Questions Asked on
September 22, 2017

  1. Language Arts

    Read this excerpt from "The treasure of Lemon Brown by Walter Dean Myers (Greg Ridley is inside an old abandoned apartment house when he meets Lemon Brown.) 1. "You ain't one of them bad boys looking for my treasure, is you?" Lemon Brown cocked his head to

    asked by Haley
  2. English

    1. My friends and I looked (around) for our sleds. a preposition** b adverb 2. Jaime had never been sledding (before). a preposition** b adverb Identify the conjunction for the sentences in questions 6-7 6.Earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the

    asked by Cammie
  3. Ed Tech please help

    1. A personal narrative is like an autobiography in that it it tells your whole life from birth to present it is a story about something in the author's life written by the author*** it is written in third person it is a story about a person written by a

    asked by Haley
  4. Social Studies

    Compare the tactics used by the French troops in the French and Indian War with those of the American patriots during the Revolution.

    asked by 360 nocsope
  5. Government Please help ASAP

    1. Which of the following provides the definition of a nation?

    asked by Just-A-Girl
  6. Calculus-Math

    Delta Cephei is one of the most visible stars in the night sky. Its brightness has periods of 5.4 days, the average brightness is 4.0 and its brightness varies by plus-or-minus 0.35. Find a formula that models the brightness, b, of Delta Cephei as a

    asked by E
  7. history

    25.Which statements best describe similarities between the middle colonies and the new England colonies. select all that apply A. both regions had ethnically diverse populations B. both had mostly good relationships with the native Americans even though

    asked by Savanna Reed
  8. World History

    7. Which north american civilizations adapted to their environment in part by farming? Choose all that apply, 2 answers. A.Haida B.Inuit C.Iroquois D.Puebloan

    asked by Anon
  9. Physics

    Sam and Terry find a 29.0 m deep wishing well and decide to make a wish. Terry throws a penny down the well at 9.00 m/s and Sam throws a penny up in the air at the same speed. If they threw them at the same time, how much time would there be between

    asked by Juliette

    Choose at least two of the selections above and write about the rites of passage that individuals in the selections confront. Provide evidence by including names of characters as well as specific details from the text to support your claim. I have chosen,

    asked by bluah. PLEASE HELP ME!
  11. EdTech

    Which button will allow you to insert questions and notes into text in a document on Microsoft word?

    asked by Spartan
  12. Simple equation help

    What is the chemical equation for the Steel wool and Vinegar experiment for when the steel wool rusts?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Math

    1. Which equation correctly applies the distributive property? A. −3⋅(6.48)=(−3⋅6)+(−3⋅0.4)+(−3⋅0.08) ​ ​B. 2.4⋅(−3.4)⋅(−1.25)=−3.4⋅2.4⋅(−1.25) ​ ​C. (42⋅3.5)+(42⋅1.3)+(42⋅5.2)=42+(3.5+1.3+5.2) ​ D.​

    asked by Zoey
  14. Maths

    Tank holds 15 liters . A cup holds 3/10 of a liter How many cups are in the tank

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Social studies

    Can someone give me a short answer or link on what to do with this question: How was the northern renaissance similar to the Italian Renaissance? How was it different?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. history

    Which of the following statements most accurately portrays life in the backcountry? A. Most property owners were wealthy, and many lived on large, elegant plantations. B. Farms were large and needed a lot of enslaved Africans to support the crops harvested

    asked by Savanna Reed
  17. Chemistry

    A star is estimated to have a mass of 1 ✕ 1036 kg. Assuming it to be a sphere of average radius 7.0 105 km, calculate the average density of the star in units of grams per cubic centimeter. round to the correct number of significant figures.

    asked by CJ
  18. history

    Considering this reading and other readings from your text, which of the following made Pennsylvania under William Penn different from other colonies? A. Religious freedom was encouraged in Pennsylvania B. Colonists generally treated Native Americans with

    asked by Savanna Reed
  19. Biology

    A chemical known as a fertex affects external fertilization of sea urchin eggs. An experiment was set up using three tanks to investigate the effect of fertex. Each tank had a different concentration of fertex: 1%, 2%, and 3%. Ten sea urchin eggs and 2mL

    asked by Dylan
  20. Math

    An executive drove from home at an average speed of 40 mph to an airport where a helicopter was waiting. The executive boarded the helicopter and flew to the corporate offices at an average speed of 80 mph. The entire distance was 240 mi. The entire trip

    asked by Antonio
  21. geography

    I have to do an essay on how religion and culture are connected? help !!!! I can only use one of the ancient religions and one of the asian civilizations that appear in the unit. basically Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism. And the

    asked by hotdognibba70
  22. algebra 2 - minimum or maximum

    Find the minimum or maximum value of f(x)=−0.25x2+4x−18

    asked by Kasey
  23. Social studies

    Fill in the blank Sparta didn't mind stopping its war against Athens because it was building a blank and making an alliance with blank please help me I really need help ASAP

    asked by Mackenzie

    discuss several ways computers are integrated into our business and personal lives

    asked by Vuyisa
  25. Math

    Derek spends $3 on breakfast and $5.50 on lunch every school day. How much does he spend on breakfast and lunch in a school week? Thanks for the help!

    asked by Julie Jules
  26. Algebra 1

    What is the simplest form of following expression -(8n-5v)

    asked by Dana
  27. Algebra

    A used car has a value of $15,250 when it is purchased in 2012. The value of the car decreases at a rate of 7.5% per year. Write an exponential function that models the value of the car, y, over x years. To the nearest cent, what will be the value of the

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Math

    Twice the smallest of three consecutive odd integers is eleven more than the largest. Find the integers. Please help I don't understand these type of math question

    asked by Alissa
  29. math

    Form the greatest possible 5-digit number using the clues.All five digits are different. None of the five digit are 1.The digit in the ten thousands place is greater than 7.The sum of all five digit is 18.The greatest digit is equal to the sum of the other

    asked by hawa
  30. chemistry

    Which of the answer choices correctly describes an action that will increase the solubility of a solid solute in water? cool the solution increase the pressure heat the solution decrease the pressure Examine the statement. The energy required to break the

    asked by PLEASE help
  31. Literature (Greek)

    Why did Zeus marry Hera if she was his sister?

    asked by Wilson
  32. English

    Which of these is a coordinating conjunction? A. but ** B. however C. although

    asked by Destiny
  33. chemistry

    Examine the information. Isotope B has a half-life of 3 days. A scientist measures out 100 grams of this substance. After 6 days has passed, the scientist reexamines the sample. How much of Isotope B will remain in the sample? 100 grams 63 grams 94 grams

    asked by PLEASE help
  34. History

    Why was the Iroquois League formed? A- to create one government B- to increase trade in North America C- to form a peace alliance D- to improve farming methods (My answer B)

    asked by Genji
  35. physics

    A bucket filled with water weighing 50kg is raised from a well of depth 100m.if the linear density of the rope is 1kg per metre.then the work done is

    asked by Thousif
  36. Math

    The function f(x)=(x-5)^2+2 is not one-to-one. Identify a restricted domain that makes the function one-to-one, and find the inverse function. a. restricted domain: x>or=5; f^-1(x)=5-sqrt(x-2) b. restricted domain: x>or=5; f^-1(x)=5+sqrt(x-2) c. restricted

    asked by Girly Girl
  37. Math

    Repeating decimals are ________ rational numbers. A. sometimes B. never C. always

    asked by Potato
  38. English

    What important transitional periods happened in my brother's keeper, by Jay Bennett?

    asked by bluah
  39. Chemistry

    An electron has a speed of 500m/s with uncertainty of 0.02% what is the uncertainty indicating it's position?

    asked by Anmol gill
  40. Computer

    Diagnosing is solving the problem, and troubleshooting is figuring out what the problem is. True False

    asked by Lee
  41. 5th grade Math

    1. Jack arranges his baseball cards in 15 rows with 25 baseball cards in each row. his friend Jorge has 2 times as many baseball cards as jack. Write a multiplication equation to represent the total number of baseball cards Jorge has. = (15*25)*2

    asked by Jared
  42. physics

    a) find the total force on the bottom of a cylinder gasoline storage tank 15.0 m high with radius 23.0 m. b) find the total force on the side of a tank.

    asked by eric
  43. chemistry

    Which of the following answer choices states a disadvantage of nuclear power generation? (Select all that apply.) production of low and high level radioactive waste production of radioactive tailings from mining uranium air pollution from release of sulfur

    asked by malia
  44. Math

    Find the area of a circular path 2m wide which goes all the way around a pond radius 20m.

    asked by I'm nob
  45. Biology

    A chemical known as a fertex affects external fertilization of sea urchin eggs. An experiment was set up using three tanks to investigate the effect of fertex. Each tank had a different concentration of fertex: 1%, 2%, and 3%. Ten sea urchin eggs and 2mL

    asked by Anonymous
  46. science

    Which of the following would increase the effect of tides on Earth (high tides get higher, low tides get lower) - slowing the rate of rotation of the Moon. - increasing the rate of rotation of the Moon. *** - decreasing the distance between the Earth

    asked by ally
  47. Maths

    The training of a football team involves running up and down a sandhill 25 times. If the hill is 30 m high and inclined at an angle of 35 degrees to the horizontal, how far does the team run during the training? Answer to the nearest 0.1 km.

    asked by Rick
  48. science

    The main cause of the changing location of the tides on earth is -rotation of the Earth on its' own axis - magnetic forces of the Moon - the revolution of the Moon around the Earth *** -the position of the Sun

    asked by mary
  49. Math

    Two cars start at the same time but travel in opposite directions. One car avaerage speed was 20mph at the end of 2 hours the two cars are 200 miles apart. Find the avatars speed in mph of the other car.

    asked by Haley
  50. Vocabulary

    What places would be on the itinerary for your dream vacation

    asked by Jayde
  51. Math

    The sum of two consecutive odd integers is 52. State the odd integer x

    asked by Geo
  52. chemistry

    Connelly cuts a solid object in half. What happens to the mass, volume, and density of the object that Connelly cuts? A)The mass and volume are both divided by two, and the density is divided by four. B) The volume is divided by two, but the mass and

    asked by malia
  53. Grammar

    What part of speech is love in this sentence " I love playing in the rain"

    asked by Susan
  54. Word history

    a-re-na (uh RE nuh) n1.a central area used for sports or other forms of entertainment and surrounded by seats for spectators 2. a field of competition or activity adj. taking place in an arena, as in arena football [From the Latin herena or "sand"; in

    asked by Haley
  55. Math

    I'm having trouble understanding when I am supposed to add absolute values when simplifying radicals. (It's cube root not square root) XER and YER because it's a cube root and you can take cube root of negatives and positives. √-108x^7y^9 =

    asked by Sarah
  56. Chemistry

    For my chemistry lab, I reacted Mg powder with HCl to create H2 gas. I measured the volume of H2 gas created by salt water displacement by reading off an inverted test tube. I measured 14.0 mL and calculated the percent yield (used PV=nRT to find

    asked by Winnie
  57. chemistry

    Read the statement. The air that flows over the top part of an airplane's wing moves faster than the air that flows across the bottom. This faster moving air causes the wing to rise. Which of the following principles or laws helps explain why the wing

    asked by malia
  58. Math

    Find each sum or difference -1/2 - 3/4 A.-1/6 B.-1/3 C.2/3 D.1/6 Im thinking D. but can someone check for me

    asked by Terrance
  59. Algebra

    Passenger train leaves 2 hours after a freight train leaves. The freight train travels 14 mph slower than the passenger train. Find the rate of each train if the passenger train overtakes the freight train in 3 hours. I did this : 5r=3(r+14) 5=3r+28 2r=28

    asked by Laura
  60. language arts

    Hi guys so I need some help finding a some similes and metaphors to add to my story. Any ideas where I could find some? Thank ya lots

    asked by goofy goofus
  61. Physics

    I m doing an assignment and this is what is asks: (c) Find the sum of the squares of the cosines of the corresponding coordinate direction angles found above. (Measure the cosines of the corresponding coordinate direction angles from the x-y plane.) Im not

    asked by Angel
  62. science

    He many isomers can be obtained from C4H10

    asked by okeke
  63. Mathematics

    1.What is 10^3 written in standard form 10 100 1,000 10,000 Please check this, my answer will be the third choice

    asked by Valerie
  64. chemistry

    Which of the answer choices correctly predicts the charge that would be present on a magnesium (Mg) ion, as shown in the periodic table? 2+ 1+ 1- 2- is it a?

    asked by PLEASE help
  65. chemistry

    Which of the following is an advantage to SMRs? (Select all that apply.) use fusion instead of fission reduce cost less atmospheric emissions reduce construction time

    asked by malia
  66. chemistry

    Which of the following is an advantage to SMRs? (Select all that apply.) use fusion instead of fission reduce cost less atmospheric emissions reduce construction time

    asked by PLEASE help!!!
  67. Math

    Find of g(f(x)) when f(x)=sqrt(x+3) and g(x)=(x^2+2)/x. a. g(f(x))=(x^2+2)(sqrt(x+3))/x b. g(f(x))=(x+5)/(sqrt(x+3)) c. g(f(x))=(x^2+6x+11)/(sqrt(x+3)) d. g(f(x))=(sqrt(((x^2+2)/x)+3) Every time I work this problem, I get some crazy answer. Can someone

    asked by Girly Girl
  68. Simple math question

    the temperature of steel wool is 24.8c The temperature of steel wool after vinegar dip is 28.9c The total increase in temperature is 4.1?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Math

    Evaluate : -5|1-3|+4|3-1| -5|-2|+4|2| -5 (2)+4 (2) -10+8 -2 Is this right?

    asked by Sarah
  70. Math

    A rectangular field has length is 45m and breath is 35m.there is a road 5m outer side of the rectangle. How much it cost to plant trees in the road. If the cost per metre is RS 15

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Math

    Is there a difference between (x)^3 vs x^3? For example, is (-2)^3 the same as -2^3? And I think it is different if it is -(2)^3, is that correct?

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by MARIAM
  73. English

    1. Justin will send Susan some picture. 2. Justin will send Susan some pictures. ------------------------------- Is #2 alone grammatical? What about #1? 3. Some boy wants to see you. 4. Some boys want to see you. ----------------------- What about these

    asked by rfvv


    asked by PHEYI
  75. English

    1. A secret tip was told to me by accident. (What does 'tip' mean here, information or advice?) 2. Mrs. Brown sent me this CD player. (Active) 3. This CD player was sent to me by Mrs. Brown.(passive) 4. I was sent this CD player by Mrs. Brown.(passive)

    asked by rfvv
  76. math

    Write y to the power of -4 as a power with only positive exponents. Thanks need help on this question

    asked by math
  77. Math

    5/8 + 7/12

    asked by Math