Questions Asked on
September 14, 2017

  1. Physics

    A train is travelling at 15m/s. It accelerates at 3m/s² for 20 seconds. How far does the train travel in this time?

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Science

    What is the goal of technology understand the natural world improve how devices operate improve how people live understand how systems operate My answer A

    asked by John
  3. Math

    A football team lost 9 yards on each of three consecutive plays. What was the team's total change in position for the three plays?

    asked by Samantha
  4. chemistry

    Examine the false statement. Weak acids always have a high pH. Select the rewording that makes the statement true strong acids always have a high pH weak acids always partially dissociate strong acids always have a low pH weak acids always fully dissociate

    asked by PLEASE help
  5. ART please help!!

    Go to internet explorer and type "lighthouse by by george seurat" (just like that) go to images it is the first one there (blurry lighthouse with boat) To create this lighthouse scene, the artist used organic shapes to create the boat used geometric shapes

    asked by Abigail
  6. English

    Choose the best answer(s). Match the letter of the author with the genre. A. Anne Bradstreet B. William Bradford C. Olaudah Equiano D. Thomas Jefferson 1. colonial journals and documents 2. slave narratives 3. colonial poetry 4. revolutionary/protest

    asked by Girly Girl
  7. math

    A 6-foot person standing 15 feet from a streetlight casts a 15-foot shadow. Two similar triangles are formed. One triangle is formed by the person and the shadow that the person casts. A second triangle is formed by the streetlight and the ground from the

    asked by g
  8. Ed Tech

    when writing a personal narrative what point of view would be best to use

    asked by Timothy
  9. physics

    A ball rolls forwards and backwards on a curved track as shown in Fig. 1.1. ball flexible track Fig. 1.1 It is suggested that the period T of the oscillations is related to the radius r of the ball and the radius of curvature C of the track by the

    asked by rhine
  10. Social Studies

    Which of the following was one way the Constitution attempted to reconcile a weakness of the Articles of Confederation? (1 point) The Constitution gave more power to the states. The Constitution provided a more centralized government. All enslaved African

    asked by help
  11. Physics

    The Question is: An objective lens of a telescope has a 1.90 m focal length. When viewed through this telescope, the moon appears 5.25 times larger than normal. How far apart are the objective lens and the eyepiece when this instrument is focused on the

    asked by Daisy
  12. trigonometry

    A man standing 9m above the ground,observes the angle of elevation and depression of the top and bottom of Rizal monument in luneta as 6° 50' and 7° 30' respectively find the height of the monument

    asked by john
  13. Algebra

    Karrie is moving from Washington D.C. to Denver, CO. She has plotted her 1,670 mile trip on the following graph. (x-min = 0, x-max = 30, x-scale: 3; y-min = 0, y-max = 1800, y-scale = 200) How far is Karrie’s destination after she has traveled 6 hours?

    asked by Kendall
  14. math

    Suppose strontium-90 decays at a rate of 2 percent per year. (a) Write the fraction P of strontium remaining, as function of t, measured in years. (Assume that at time t=0 there is 100 % remaining.) Answer: P(t)=(.98)^t (b) Estimate the half-life of

    asked by mac
  15. ELA

    Find the direct object in the sentence. Fisherman collect many worms at night. Which identifies the direct object in the sentence? a.night b.worms c.many d.fisherman I think it is b.

    asked by Zoey
  16. English Pronouns

    Which list contains Only possessive pronouns A-me,us,her,it B-I,my,your,they C-mine,ours,his,their D-us,our,yours,its I think its C

    asked by ReAp
  17. my success

    Of the following options, which best describes what can be found on the back of a credit card? date the account was opened magnet strip expiration date card holders name is it a?

    asked by PLEASE help
  18. chemistry

    How does the saturation of a solution affect crystal formation?

    asked by PLEASE help
  19. Chemistry - half life

    What is the half-life (in h) for the decomposition of O3 when the concentration of O3 is 2.37 ✕ 10−6 M? The rate constant for this second-order reaction is 50.4 L/mol/h.

    asked by Annie
  20. Spanish

    What would be the plural subject pronoun you would use to talk about Felipe and Arianna (they)? A. ellas B. ellos C. nosotras

    asked by SpaceDorito
  21. Functions

    If a function is undefined at a point, can that point be in its domain? Explain.

    asked by Victor
  22. Math

    A vendor bought 10 dozen eggs rate of 22 rupees perdozen six of the eggs were rotten he sold remaining eggs rate of 2.50 rupees per egg find his profit or loss

    asked by Shivreet
  23. Physics

    Consider the motion of the two projectiles fired at t = 0. Their initial speeds are both v0 but they are fired with different initial angles θ1 and θ2 with respect to the horizontal. What is the ratio of the times of the flights?

    asked by Zachary
  24. chemistry

    What types of compounds are involved in solutions that are used to grow crystals?

    asked by PLEASE help
  25. LA

    1. Write an essay in which you analyze the importance of plot events and characters’ actions to the development of a story’s theme. Review and evaluate a story from the unit that has a clearly identifiable theme. You might choose “Raymond’s Run”

    asked by Algalla
  26. math

    A rectangular school banner has a length of 54 inches and a width of 36 inches. A sign is made that is similar to the school banner and has a length of 17 inches. What is the ratio of the area of the school banner to the area of the sign?

    asked by g
  27. Science

    why do living things need food water and the ability to get rid of waste

    asked by Timothy
  28. Maths

    Construct a quadrilateral ABCD such that AB=4.5cm,BC=5cm,angleA=60 ,angleB=100and angle C=120

    asked by Sakshi
  29. geometry

    Find the area of the region between a regular hexagon with sides of 6" and its inscribed circle.

    asked by blake
  30. geometric progression

    find the sum of series 1+1/3+1/9+1/27+... to n terms sir this question answer 3/2(1-1/3n) sir please help me

    asked by ajay
  31. Math

    Given the points A=(2,-3) and B=(-3,1),if they are transformed to the points A'(-2,-3) and B'(3,1) what transformation occurred?Rotation or reflection?If rotation name the degree and direction and if reflection,name the line of reflection. No graph

    asked by Katie
  32. Language arts

    Consider this line from “Two Kinds”: For unlike my mother, I did not believe I could be anything I wanted to be. I could only be me. In a paragraph, explain how those words describe the conflict between the daughter and her mother. Is there a winner in

    asked by Jake
  33. Chemistry

    Is the number of water molecules associated with each Al2(SO4)3

    asked by Sophiee
  34. Language arts

    What is the personal pronoun in this sentence? The children showed me their favorite games to play. children me the games My answer is B

    asked by Brian
  35. Islam

    why is religion considered a source of political belief in the Middle East

    asked by Susan
  36. Science

    Which of the following is not needed to make a model of the water cycle? A. An energy source B. Water C. A closed container D. A drain D is correct

    asked by Billy
  37. Math

    Given a rectangle is transformed using the rule (x,y)→(-x,-y),what transformation occurred?Rotation or reflection.If Rotation name the direction and degrees and if reflection name the line.

    asked by Katie
  38. Science

    Which organelle of a prokaryotic cell contain genetic information? a. cell membrane b. ribosomes c. nucleus d. nucleoid I think it is a.

    asked by Zoey
  39. new math

    Tell whether each number is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, or 10. Some numbers may be divisible by more than one number. 1.324 2.840 3.2,724 4.81,816 5.7,848

    asked by davonte
  40. Language arts

    The word expectations best describes which situation from “Two Kinds”? Waverly’s reputation as a chess champion the mother’s hopes for her daughter to become a prodigy Mr. Chong’s retirement from teaching piano the daughter’s performance at the

    asked by Josh
  41. English/Words/Similar

    Which word is most similar to Sentimental A- Emotional B- Fundamental C- Preferable D- Sensible I think its either A or D

    asked by Genji
  42. RELA

    Show me an example of a text to world in the novel the boy who harnessed the wind

    asked by cameron
  43. Math

    Given a rectangle is transformed using the rule (x,y)→(-x,-y),what transformation occurred?Rotation or reflection.If Rotation name the direction and degrees and if reflection name the line. I think it's Rotation 180 degrees.Is that correct?

    asked by Katie
  44. English

    Instructions: Chose the best option My answers are with capital letter Trisha HASN'T SEEN or didn't see… her best friend April for almost a year. Trisha ..has call or CALLED .. as often as possible as …SHE TRAVELED or was traveled .., but often she and

    asked by Eliz
  45. my success

    Which of the following best describes an overdraft fee? removing money from an account, typically for payment percentage charged for the use of borrowed money the amount of money a consumer is allowed to spend on their credit card a fee charged when an

    asked by PLEASE help
  46. Language arts

    The word expectations best describes which situation from “Two Kinds”? Waverly’s reputation as a chess champion the mother’s hopes for her daughter to become a prodigy Mr. Chong’s retirement from teaching piano the daughter’s performance at the

    asked by Jacob
  47. History

    7. How did the great compromise settle the problem of representation in congress? A. it allowed all states to have equal numbers of representatives in Congress gave each state two senators and a number or representatives based on population C. It gave

    asked by Lily
  48. Language arts

    In which sentence about “Two Kinds” is the word nonchalantly used correctly? The family nonchalantly moved to United States from China. The piano was reconditioned nonchalantly. The daughter nonchalantly announced she was quitting piano. The mother

    asked by Austin
  49. History

    Hi I have another question. How did George Mason influence the creation of the Bill of Rights? A. He refused to sign the U.S. Constitution B. He encouraged others to oppose the ratification of the constitution C. He assembled an antifederalist convention

    asked by Lily
  50. chemistry

    Read the scenario. Hydrogen chloride (HCl) and potassium hydroxide (NaOH) react. What products are formed from this reaction?

    asked by PLEASE help
  51. History

    Sorry, just one more! Then I'll be done asking! How does the Constitution reflect the principle of popular sovereignty? A. By limiting the amount of power of the government B. By placing protections on the civil right of the nations citizens C. By

    asked by Lily
  52. math Please help!!

    The empire state building in New York City is 1,250 feet tall. It has 103 floors. Rounded to the nearest whole, what is the height of each floor?

    asked by lindacampoalegre2
  53. Math

    What is 3/4 divided by 2/9

    asked by Jenny
  54. Math

    If 1/4 inch = 40 miles, then how many inches apart are 2 cities that are actually 140 miles apart.

    asked by Bonnie
  55. Divisibility Tests. this one is different TLYK

    it 11,13,15,17,19,21.TLYK:to let you know.Test each number for divisibility by 2, 3, 5, and 10. • 11:2,385= • 13:672= • 15:53,559= • 17:92= • 19:962= • 21:11,160= PLZ HELP

    asked by davonte
  56. maths

    supose that you have three diffrent lenghts of linking cubes as shown below assume that you have as many of these lenghts as you need but you may not take them apart can you make each lenghts below using only one colour if it is possible show more than one

    asked by asad ullah
  57. Science

    What is a factor that limits a technological design? A. a prototype B.a trade-off C.a constraint D.a patent

    asked by justin
  58. Health

    Which of the following could lead you to wellness? A.Having a negative attitude about life. B.Having a positive attitude about life.** C.Having a prolonged illness D.Having a low-energy level

    asked by Annonymous
  59. Science

    What is the goal of technology understand the natural world improve how devices operate improve how people live understand how systems operate My answer A

    asked by chris
  60. Algebra

    1. Graph the linear inequality. y≤4x 2. Graph the linear inequality. 4x+5y≤20

    asked by Laura
  61. Math

    Solve the following system of equations 3y + 2z = 5 2x − y − 3z = 2 2x + 2y − z = 7

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Math

    Insert parentheses brackets and or braces 5x6-1+3=28

    asked by Alex Martinez
  63. College level algebra

    h^2+3h-1=0 Solve by completing the square. How do I do this?

    asked by Sundas
  64. math

    a piece of copper wire is 8.5cm long and weighs 52g. what would a 100cm wire weigh

    asked by olivia
  65. English

    Instructions: Select the incorrect words in the paragraph. They were is driving down a small road in the countryside in India when they were saw the elephants. At first they didn't not understand what was there happening. A large group of elephant calves

    asked by Eliz
  66. History

    What additional risk or costs do entrepreneurs assume when they choose to work for themselves ? ( like compensation packages)

    asked by Aria
  67. English

    Instructions: Read the sentence. Select the correct answer. My answered are with capital letter Robin Hood …… stealing from the rich when the poor … help to survive. 1. HAD STARTED, NEEDED 2. had started , had needed 3. was starting, needed 4. had

    asked by Eliz
  68. math

    what is 10 times as much as 950?

    asked by Ashley
  69. Chemistry

    (1a):Using examples,state the difference between an electrolyte and electrode. (B):Explain why aqueous solution of sodium chloride conducts electricity where as solid sodium chloride does not?

    asked by Innoh Arop
  70. Science

    Should existing structures build from CCA-treated wood be removed? Which argument did you find most convincing?

    asked by First Name
  71. Math


    asked by Find the value of the underline digit
  72. English

    Instructions: Read the text and select all the sentences that speculate about the past. My answered are with capital letter YOU MUST HAVE WONDERED what life was really like in the past. If we had lived in the wild west, our lives COULD HAVE BEEN VERY

    asked by Eliz
  73. career

    what does the hollar code quiz measure?

    asked by Ada
  74. algebra

    the ratio of ten more than three times a number to the square of the same number is equal to one. what is the number?

    asked by Michael
  75. algebra

    the ratio of ten more than three times a number to the square of the same number is equal to one. what is the number?

    asked by Michael
  76. math

    Two bags of crisps and five chocolate biscuits cost £1.76.If each bag of crisps costs 4p more than a chocolate biscuit, what is the cost of a biscuit?

    asked by faizan
  77. math

    How many ODD three digit numbers is it possible to make using the numbers 4, 5 and 7 if you are allowed to use each of the numbers more than once in a particular three digit number?

    asked by faizan
  78. Chemistry

    When solid magnesium nitride reacts with water the reaction produces solid magnesium hydroxide and ammonia gas. If 22.9 grams of magnesium nitride are added to 31.0 grams of water, how many liters of ammonia should be produced (assuming standard

    asked by Jay
  79. geografie

    kann jemand mir die Wechselwirkungen der Sphären erklären möglichst heute bitttteeee? Danke

    asked by anynom
  80. English

    Instructions: Select all the correct answers. Which sentences use a gerund to talk about emotions, personal qualities and behavior? My answers are with capital letter 1. He's feeling overloaded with work on the film. 2. Maybe the press are being too

    asked by Eliz
  81. grammar

    Could you check my sentences. Thank you very much 1. They used to work that she would forget them when she got famous. 2. She used to tell them that would never happen. 3. She would always call, and go to see them when she was in town. 4. They would thing

    asked by Flabio
  82. History

    Economic principle # 1 is " principle choose". Employers choose to offer benefit packages to their employees. Apply the key economic principle "the consequences of choices lie in the future" to this decision. What are the important costs and benefits that

    asked by A
  83. geometry

    asked by kayla
  84. English

    1. He bought Jane a present. 2. Jane was bought a present. 3. A present was bought for Jane. According to Longman English grammar (which was published long ago, about 30 years ago.), #1 can be changed into #2. What about at present? Is this rule changed or

    asked by rfvv
  85. new math

    Tell whether each number is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, or 10. Some numbers may be divisible by more than one number. 1.324 2.840 3.2,724 4.81,816 5.7,848

    asked by davonte
  86. Math

    two multipedes were dancing together at a party and trying hard not to trip over each others feet.One smiled at the other and said if you could give me 2 of your legs we'd have the same number the other replied if i had two of yours id have three times as

    asked by Delila
  87. chemistry

    A particle has a velocity that is 92% of the speed of light. If the wavelength of the particle is 1.55×10-15 m, calculate the mass of the particle.

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Math

    use rounding or compatible numbers to estimate the sum 5 x 2 3/5

    asked by Timothy
  89. SS

    Correctly identify ALL that happened with the rebuilding Japan after WWII. A) The U.S. divided Japan along the 17th parallel line in order to occupy both nations and prevent the spread of communism. B)Japan adopted a new constitution and democratic

    asked by Zoey
  90. Language

    What's the adverb(s) in the sentence "Now I want everyone to turn to page 36."?

    asked by Kailey
  91. maths in ggv 5standards

    I am a composite number between 20 and 30.the digit in my ones place is four times the digit in my tens place

    asked by guru
  92. English Essay

    How would I apply Thesis statements needs to mention "tragic vision" of the work by discussing the universal message of the play. For instance, does this play make you think like there are some things in our own lives that are inevitable? in my thesis

    asked by Alvin
  93. Math

    4(x-2)+23=y i dont know how to solve for y please help

    asked by Yaboi
  94. Algebra

    Find the equation of the line through the given pair of points in standard form using only integers. 3) (5, 2) and (-1, 6)

    asked by Michael
  95. math:/

    (7+2)²- 2³= plz show the step to do it

    asked by davonte
  96. Anonymous

    Do you have to know how be receptionist before you can go into health care management? Or its not always relative?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Literature

    What are the various definitions of literature?

    asked by Evans
  98. Probability (Please check revised answer)

    X, is assumed to be a random variable by placing letters of the word “YACHT” in a hat. If these letters are withdrawn then it gets replaced. A value of 1 is given when a vowel is retrieved, and a value of 2 is given when a consonant is retrieved while

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Quick social studies help

    Why dis the great comprise establish a two-house legislature? A to fairly represent all states B to allow population growth C to provide checks and balances D to prevent unconstitutional laws

    asked by JILL
  100. Math

    Colleen works 40 hours in an office and earns $300 per week. One week she worked 46 hours. What will her earnings be for the week she worked 46 hours? Include your calculations below.

    asked by Jolene
  101. Ela

    to place the caption at the top of the image you will need to change the

    asked by Timothy
  102. Physics

    A pilot in a small plane encounters shifting winds. He flies 20.0 km at 30∘ north of east, then 50.0 km due north. From this point, he flies an additional distance in an unknown direction, only to find himself at a small airstrip that his map shows to be

    asked by Anwar