Questions Asked on
September 8, 2017

  1. Language Arts

    1. Each winter, I go ice skating with friends from my neighborhood. Sentence*** Fragment 2. We hurry to the ice. Sentence*** Fragment 3. And skate as fast as possible. Sentence Fragment*** 4. Try to catch each other. Sentence Fragment*** 5. Sometimes I

  2. Precalc

    To which set(s) of numbers does the number sqrt -16 belong? Select all that apply. real numbers complex numbers*** rational numbers imaginary numbers*** irrational numbers I can only pick two, and that's what I think it is. Please check? Thanks

  3. Algebra

    To which subsets of real numbers does the number -22 belong? Choose all subsets that apply. (2 points) whole numbers rational numbers* integers* irrational numbers natural numbers A square football field has an area of 479 ft^2. What is the approximate

  4. Geography

    which best explains why rivers of the coastal plain region are navigable a.the region is most flat b.the region has many rivers c.the region is south of Atlanta d.the region has a shipping industry this for ga history

  5. English

    What is one theme, or central of "Two Kinds"? Persistence is the key to success High expectations are the key to success Discovering one's own goals and desires is an important part of growing up A family cannot be happy unless the children obey and

  6. science

    Which of the following is not a benefit of scientific literacy? A. being able to make personal decisions B. being able to evaluate scientific information C. being able to rely on opinions about science related issues D. being able to take part in science

  7. College Algebra

    Penelope is playing a number game with her sister June. Penelope is thinking of a number and wants June to guess it. Five more thank three times a number is between 23 and 32. Write a compound inequality that shows the range of numbers that Penelope might

  8. Algebra

    which of the following is a solution to the equation y = 3x - 1 4,1 2,5 4,3 0,-3

  9. English

    Why does Yoni think the Arab he finds is perfect for his film? It was in Bethlehem, actually, that Yonatan found his Arab, a handsome man who used his first wish for peace. His name was Munir; he was fat with a big white mustache. Superphotogenic. It was

  10. Trignometry

    Use the appropriate reciprocal identity to find the approximate value of sin θ for the given value of csc θ. Use a calculator. csc θ = 2.15750581

  11. Pre Algerebra

    1.75 repeating as a fraction in simplest form

  12. English

    Which details help you more fully understand Yoni's character and intentions? Evaluate the line, “No prep, no plotting, natural as can be…” Lines with answer: "It was genius, Yoni was sure. And, if not, at least it was cheap. All he needed was a door

  13. Algebra 1

    what is -(x-4) simplified

  14. 7th grade math

    Aaron is staying at a hotel that charges $99.95 per night plus tax for a room. A tax of 8% is applied to the room rate, and an additional one-time untaxed fee of $5.00 is charged by the hotel. Which of the following represents Aaron’s total charge, in

  15. Math

    Find in feet the amount of framing needed to frame a picture 8 and 1/2 inches by 11 inches.

  16. Math

    1. What is the algebraic expression for the following word phrase: the sum of 3 and 4x? 2. What is the algebraic expression for the following word phrase: the quotient of 8 and the difference of x and y? 3. What is the algebraic expression for the

  17. rio mesa

    The difference of three times a number and 44 is −19−19

  18. Statistics

    An article in a Health Magazine suggested getting a dog to encourage more regular walking. A researcher for the article found that the distribution of time spent walking dogs is approximately normally distributed with a mean of 38 minutes per day. However

  19. SS-Writeacher

    Communism and socialism are usually found in what type of economic system? A) command*** B) traditional C) pure market D) mixed market

  20. chemistry

    Examine the information. Element A has a half-life of 10 days. A scientist measures out 200 g of this substance. After 30 days has passed, the scientist reexamines the sample. How much Element A will remain in the sample 100g 12.5g 50g 25g is it d?

  21. College Algebra

    Penelope is playing a number game with her sister June. Penelope is thinking of a number and wants June to guess it. Five more than two times a number is between 1717 and 2121. Write a compound inequality that shows the range of numbers that Penelope might

  22. human nutrition/math

    You eat 25 Doritos in a single sitting. One serving, which is approximately 11 chips, contains 140 kcalories. How many calories have you eaten?

  23. RE numbered Social Studies-Writeacher

    1. Countries with a low standard of living, little industrial output, and a low Gross Domestic Product are referred to as A) command economies. B) developed countries. C) developing countries.**** D) plantation economies. 2. It is difficult to grow crops

  24. human nutrition/math

    A particular food contains 7.8g of total fat, which is 12% of the RDA. Based on this, what is the RDA for total fat in a 2000 kcalorie diet

  25. Algebra 1

    Jaden discovers another prepaid phone plan (Plan B) that charges a flat fee of $15 per month, then $.05 per text sent or minute used. Write an equation for the cost of Plan B.

  26. Algebra

    Jaden discovers another prepaid phone plan (Plan B) that charges a flat fee of $15 per month, then $.05 per text sent or minute used. Write an equation for the cost of Plan B.

  27. Math

    simplify the expression (7-(-1*-1)+(-2*-2) Tip: to raise -2 to the second power write (-2)(-2). A. 68 B. 60 C. 40 D. 32

  28. Science please help I've been on this for hours

    Inherited traits are passed down from our parents to us, their offspring, by the information that is coded in our parents' A) RNA. B) antibodies. C) chromosomes. D) plasma. Your gender, whether you are male or female, is determined by the A) X or Y

  29. S.S

    what was the name of the most famous mongol ruler who finally defeated the song dynasty saw the couple conquest of china??

  30. math

    The mathematics club in a school has 53 members 5/7 of the girl members and 3/5 of the boys members are from lower secondary. The total numbers of lower secondary members is 35. How many members of the club are boys?

  31. physic

    The cheetah can reach a top speed of 114 km/h (71 mi/h). While chasing its prey in a short sprint, a cheetah starts from rest and runs 50 m in a straight line, reaching a final speed of 79 km/h. Determine the cheetah's average acceleration during the short

  32. Math part 1

    1) I really hate the flavor of lima beans, spinach, broccoli and other green vegetables; ______________, I eat them because they are so nutritious. Fill in the blank with the appropriate transitional word(s). A) consequently B) moreover C) nevertheless D)

  33. Math

    I am confused with this question. A breakfast chef uses three different amounts of milk when making pancakes, depending on the number of pancakes ordered. The dot plot shows Customer's orders for pancakes one morning. How much milk does the chef need to

  34. Science please help I've been on this for hours

    The human heart is an organ that is made up of cells. Not all of the cells that make up the heart are identical, however. What name is given to a group of similar cells that perform a special function and together make up an organ? A) embryo B) organelle

  35. Reading

    In the traditions of Sacramento Valley Native Americans, mysterious figures were transported over water in a raft to create the world. One dove from the raft into the water and came up with dirt. From that soil the world was formed. 2 The transportation by

  36. physics science

    a ball thrown vertically upward lands on the thrower's hand 24.5s. find (a) the time taken by the ball to reach its maximum height,(b) the maximum height attained by the ball, and (c) initial velocity of the ball

  37. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume of amonia gas is produced at STP when 140g of nitrogen gas reacts with 30g of hydrogen gas (Atomic mass N=14u,H=1u)

  38. Help fast

    which of the following was one important contribution made by Benjamin Franklin during the constitutional convention?

  39. chemistry

    When you mix baking soda with vinegar is the reaction endothermic or exothermic?

  40. Algebra 1

    -4xy/3x simplified

  41. chemistry

    Where does radioactivity come from? physical changes in atoms the nuclei of unstable isotopes chemical reaction the breaking of chemical bonds please help

  42. math

    What is the 10th term of the progression -8,4,-2?

  43. Math

    Darren drew a scale drawing of a shopping center. The scale of the drawing was 5 millimeters = 2 meters. The parking lot is 145 millimeters in the drawing. How wide is the actual parking lot?

  44. evaluate

    How do I evaluate?

  45. Math

  46. Geography

    The Zone along the southern margin of the Sahara which is experiencing does if caitian leading to the drought famine and destitution is called what

  47. Math

    How many hours are there in 90 months? (With Solution)

  48. Math

    A 500mL of bottled water costs 10 pesos. In 100mL its cost is 2 pesos. How much is the cost of 100mL of tap water if your bill is 924 pesos in 42 cubic meter or 42,000,000 milliliters

  49. math

    Mark won 774 picture cards. He won 6 times as many picture cards as Carlvin. How many picture cards did Carlvin have? How many picture cards did Mark and Carlvin have in all?

  50. math

    Natalie, Dennis, and Jenelyn were saving money to buy each of their parents a gift. Natalie saved $273, Dennis saved $481 and jenelyn saved $326. How much could each gift cost if they want the gifts to cost the same?

  51. math

    Marlene and Leony have $365 altogether. If Leony spends $100, she will have $5 less than Marlene. How much money does Marlene have?

  52. Science

    Convert this binary into English. 01001000 01100101 01111001 00101100 00100000 01100111 01101111 00100000 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 01110011 01100101 01101100 01100110 00101110

  53. math

    Zarah has a dozen ball pens which cost $10 each. She and her best friend sell them at $15. After selling all of the, she divided the profit with her bestfriend. How much will each get?

  54. English

    1. Oh, my gosh! 2. Oh, my goodness! 3. Oh, my God! 4. _________________ (Are they the same in meaning? Do you have some other similar expressions?)

  55. English

    1. Are they hurt? 2. They are hurt. 3. None of the passengers were badly hurt. ------------------------ Is 'hurt' used as an adjective?

  56. Mathematics

    Gina pulls -0.2 as her first card. What must her second card be in order for her to have a positive answer? The answer should be anything positive, right?

  57. maths

    Find the amount and the compound interest on rs12800 for 1 year at 15/2%perannum,cimpounded semi annually.

  58. Math

    There are 2 parents and 2 children but only 3 people. How is that?

  59. Language Arts

    Choose the phrase that would best replace the italicized words in the sentence. the ringing of the school bell was "music to my ears" A. a pleasant melody B. a band playing loudly C. a welcome sound** D. a warning signal

  60. Math

    Is -3

  61. English

    1. In Sunflowers, van Gogh seems to show happiness. 2. In Sunflowers, it seems that van Gogh shows happiness. 3. It seems that van Gogh shows happiness in Sunflowers. -------------------- Which one is similar to #1, #2 or #3? Can #1 be changed into #2 or

  62. Bio Statistics - Math

    I really need some help and guidance with these! 1.) What kind of variable is P1Wt? 6.) What is the approximate histogram shape of P1Ht? 7.) What is the mean, median, and mode of P1Ht? 9.) What kind of variable is P1Age? 10.) What is the approximate

  63. College Algebra

    1.x2x-17 (-5, 5] what will the plotting points on the number line. 5. \left(0\le \:2x+4\right)\quad \mathrm{and}\quad \left(2x+4

  64. College Algebra

    00 is infinity 6. x\ge \:-2 or x>5 Interval notation (-00, -2] U (5,00) what will be the plotting points on the number line. 7. (-00,1]U (3,00) what will be the plotting points on a number line. 8. (-00,-2)U(8,00)what will be the plotting points on a

  65. English

    I have a research paper due and I'm in college. It needs to be a compare and contrast and something that can be argued against. I need topics and my teacher doesn't want the basics of abortion, !@#$%^& marriage, texting and driving, politics etc. I looked

  66. Socail Studies

    Between 1805 and 1833, Georgia sold almost 75% of the state to about 100,000 families and individuals for a few pennies. What was this system of land distribution called? A) Headright system B) Yazoo Land system C) Land Lottery system D) Georgia Gold Rush

  67. s.s

    where in North america did the mound builders live? (i looked it up and it said in Ohio but Ohio is not in my options as an answer)

  68. science

    the variation in seasonal temperatures and amount of daylight • decreases as latitude increases • changes most at the equator • stays the same at the North and South Poles • increases as latitude increases

  69. calculus

    if cos of theta= -4/5 and tan of theta > 0, find sin of theta

  70. Physics atwood machine - please help!

    On an atwood machine, which mass has a higher momentum - the hanging mass or the mass on the table? Thank you!

  71. Chem

    If 15.0 cm3 of 2M hydrochloric acid reacted exactly with 40.0 cm3 of potassium hydroxide. Calculate the concentration of the alkali I got the answer of .75M for KOH I went from cm^3 of HCl to L to mols then mols of KOH then to molarity of KOH. Is this

  72. Chem

    If 25.0 cm3 of 0.50M sulfuric acid reacted with exactly 12.5 cm3 of sodium hydroxide, calculate the concentration of the alkali. I first balanced the chemical equation between sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide. H2SO4 + 2NaOH --> 2H2O + Na2SO4 I converted

  73. math

    The average of 5 different numbers is 10.What is the highest possible values that one of the numbers can have?

  74. leadership and professional development

    why is promoting excellence important?

  75. geography

    What is the actual size of USA?

  76. english

    What are two alternative strategy for mastering a concept covered in APA?

  77. social studies

    What is an alternative explanation for how sexual offenses and vengeance of criminal activity and violence affected constitutional law and political freedom?

  78. history

    What is an alternative explanation for how sexual offenses and vengeance of criminal activity and violence affected constitutional law and political freedom?

  79. English

    1. I am calling instead of Mr. Frank. 2. I am calling in place of Mr. Frank. 3. I'm calling on behalf of Mr. Frank. 4. I'm calling in lieu of Mr. Frank. ----------------------------------- Are they all the same in meaning? Which ones are commonly used? Do

  80. Math

    What are the least common multiples of 8 and 12?

  81. Math

    What are the common and least common multiples of 8&12, 3&5, 7&11, 9&10, 24&36, 20&25, 42&14, 30&12?

  82. Maths

    If Y=sin2x/cosx than dy/dx is