Questions Asked on
September 26, 2017

  1. english 2

    Can someone please please help me!!!! 1.Read the following sentences from "Lifeguard Rules!" “That’s it, Ira and Michael,” Francesca had said. "You guys don’t get a third warning. Go spend fifteen minutes out of the water. I’ll inform you when

    asked by Kayla
  2. math

    If a number is not a rational number, then it is _____. (1 point) a integer a rational number a whole number

    asked by shadow
  3. Science

    1 the term used to describe how light is reflected from a minerals surface is A.glow. B.streak. C. Density. D.luster.

    asked by Nope
  4. 8th grade Math Connections Academy

    4. Mrs. Clarkson designed a rectangular garden with a length of 15 meters and a width of 8 meters. She plans to build a walkway through the garden from one corner to the next. What measure is closest to the length of the diagonal walkway? 8 meters 11

    asked by ConmectionsAcademyHelp
  5. Pre-Algebra

    8. Mark needs to cut a piece of glass to replace a broken window. He has four pieces of glass: 6 feet long, 5 feet long, 3 feet long, and 7 feet long. If the length of the glass he needs to cut is square root 20 feet long, which piece of glass should he

    asked by Lelolel
  6. Science

    Why must organisms reproduce? A. Organisms must reproduce to maintain genetic similarity in the species. B. Organisms must reproduce to continue to build genetic diversity into the species. C. Organisms must reproduce to continue the species.*** D.

    asked by HI
  7. math

    Is each biconditional statement true or false? Select True or False for each statement. A polygon is a square if and only if the polygon has exactly four sides. true or false A polygon has exactly five sides if and only if the polygon is a pentagon. true

    asked by Jaaide
  8. Physical Science

    Two objects were lifted by a machine. One object had a mas of 2 kilograms, and was lifted at a speed of 2 m/sec. The other had a mass of 4 kilogram was lifted at a rate of 3 m/sec. ------------------------------------------- a) Which object had more

    asked by Jinja
  9. Introduction to Graphic Design

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 4. What are the two broad categories of painting styles? Select all that apply. (2 points) a) abstract b) acrylic c) realistic d) realistic e) watercolor Yes, there are two answers with the same choice. My

    asked by Da Fash
  10. world history A

    Around 2300 BC, the small city of Babylon arose on the site of the fallen Sumerian Empire (1). A few hundred years later, neighboring Amorite kings moved in and established a dynasty, declaring Babylon the capital of the Babylonian Empire (2).

    asked by malia
  11. chem

    na2s(aq)+Cu(no3)2(aq)→nano3(aq)+Cus(s) net ionic equation?

    asked by lzi
  12. Biology Asap!

    1. A hypothesis and a theory are related because A.a Theory is always used to develop a hypothesis B.They are both developed in the absence of observations. C. the data collected when a hypothesis is tested can support a theory. D. an experiment is done

    asked by 9th grade connections academy
  13. Advanced Functions

    A diver is on the 10 m platform, preparing to perform a dive. The diver’s height above the water, in metres, at time t can be modelled using the equation h(t)= 10+ 2t - 4.9t^2. a) Determine when the diver will enter the water. b) Estimate the rate at

    asked by Ryrin
  14. World History

    Which accurately describes the differences between Orthodox and Reform Jews? orthodox jews strictly follow mosaic law, whereas reform jews do not follow all ancient laws reform jews strictly follow mosaic law, whereas orthodox jews do not follow all

    asked by lydia
  15. Physics 211

    A 1500 kg car skids to a halt on a wet road where μk = 0.55.How fast was the car traveling if it leaves 64-m-long skid marks?

    asked by Tucker
  16. Maths

    An aeroplane is flying horizontally directly towards the city at an altitude of 400 metres. At a given time the pilot views the city lights of Melbourne at an angle of depression of 1.5 degrees. Two minutes later the angle of depression of the city lights

    asked by Rick
  17. math

    Which of these nonterminating decimals can be converted into a rational number A 0.48907542 repeating B 0.02020202 repeating C 0.92589542 repeating D 0.10203040 repeating

    asked by shadow
  18. social studies

    What was the effect of discovering oil at spindletop?(1Point) A The stast stufferes economically because the supply wasnt as much as people expected B The supply at spindletop was not enough to economicallyy support the exploration of nearby sources for

    asked by tay
  19. Introduction to Graphic Design

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 8. Which of the following is one of the ways in which graphic design has become safer through technology? (1 point) a) New technologies, such as computer equipment and smartphones, can be discarded easily in

    asked by Da Fash
  20. world history A

    The earliest societies of Mesopotamia believed their rulers had divine right (1). As these societies grew in size, more complex governments and bureaucracies emerged (2). As a result, ancient Mesopotamia became the birthplace of a secular society that

    asked by Reed can you help please
  21. english 2 ( 5 questions)

    6 Read the following sentences from "When Greek Meets Greek." Fraser scratch his head. "I know of a landlord up the road who vow that ain't ever taking anybody who come from the West Indies. But he don't mind taking Indians. He wouldn't know the difference

    asked by kayla
  22. Math

    Write in two other forms using decimals and word form 80 +7+0.9+0.03

    asked by Gizelle
  23. Introduction to Graphic Design

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 2. Which of the following can be considered an artist's media? Select all that apply. (3 points) a) methods by which art is created (e.g., dance, photography) b) purposes for which art is created (e.g.,

    asked by Da Fash
  24. Physics

    A rocket that weighs 7840 N on earth is fired. The force of propulsion is + 10 440N. Determine a) the mass of the rocket, b) the acceleration of the rocket, c) the velocity of the rocket at the end of 8.0 s.

    asked by Noah
  25. Chemistry

    If a solution has a total mass of 26.7g and is 8.36 % by weight in sodium chloride, what mass of sodium chloride is present in the solution? How many moles of dextrose (C6H12O6) are in 414mL of solution with a concentration of 0.84M? If an aqueous solution

    asked by larlee
  26. Sign language

    if you write with your left hand you are said to be left handed in asl which would be your non dominant hand? Urgent!!!

    asked by Cameron
  27. math


    asked by hotdognibba70
  28. Math

    Luis had 8/10 meter of wood for the frame thqt he is doing. His father gave him 1/4 meter more.How many meters of wood that he have now?

    asked by Andrea
  29. English

    Write a speech on the topic ,boys should not help in the kitchen. write for or against the motion.

    asked by Clinton
  30. science

    Kelly needs to separate a mixture of sand and sawdust. She tried using tweezers to pick out the pieces of sawdust, but that didn’t work. Her grandfather suggested she use water. How will water help Kelly separate the mixture?

    asked by Kasy
  31. Introduction to Graphic Design

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 1. Which of the following are examples of applied art? Select all that apply. (2 points) a) architecture b) drawing c) industrial design d) sculpting My Answers: A and C Could someone please check my

    asked by Da Fash
  32. Introduction to Graphic Design

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 6. What term used to be defined as “removing a paragraph or other segment of text from a manuscript with a blade and gluing it into a different part of the manuscript”? (1 point) a) calligraphy b) clip

    asked by Da Fash
  33. Geometry

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ GI bisects ∠DGH so that m∠DGI is x – 3 and m∠IGH is 2x – 13. Find the value of x. Could someone please help me? Thanks! - Da Fash

    asked by Da Fash
  34. Math

    ella sold 37 necklaces for $20 each at the craft fair. she is going to donate half of the money she earned to charity. use ecommutative property property to mentally find how much money she will donate.

    asked by Suzy
  35. math

    What is the value of x? Justify each step. AC=32 2x 6x+8 .__________________._________________. A B C Drawing not to scale AB + BC = AC a.__________________________ 2x+6x + 8 =32 b. __________________________ 8x + 8 =32 c. __________________________ 8x =24

    asked by hotdognibba70
  36. connexus grade 9 English quiz help

    can some one give me the answers to the unit 1 lesson 9 quiz there's 20 questions

    asked by theboss
  37. English (Check)

    What type of question can the bolded text help you answer? My social studies teacher, Ms. Galvez, rolled her eyes at me and I rolled my eyes back at her. The Man was always coming down on me, just because I go through school firewalls like wet Kleenex,

    asked by Bobby
  38. Chemistry

    Hello, So I have recently done a lab with cobalt(II) nitrate and NaOCl (bleach) and our objective was to determine if colbalt or the bleach is part of the rate determining step. With the lab we have done trials by diluting the colbalt and leaving the

    asked by Sherlique
  39. Physics

    What should be the spring constant k (in N/m) of a spring designed to bring a 1105-kg car to rest from a speed of 69-km/h so that the occupants undergo a maximum acceleration of 3.8g's?

    asked by wanda
  40. physics

    As a hiker in Glacier National Park, you are looking for a way to keep the bears from getting at your supply of food. You find a campground that is near an outcropping of ice from one of the glaciers. Part of the ice outcropping forms a 55.5° slope up to

    asked by ashley
  41. Geometry

    You wanna adopt a puppy from your local animal shelter. First, you plan to build an outdoor play pen along the side of your house, as shown below. If a dog grass cost $1.70 a square foot, how much will you spend A) $23.80 B) $30.60**** C) $35.70 D) $40.80

    asked by Ava
  42. English

    Instructions: Choose the correct word to complete the sentence. My answers are with capital letter My friend Roger …will or USE TO …always ask me about his computer. I .. USED TO or use to …try to help him out. He use to or WOULD … go on and on and

    asked by Alex
  43. Spanish

    In this unit, you learned about several states that border Mexico. Write a short paragraph that describes at least two similarities and two differences between those states

    asked by Ryan
  44. Math

    Solve the equation below for y. 5/6y=12

    asked by Anonymous
  45. algebra 2

    Is 5x - 3y equals 0 a direct variation?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    Kalyan gets paid 8.75 per hour and she works 37.5 hours per week. Estimate how much Kalyan earns in a week.

    asked by Breona
  47. Physical Science

    The potential energy of an apple is 6.00 joules. The apple is 3.00-meters high. What is the mass of the apple? Please help! I have no idea how to solve this. :(

    asked by Help!
  48. Math

    Americans consume an estimated 38 billion pounds of fresh fruit per year. Express this quantity in terms of pounds per person per month. (Use a population of 315 million)

    asked by Bo
  49. World History

    1.Which of the following is one of the notable achievments of early china? A. a complex system of writing B. a single spoken language*** C. cotton textiles D. copper ore technology 2. How did the Zhou dynasty come to rule a large part of China?

    asked by The Dumb Guy...
  50. math

    Tallulah has 40 times and some nickels.The total value of her change is $5.50. How many nickels does Tallulah have?

    asked by Lideah
  51. Mathematics

    When you are translating a number from scientific notation to standard form, what does the exponent tell you? The number of zeros to add to the end of the original number the number of places to move the decimal point to the left the number of places to

    asked by Valerie
  52. Introduction to Graphic Design

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ Image URL: Use the image to answer the question. 3. Under which of the following categories does the artwork fall? (1 point) a) abstract painting b) portrait c) still life d) monoprint My

    asked by Da Fash
  53. Physics

    An airplane traveling at 200 mph in a direction of 40 degrees north of east encounters a wind blowing east at 50.0 mph. Find the velocity of the plane measured from the ground.

    asked by Al
  54. Math

    Admission to the country fair cost $9per person the ride tickets cost $2.50 each. Write an equation representing total cost

    asked by Daisy
  55. Math

    Given that the Consumer Price Index was 72.6 in 1979 and 82.4 in 1980, find the inflation rate from 1979 to 1980 to the nearest hundredth of a percent.

    asked by Bo
  56. Introduction to Graphic Design

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 10. Which of the following are reasons why it is important to properly recycle electronic equipment? Select all that apply. (3 points) a) Recycling electronic equipment conserves natural resources. b)

    asked by Da Fash
  57. math Please help!!

    1. Which of the following numbers is a rational? A. 4/5 *** B. square root of 27 C. 4.02002000200002... D. Square root of 31 2. Which type of number is shown below? 0.313311333111... A. repeating decimal B. rational *** C. irrational D. terminating decimal

    asked by lindacampoalegre2
  58. Math -

    Determine the number of integer solutions of x1 + x2 + x3 + x4 + x5 = 32 where xi > 3 for 1 ≤ i ≤ 5

    asked by Ajun
  59. Math

    In 2016 there were ab out 135 million households in the United States. 36.5% of the households own at least one dog. On average, these households have 1.6 dogs. How many millions of pet dogs were in the United States. Round to the nearest tenth of a

    asked by Shelly
  60. Financial Mgt

    The total annual hours for a standard work year at 40 hours per week will differ from the total annual hours for a standard work year at 37.5 hours per week. The standard work year at 40 hours per week will amount to: A. 2,080 B. 1,950 C. 480 D. 450 E.

    asked by Anonymous
  61. chemistry

    The earliest societies of Mesopotamia believed their rulers had divine right (1). As these societies grew in size, more complex governments and bureaucracies emerged (2). As a result, ancient Mesopotamia became the birthplace of a secular society that

    asked by malia
  62. physics

    Two 200kg masses(440 lb) are separated by a distance of of 0.75m. Using Newtons law of gravitational force Find the magnitude of the gravitational exerted by one mass on the other.

    asked by sabrina
  63. Math

    In 2012 there were approximately 31,700 firearms fatalities. express this quantity in deaths per hour.

    asked by Bo
  64. history

    PLEASE HELP. I need someone to help me on an overdue history essay that concerns Ancient India and The Caste System. I'm super confused and my mind's all over the place. No, I'm not asking someone to do it for me, just ANYTHING to help :) Here is the

    asked by hotdognibba70
  65. Algebra readiness ( pre algebra)

    what is 7x =42?

    asked by NARUTO
  66. math

    find the length of the hypotenuse of a triangle with legs of 5 ft and 12 ft? 11 ft 13 ft 17 ft 60 ft

    asked by shadow
  67. Math

    (6xr)x7 use one or more properties to rewrite each properties as an expressions that does not use parenthesis

    asked by Suzy
  68. english

    how does the men's final choice lead to the end of the story two friends

    asked by kim
  69. English

    Identify the direct or indirect object in the sentence The Cow jumped over the moon

    asked by Rupali
  70. Discrete Math

    A professor gave his 40 students a test with three questions. Every student answered at least one question. Ten didn't answer the first question. 14 didn't answer the second question. 12 didn't answer the third question. If 18 students answered all three

    asked by Ajun
  71. Math

    Mrs. Fields bought a sapling from a tree farm nursery and observed a linear growth of the sapling over a period of 6 months. She found the height of the sapling, H centimeters, and the time, t months is related by the linear equation H=2(4+3t) a) write an

    asked by Kate
  72. chemistry

    how do i prepare a 500g/L solution of ethylene glycol

    asked by chidi
  73. anthropology

    2 key differentiators and 2 examples of anthropology compared to history and sociology. I found the definitions of each- Cultural anthropology-study of living people and cultures and they actually live with the people they study Archaeology- a subclass of

    asked by Karen
  74. math

    I just finished doing my math study guide for a test and there is one question that I don't know how to do. It is: f(x)=5-2x and g(x)=x^2=7x, find each value. a. g(3) b. f(2)+g(-1) c g(2x) I do not understand this at all, could someone explain this to me?

    asked by cherie
  75. Chemistry

    Silver(I) nitrate and sodium sulfate react to form silver(I) sulfate and sodium nitrate. Suppose 49.02 mL of 0.040 M silver(I) nitrate solution and 39.48 mL of 0.10 M sodium sulfate solution are mixed. What is the maximum number of grams of silver(I)

    asked by Bob
  76. Chemistry-Organic

    explain the difference in melting point in terms of intermolecular forces involved: 1) Hexane(C6H14) m.p. = -96*C) vs octadecane(C18H38) m.p. = 28 - 30*C) 2) toluene((Ph-CH3) m.p. = 5.5*C) vs benzoic acid((Ph-CO2H) m.p. = 122.4*C) 3) benzoic acid((Ph-CO2H)

    asked by IFindChemEasyHard
  77. Math

    The Smith family took a car trip they travel have the distance from San Antonio to Houston on Monday and 3 out of 12 the distance on Tuesday what fraction of the distance between San Antonio and Houston did the Smith family travel on Monday and Tuesday

    asked by Kamdi
  78. English

    Instructions: Choose the correct word to complete the sentence. My answers are with capital letter 1. I …. WILL HAVE COMPLETED or will have completing …..all of my exams by Friday. 2. What courses … WILL YOU BE TAKING or will you have taken… next

    asked by Alex
  79. Math

    A recipe uses five cups of flour for eveey two cups of sugar. If alrhea want to make a recipe using eight cups of flour, how many cups of sugar must she use

    asked by Chloe
  80. Java Programming I

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 2. If x is an int, which of the following statements adds 5 to the current value of x and stores the new value back in x? (1 point) a) x = 5; b) x + 5; c) x =+ 5; d) x += 5; My Answer: D Could someone please

    asked by Da Fash
  81. Math

    dollars per foreign = peso 0.07855 and foreign per dollar is 12.73. if gasoline is $2.10 per gallon, what is the price in pesos per liter?

    asked by Bo
  82. Geometry

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 9. Find a point E on CD such that the ratio of CE with CD is 3/8. Image URL: a) -7 b) -5 c) -3 d) -1 My Answer: A Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da Fash

    asked by Da Fash
  83. biology

    In a pre-lab for nutrient food testing , I was assigned to answer these questions, but I have no idea what they are talking about. And no, we have not discusses the answers in class. Here are the questions: Answer the following questions: 1. What is a

    asked by Kayla
  84. English

    Instructions: Select the correct answer. My answers are with capital letter 1. Jason wanted to pass on ... A. something who he had been told. B. SOMETHING THAT HE HAD BEEN TOLD. C. something, he had been told 2. He's bringing ... A. JIM EVANS, WHO WAS HIS

    asked by Alex
  85. Pre-calculus

    How do I factor this: 6m^2 + 7mn + n^2 I really don't understand this one

    asked by Sarah
  86. English

    What is the title of this passage? 1. It’s What Color Do You Feel Like? 2. It’s What color do you feel like? 3. It’s "What Color Do You Feel Like?" 4. It’s "What color do you feel like?" -------------------------------------- Which answer is

    asked by rfvv
  87. Math

    a pair of $90 shoes goes on sale for 35% off and then goes on the clearance rack for an additional 10% off. a customer walks in with a 20% off coupon good on all clearance items and buys the shoes. How much did the customer pay for the shoes? and the price

    asked by Shelly
  88. anthropology

    Describe social groups in general, and then compare/contrast 3 types of groups as discussed in the course. So I got the description down. I am trying to do the compare/contrast on friendship, clubs and cooperatives. I wrote down things in the book about

    asked by Joy
  89. Math

    36÷(12÷3) and (36÷12)÷3 Are they equivalent and what property is applied?

    asked by Suzy
  90. anthropology

    I am so confused!! Can anyone help me by explaining what it means by international development? Provide 2 reasons in support and 2 against the position that anthropologists should be involved in applying their knowledge and skills to the goals of

    asked by Savannah
  91. chemistry

    questions 1)why Benzaldehyde and acetone can't do self condensation in claisen-schmidt reaction condensation? 2)In the second step of same reaction why do we add ethanol to form dibenzalideneacetone ?

    asked by Bahia UAEU
  92. math

    Is the number 254.71 multiplicative and why?

    asked by Brennan
  93. Economics

    The pricing of pharmaceutical products can be controversial. A recent example is EpiPen produced by Mylan which is used to treat anaphylaxis. The retail price of an EpiPen is $300, while industry sources estimate that it costs around $30 to produce each

    asked by Tom
  94. math

    Multiply 2/3 and 6/7 A.4/7 B.4/21 C.12/21 D.3/7 if u could please tell me the answers for all of the questions if u know them thnx.

    asked by I really hate school
  95. anthropology

    A school paper I'm writing says I have to describe 2 reasons along with 2 examples why its important to have a code of ethics in anthology vs chemistry or physics. Only think I am coming up with as to reasons is because anthropologists deal with people

    asked by Rissa

    1. Some regular churchgoers believe that taxpayers' dollars should not be used to fund laboratories that carry out tests on animals for medical research. Hence, it is wrong to go on spending taxpayers' dollars for that purpose. Answer: False Cause 2. Yogi

    asked by Elaine
  97. math

    convert 689 base 10 to base 3. Can you please show me this step by step

    asked by Emily
  98. Algebra

    Which of the following numbers is an example of a integer

    asked by Mya
  99. chemistry

    part 1 what is the molality of a solution that is 4.23% by mass sodium iodide part 2 what is the molarity of the above solution (from part#1) if the density of the solution was calculated to be 1.03 g/ml?

    asked by hh
  100. Math

    Which ordered pair is a solution of the equation y=-5+4 (2,14) (5,-29) (3,-19) (5,-21)

    asked by Anony
  101. anthropology

    I have to write a paper about the role anthropologists play in migration with 3 examples. They just study migration, right? so would I just pick 3 examples of different people that have migrated?

    asked by Joe
  102. Math 140

    Find the derivative of f(x)=(1+7x^2)(x-x^2) by using the product rule and by multiplying first.

    asked by Manuel
  103. boiling point determination

    Explain why a rapid stream of bubbles comes out of the bell tube as the sample reaches its boiling point temperature? Explain why liquid runs up the empty bell tube as the sample is cooled back down to its boiling point temperature?

    asked by alex034
  104. Math

    a party room measures 80 feet by 60 feet. If the dance floor takes up 25% of the party room, how many square feet of floor space does the dance floor have?

    asked by Bo
  105. Chemistry

    A 10.0000 g block of aluminum is heated and placed in a stream of oxygen gas, resulting in the formation of aluminum oxide on the surface of the block. The block is cooled and weighed and found to have a mass of 11.6471 g. The block is then placed in a

    asked by Dave
  106. English

    1. Which artist do you like most of the three? 2. Whom do you like most of the three painters? 3. Who do you like best among the three painters? - I like Renoir most. Though he was in pain, he liked to express happiness and hope.

    asked by rfvv
  107. science

    do we just breathe with oxygen or oxygen is mix with other gases.

    asked by fatimah
  108. yfoyfoy

    A phenomenon where a magnetic material temporarily acquires magnetic properties when a magnet is brought near it, is called magnetic induction. This method is generally used to make temporary magnets. The magnetic properties of the substance disappear the

    asked by Anonymous
  109. Math

    Write in two other forms using decimals and word form

    asked by Gizelle
  110. Math

    Janice scored 85% on the last test.she answered 34 questions many questions were on the test?

    asked by John karol
  111. Algebra

    I can't recall how to simplify square roots and am stuck on the following problem: (-3a)x = √7x+3 x = -1/4 I am trying to solve for a (since this is part of a group of questions that feed of previous answers, I'm absolutely at a stand-still). Thanks in

    asked by Jen
  112. PRE-CALC

    I am having touble understanding: how to factor the polynomial : 8x^4 -6x^3 -57x^2 -6x-65, into its linear factors, given that i is a zero. I tried to use synthetic division, but i keep getting a remainder... please help me understand how to solve it.

    asked by KELLIE
  113. Pre-calculus

    Hi, How do I simplify and state the restrictions on the following: 12x^8y^9 / 3x^4y^6 what do I need to factor out? I'm so confused, I never know what I'm allowed to factor out.

    asked by Sarah
  114. Economics

    You have $3000 in an account that yields a nominal return of 6%. If the inflation rate is 3%, how long will you have to leave your money in the account for it to double in real terms?

    asked by Mark
  115. American History

    True or false? After the American revolution, Americans came to view themselves as equal to each other

    asked by Giovanni
  116. English

    4. complete the sentence. My answers are with capital letter This Iron Age village WAS DISCOVERED fifty years ago. Chysauster WAS INHABITED from 100 BC until the 3rd century. It IS VISITED by thousands of school children every year. It's an underground

    asked by Alex
  117. English

    Instructions: Select all the Passive Infinitive phrases that speculate about actions and events. My answers are with capital letter Labrador IS BELIEVED TO BE the place where the Inuit had first contact with Europeans. IT IS KNOWN that there was contact

    asked by Alex
  118. Math

    the interest rate on car loans increase from 8% to 9%. although this is a rise of only 1 percentage point, you will be paying ____% more in interest on you loan. If you interest payment was $400, what would it be with the increase?

    asked by sandy
  119. English

    complete the sentence. My answers are with capital letter IF YOU WERE TO GO BACK 4500 years in Britain, YOU MIGHT WITNESS the rise of Stonehenge. WE’RE NOT FOR hundreds of people helping, COULD NOT HAVE BEEN built. IF IT HADN’T BEEN for the highly

    asked by Alex
  120. Pre-calculus

    I have a really basic question. Say I have a rational expression and my numerator is 4xy. Am I allowed to factor out just the x or just the y? For example y(4x)?

    asked by Sarah
  121. History

    Explain how Hobbes and Locke influenced the social and political landscape of Europe and the Americas.

    asked by Andrea
  122. Math

    If there are 325 million people in the U.S. and it is predicted that the national debt will reach $20.4 trillion. and every one was ordered to pay their equal portion of th debt, how much would you owe?

    asked by Bo
  123. Math

    Solve for 0 < θ ≤ π sin θ = sin 2θ I get (0,π/3,π,5π/3). Idk what I did wrong.

    asked by Mike
  124. Math

    the interest rate on car loans increase from 8% to 9%. Although this is a rise of only 1 percentage point, you will be paying ____% more in interest on your loan. If your interest payment was $400, what would it be with the increase?

    asked by Bo
  125. math

    -8y+3(g+h) - -5y-4(g+h) With solution please. Thank you!

    asked by Adelaine
  126. Math

    write a number in which 5 has the place value thousand, 3 has the place value hundred, and 0 has the place value unit

    asked by Emily
  127. English

    Instructions: Select the incorrect words in the paragraph. I delete the words in capital On the one of the hand, I have really enjoyed working with all of you in this department, but I came to realize I wasn't really happy in this type of work. In TO other

    asked by Alex
  128. mat

    a pair of $90 shoes goes on sale for 35% off and then goes on clearance rack for an additinal 10% off. A customer walks in with a 20% off coupon and uses it to buy the shoes. How much did the customer pay for the shoes? and the price paid was what percent

    asked by Shelly
  129. english

    I'm trying to describe an event where my teacher won a special award during an assembly. I'm terrible at creative writing Would this be a clean sentence: Mrs. "Smith" headed to gym with a confused expression transformed immediately. Her eyes bulged, mouth

    asked by Brandy
  130. College Algebra

    Subtract (4y^2-1) from (6y^2+2y^2+2y+4)...

    asked by Anonymous K: Please Help me. Thanks
  131. Math

    The after-tax price of a shiny new car is $19,000. If 8% sales tax was charged, what was the pre-tax price of the car?

    asked by Shelly
  132. Math

    You have $3000 in an account that yields a nominal return of 6%. If the inflation rate is 3%, how long will you have to leave your money in the account for it to double in real terms?

    asked by Mark
  133. College Algebra: Please Help Me. Thanks.

    For the Function F(x)=4x^2-x-1; Find F(-2)=

    asked by Anonymous K
  134. College Algebra: Please Help Me. Thanks.

    For the functions F(x)=4x^2+3x+5 and g(x)=3x^2+2x+2, Find: A. (f+g)(3) B.(f+g)(x) C. (f-g)(x) D. (f-g)(-3)

    asked by Anonymous K
  135. Math

    What are 2 dimensions for the prism with a volume of thirtysix

    asked by Kk
  136. English

    complete the sentence. My answers are with capital letter 1. I’d BEEN HAVING a lot of trouble with my internet provider. 2. I HAD BEEN RECEIVING all kinds of email from them asking me to pay my bill. 3. I’ve BEEN SENDING in my payments on time since I

    asked by Alex
  137. math

    The seating capacity of an arena is 20,000 seats. Last week 4,350 tickets were sold to the next game in the arena and 7,096 more tickets were sold this week. How many tickets were sold to the next game ?

    asked by Jasmine
  138. Math

    at a conference, 15% of the attendees were women. If 70 men attended the conference, how many were women?

    asked by Bo
  139. Algebra

    Subtract (2a^2+3)from (6a^2+a+5)

    asked by Anonymous K: please Help.
  140. philosophy

    1. Most HIV patients are young. Thus youth causes HIV. ANSWER APPEAL TO IGNORANCE 2. There is no extraterrestrial life. After all, no one has ever found observable data to support the claim that such life exists. ANSWER: APPEAL TO IGNORANCE 3. The

    asked by PETRA
  141. math

    Three subjects Geography, Science and English in the library are in the ratio of 5:7:8 which they had increased by 20%,40% and 50%. Find the ratio of increased books # Please guys can you assist me this question#

    asked by kelvin
  142. lang arts

    IS this a simple or complex sentence Groundhogs live in the eastern and central US where there are open fields. Ans Complex

    asked by help
  143. chemistry

    part 1 what is the molality of a solution that is 4.23% by mass sodium iodide. part 2 what is the molarity of the above solution (from part#1) if the density of the solution was calculated to be 1.03 g/ml?

    asked by Anonymous
  144. Maths

    What is the simplest form of 55 mins as a fraction of two and quarter hour

    asked by Anitha
  145. science

    what is the substrate for primase ?

    asked by Andrea
  146. chemistry

    give me a example of diffusion occurring in a ling organism and why is it imortant

    asked by Anonymous
  147. math

    Of the set [ -5,5,-3,8], which two numbers have the same absolute value? Explain.

    asked by #SWIFTY!!!
  148. Algebr

    Ruta buys a flat and pays 1/2 part by cheque and 1/4 part by cash and promises to pay remaining 4 lacs afterwards.what is the total cost of the flat.

    asked by Vijaya
  149. English

    Instructions: Organize the mystery sentence. 1. Imagine – having – to – live – prehistoric – like – people – did. Imagine having to live like prehistoric people did. 2. They - spent – a – lot – of – time – and – searching – for

    asked by Eliz
  150. Physical Science

    How do you find the mass if they give you the joules and the velocity? Please help me! I'm really confused...

    asked by Jinja
  151. Math

    1. -7/9 x 3/5 2. -2/5 x -1 1/4 3. 1 3/5 x - 3/4 4. -7/8 x -1 3/7

    asked by Timothy