L of water. Order them from most ions (1.) to least ions (4.) in solution. CH2CH2-OH ZnCl2 H2SO3 NaNO3

    asked by matt
  48. Math

    Mr Barkley has a box of books. He says the number of books in the box is divisible by 2,3,4,5 and 6. How many books could be in the box? Add another condition to the number of so that there is only one possible solution.

    asked by Carly
  49. Social studies

    From the True Narration of the Knight of Elvas March 9, 1540 On the other bank of the river we found a province, which is called Acapachiqui (Southwest Georgia), very abundant in food... We saw some towns of the province, and others we could not because it

    asked by Plz help
  50. Language Arts

    How do you know squeaky won't let gretchen win in Raymond's Run

    asked by Jojo
  51. Physics

    a spiral spring of material length 20cm has a scale pan hanging freely in its lower end. when an object of mass 40g is placed in the pan its length becomes 21.8cm. when the object is replaced with another of mass 60g the length becomes 22.5cm. calculate

    asked by Tope
  52. Ap Chemistry

    one problem the researchers faced was an uncertainty about whether the signals observed in certain mass spectrometry data were, in fact, due to lead isotopes. Explain why this was a problem. In other words, why wasn't information about the mass of the

    asked by Otice
  53. Geometry

    A billiard ball bounces off the sides of a rectangular billiards table in such a way that

    asked by Carl
  54. Math

    The combined area of a square and a rectangle is 124 square centimeters. The width of the rectangle is 4 centimeters more than the length of a side of the square, and the length of the rectangle is 2 centimeters more than its width. Find the dimensions of

    asked by John
  55. Chemistry

    For 1 mole of each of the following, how many moles of ions are present when they are dissolved in water? (NH4)2CO3 NaBr Mg(ClO4)2 HCl

    asked by larlee
  56. Che

    Ytterbium, atomic number 70, is the first element in the Periodic table to have the first four shells full. a) State the number of electrons in the fourth shell/ level of ytterbium (1) b)How many orbitals are there in the third shell of ytterbium? (1)

    asked by 0oooooooo0
  57. Chemistry

    Bromine has two isotopes, Br- 79 and Br- 81. The relative atomic mass of bromine is 79.9. CALCULATE THE PERCENTAGE of Br-79 atoms in a sample of bromine. PLease help i'm really stuck

    asked by 0oooooooo0
  58. algebra

    You are buying packages of beads to make bracelets. Each package costs $3 plus 7% tax. You have a gift card for $15, and you plan to use only the gift card to pay for the beads. Which function c(p) represents the total cost, where p represents the number

    asked by lol
  59. algebra

    A jar contains only pennies, nickels, and dimes. The number of dimes is one more than the number of nickels, and the number of pennies is six more than the number of nickels. How many of each denomination can be found in the jar if the total value is

    asked by Anonymous
  60. S.S

    Which of the following belongs in the list of conditions created by the Articles of confederation to admit a territory into the union as a state? Population reached 60,000. basic civil rights guaranteed. Sale of land funded school. A. Sale tax was

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Computer Architecture

    Your project is to write a partial disassembler for MIPS instructions in Java. That is, your input will be the 32-bit machine instructions that a compiler or assembler produces. Your program then figures out what the original source instructions were that

    asked by Anne
  62. math

    What is the remainder when 16,055 is divided by 16? (Input numeric values only)

    asked by Pagie
  63. math

    What is the volume of the box pictured below? A rectangular prism of length 3 and 1 over 2 feet, width 3 and 1 over 8 feet, and height 4 over 5 foot is shown. fraction 3 and 1 over 10 cubic feet fraction 3 and 2 over 5 cubic feet fraction 6 and 5 over 8

    asked by Pagie
  64. Math

    Hundred.... A plane flew an estimated distance of 800 kilometers. The greatest distance the plane could have flown is..... Kilometres

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math

    Rename the number 24 ten thousand

    asked by Patricia
  66. Physics

    a car is braked so that it slows down with uniform retardation from 15 m/s to 7 m/s while it travels a distance of 88m. if the car continues to slows down at same rate ,aftervwhat further distance will it be further be brought to rest.

    asked by Avimanyu
  67. physics

    A car with a velocity of 20m/s at 30 degree to horizontal, what is the components of the velocity along the horizontal

    asked by Climax
  68. Math

    1) A rectangular rug has a length of 231 centimeters and a width of 166 centimeters. What is the area of the rug in square meters? Explain how you determined the correct number of significant digits for your answer. 2) Christina swims 2400 feet in 16

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Math Check

    Which set of numbers are ordered correctly from least to greatest? (1 point) • 0, –3, –|4|, |–5|, 8**** • 8, |–5|, –|4|, –3, 0 • –|4|, –3, 0, |–5|, 8 • |–5|, –|4|, –3, 0, 8

    asked by Anionymous
  70. Chemistry

    PCl3 (s) + Cl2 (g) -> PCl5 (s) 1. WHAT VOLUME OF Cl2 would react with 1.4g of PCl3 to make PCl5? 2. IF YOU WANTED to make 10g of PCl5, what volume of Cl2 would you need? 3. WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM MASS of PCl5 that could be made from 360cm3 of cl2? I am very

    asked by 0oooooooo0
  71. English

    A)Write 3 similarities between Obama and Donald trump(in complete sentences). what I got so far is Donald trump is president Obama was president. They both wanted to make America a better place for people. Obama started to by making it easier for people to

    asked by Thili

    1. Some years ago, after not having seen my best friend from Duckwood High School for several years, we met for lunch and were surprised to find that our clothes and hairstyles were the same! The only possible explanation for this is that we both went to

    asked by PETRA
  73. world history

    how did sapiens reach north america from africe? A they sailed from the west coast of africe to the east coast of north america. B they sailed from the southern tip of africe to south america. C they went through asia and crossed a land bridge into north

    asked by skylar
  74. Math

    Minta willwithdraw the moneyfrom her bank account when the interest earned is 300 euros. Find the time in years until Minta withdraws the money from her bank account.

    asked by Alyssa
  75. spanish

    De pequeña, yo siempre _____ muy obediente. A. era B. soy C. eres D. fue please hurry

    asked by Mackenzie
  76. Chemistry

    A 10.0000 g block of aluminum is heated and placed in a stream of oxygen gas, resulting in the formation of aluminum oxide on the surface of the block. The block is cooled and weighed and found to have a mass of 11.6471 g. The block is then placed in a

    asked by Dave
  77. maths

    Ramu is now half old as as his father . twenty years ago Ramu's father was six times ramu's age. what are their ages

    asked by usha
  78. Chemistry

    Antimony, Sb, has atomic number 51. a)WHICH PERIOD AND BLOCK IS ANTIMONY FOUND? is it period 6 block 13??? b)DIFFERENT ISOTOPES OF ANTIMONY HAVE THE SAME CHEMICAL PROPERTIES. EXPLAIN WHY (1) Is it their the same thing?? C)A SAMPLE OF ANTIMONY, Ar=121.8,

    asked by 0oooooooo0
  79. Physics

    an ice sled powered by a rocket engine starts from rest on a large frozen lake and accelerates at +13m/s^2. At t1, the rocket engine is shut down and the sled moves with constant velocity v until t2. The total distance traveled by the sled is 5.30*10^3 m

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Math Chek

    21. Which symbol will make the number sentence –|–5| ? 5 true? (1 point) • =*** • < • >

    asked by Anionymous
  81. algebra 2

    The length of a rectangle is twice its width. If the perimeter is 54 inches, find the dimensions of the rectangle.

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Healthcare Management

    Which of the following positions does not have line authority? A. Subordinate managers B. Manager C. Assistant-to D. Administrators D

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Language

    how do I compare geology and etymology

    asked by hhgfffdiswing
  84. physics

    find the location of the center of mass of the following 3 mass system. mass location m1=1.0kg (0,0) m2=2.0kg (1.0m,1.0m) m3=3.0kg (2.0m,-2.0m)

    asked by WyeCee Bhitoo
  85. Social Studies

    Where in North America did the Mound Builders live? in the Southwest in the Northwest in the Central Mexico in eastern North America THIS ONE Which statement best describes the agriculture of the Mayas Each year, they rotated the kinds of crops planted.

    asked by Valerie

    The sum of nine and a number, x, is three

    asked by ALEXIS
  87. English

    Im doing a compare an contrast between Obama and Donald trump... I really need some help finding some common things they have... CAN ANY ONE HELP!?!? ITS MUCH APPRECIATED

    asked by Thili
  88. Algebra

    Simplify the following Expression, 4(20+12) / (4-3)

    asked by Kiki

    a client invests 100 000 with an interest rate of 8% with quarterly compound what will the interest be after a year

    asked by kabelo
  90. math

    1.-3(n+5)=12 2.46=-6t-8

    asked by Greg
  91. Physics

    A projectile is kicked horizontally off a tall building with an initial velocity of 13.7 m/s. The projectile lands 56.2 m away from the base of the building. How long is the projectile in the air? How tall is the building? What is the velocity of the

    asked by Sylvia
  92. math

    the sum of following two quantities is 63. four times a number subracted from nine. the sum of two and the number 4(9-x)+(2-x)=63

    asked by Anonymous
  93. PRE-CALC

    I am given the rational function: f(x)= (x^3 - 1) / (x^2 - 4) I found that the domain is all real numbers except x= plus or minus 2 , I also found that the x intercept is x=1, however I do not get how to find: the y-intercet , or identify the Horizontal,

    asked by KELLIE
  94. Geometry

    You are 1.57 meters tall and have a shadow that is 10 meters long. A nearby statue has a shadow the measures 100 meters long. What is the height of the statue in meters?

    asked by Bokeri
  95. Math

    If the growth rate of a population is 1.5% how long will it take that country to double? 46 years. Use the above question to help answer this. In 2002 16.4 million babies were born what is the birthrate as a percentage and as per 1000 births? How do I

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Chemistry

    You carry out tlc on silica gel of a mixture of compound A and B. Using a mobile phase of hexane 50% and acetone 50% the Rf values of were A 0.15, B 0.2, and the spots were overlapping. What change would you make to the solvent composition to improve the

    asked by Chelsea
  97. Algebra 2

    Solve the system by substitution 2x-y+z=-4 z=5 -2x+3y-z=-10 I think the answer is (-8,-7,5) But can someone tel me the right one and explain I’m so lost

    asked by Kk
  98. Chemistry

    2Na(s) + 2HCl (aq) -> 2NaCl (aq) + H2 (g) 1. IF 2.5G OF SODIUM REACTS WITH AN EXCESS OF HYDROCHLORIC ACID, WHAT VOLUME OF HYDROGEN WILL BE PRODUCED? My working: Na H2 mass-2.5 0.109 mr-23 2 moles-0.109 0.543 volume 0.109 X 24000 = 2608.696cm3 Is that

    asked by 0oooooooo0
  99. Contemporary Mathematics

    A long year-end status report for work is 131 pages long. You need to print 13 copies for a meeting next week. How much is the paper going to cost for those reports? Paper is sold in reams (500 pages) for $3.97 each.

    asked by DENISE
  100. 5th grade LA

    Insert commas where they belong. Provide a short reason. 2. Ever since you asked my opinion about the soccer field battle I've been mulling the situation over trying to determine a logical consequence. A: Ever since you asked my opinion about the soccer

    asked by Jared
  101. algebra

    Solve for x, give the solution in both interval and graph form: | 2x + 5 | ≤ 12

    asked by Anonymous
  102. algebra 2

    Solve for x, give the solution in both interval and graph form: | 6x – 8 | = 4

    asked by Anonymous
  103. algebra

    Solve for x, give the solution in both interval and graph form: | 4x - 5 | > 4

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Biology

    1. Objects viewed from the left fall on which side of the eyes retina? 2. From the retina following the optic nerve to the appropriate area of the brain for interpretation, for example A. Which side of the brain interprets objects viewed from the left

    asked by Mileena
  105. Health care Management

    Which of the following is one reason why some managers are reluctant to delegate authority? A. They fear being held responsible for employees' mistakes. B. They see no reward for the additional responsibility of delegation. C. They fear loss of status or

    asked by Anonymous
  106. math

    127nine= 411x solve for x can you show me the steps please

    asked by Emily
  107. math

    -183 + 298

    asked by Shawn Mendes
  108. Algebra 2

    When writing a function whose graph represents a combination of transformations, is the order not important?

    asked by Hayde
  109. social studies

    What time was tea organically made

    asked by Sana Tey
  110. math

    When three times a number is subtracted from 1414​, the result is 22 plus the number. What is the​ number?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Algebra

    V = 1/3 Bh (solve for B) ________________________ Can someone please help me with this problem. And show me step by step. I'm really confused.

    asked by Jinja
  112. Individual and Societies

    What are some recent social issues in Tunisia??

    asked by Young Lil G
  113. math

    jeff jogged 5/6km while jom jogged 7/12km.who jogged longer? by how many kilomteres?

    asked by dan
  114. algebra

    how do u do square roots of perfect and imperfect squares?

    asked by skylar
  115. English

    Organize the mystery sentence. 1. is –historic – as – as – modern. - London – is - it London is as historic as it is modern 2. The – old – buildings – newer ones - tourists – more – than - attract – do. The old buildings attract more

    asked by Eliz
  116. math

    jeff jogged 5/6km while jon jogged 7/12km.who jogged longer bu how many kilometers?

    asked by dan
  117. Precalculus

    Suppose H(X)=(6x-5)^3 Find two functions f and g such that (f•g)(x)=H(x) Neither function can be the parent/ identity function

    asked by Alan
  118. chemistry

    in which of the following pairs of solutions ,where thre is no effect on the PH after dilution? a)0.1M NH3 & 0.1M (NH4)taken twise SO4 C)0.1M HCL & 0.01M KOH B)O.1MNaH2p04 & 0.1M Na2HPO4 D)0.1M KCL AND 0.1M HCL

    asked by akshita
  119. Science

    what is Ti(HPO4)2 Titanium Hydrogen Phosphate? Does it occur naturally in soil material? if yes in what state does it occur?

    asked by Rayees
  120. Science:Earth Science

    Explain how energy conservation can help with decreasing air, water and land pollution. This is an essay question. This is my answer. Answer: Energy conservation can help with decreasing air, water, and land pollution because of the different alternatives

    asked by ...
  121. Geometry

    M is the midpoint of line AN, A has coordinates (-6,-6) and M has coordinates (1,2). Find the coordinates of N.

    asked by W Haley
  122. math

    jeff jogged 5/6km while jon joghed 7/12km whi jogged longer?by how manu kilometer?

    asked by dan
  123. Math

    A figure has vertices E(-3, 1), F(1, 1) and G(4, 5). After a transformation, the image of the figure has vertices at E'(-3, -1), F'(1, -1) and G'(4, -5). Identify the transformation. a) Reflection across the y-axis b) Reflection across the x-axis c)

    asked by Sam
  124. Maths

    The length of a triangle are 4cm and 7cm what is the measure of the third side

    asked by Anitha
  125. Geometry

    A triangle has a perimeter of exactly 24 units. Which of the following could be the vertices of the triangle? > (-1,3),(2,-1),(-1,-1) (6,0),(6,7),(0,7) (-1,-1),(-6,-13),(-9,-9) (-3,-4),(3,-4),(3,4)

    asked by Sasara
  126. Algebra

    5 buckets contain a total of 100 tennis balls. How many balls are in each bucket if each bucket contains n more balls than the previous bucket? Find all the possible values for n.

    asked by Sam
  127. Social studies

    From the True Narration of the Knight of Elvas March 9, 1540 On the other bank of the river we found a province, which is called Acapachiqui (Southwest Georgia), very abundant in food... We saw some towns of the province, and others we could not because it

    asked by Plz help
  128. tourism and hospitality

    what are Social or cultural impacts tourism has in UK?

    asked by Kira
  129. AP Psychology

    I've reread the textbook about 5 times now and I STILL don't understand this: According to the text, what is the rather counterintuitive finding regarding adoptive families versus biological families? Nature vs. Nurture, but how would I answer?

    asked by Adryanna
  130. Math

    Geraldine made $140,143.11 in Employment income last year. She had investment income of $12,383.19 and dividend income of $4,230.12. How much income tax (include both federal and provincial) did she have to pay if she lives in Ontario? Federal Rates: 15%

    asked by Sai
  131. 121

    why should we use parathesis in naming the formula

    asked by Aletha
  132. Chemistry

    A three component mixture was run on tlc. When the solvent front migrated 20 cm the spots representing the components appeared at 5 cm, 10 cm, and 15 cm. What are the Rf values of the three components.

    asked by Jek
  133. Math

    We currently have 84 million people each year or 229,000 people per day. How many hours would it take to replace 93330 deaths?(Hint 1 day = 24 hours)

    asked by Anonymous
  134. lab

    which scientists wear black coats

    asked by dev
  135. math

    Hello lovelies♡ I don't get this problem but hopefully you can help this girl out, hehe! One reading at an Artic research station showed that the temperature that it was six hours ago. What was the temperature in Small-town six hours ago? Thanks and Have

    asked by Julie Jules
  136. English

    What ideas does the director develop regarding the conflict between pursuing a specific desire and choosing to conform? Rewrite as a How/Why question in your own words. In my own words: What ideas does the director say about being in an internal conflict

    asked by Sarah
  137. Math

    How you can make a 10 to find 17 - 9

    asked by Yanira
  138. ASAP Physics

    A worker drops a wrench from the top of a tower 118.5 m tall. What is the velocity when the wrench strikes the ground?

    asked by Brianna
  139. social studies

    Why did the system of feudalism arise during the Middle ages? A:to develop an economic system. B:to determine jobs within a city. C:to defend the countries from attacks. D:to organize the household of noblemen. I think the answer is C. Thank you

    asked by Jamie
  140. Math

    There is 40 baskets for $715 and 400 for $5,935. there is a deivery fee. what is the one - time delivery fee?

    asked by Dana
  141. Chemistry


    asked by 0oooooooo0
  142. Math

    Compare: x + y O 19

    asked by Juan