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September 21, 2017

  1. Science helpppp

    1. Students planted three bean seeds. After several days, they observed that the seeds’ roots were growing downward into the soil. Which type of tropism were the roots displaying? (1 point) A) geotropism **** B) thigmotropism C) phototropism D)

  2. College Algebra

    The manufacturer of an energy drink spends $1.20 to make each drink and sells them for $3. The manufacturer also has fixed costs each month of $9000. A.Find the cost function C when x energy drinks are manufactured. C(x)= B. Find the revenue unction R when

  3. Math

    A spinner turns 7077 degrees. The spinner would have ended up at the same spot if it had turned only what degree? A) 77 B) 2197 C) 4377 D) 4917 E) 5537

  4. La

    13. The text from An Inconvenient Truth features a subheading entitled "Take Action” with the line: Here are a few examples of actions you can take to make a difference. Who is the intended audience for this section of the text? (1 point) children.

  5. science

    Which of the following statements the aim of the person who threw darts shown the picture? A The person's aim was both precise and accurate B The person's aim was precise,but it was not accurate. C The person's aim was accurate,but it was not precise. D

  6. Chemistry

    The proton has a radius of approximately 1.0×10−13 cm and a mass of 1.7×10−24 g. Determine the density of a proton. For a sphere V=(43)πr3.

  7. math

    find the nominal rate of interest convertible quarterly which is equivalent to a nominal rate of discount of 6% p.a. convertible monthly

  8. Products of science: Technology

    Plz help me Products of science: Technology 1. What is the goal of technology? A) to understand the natural world B) to improve how devices operate C) to improve how people live D) to understand how systems operate 2. What is a factor that limits a

  9. social studies

    which of the following statements best reflects the rights of citizens that are protected by the bill of rights

  10. Government John Marshall

    18. What is the significance of John Marshall ruling in Marbury v. Madison Marbury v. Madison was a case held by the Supreme Court. John Marshall had good arguements like the act of congress, thus Marbury didn't get his job.

  11. La

    (In call of the wild) What does the phrase "The dominant primordial beast was strong in Buck" mean? A. Buck was eager to fight his rival. B. Buck followed his deepest instincts. C. Buck gained physical strength. I think A

  12. Physics

    A Fahrenheit thermometer registers 107° while a faulty celsius thermometer registers 42°.find the error in the later

  13. La

    "A few minutes later he bolts suddenly into the woods, achieving full speed, almost forty miles per hour, for forty or fifty yards before he begins to skid, to lunge at a lodgepole pine cone. He trots away with it, his head erect, tail erect, his hips

  14. Art

    What stage of an art critique is where you give your own impressions of the artwork?

  15. English

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 6. Choose the meaning of the bold word. “I won’t touch it,” he said sullenly. (“The Scarlet Ibis") (1 point) a) sulkily b) savagely c) suspiciously d) swiftly My Answer: A Could someone please check

  16. Math

    The temperature at noon was -3°C. By 10 P.M. on the same day the temperature decreased by 5.4°. What was the temperature at 10 P.M.? A. -8.4°C B. -5.4°C C. -2.4°C D. 1.6°C I am do not get this question but will certainly appreciate the help!

  17. Physics

    A cheetah looks up and sees a gazelle in the distance. The cheetah starts running towards the gazelle; when it catches the gazelle, it is running at the speed of 0.029km/s. If the acceleration of the cheetah is 4.14m/s2, how long does it take for the

  18. Algebra

    gabriel is 3 years younger than frank. when their ages are doubled frank is 6 years older than gabriel. finally the current total of their ages right now is 17.which of the following could be gabriel's age right now?

  19. history

    what is the path a bill must take to become a law? A.) the house or senate introduces a bill, and if both houses approve it and the president signs it, the bill becomes a law. B.) the president proposes a bill, and if the house approves and signs it, the

  20. Science

    How would you experiment to find out how much this plant type needs for optimal growth? I am not sure how to answer this question.

  21. mathhhhh

    what lengths are possible for piece cut from the 12-cm piece of string ?

  22. Math

    Bob has 19 coins totaling $1.50. If he only has dimes and nickels, how many of each coin does he have?

  23. College Algebra

    Susan invests 3 times as much money at 9% as she does at 6%. If her total interest after 1 year is $1980, how much does she have invested at each rate?

  24. chemistry

    Which of the answer choices correctly describes a graph that illustrates how a part or fraction relates to the whole? histograms bar graphs circle graphs scatter plots is it c?

  25. maths

    An amount of money is to be divided between Nancy and Sam in the ratio of 7 : 47 : 4 respectively. What is the ratio of Sam’s share to the total ratio?

  26. math

    a music store gives every 20th customer a $5 gift card. Every 50th customer gets a $10 gift card. which customer will be the first to receive both types of gift cards?

  27. Math

    Can someone please help me. I would appreciate it a lot. 1.Bartering was an early way that people___. 2.Currency is used to___. 3.Reducing the original price of an item is often called___. 4.People wait for sales to____. 5.When calculating how much you

  28. history

    Why dis the great comprise establish a two-house legislature? A.) to fairly represent all states B.) to allow population growth C.) to provide checks and balances D.) to prevent unconstitutional laws I think b but i'm not sure. Please help?

  29. chemistry

    Gaseous butane CH3CH22CH3 will react with gaseous oxygen O2 to produce gaseous carbon dioxide CO2 and gaseous water H2O. Suppose 4.07 g of butane is mixed with 9.8 g of oxygen. Calculate the maximum mass of water that could be produced by the chemical

  30. Physical Science

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 3. During a phase change, the temperature of a substance (1 point) a) increases. b) decreases. c) does not change. d) increases or decreases. My Answer: C Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da

  31. computer application

    Algorithm to print all even numbers below hundred in the descending order

  32. Physics

    A 50-g ice cube at is placed in an equal mass of water. What must the initial water temperature be if the final mixture still contains equal amounts of ice and water?

  33. Math

    I bought a pair of shoes for $51. The shoes were already marked 75% off. What is the original price of the shoes.

  34. Physical Science

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ Fill in the Blank 10. The _______________ theory of matter states that all particles of matter are in constant motion. (1 point) My Answer: kinetic Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da Fash

  35. Analytical Physics II

    A charged cloud system produces an electric field in the air near Earth's surface. A particle of charge -2.1 x 10-9 C is acted on by a downward electrostatic force of 4.3 x 10-6 N when placed in this field. (a) What is the magnitude of the electric field?

  36. COLLED

    The line cord of a vacuum cleaner must be of the      A. grounded type.  B. zip type.  C. jacketed type.  D. cotton-covered type.

  37. History

    Which of the following describes why towns were important in royal Georgia? A professionals practiced there B artisans had there shops C towns provided a market for farmers and planters D all of the above***

  38. Science

    Is the South American Plate and African Plate convergent continent to continent boundary?

  39. chemistry

    Which of the answer choices correctly describes a solution that has less of a solute dissolved in it than the maximum amount possible for a given temperature and pressure? colloidal solution saturated solution supersaturated solution unsaturated solution

  40. Social studies

    What are 2 ways caribbean families preserve thier cultural traditions

  41. beginning algebra

    the product of 2c and 3d my answer: 2c*3d the number of cents in quarters 25q or 0.25q

  42. Geometry

    Explain how you can use a straight edge and a protractor to show that each angle you formed by a bisector is one-half the original angle.

  43. math

    what is the lowest common multiple of 32 and 40

  44. Math

    Paul mixes nuts worth $1.20 per pound with oats worth $1.70 per pound to get 40 pounds of trail mix worth $1.35 per pound. How many pounds of nuts and how many pounds of oats did he use?

  45. Math

    How many gallons of 30% alcohol solution and 45% alcohol solution must be mixed to get 12 gallons of 35% alcohol solution?

  46. Math

    Mr. Jones has $14,000 to invest. He invests part at 7% and the rest at 11%. If he earns $1,220 in interest after 1 year, how much did he invest at each rate?

  47. Science -Physics

    The shaker cart,shown in the figure,is the latest extreme sport craze.You stand inside of a small cart attached to a heavy-duty spring,the spring is compressed and released,and you shake back and forth,attempting to maintain your balance. Note that there

  48. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of Li formed by electrolysis of molten LiCl by a current of 6.7×104 A flowing for a period of 23 h . Assume the electrolytic cell is 86 % efficient. What is the energy requirement for this electrolysis per mole of Li formed if the

  49. History

    What are the “Rentier States” and why do the oil-producing countries in the Middle East qualify as rentier states?

  50. English

    1. You can also experience French culture by joining many different events. 2. You can also experience French culture by taking part in joining many different events. 3. You can also experience French culture by attending many different events.

  51. Language Arts answers

    Players wear helmets and pads for protection. (direct objects, predicate nouns) Helmets and pads for protection.(direct object) However, injuries can sometimes be serious or lasting. (indirect objects, predicate adjectives) Sometimes be serious or

  52. English Grammar

    How To Convert Common Noun Into Abstract Noun

  53. English

    You don't have to go all the way to China to enjoy Chinese culture. (The following is the definition of the word 'all the way.' What is the meaning of 'all the way' in the sentence above?) all the way 1. Fully; totally. He's my brother, so I support him

  54. sience

    how are babies born

  55. literature

    In “The Third Wish,” the King of the Forest claims that he "has yet to hear of the human being who made any good use of his three wishes." In a paragraph, consider whether Mr. Peters proves the King wrong. Do Mr. Peters’ wishes bring him happiness?

  56. chemistry

    Which of the answer choices is correctly defined as a state of matter with a defined volume and shape? plasma solid gas liquid is it b?

  57. math


  58. Physical Science

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ Fill in the Blank 9. Materials can be classified as solids, liquids, or gases based on whether their shapes and _______________ are definite or variable. (1 point) My Answer: volumes Can someone please check

  59. Math


  60. Physical Science

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 2. Which of the following is NOT a clue that a chemical change has occurred? (1 point) a) change in color b) production of a gas c) formation of a precipitate d) change in shape My Answer: D Could someone

  61. Math

    A college sold tickets to a play at $4 per ticket. anyone who attended and purchased a ticket at the door had to pay $5 a ticket. a total of 480 people attended the play and the Revenue from ticket sales was $2,100. how many people bought tickets in

  62. Statistics

    What is the square root of 7

  63. Math

    The track at Coolidge Middle School is 14 of a mile long. It takes Melissa 1 minute and 40 seconds to run around the track. How many minutes will it take Melissa to run 3 miles?

  64. Math

    First student bought art, math and history books for $72. a+m+h=72 Second student bought art, chemistry and history books for $80. a+c+h=80 Third student bought chemistry, math and history books for $61. c+m+h=61 Fourth student bought art, math and

  65. Physical Science

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 5. If the volume of a cylinder is reduced from 8.0 liters to 4.0 liters, the pressure of the gas in the cylinder will change from 70 kilopascals to (1 point) a) 35 kilopascals. b) 105 kilopascals. c) 140

  66. physics

    A force of 0.8N stretches an elastic materials by2cm. Find the elastic constant of the material.

  67. mathhhhhhhh

    what is the greatest common LENGTH of 12 and 8 ......????

  68. world history

    what parts of europe still has an agricultural economy in the early twentieth century

  69. Psychology

    Would this be a better example of spotlight theory of attention or attenuation theory? I was focusing on asking someone an important question. When I asked the question, I failed to noticed that a dog was barking. I later realized the dog was barking. I

  70. Math


  71. History

    Which of the following actions does NOT describe land and ownership in royal Georgia? A women were not allowed to own property B the largest land grants were limited to 500 acres C the headlights system was used to determine the size of a grant D land

  72. Math

    What is -3 x (-1 7/12) - (-3/2) Sqaured?

  73. History

    What is the least important reason for the 7 years war and why?

  74. chemistry

    59.0 mL of a 1.60 M solution is diluted to a total volume of 268 mL. A 134-mL portion of that solution is diluted by adding 173 mL of water. What is the final concentration? Assume the volumes are additive?

  75. English

    What is indirect characterization?

  76. Math

    And assembly line worker at robs bicycle factory add to seat bicycle at a rate of two seats in 11 minutes write a proportion relating the number of seats S to the number of minutes M at this rate how long will it take to add 16 seats? 19 seats?

  77. math helpppp meeee!!!!!!!

    WHAT IS -P+11+=26??

  78. Chemistry

    If your car gets 28 miles to the gallon, how many liters of gasoline are necessary to travel 157 km?

  79. Science

    Suppose three seeds were kept at 30c and sprouted in 6,5 and 4 days. What is the average number of days that these seeds took to sprout?

  80. EdTech

    Which of these can be used to represent information similar to diagrams? A. Format Painter B. Headings C. SmartArt D. Clipart

  81. math

    what is the lowest common multiple of 32 and 40

  82. chemistry

    Which of the answer choices is correctly defined as the materials that enter into a chemical reaction and are changed by it? solutes reactants products coefficients is it a?

  83. Finance

    I need to know the formula for finding the 'lost sales'. I'm given the following information. a. New Output b. Lost Output (Construction) c. New Sales d. New Gross Margin e. New Gross Profit f. Old Output g. Old Sales h. Old Gross Profit i. Incremental

  84. Science

    Draw picture graph of the above question?

  85. History

    What are the main factors that have affected the economic development in the Middle East? Explain the economic stagnation in the region.

  86. geography

    why is Israel the only country in the region that qualifies as a developed nation?

  87. Science-physics

    A mass of 0•5 kg is attached to a spring. The mass is then displaced from its equilibrium position by 5cm and released. It's speed as it passes the equilibrium position is 50cm/s. A)calculate the spring constant of the spring. B)calculate the maximum

  88. chemistry

    Which of the answer choices is correctly defined as the variable in a controlled experiment that is purposely changed or manipulated? constant controlled variable dependent variable independent variable is it b?

  89. algebra

    The inequality −2(x + 10) ≥ 75 says the same thing as −2x − 20 ≥ 75. I can multiply by -2 on the left side without reversing the inequality symbol.

  90. Math

    What is sin cosine and tangine

  91. math

    a music store gives every 20th customer a $5 gift card. Every 50th customer gets a $10 gift card. which customer will be the first to receive both types of gift cards?

  92. Middle East History

    The disadvantages of oil in the Middle East. What are some of the problems associated with the demand of oil?

  93. mr hunt wishe to enclose his goat in a wire fence

    mr hunt wishes to enclose his goats in wire fence the are be fence has 3 sides each measured 7.9metre and another 4.075metre would 25metre of wire fence long enough

  94. chemistry

    what volume of 0.85M oxalic acid (C2H2O4) solution would be required to the following equation ( atomic mass C=12 ,O=16 and Na=23) A. 10.8mL C.10.8L B.108 L D.108 mL

  95. advanced algebra 2

    us dollars euros 0 0 5 6 10 12 15 18 20 24 25 30 what would the equation be?

  96. Algebra

    A total of 900 tickets were sold for a game for a total of $1,775.00. If adult tickets sold for $2.50 and children's tickets sold for $1.50, how many of each kind of tickets were sold?

  97. Math

    John has $1.15 in nickels and dimes in his pocket. He has five more nickels than he does dimes. How many of each does he have?

  98. algrebra hellllllllp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me plzzzzz

    How do i solve -12 divided by 3 multiplied (-8+(-4)exponent 2 -6)+2

  99. Math

    18. The mean is defined as the A. range of the data set. B. average of a data set. C. middle of the data set. D. number that shows up most often in a data set.

  100. English

    1. Find the way to do it 2. Find the way in which you can do it 3. Find the way in which to do it. (Can we use all the expressions? Are they the same?) 4. Give me the money to buy food. 5. Give me the money with which you may buy food. 6. Give me the money

  101. chemistry

    Examine the equation. C3H8(g)+5O2(g)→3CO2(g)+4H2O(l) In the equation shown, what is the number 4 an example of? reactant chemical formula coefficient product is it c?

  102. College Algebra

    A mixture of 20% disinfectant solution is to be made from 13% and 23% disinfectant solution. How much of each solution should be used if 40 gallons of the 20% solution are needed?

  103. Math

    negative 12 divided by 3 times negative 8 plus negative 8 minus negative 6 plus 2

  104. physcis

    The frequency of rotation of fan change from 2rev/s to 7rev/s in 10sec.find the angular acceleration.

  105. Physics

    Find the solution of this question - find the pressure on each foot of elephant m=500 kg if area of each foot 50 cm

  106. Science

    I need 2 types of systems for an essay questions (not answers please)

  107. Math

    19. The present value of the money in your savings account is $420, and you're receiving 3% annual interest compounded monthly. What is the future value in two months? A. $422.10 B. $432.60 C. $424.11 D. $426

  108. Biology

    How can the genetics of a human be studied?

  109. Chemistry

    Outline how a 250cm^3 of 0.10mol/dm^3 hydrochloric acid could be prepared from 100cm^3 of a 2.0mol/dm^3 stock solution

  110. Language arts help

    Identify the complement in each sentence. Then, indicate its type in parentheses. Football is a sport and also entertainment. (indirect objects, predicate nouns) _____________________________ Please help. I have no idea how to do this. I don't know how to

  111. Physics

    A bike starts from rest and accelerates to 20 m/s over a period of 6 seconds. What is the acceleration of the car?

  112. history

    More than 100 years after Akbar's death, the Mughal Empire began to fall apart. What were two of the reasons that caused this to happen?

  113. maths

    percy borrowed $1000 at 9% per annum simple interest.she is to repay the debt with 3 equal payments;the 1st at the end of 3 months,the 2nd at the end of 6 months and the 3rd at the end of 9 months.determine the size of the payments using the focal date at

  114. physics

    Chuck Wagon travel with a constant velocity of 0.98 miles/minute for 9.3 minutes. Chuck then decelerates at -0.11 miles/min/min for 1.8 minutes. Determine the total distance traveled by Chuck Wagon (in miles).

  115. chemistry

    Which is the mass of the solute in 400 grams of 20% solution. What is the concentration of this solution knowing that its density is 1.2 g/mL