Questions Asked on
August 27, 2017

  1. World History

    How did Constantinople's Church of Hagia Sophia demonstrate how the Byzantine Empire blended with the old Roman Empire? A.) The church combined both Greek and Roman architecture, and became a melting pot where Eastern and Western cultures came together.

    asked by Laney
  2. calculus

    h(t)=cot t a.) [pi/4,3pi/4] b.) [pi/6,pi/2] Find the average rate of change of the function over the give n interval and intervals. Please show step by step instructions. Thanks

    asked by emmanuel
  3. Algebra 1 (Check Work)

    3. Which of the following is the most appropriate unit to describe the time you can drive a car based on the amount of gas? A. Minutes per gallon, because the independent quantity is the gallons B. Minutes per gallon, because the independent quantity is

    asked by Bobby Newberry
  4. Spanish

    which of the following is an "Argentinean cowboy?"

    asked by Erroll
  5. Math

    How many posts does it take to support a fence around a square field measuring 200ft on a side if posts are placed every 20ft

    asked by Kelsey
  6. Math

    A rancher is putting a fence around a square animal pen. The perimeter of the pen is 32 feet. The fence posts will be 16 inches apart. She starts by putting 1 fence post at each corner of the pen. How many fence posts does she use altogether? My solution

    asked by Lauren
  7. Earth space science

    During which step in the Can Crush Lab did water vapor condense inside the can? A. The can was filled nearly to the top with water. B. The can was placed on the hot stove burner for several minutes. C. The can was removed from the hot stove burner. D. The

    asked by Emily
  8. English

    In The Seafarer, who or what is said to issue threats of illness, age, and an enemy's sword? a- God b- the sea c- the devil d- fate my answer is d

    asked by Steve
  9. Tina's day school

    A swimmer is capable of swimming at 1.4ms-¹in still water. How far downstream will he land if he swims directly across a 180m wide river? And how far will it take him to reach the other side?

    asked by Ebere
  10. physics

    a hammervweighing 1kg moving with the speed of 10m/s strikes the head of the nail driving it 10cm into a wall. neglecting the mass of the nail calculate the acceleration during impact and the time interval during impact and the impulse

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Math

    Justin has 7 CDs that he is going to give away. He lets his best friend choose 2 of the 7 CDs. How many different groups of 2 CDs are possible?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. math

    Joe bought 24 books at 3 for $5.and had $2 much money did he has frist

    asked by word problem
  13. Algebra 1 (Check work)

    4. A square has a side of 6.25 feet. What is the area in square feet? Round to the correct significant digits. Answer: 6.25 feet * 6.25 feet = 39.0625 square feet. 6.25 has three significant digits. Rounding 39.0625 to three significant digits is 39.1

    asked by Bobby Newberry
  14. chemistry

    • N2 • CCl4 • SiO2 • AlCl3 • CaCl2 • LiBr Which compounds are ionic and which are covalent? please help

    asked by malia
  15. algebra

    The length of a rectangle is one unit shorter than obe-sixth of the width, x. Which expression represents the perimeter of the rectangle

    asked by peggy
  16. Focus on the Caregiver

    One method of planning for attachment could be A. anticipating all emotional circumstances and needs. B. providing a structured, adult-directed environment. C. letting it just happen because it's impossible to plan for. D. creating a system of primary

    asked by Priscila
  17. Mathematics

    A class has 32 pupils. If 12 are boys,what percentage of the class are girls?

    asked by Adriel
  18. English

    Which two readings portray the most similar pair of protagonists? "The Seafarer" and "The Wife's Lament" "The Wanderer" and "The Death of Beowulf" "The Wife's Lament" and "Grendel's Mother" "The Seafarer" and "The Wanderer" my answer is a

    asked by Steve
  19. English

    Which of these explains why Beowulf removes the head of the already dead Grendel? a- it was a final act of mercy b- It was a desperate attempt to escape. c- It was an additional act of revenge. d- It was an angry admission of defeat. my answer is C

    asked by Steve
  20. Focus on the Caregiver

    A responsive interaction chain is all of the following except A. a respectful way of interaction. B. the interchange of responses between caregiver and child. C. a clear demand of expectations from another. D. the basis of effective caregiving. my answer

    asked by Priscila
  21. math

    128 pounds of dog food for 16 dogs

    asked by alli
  22. Focus on the Caregiver

    Which of the following does not support creating curriculum out of play? A. Offering structured rules and guidelines B. Giving children freedom of choice C. Allowing sensory play with no objective measurement D. Providing resources my answer is c.

    asked by Priscila
  23. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of oxygen which will be evolved on heating 5g of potassium Trioxochlorate(v)

    asked by Esther
  24. Algebra

    One-third a number (x)added to one-half the number equals twelve less than the number

    asked by Sandra
  25. Physics

    A metal disc of radius R rotates with angular velocity Omega (w) In a uniform magnetic field. Calculate the induced emf develop.

    asked by Srv
  26. history

    explain how people have been affected by the natural environment of oklahoma list at least three examples and descripe each

    asked by edge
  27. chemistry

    What kinds of elements form covalent bonds? What kinds of elements form ionic bonds? explain please help

    asked by Anonymous
  28. algebra

    If you have $23 and you spend $6 on a sandwich, drink, and chips, what fraction of your money did you spend?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Physics

    A red ball is thrown directly upwards from the ground with an initial velocity of 35.0 m/s. At the same time, a blue ball is thrown directly upwards from he ground with an initial velocity of 10.0 m/s. 1. How high is the red ball when the blue ball reaches

    asked by Jacob
  30. College Algebra

    How much water must be evaporated from 32 ounces of a 7% salt solution to make a 8% salt​ solution? (Answer is in ounces)

    asked by Ana
  31. English

    1. I like playing billiards on a pocketless table. 2. I like playing four-ball billiards with a pocketless table. 3. I like playing three-ball billiards on a pocketless table. ------------------------------ Does #1 mean either #2 or #3?

    asked by rfvv
  32. Math

    If the product of hcf n lcm of two numbers is 119 then find the two numbers if one of the numbers is not 1

    asked by Upendra yadav
  33. Public adminstration

    The demand for desk lamp is linear,and the price of desk is $30.the demand curve for desk lamp then shifts out parallel to itself in response to increase in consumer income.prove that the demand for desk lamps become less price elastic after the shift in

    asked by Nan
  34. SAT

    Could someone kindly tell me what are the subjects we have sit for at the SAT exam, to enter into a ; 1)physics degree(nuclear,quantum etc.) 2)engineering degree Thank you!

    asked by Emma
  35. English

    1. He went to a teacher training center to learn Python. 2. He went to a teachers training center to learn Python. 3. He went to a teacher's training center to learn Python. 4. He went to a teachers' training center to learn Python.

    asked by rfvv
  36. College Paper

    How do I critique an article using 2 journal articles in a paper. What outline can I follow in writing my paper.

    asked by kim
  37. Chemistry

    100.0cm3 of

    asked by Angeles
  38. Math

    The square of a certain integer plus three times itself equals 18. Find the integer

    asked by Raquel
  39. English

    One of the chairs are broken

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Chemistry

    100.0cm3 of 2.0mol dm-3 hydrochloric acid is mixed with 2.5g of magnesium oxide powder. The mixture is stirred until no further change occurs. The resulting solution still contains excess hydrochloric acid. Calculate the volume of 1.5mol dm -3 sodium

    asked by Angeles
  41. Math

    A man saves one sixth of his salary every month. If he earn $9000, what fraction of his salary does he: A) save? B) spend?

    asked by Jeny
  42. Multiplevariable calculus

    Hello, I have to find the volume of the region enclosed by the paraboloid z=(x^2)+(y^2) and the planes z=1 and z=3 , so well i am struggling about the limits of each integral. I know that I can use cylindrical coordinates, but what about the limits in z? I

    asked by Alice
  43. Math

    The value number for 4,600,028

    asked by Andrea
  44. Biology

    Why is it important for hydrogen bonds to be weak? -i already tried googling it but im still confused

    asked by Andrea
  45. math

    A couple wants to install a square mirror that has an area of 500 square inches. To the nearest tenth of an inch, what length of wood trim is needed to go around the mirror?

    asked by BJ
  46. Physics

    A body starts from rest and traveling with a uniform acceleration with a velocity of 40 m /sec after 10 sec at A Velocity of the body 4 sec before it crosses the point A

    asked by Aiman