Questions Asked on
September 5, 2017

  1. chemistry

    iridium has two isotopes. with mass numbers 191 and 193, and its average relative atomic mass is 192.23.calculate the relative abundances of the two isotopes

    asked by daanyaal
  2. Algebra 1

    Jaden has a prepaid phone plan (Plan A) that charges 15 cents for each text sent and 10 cents per minute for calls. 1. If Jaden uses only text, write an equation for the cost C of sending t texts. a. How much will it cost Jaden to send 15 texts? Justify

    asked by SAM
  3. AP Physics: shot projectile??

    The cannon on a pirate ships shoots cannon balls with a speed of 350 m/s (the muzzle velocity). The cannon can be adjusted to shoot at any elevation above the horizontal. The barrel is 2m long and the mass is 5 kg. Ignoring air resistance and assuming the

    asked by Tyger2020
  4. AP Physics Momentum...stuck

    A spring loaded 100g dart gun is affixed at rest on a 150g frictionless cart. It fires a 25g dart with a velocity of 30 m/s. What is the final momentum of the system? I'm confused as to whether or not I should use conservation of momentum or center of

    asked by Tyger2020
  5. Language Arts

    The seashells were iridescent in the sunlight. a. cloudy b. drying out c. breaking into pieces d. shimmering with colors I choose "d" Am I right?

    asked by Joanne
  6. Physics

    A dart leaves a toy dart gun with initial velocity of 7.76 m/s, regardless of the angle it is fired. What is the maximum horizontal distance that the dart can travel? Assume that the dart gun is fired at ground level. Answers: A) 6.14 m B) 3.88 m C) More

    asked by Agent P
  7. American Government

    9. Which is an example of what Thomas Jefferson meant by the phrase “all men are created equal”? (1 point) A man is put on trial by a jury of his peers. A test is administered to determine if a woman has enough intelligence to immigrate. Wealth is

    asked by Mckenzie
  8. physics projectile - please help....

    You are in an egg drop contest which you win by breaking your egg the hardest. You drop your egg off of a 3 story building (above the ground). You can throw it up with speed 11m/s, or straight down with speed 11 m/s. Ignoring air resistance, which case

    asked by anonymous
  9. chemistry

    Examine the scenario. Chemical Reaction A and Chemical Reaction B involve the same two reactants. Chemical Reaction A is performed in a hot container, while Chemical Reaction B is performed in a cold container. Which of the answer choices correctly

    asked by PLEASE help
  10. algebra

    ​120 inch length of ribbon is to be cut into three pieces. The longest piece is to be 40 inches longer than the shortest​ piece, and the third piece is to be half the length of the longest piece. Find the length of each piece of ribbon.

    asked by Maria
  11. Math 1

    1. Justify the solution to (x-5)=56+6(x-5) by matching a property to each step. Step 1: -4(X-5)=56 Step 2: X-5=14 Step 3: X=-9 A addition property of equality B subtraction property of equality C multiplication property of equality D division property of

    asked by Im gonna start crying
  12. Math

    What is another name for the line y = 0?

    asked by Mellis
  13. social studies

    im a 8th grader at conexus academy and i need help with the unit 1 lesson 2. PLEASE HELLLLLPPPPPPPP

    asked by raelynn
  14. Language Arts

    Which statement from the passage most clearly indicates developing conflict? A. Each had fought many bouts representing their community and had won two gold-plated medals. B. Between them they had a collection of Fight magazines second to none. C. . . .

    asked by Dejavu
  15. Math

    Steve is 3 years older than Tim and twice as old as Hannah. Tim is 2 years older than Hannah. How old are Steve,Tim and Hannah?

    asked by Natalie
  16. Mathematics

    Mrs. Lim has 56 cups and 64 glasses. If she will put them in trays of cups and trays of glasses with the same number, what is the biggest number of cups or glasses that a tray will contain?

    asked by Lim
  17. Math

    Favorite Summer Activity for 50 Children Reading Sports Swimming TOTAL Boys 2 20 8 30 Girls 4 7 9 20 TOTAL 6 27 17 50 P(Boy if favorite activity is swimming) 0.26 P(Girl if favorite activity is sports) 0.45 P(Girl if favorite activity is reading) 0.20

    asked by Wes
  18. chemistry

    Which of the answer choices correctly defines reaction rate? the amount of reactants used in a specific type of reaction the amount of products produced in a specific type of reaction the speed at which reactants change to products over a given time the

    asked by PLEASE help
  19. electric markets

    A) Assume that during a particular hour the following 30 bids (demand = load) were observed in the NordPool (first entry is Load in 1000 MWh (= Q), and second entry is €/MWh (= P)).

    asked by hello
  20. T.L.E

    what are the different kinds of simple joints?

    asked by ellaine jan orboc
  21. T.L.E

    How are wood joints strengthened?

    asked by ellaine jan orboc
  22. Science

    Prove that the maximum horizontal range is four times the maximum height attend by a projectile when fire at an inclination so as to have maximum horizontal range

    asked by Morzina wahab
  23. math

    Please help me, these fractions are tripping me up. 11(x/4)-4(x/3)+12=2(x/3)-9(x/4)

    asked by Please help me someone
  24. Math

    If your goin 15 mph how long would it take to travel 394 miles

    asked by Angeline
  25. Precalculus

    I really need help on this as I have tried multiple times and my answers are none of these. Please help 1. Find (f*g)(x) where f(x)=1/(x^2+3) and g(x)=sqrt(x-2). a. (f*g)(x)=1/x-2 b. (f*g)(x)=1/sqrt(x-2)+3 c. (f*g)(x)=1/x+1 d. (f*g)(x)=sqrt(-2x^2-5/x^2+3)

    asked by Girly Girl
  26. Algebra

    I dont understand the did you hear about the rookie football player

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Social Studies

    Where are three reasons why Pope urban II would organize a war against the Muslim Turks?

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Social Studies

    Inflation primarily differs from deflation in that A. Inflation tracks changing prices but deflation does not. B. Inflation relates to rising rather than falling prices. ** C. Inflation happens only when the money supply is too small. D. Inflation occurs

    asked by Dejavu
  29. social studies

    The port cities of East Africa traded with ? 1)China,India, and Soutwest Asia 2)Songhai 3)Europe and the Americas 4)Portugal I think number 1. I have read the text several times but still not sure. Thanks for your help.

    asked by Jamie
  30. English

    1. While I was walking on the sidewalk, I was playing a game on my smartphone. 2. When I was walking on the sidewalk, I was playing a game on my smartphone. (Is #2 grammatical?) 3. While I walked on the sidewalk, I played a game on my smartphone. 4. When I

    asked by rfvv
  31. Math

    1. Is ( 0, 3) a solution to the equation y = x + 3? Yes No 2. Is ( 1, -4) a solution to the equation y = -2x? Yes No 3. Look at the following points: ( 4, 0) ( 3, -1) ( 6, 3) ( 2, -4) Which are solutions to y = x - 4 (2 correct answers) A. ( 6, 3) B. ( 4,

    asked by LoyaltyIsFake
  32. Math

    0.5% of what number is 15? -how do I approach this problem? Please help!

    asked by Nikko
  33. Technology

    What type of structure would house the circuit most effectively?

    asked by Lonwabo
  34. math

    what is the anwser to q+(-9)=12

    asked by codename04
  35. English

    posted by rfvv yesterday at 5:17pm. posted by rfvv today at 8:58am. 1. You need not have done it. 2. You need have done it. -------------------------- Are they all grammatical? • Engish - Writeacher today at 9:05am 1 is okay, but 2 is not. 2 could be

    asked by rfvv
  36. math

    simplify 8/2 + 9 (12 divided by 3x2)-7 explain each of your steps i thought it was 1

    asked by jack
  37. Physics

    An archer fires an arrow, which produces a muffled "thwok" sound after it hits a target. The archer hears the "thwok" exactly 2.6 s after firing the arrow and the average speed of the arrow is 36 m/s. Find the distance sepa­rating the archer and the

    asked by Adam
  38. Math

    Find all real numbers t such that (2/3)t- 1 < t + 7 is < or = to -2t + 15. Give your answer as an interval.

    asked by Wyatt
  39. math

    440 squre feet how muach need paint

    asked by man
  40. english 4

    what's the difference between beowulf and the narrator

    asked by sandra
  41. Math

    Is the (4, 1) a solution to the equation y = -x + 3? I honestly have no idea what this means. Does y = 4 and 1 = -x? If not then the answer should be no since (4, 1) is part of a graph

    asked by NotAFan
  42. Math

    The distance from city A to city B is approx. 2160 miles. A plane flying directly to city B passes over A at noon. If the plane travels at 500 mph, find the rule of the function f(t) that gives the distance of the plane from city B at time t hours (with

    asked by Florrie
  43. History

    In which way might the Spanish choice to claim North America land be considered controversial? A: Spanish explorers promised to free the slaves of North America. B: Spanish explorers failed to convert native people to Christianity. C: Spanish explorers

    asked by History help!
  44. Algebra


    asked by Lesson 9 Unit Test integers and Algebra
  45. Science

    The density of a loaf of bread with a mass of 500 g and a volume of 2500 cm3.

    asked by Celeste
  46. Global history

    Use different colors or different patterns to shade the locations of the following early civilizations and create a key in the blank box

    asked by Thais
  47. Math

    What is the work for the problem 61,125 divided by125

    asked by Jose
  48. Science

    Please help Me With These Questions 1.what is one difference between the scientific theory and scientific law 2. what are two similarities a scientific theory and scientific law 3. Sam noticed every time she rolled a ball on a flat surface it did not stop

    asked by Young Lil G
  49. Math

    Divide and simplify: 7^8/7^2

    asked by Suzie
  50. Chemistry.. am I correct?

    Fill in the blanks correctly Observation - hypothesis - theory - law 1. A system of ideas or principles which are a set of organized provisions. --observation 2. An approval, suggesting evidence. --hypothesis 3. An organized perception of phenomena with

    asked by ANON
  51. High school Chemistry

    Choose the correct names of the atoms or molecules. Check all that apply Silicium Carbon monoxide Mercurium Hydrogen chloride Iron Boron monoxide Fluorine Sodium trichloride Molybdenum

    asked by Emily
  52. maths


    asked by prachi
  53. Mean worksheet

    The mean of two numbers is 10, and one number is 6more than the other. What is the value of the smaller of the two numbers?

    asked by Janiesha
  54. Science

    The formula wt of h2so4 is98bthe wt of the acid in 400ml of 0.1M solution is

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Math

    3 less than b is 43

    asked by Anonymous
  56. science

    describe the relationship among energy absorption, heat energy, and temperature

    asked by teresa
  57. Science

    why would a DNA structure in which each base type could form hydrogen bonds with any of the other 3 base types not produce a molecule that could be replicated easily?.

    asked by Linda
  58. Physics

    How come in the number 5.350, there are 4 significant figures? Is the 0 considered a trailing zero with a decimal?

    asked by Kara
  59. Science

    I am trying to come up with an example but i need to know how a refrigerator works. Please keep it simple. or example explaining how being able to understand scientific principles and think scientifically can help you solve problems and answer questions in

    asked by :)
  60. Science

    I need to know how a refrigerator works to come up with an example. Please keep it simple and easy to understand. or an example explaining how being able to understand scientific principles and think scientifically can help you solve problems and answer

    asked by :)
  61. math

    sara inspected the horses and hens in her farm one morning. Afterwards, we could not remember how many animals of each kind she had, but knew the total number of these animals was 27, her own age in 1997. She also knew that the total number of legs was 70,

    asked by kelley
  62. Chemistry

    How many total mL of 1 M NaOH can you add to the solution in problem 1 and still have a good buffer (that is, within 1 pH unit of the pka)?

    asked by Irving
  63. Applying Rational Numbers//Math

    Estimate this answer. Explain your reasoning One half liter of lemonade concentrate is added to 3 liters of water. How many 1/3 liter of servings of lemonade are made? Thx for the help you who is looking at this math problem

    asked by Human Being
  64. science

    What is the cell structure involved photosynthesis

    asked by Anonymous