Questions Asked on
September 16, 2017

  1. Physics

    Calculate the length of a displaced pendulum Bob which pass through its lowest point twice every second. Take g=10m/s²

  2. chemistry

    2mno4 - + 5h2o2 + 6h= 2mn 2+ + 5o2(gás) + 8h2o You must determine the percentage of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in a solution by permangan titration. In an acid solution, the permanganations will oxidize hydrogen peroxide to oxygen gas ......... You must

  3. Math

    a bottle contains 1000ml of pure ethanol. 300 ml is removed and the bottle is topped up with pure water. the mixture is stirred. what is the volume of ethanol in the bottle if the process is repeated five times? how many times should the process be

  4. College Algebra

    What is the amount of $480 invested at 6% quarterly for a period of 3 years?

  5. math

    what is the solution to 4 times 10 to the 3rd power times 3 times 10 to the 4th power written in scientific notation

  6. Physics/chemistry

    Which of the following substances does not conduct electricity? A. Graphite B. Glass C. Sulphuric acid D. Table salt solution

  7. Management

    Which of the following is not one of a manager's four areas of responsibility? A. Being a competent subordinate B. Being a good boss C. Maintaining good relationships with other managers D. Speaking one's mind always D

  8. math

    a 40cm diameter birthday cake can feed 4 people.How many people will a 80 cm diameter cake feed?

  9. Physics

    A jack has a lever arm of 45cm and pitch of 0.5cm. If it's efficiency is 30%,what force is required to lift a load W of mass 1200kg

  10. Physics

    The unstretched length of a piece of elastic rubber is 5cm a force of 9N is required to stretch if by 1cm.what amount of work will be done to stretch the rubber from a length of 12cm to 8cm if the rubber remained within the elastic limit?

  11. Biology

    The reproductive system of a male mammal is made up of... A. Claspers, prostrate gland, sperm duct and vas deference. B. Festis, prostrate gland, sperm duct and vas deferens. C. Oviduct, urethra, testis, and sperm duct. D. Testis, uterus, prostrate gland

  12. English

    What a....! The more you look, the less you see. A. Wonder B. Miracle C. Challenges D. Paradox

  13. Computer

    The name given to program that is stored in the system or in a diskette is known as... A. Index B. Icon C. File name D. None of the above

  14. Physics/chemistry

    Which of the practices will lead to losses in electrical power transmission? A. Using transmission cables of large diameter B. Transmitting at high voltage and low current C. Transmitting at relatively low voltage and high current D. Using a step-up

  15. Math

    If ann, may, and vea had 1/3, 1/8, and 1/20 chances of winning a competition, what is the probability that only one of them will win? *I don't know if I would just add everything and that would be the amswer, or is there something more?*

  16. Probability (Please check answer and assist)

    X, is assumed to be a random variable by placing letters of the word “YACHT” in a hat. If these letters are withdrawn then it gets replaced. A value of 1 is given when a vowel is retrieved, and a value of 2 is given when a consonant is retrieved while

  17. Chemistry

    How many moles of oxygen are produced when 20 moles decomposed?

  18. Physics

    An airplane flies at airspeed (relative to the air) of 250 km/h . The pilot wishes to fly due North (relative to the ground) but there is a 65 km/h wind blowing Southwest (direction 225◦ ). In what direction should the pilot head the plane (measured

  19. Algebra.

    Sara is two years older than her brother. The sum of their ages is 29. a. Write an equation b. How old is Sara? c. How old is Sara's brother?

  20. science {chemistry)

    30ml of 0.1M of sodium hydroxide is added to 100Ml of 0.1M of acetic acid, then what is the pH of the buffer solution, where (Ka =1.85 ×10*-10 for acetic acid.)

  21. Government

    article or story about the changing demographics of legislators who serve in the Congress or state legislatures. Legislatures have changed in many ways since the textbook was first written in 2001. You are to locate examples of these changes and be

  22. Business

    what makes a good investment in the stock market?

  23. algebra

    equivalent expression o f 10/13

  24. Statistics

    A genetic trait is inherited in such a way that for a father with the trait, his male offspring have a 25% chance of inheriting it but his female offspring cannot inherit it. Suppose that in a certain population, 40% of offspring are male and offspring

  25. Healthcare Management

    In a _______ study, work is divided into its most fundamental elements, which are studied separately and in relation to one another. A. classic B. therblig C. time D. motion I choose C

  26. Math

    How does x + 0.08x turn into 1.08x?

  27. Math

    Factor: 50 (2x-5)^2 -162 (3y-2)^2 I'm not even sure how to do this. I've tried it for so long and I've been trying multiple ways. I don't know how to factor these. May I get a step to step explanation or work please?

  28. BIO 1010

    1) Which of the following are fossil fuels? a. coal b. limestone c. coral skeleton d. petroleum e. choice a and d are both fossil fuels ANSWER: E 2) Satellite and other scientific data have shown that, over the past several decades, global temperatures

  29. Physics

    What is the acceleration due to gravity 'g' on the moon if 'g' is 10m/s² on the earth?

  30. Fragments Eng 1010

    Each of the following word groups includes a subordinating word. One word group in each pair contains a fragment. Write “OK” after each complete sentence and “frag” after each fragment 1a. When John Lennon was a teenager, his mother, Julia, began

  31. Math

    In an A.P.the third term is four times the first term, and the sixth term is 17; find the series.

  32. Fragments Eng 1010

    Half of the following word groups are complete sentences. The other half contain fragments. Correct the fragments, and mark the complete sentences “OK.” 1) When Ringo Starr was six, a burst appendix put him in the hospital for a whole year. Because of

  33. Fragments Eng 1010

    Half of the following word groups are complete sentences. The other half contain fragments. Correct the fragments, and mark the complete sentences “OK.” Example: 1) When he was thirteen, Ringo had to go back into the hospital. And stay there

  34. Fragments Eng 1010

    1)Martin insisted on a standby drummer as insurance. Someone ready to step in just in case Ringo was not good enough. Answer: Ok 2) Ringo’s many devoted fans were not surprised when he handled the job and became a full- fledged Beatle, making new

  35. physics

    if 15/16 of 12 atom an element decay in 8minutes. find the decay constant of the element.

  36. Eng compository

    I have to write an essay on Studying Abroad. I want to write more so about the benefits of studying abroad I just don't know what my 3 topic sentences for each paragraph should be about?

  37. Math, Algebra II

    One-third of Connor's age is 11 years less than his age 13 years ago. How old is Connor?

  38. Management

    _______ means identifying and implementing practices to help members of the organization work together. A. Controlling B. Organizing C. Planning D. Influencing C

  39. Management

    All other things being equal, the difference between a good supervisor and a poor supervisor is better A. managerial skills. B. education. C. organizational rules. D. staff. A

  40. Management

    The supervisor's job is to do which of the following? A. Help employees fulfill their needs for recognition, achievement, and satisfaction. B. Ensure employees achieve the organization's objectives at the expense of their own. C. Control employees' work to

  41. Management

    A manager can delegate most duties except A. evaluating employees. B. writing policies. C. planning. D. organizing. A ? I question myself everytime I go back and read my text book

  42. Probability and Statistics

    A certain system can experience three different types of defects. Let Ai (i = 1,2,3) denote the event that the system has a defect of type i. Suppose that P(A1) = 0.34, P(A2) = 0.33, P(A3) = 0.43, P(A1 ∪ A2) = 0.6, P(A1 ∪ A3) = 0.64, P(A2 ∪ A3) =

  43. math

    what is the value of x in 16 to the 2nd power = x

  44. Mathematics

    order of operation 16 divided by 4 . 2= I just did 16 divided by 4 which is 4 then multiply it by 2 which is 8 Am I right

  45. Physics

    What is the efficiency of a crane that used current of 8A at 150V to raise 450kg load at the rate of every minutes?

  46. Chemistry

    Use the henderson-hasselbalch equation to predict the change in pH when 0.50ml of 1M HCl is added to 40mL of .10M buffer at pH 6 and pH 7.5. My two solutions are Na2HPO4 and NaH2PO4.pKa=7.2 Now I don't even know where to begin and how to use the equation.

  47. Algebra

    Jessie needs to rent a truck for two days to move her belongings to college. She can rent a U- Haul for $35 a day plus 25 cents per mile or she can rent a Budget Rental Truck for $25 per day plus 32 cents per mile. Write an equation and solve to find out

  48. Chemistry

    Making a solution at 100•C What would be the smallest volume of water needed to dissolve 12.0g of KNO3 at 100•C

  49. Biology

    How many NADH and FADH2 Molecules are produced in the Krebs cycle for each glucose molecule? My answer: 2 This is correct ?

  50. Chemistry

    Activity Coefficient for Phosphate Buffers: How would I calculate the predicted pH for Na2HPO4 and NaH2PO4? For hypothetical pH 6- we added 94mL of H2PO4 and 6mL of HPO4 (for a total of 100mL). But how would I calculate "actual pH"? We measured at two

  51. Chemistry

    How many moles of conjugate base (Na2HPO4) are present in 40mL of .010M buffer at pH 7.5 vs at pH 6? Buffer was made up of Na2HPO4 and NaH2PO4. pH=pKa +log[A/HA]; pKa=7.2.... When I did the calculations I got the same amount as if it were in a 0.1M buffer

  52. Math

    Given the following points determine whether the transformation was a Rotation(specify direction and size), a reflection(over what point/line) or trasnlation(specify the rule). 1. C(0,4). C'(2,6) N(-2,3) N'(0,5) 2. G(0,0) G'(4,0) R(-1,4) R'(5,4) 3.

  53. Businiess

    equipment that helps to lift heavy boxes or other things. is this gloves or boots?

  54. Physics


  55. Math

    How many square feet are in 3/5 x 6 x 10 ? is it 36?

  56. physics

    A block has a mass m=6.9-kg and lies on a fixed smooth frictionless plane tilted at an angle of 24.4 to the horizontal. Determine the acceleration (in m/s2)of the block as it slides down the plane.

  57. Businiess

    When creating a project what would be last thing to do? A. Estimate B. Plan C. Control D. Schedule I think my mind goes to c.

  58. English

    1. It seems that there is a book in the box. 2. There "seems" to be a book in the box. 3. It seems that there are many books in the box. 4. There "seem" to be many box in the box. --------------------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Look at

  59. English

    1. It seems that he is pale. 2. He seems to be pale. ------------------------- Q1: In Sentence 1, what is the part of speech of 'that he is pale'? Is it a subject complement? Or is it a noun clause, which is a real subject? Q2: What is the role of 'It' in

  60. physics

    Consider the motion of the tip of the minute hand of a clock. In one hour, the displacement and average velocity is .......

  61. math

    Differentiate s=(2-t)^2 with respect to t