Questions Asked on
September 24, 2017

  1. Pre Algebra

    1.Which of the following numbers is rational? A \frac{4}{5} B √27 C 4.02002000200002... D √31 2.What type of number is shown below? 0.3133113331... A repeating decimal B rational C irrational D terminating 3.Select all the rational numbers from the

    asked by Cammie
  2. Further maths

    In an examination 31 candidate passed Chemistry,29 passed Physics 3 failed both subjects.lf 50 candidates sat for the examination how many of them passed Chemistry only.

    asked by Kelvin
  3. Math-inverse proportion

    The variables a and b are inversely proportional. When the sum of a and b is 24, their difference is 6. What is b when a equals 5?

    asked by Ryder
  4. Chemistry

    Write a net ionic equation for the reaction that occurs when excess hydrobromic acid (aq) and sodium sulfide are combined.

    asked by Sarah
  5. dbs

    Determine the rate of interest at which a sum of money will become 216/125 times the original amount in 1 and a half years, if the interest in compounded half

    asked by david
  6. Social Studies

    Were those who wanted the cherokees' land influenced by the fact that the cherokee signers the 1835 treaty had acted illegally?

    asked by Ashley
  7. ECe

    Which of the following statements accurately reflects what we know about attachment?

    asked by Janeth
  8. calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent line to the graph at the given point. (The graph is called a Witch of Agnesi.) f(x)= 7 / x^2 + 3 (2,1)

    asked by wanda
  9. math

    use simplex method solbe LPP maximize Z=2x1+4x2+x3+x4 subject to x1+3x2+x4

    asked by umesh
  10. Physics

    A girl throws a ball vertically upwards at 10m/s from the roof of a building 20m high. How long will it take the ball to reach the ground? What will its speed be when it strikes the ground?

    asked by Cesar
  11. Healthcare Management

    Which of the following statements about reorganization is true? A. Organizational structure must be changed to accommodate changes in strategy. B. Managers shouldn't waste their time reevaluating organizational structure and processes. C. An organization's

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Science

    Aggression that develops when the animal is confused about what the owner wants is _______ aggression. A. territorial B. conflict-related C. pain-induced D. fear I am stuck in between A and B please help me

    asked by Kathy
  13. Math


    asked by Happiness
  14. chemistry

    If 22.3mol of nitrogen is produced in the following reaction, how many moles of sodium is also produced? Note: The balancing is not correct. Use the coefficients provided even though they are not the right ones. 2Na3N → N2 + 6Na

    asked by larlee
  15. Chemistry

    Write a net ionic equation for the reaction that occurs when aqueous solutions of barium hydroxide and hypochlorous acid are combined.

    asked by Zach
  16. Math....with chocolate?

    Your backpack contains 2010 chocolate bars, which you are going to divide between your best friend and yourself. You think you are a nice person, so you will give your best friend more than zero chocolate bars. However, you have been craving chocolate

    asked by Ashue
  17. Healthcare Management

    Which of the following is not a purpose of performance appraisal? A. Punish employees who are underperforming B. Help supervisors guide employees to improving performance and advancing in the organization C. Resolve any ambiguity about job expectations D.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Chemistry

    In millikan's oil drop experiment. What are charges on an electron in zeets? Express answer in two significant figures. A. 1.40x10^-14 B. 2.80x10^-14 C. 3.15x10^-14 D. 3.50x10^-14 E. 4.90x10^-14

    asked by Charly
  19. Chemistry

    Hello.Need your help guys.Burning 2g of vitamin c yields 3g and 0.82g of CO and water respectively.What is the empirical formula of vitamin c and molecular mass if the molar mass is 264g/mol?

    asked by Rebecca
  20. pre Algebra

    find the sum of 4, eight times a number and nine times the same number. simplify the expression

    asked by maria
  21. math

    from the top of a vertical mast 150m high,two huts on the same ground level are observed. One due east and the other due west of the mast. Their angles of depression are 60° and 45° respectively. Find the distance

    asked by Dickson
  22. English

    What is the main conflict in the book, Leaving Home? How does the author us "Italics" in the excerpt, and what is it letting the readers know? What is the true story" element in the book, I Am Malala? What is the purpose of dialogee, and what does it let

    asked by Lucy
  23. algebra

    Is 5x - 3y equals 0 a direct variation?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Chemistry

    In the synthesis of asprin we react salicylic acid (HOOCC6H4OH) with acetic anhydride (C4H6O3) . The unbalanced chemical equation is: HOOCC6H4OH + C4H6O3 --> HOOCC6H4O2C2H3 + H2O If we mix together 28.2 g of salicylic acids with 15.6 g of acetic anhydride

    asked by Lindsay
  25. math

    Lee has a 1 1/2 pound supply of Kitty Biscuit Treats. Each day he gives his kitten 1/8 pound of the biscuits. For how many day will his supply last?

    asked by Susan
  26. Health caremanagement

    The human resources department is involved in all aspects of hiring a new employee except for which of the following? A. Retrieving candidates' references B. Relevant testing of the candidate C. Conducting peer interviews D. Recruiting the candidate I

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Healthcare management

    What is the result when the human resources department is given too much responsibility for the day-today management of employees? A. The employees are happier and more productive. B. The supervisor isn't seen as the boss and has trouble managing the

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Idk

    What is one way to describe a mixed economy

    asked by Young Lil G
  29. Healthcare management

    The infection control committee is an example of a/an _______ committee. A. temporary B. standing C. ad hoc D. discussional I chose B

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Individual and Societies

    what is the natural resource that Tunisia trades the most

    asked by Young Lil G
  31. Math can anyone help?

    Alex's friends have collected 180 gold coins to give to charity. Alex decides he wants to donate some gold coins also, so he adds some gold coins to the 180 that his friends have already collected. Alex decides he must donate an integer number of coins

    asked by Nagiro
  32. Math

    A circular pond has a radius of 10meters mosese walk from point a to b calculate the distance mosese covered imeters

    asked by Sereana
  33. Healthcare management

    What is the fundamental difference between line and functional authority? A. Functional authority can be delegated, line authority can't be. B. Line authority is associated with the individual, functional authority is associated with the position. C. Line

    asked by Anonymous
  34. maths

    there were 2.5l of milk for 4 children,100ml were split and the remainder was divided equally. what was one share

    asked by Anonymous
  35. chem 1110

    Consider a hydrogen atom in the ground state. What is the energy of its electron?

    asked by macodnald
  36. american government

    Explain how the Constitution promotes the public good. Your answer should be at least three well-developed paragraphs. I have read the whole chapter in my book about the Constitution and the public good but I don't understand it. Help????

    asked by Help please!!!
  37. Environmental science

    If anyone doesn't mind could they explain the biogeochemical cycle. What are the sinks? How do they work ? How do humans affect them?

    asked by Aria
  38. Environmental science

    Assume the biomass of the organism at the bottom of the trophic is 5,000 lbs. predict the approximate mass of each of the remaining levels, explain why the mass is changing.

    asked by Aria
  39. math

    Simplify this expression. (3x+1/2) + (7x-4 1/2) How do you this? Thanks.

    asked by Amanda
  40. Pre Algebra

    1.Which of the following numbers is an example of an integer? A -15** B 3/5 C √7 D 0.252525... 2.Which statement is false? A every integer is a real number. B the number zero is a rational number.** C every irrational number is a real number. D every

    asked by Cammie
  41. spanish

    Hay (There are) ________ gatos en la casa. a. las c. el b. un d. tres

    asked by lana
  42. Physics/Math

    Prove cos^2 α + cos?^2 β + cos^2 γ = 1 . Thank You

    asked by Angel
  43. chemistry

    The decomposition of hydrogen iodide if the equation: 2HI (g)--> H2 (g) + I2 (g) The reaction is second order and has a constant rate equal to 1, 6X10^-3 L/mol * s at 700 degrees. If the initial HI concentration in a vessel is 3.4X10 ^-2m. How many minutes

    asked by william
  44. Math

    Two similar posters of transformers were displayed in a shop. The area of the larger posters is 117 cm square and the area of the smaller is 52 cm square. If the width of the larger is 18 cm, find width of the smaller.

    asked by Lala
  45. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution with a [H+]=10^-8?

    asked by Sam
  46. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution with a [OH-] of 10^-2

    asked by Sam
  47. Chemistry

    The pH of a solution is 6.5 What are the [H+] and [OH-] of the solution?

    asked by Sam
  48. algebra

    How to solve 5x - 3y equals 0 to determine if x and y show direct variation?

    asked by Jordan
  49. Math

    In the football game on Saturday, the home team scored points by making touchdowns and extra points only (worth 7 points) and field goals (worth 3 points). Some home team scores are impossible, such as 5. What is the largest number of pints that the team

    asked by UNKNOWN
  50. math

    what is the complement of the following 29 71 90 2/3 right angle

    asked by patrick
  51. Chemistry

    Water molecules can dissociate into hydronium ions (H3O+ ,often just called H+ for shorthand) and hydroxide ions (OH-). The concentration of each of these ions in pure water is 10^-7. In other words, in pure water one out of every 10 million molecules is

    asked by Sam
  52. Math

    A rectangular flower bed has a perimeter of 96m, and its length is twice its breadth. The flower bed is surrounded by a concrete path of witdth 40 cm and height 15 cm. Calculate the volume of concrete used for the path, giving your answer in meter cubic.

    asked by Anonymous
  53. science question

    Calculate the number of mole in 65.5 ug of carbon and 7.9mg of Ca

    asked by shabnam
  54. English

    What is the main conflict in the play, Leaving Home?

    asked by Lucy
  55. Math

    Five number summary: 4.33, 5.05, 5.44. 5.79, 6.81 mean pH: 5.43 standard deviation: 0.54 Given the proportion of observations are within 68%, 95%, and 99.7%, what is the acidity of the rainfall in pH value?

    asked by anon
  56. Physics

    Two forces of 2 Newton and 3 Newton act at a point so as to produce a resultant force of 4 Newton .Find: a. The angle between the directions of the 2 Newton and 3 Newton forces b.the angle between the directions of the resultant and the 3 newton force

    asked by Atiku Musa Firdausi
  57. Statistics

    A common blood test performed on pregnant women to screen for chromosome abnormalities in the fetus measures the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone. Suppose that in a given population, 6% of fetuses have a chromosome abnormality. The test correctly

    asked by Johnathan
  58. English

    What is the "true story" element in the memoir, I am Malala?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. English

    What is the purpose of dialogue, and what does it let the reader know?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. math

    use simplex method solbe LPP maximize Z=2x1+4x2+x3+x4 subject to x1+3x2+x4

    asked by umesh
  61. Precalculus

    What is the radian measure of arctan 1/2 + arctan 1/3?

    asked by Joe
  62. Math

    When square root of 2800 is written as a mixed radical in form of a radical b, the value of ab is A) 7 B) 27 C) 140 D) 280 I square root and simply it and got the answer 20 radical 7. But how do I find the value of ab

    asked by Mileena
  63. Chemistry

    Calculate the molar concentration of a solution of nitric acid if 20.00 mL of the acid requires12.63 mL of 0.155 M NaOH to reach the equivalence point.

    asked by Morgan
  64. History

    What are the main factors that have affected the economic development in the Middle East

    asked by Halter
  65. Socail stuides

    why was the Declaration of independence important? select all that apply.. A)It set up the U.S. government. B)It explained the ideals of liberty, justice, and equality.

    asked by no name
  66. algebra

    tell whether x and y show direct variation and explain reasoning

    asked by janice
  67. Adobe Photoshop

    List the steps required to be able to view each font to the selected type? I cant find the answers for that.

    asked by sami
  68. agriculture

    state qualities of agood pasture plant

    asked by Anonymous
  69. chemistry

    procedure of obtaining lead carbonate from lead oxide ,nitric acid,sodium carbonate and water

    asked by trizah
  70. Algebra

    Amy has some money in her checking account. If she writes a check for $40.50, her checking account will be overdrawn by $21.50. Find how much money is Amy’s checking account now. My Answer (please correct if wrong): 40.5 - (-21.50) = x

    asked by Katelyn
  71. math

    Suppose that the maximum weight that a certain type of rectangular beam can support varies inversely as its length and jointly as its width and the square of its height. Suppose also that a beam 3 inches wide, 4 inches high, and 6 feet long can support a

    asked by sdvn
  72. english

    make a paragraph using these words rose plant, knock, sad,flower shop,happy.

    asked by sansan
  73. science

    Goose grass grows tightly around other plants such as hawthorn bushes. suggest two reasons why this method of growth is an advantage for the goose grass.

    asked by Amy
  74. Science

    Bullet of mass 30g travels at a speed of 1500m/s,calculate its kinetic energy.

    asked by Abdul Qudoos
  75. math

    Suppose you deposit $275.00 in your savings account on December 31. Your bank pays 3 percent annual interest on savings accounts. If you do not deposit any more money into the account, what would be the balance on December 31 of the following year?

    asked by erika
  76. Math

    A chest has 8 containers. Each container has 8 boxes. Each box has 8 bottles. Each bottle has 8 quarters. a) write a power to describe the total number of quarters. b) what is the value of the money in the chest?

    asked by Muskan
  77. Math

    why is 5^3 called 5 cubed???

    asked by Muskan (HELP MEEEE)
  78. math and social networking

    what could I use 39000 KB worth of data on in about six minutes of time on my s7 edge cell phone

    asked by shane