Questions Asked on
September 7, 2017

  1. Math

    You're planning on making 7 meatloafs for a party. You go to the store to buy breadcrumbs, and see they are sold by the canister. How many canisters do you need to buy? First, determine what information you need to answer this question, then click here to

    asked by debbie penate
  2. science

    what volume of 0.115 M HClO4 solution is needed to neutralize 50.00 ml of o.o875 M NaOH?

    asked by yvaine
  3. math

    Difference between 4 tens 12 tenths 25 hundredth and 3 tens 14 tenths 45 thousandth

    asked by saloni
  4. Physical Science

    1. boyle's law states that the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to its pressure if the? A) temperature and number of particles are consistent** B) temperature reaches absolute zero C) number of particles are doubled D) temperature and number of

    asked by ?
  5. Biology

    Can someone check my answers please? 1. Which of the following is not a characteristic of life? A. Maintains homeostasis B. Composed of cells C. Composed of atoms*** D. Carries out metabolism 2. Which of the following represents a correct sequence of

    asked by Brooklyn
  6. Life orientation

    Evaluate three benefits of participating in a community project

    asked by Zakhona
  7. College Algrebra

    Cynthia Besch wants to buy a rug for a room that is 25 ft wide and 32 ft long. She wants to leave a uniform strip of floor around the rug. She can afford to buy 588 square feet of carpeting. What dimensions should the rug​ have?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. chemistry

    how is rubbing alcohol a homogenous mixture ??

    asked by Sabrina
  9. SS

    which of the following was a law established by the northwest ordinance? A.only territories with a population of at least 60,000 can apply for state hold*** B.the education would be paid for by the central government. C.anyone who escapes slavery would be

    asked by Chase
  10. chemistry

    kbear1 Read the following statement. Early on, atomic theory claimed that atoms were indivisible. Which answer choice describes how scientists refuted the claim of atomic theory stated above? (Select all that apply.) Scientists bombarded atoms of large

    asked by check answer please
  11. math

    Tyler used 2989 digits to number the pages of a book. How many pages does the book have? I know that pages 1-9 use 1 digit, total number is 9 Pages 10-99 use 2 digits, total number is 180 Pages 100-999 use 3 digits, 900 pages= 2700 with 25 extra pages Can

    asked by emily
  12. chemistry

    CaCl2(aq)+ NaHCO3(aq) =CO2(g)+ CaCO3(aq)+ NaCl(aq) +H2O(l) could some one explain to me how to balance the equation? please

    asked by PLEASE help
  13. Science

    1. An atom that loses or gains electrons is called a(n)____. isotope proton neutron ion*** 2.Which subatomic particles are most involved in chemical bonding? protons electrons*** neutrons isotopes 3.The main types of chemical bonds are___. ionic, covalent,

    asked by Sam
  14. SOCIAL STUDIES help me with all 20 questions

    1. What significant effect did the treaty of Paris, signed after the French and Indian war, have in France? a. France had to withdraw to its empire in in Central and South American b. France had to allow the British to claim and settle the Ohio valley. c.

    asked by dISCO unicoRN
  15. chemistry

    What kind of atoms typically have unstable nuclei? atoms with a neutron count greater than 90 atoms with a neutron count less than 90 atoms with a proton count less than 90 atoms with a proton count greater than 90 is it d?

    asked by check answer please
  16. ELA

    In which sentence about "Two Kinds" is the word nonchalantly used correctly? A. The family nonchalantly moved to United States from China. B. The piano was reconditioned nonchalantly. C. The daughter nonchalantly announced she was quitting piano. D. The

    asked by Yandere~Chan
  17. Math

    What is the smallest number of avocados that can be placed in baskets with 50 and 75 pieces

    asked by Sue cruZ
  18. Social studies

    Why were backcountry colonists more self - sufficient than plantation owners a) they had more slaves to help them b) Farming along the cost provided everything they needed c)living near the breadbasket provided them with enough money for their cash crops

    asked by Maggie
  19. Chemistry

    At 500 K in the presence of a copper surface, ethanol decomposes according to the following equation. C2H5OH(g) CH3CHO(g) + H2(g) The pressure of C2H5OH was measured as a function of time and the following data were obtained. Time (s) PC2H5OH (torr) 0 250.

    asked by Jamie
  20. math

    Select all the expressions that are equivalent to 10w - 8 + 6 - 4w. 2(3w - 1) (6w + 3) + (2w - 7) 6w - 2 (11w - 1) - (5w + 3) 3w + 7 + 3w - 9 14w + 14 2(5w + 7)

    asked by dean
  21. physics

    A 3.5-kg block slides down a ramp with friction, as shown in the figure. The top of the ramp is 1.5 m above the ground; the bottom of the ramp is h = 0.17 m above the ground. The block leaves the ramp moving horizontally, and lands a horizontal distance d

    asked by gomolemo
  22. Social Studies

    When were the middle ages? 1. before medieval times 2. between ancient and modern times 3. after modern times 4. between medieval and ancient times Who was Charlemagne? 1. king of Vikings 2. a French serf 3. a Greek emperor 4. king of franks this is the

    asked by Breesa
  23. Art 7th Grade

    These buildings were created for a utilitarian purpose. Which of the following changes would not be practical to enhance the purpose of the building. 1:Adding additional windows to each apartment building 2:Attaching movie screens on the side of each

    asked by Isabelle
  24. College Algebra

    Graph the inequality on the number line and then write it in interval notation. 8x+5(x+5)≥2x+58 Please can you help me with the interval notation and graph number line description ( where plot the point what direction the line arrow goes.)

    asked by Anonymous
  25. chemistry

    CaCl2(aq) + 2NaHCO3(aq) = CO2(g) + CaCO3(aq) + 2NaCl(aq) + H2O(l) what kind of chemical reaction is this? Please help me

    asked by PLEASE help
  26. calculus

    A person is jumping straight up and down on a trampoline. The height of the center of mass of the person is measured every tenth of a second. It takes just over one second to complete one full bounce. (A video of this situation is displayed above.) t

    asked by anon
  27. Algebra

    One month, a music site observed that 60% of the people who downloaded songs from its site downloaded Q Sam's latest single. The equation below represents this information, where x represents the total number of people who downloaded songs from the site

    asked by Aelia Trainer

    The organization of a cell could be compared to a small city. All of the organelles inside of the cell have a specific purpose that helps the cell to function properly. Which BEST represents the function of the cell wall? A) Policeman B) Sanitation worker

    asked by PLZ HELP
  29. Multi media and webpage design

    what is the length of a communications band called?

    asked by Nura
  30. Algebra

    On a scale drawing if 1/4 of an inch represents a distance of 1 foot then a line on the drawing measuring 8 1/2 inches represents ? Feet

    asked by Mary
  31. Physics

    A tank contains 10.5 g of chlorine gas (Cl2) at a temperature of 87 °C and an absolute pressure of 5.50 × 105 Pa. The mass per mole of Cl2 is 70.9 g/mol. (a) Determine the volume of the tank. (b) Later, the temperature of the tank has dropped to 30 °C

    asked by Jenny
  32. chemistry

    2. Consider the following solvent pairs. If mixed together, which pairs would form two layers? If they form two layers, which solvent would be on top? Find the densities for each of these solvents in the CRC Handbook. [6 mks] a. hexanes and water b. water

    asked by shenice
  33. Physics

    Using symmetry arguments, determine the direction of the force on q = +1.00 µC in Figure 17.33, given that qa = qb = +7.00 µC and qc = qd = -7.00 µC. Calculate the magnitude of the force on the charge q, given that the square is 10.0 cm on a side.

    asked by Allie
  34. Math

    Suppose a person on the surface of an asteroid kicks a ball. The table shows the height, h, in meters, of the ball over time, t, in seconds, after it is kicked into the air. t h 0 0 0 3 16.2 6 28.8 9 37.8 12 43.2 15 45 18 43.2 21 37.8 24 28.8 27 16.2 30 0

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Physics

    What is the force on the charge located at x = +8.00 cm in Figure 17.40(a) given that q = 1.00 nC and a = 7.50? (The positive direction is to the right.)

    asked by Allie
  36. math

    Rebekah needed exactly 6 cups of water for a recipe , but she had only 2 cups that could measure 5 cups and 8 cups of liquid respectively. How could she use these two to get the exact amount she needs

    asked by kelley
  37. Spanish

    Which of the following is and example of an -ar verb in Spanish? leer dibujar* escribir ir

    asked by Person
  38. physics?

    Your bumper car is travelling at 2 m/s. The total mass of you and your car is 350 kg. An empty motionless bumper car with a mass of 250 kg is in your path. How fast in m/s will your car move after you collide with it head on?

    asked by anonymous
  39. chemistry

    Which answer choice correctly describes why larger atoms tend to break apart? The number of neutrons in the nuclei of larger atoms is equal to the number of protons, which makes these atoms less stable. The proportion of protons and neutrons in the nuclei

    asked by check answer please
  40. chemistry

    What is a chemical property of dihydrogen monoxide? please help

    asked by PLEASE help
  41. 5th grade Math

    Read the following word problems, create an expression, and solve. 1. Nadia earned $3 a week. Nathan $4 a week. How much did they earn together after 4 weeks? (3+4) x 4 = $28 2. Audrey has 120 beads. She puts 8 beads on each necklace and 4 beads on each

    asked by Jared
  42. Python Programming

    Does anyone have suggestions about books for a begineer to self study/get some basic to advanced knowledge on Python Programming? Hope someone who's familiar with this subject area,will help me. Thanks!

    asked by Anna
  43. Math

    If 3x - 8 = 31 find the value of 4x

    asked by Anonymous
  44. knott central high school

    Create a flowchart OR a pseudocode that shows the logic for a program that generates a random number, then asks the user to think of a number between 1 and 10. Then display the randomly generated number so the user can see whether his or her guess was

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Math

    Which inequality models this problem? Eduardo started a business selling sporting goods. He spent $7500 to obtain his merchandise, and it costs him $300 per week for general expenses. He earns $850 per week in sales. What is the minimum number of weeks it

    asked by Choco
  46. Math

    A soccer player kicks a ball from the ground to a maximum height of 11 m. the high point in the trajectory of the ball occurs at a distance of 16 m from the kicker. on the downward path, another player heads the ball at a height of 1.9 m from the ground.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. English

    1. While he extended his hand, he smiled brightly. 2. While he was extending his hand, he was smiling brightly. (Are both okay?) 3. When he extended his hand, he smiled brightly. 4. When he was extending his hand, he was smiling brightly. (Can we use

    asked by rfvv
  48. English

    1. While he is poor, he is very happy. 2. Although he is poor, he is very happy. 3. Though he is poor, he is very happy. (Are the three the same in meaning?) 4. He is friendly, while his brother is unfriendly. 5. He is friendly, but his brother is

    asked by rfvv
  49. physics

    Given the graph below with the initial velocity, vi = -8 m/s, the object starts with one value of constant acceleration and stops at 2.3 seconds. Then, the value of its acceleration changes to a different acceleration. Finally, at t1 = 6.8 seconds, it

    asked by JJ
  50. math

    Translate the following statement to an inequality. Then, find the solution. Four times the sum of a number and eight is greater than or equal to negative four. n ≥ -9 n ≤ -9 n ≥ -32 n ≤ -32

    asked by dean
  51. Maths

    Sanya bought 250 cartons with 20 eggs each. 5 eggs got spoilt. how many eggs were there which can be used

    asked by Sini
  52. Math

    What is 4 units left of zero

    asked by Shola
  53. English

    1. While I was playing the piano, I was singing a song. 2. While I was playing the piano, I sang a song. 3. While I played the piano, I sang a song. 4. While I played the piano, I was singing a song. -------------------- Can we use all the sentences? Which

    asked by rfvv
  54. socail studies

    What does porcelain mean and how did it affect Europe???(I cant have the same answer as silk cloh)

    asked by hannah
  55. Accounting-1

    Business started with cash Rs. 80,000

    asked by Dinesh
  56. Math

    please help with this question .Name two planes that intersect in UV in the figure to the right. I have a diagram to post as well is their a way to post it here ?

    asked by John
  57. Science

    if you are given a graduated cylinder that has 56ml of water in it and you drop a rock into the cylinder, the water level rises to 62ml. explain how you find the density

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Math

    5. r • 1 = r Commutative Property of Addition Identity Property of Multiplication *** Commutative Property of Multiplication Identity Property of Addition 6.(5y + 2) + 14x = 5y + (2 + 14x) Associative Property of Addition Associative Property of

    asked by I Need Help
  59. English

    1. He brought me a book. 2. I was brought a book by him. 3. A book was brought to me by him. 4. A book was brought me by him. -------------------------- Is #4 better than #3? Is #2 right? In a book, it is right. In another book, the verb bring can't be

    asked by rfvv
  60. Geometry

    A circle measuring 50 millimeters across lies inside a larger circle 150 millimeters across. The area between them is shaded. 50 mm 150 mm

    asked by Jayde

    2HBr+Mg(OH)2 -> MgBr2+2H2O how many mL of a 0.2 M HBr solution is required to react with 40 mL of a 0.40 M Mg(OH)2 solution

    asked by jack
  62. maths

    The cost of plugging a square field rupees 13.50 per square metre is rupees 5400 find the cost of fencing the field at rupees 28.50 per metre

    asked by Risha Alfi
  63. Data Management

    The pin a cellphone consists of 6 distinct digits (no repetitions)selected from 0-9. How many possible combinations are there?

    asked by Mavis
  64. Algebra

    For all real numbers a and b, 2a*b = a^2+b^2. True or false? If false, explain your reasoning. I'm pretty sure this is false, but I'm not sure how I would explain that?

    asked by Sam
  65. Data Magement

    There are 10 students and 10 different books in a classroom. if you assign the students randomly to a book, how many different arrangements could be made?

    asked by Mavis
  66. Math

    A bike wheel has a radius of 40 inches. If Mary rides the bike 1 mile (63,360mi.), approximately how many times has the wheel rotated?

    asked by Ann
  67. physics

    a particle moving on a circlehas a velocity of m/s and normal acceleration of 10m/s2.determine the radius of the circle.

    asked by tarun
  68. English

    Greeks- Zeus what myths or stories are they involved in? and describe these myths or stories:

    asked by Eli
  69. Health

    Give one cost and one benefit of exercising?

    asked by Lexi-girl
  70. English

    Thank you for your help. One more question about the verb send goes as follows. 1. He sent me a book. [active] 2. I was sent a book by him.[passive] 3. A book was sent (to) me by him.[passive] ---------------------- #3 is grammatical. It has no problem.

    asked by rfvv
  71. Powers

    Is the correct answer to 2 x 10^-26 / 1.66 x 10^-27 =1.204^-53? I can't remember the power laws

    asked by Gunner
  72. English

    Greek- Zeus What did they create?

    asked by Eli
  73. Breaking News

    What are post news? I couldn't find it anywhere, it's a type of news but i don't understand what it means.

    asked by Thara
  74. Math

    Topic: use function notation to evaluate equations. Evaluate the given equations for the indicated function values The questions I need help with; f(n)=5^n f(2)= f(3)= and f(n)=-n f(9)= f(-11)= Please, explain & help me :(

    asked by Please, help me.
  75. Math

    Find the simplest algebraic expression for the following situation. Susie, Sarah, and Tamera are planning to knit sweaters for their family. The sweaters will be made with yellow and blue yarn. Susie needs to order 5 skeins of yellow yarn and 3 skeins of

    asked by Nyasia
  76. Math 2

    A fathwr is 5 years more than 4 times his age. In 5 years he will be 3 times his sons age then. How old is the son now? Did this problem.and we didnt underarand it as a group. If you can please help us and explain thia question

    asked by Edgard
  77. Math

    A pattern of mosaic tiles lined up in this order: 8 cm, 5 cm, 8 cm, and 12 cm. How many meters long will be pattern be if it repeats 50 times?

    asked by Cons
  78. Math

    What is the percentage if 21 is spent from 300?

    asked by Jada
  79. Chem

    What mass of precipitate is produced when 40.0 mL 0.100M lead nitrate reacts with 30.0 mL 0.100M aluminum sulfate? Assume the volumes are additive. I keep getting the answer of 2.7g precipitate formed rather than the answer of 1.21g. I am using an ice

    asked by Maddy
  80. math

    Three friends go out to dinner and pay different amounts. John pays $4 more than Juan and Jenna pays twice as much as John. If the bill comes to $60, how much did each person pay?

    asked by Rylee
  81. chemistry

    what is a chemical property of calcium chloride?

    asked by PLEASE help
  82. english

    can someone help me for free to put the word abstract in a sentence?

    asked by katie
  83. math

    Sara, Cathy, and Tina have just finished playing three games. There was only one loser in each game. Sara lost the first game, Cathy lost the second game, and tina lost the third game. After each game, the loser was required to double the money of the

    asked by Brennan
  84. Math 8th Grade

    8^(2)+9(12÷3×2)-7 Solve And show steps

    asked by Connexous User HELP ME PLEASE
  85. math

    what is 3 5/6 minus 3/4

    asked by tom
  86. math


    asked by teresa
  87. math

    ezpain how 9 ×4 can help you find 9×8

    asked by Aleeyah