Questions Asked on
August 19, 2017

  1. science

    List your own example of turning an observation into a hypothesis. Be sure to list all five steps: observation, explanation, test (independent variable), prediction (dependent variable), and hypothesis. please help

    asked by lydia
  2. maths

    Ali shared 1liter of pineapple juice equally with three friends how much did each friend get.

    asked by umar
  3. science

    Observation The trash smells. Explanation Decaying biological material causes the trash to smell. Test (independent variable) Add food scraps to one trash can along with other materials, such as plastic, cardboard, paper, and tin. To a second trash can,

    asked by lydia
  4. physics

    two point charges q1=3.5 mC and q2=2.92 pC are located on (2,3)m and (-3,5)m of a Cartesian plane, respectively. Determine the magnitude and nature of the force experience by the two charges.

    asked by Mycah
  5. algabra

    after a birthday party that began with 3 pizzas, there was 1/8 of one of them left, 3/4 of another and 3/8 of the last one. How much pizza was eaten?

    asked by lili
  6. algebra

    you have 3/4 gallons of paint. Each piece of wood you want to paint requires 2/11 gallon of paint. How many pieces of wood can you paint completely?

    asked by lili
  7. math

    if the line through A(k,p) and B(3,2) and the line through C(k-1,p+2) and D(-4,3) meet at(1,-2).find the values of k and p.

    asked by rebika
  8. algebra

    two thirds of the students at school prefer beats headphones to all others.3/4 of those students prefer the wireless ones. 1/5 of those students prefer the pink ones. what proportion of students prefer the pink, wireless beats headphones?

    asked by lili
  9. Math

    Five kilometres is about how many miles

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Math

    Jacqui drove at 45 km at a speed of 30 km per hour. How long did the trip take?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Social Studies

    What about the political rivalries between empires in Europe made North American exploration so appealing?

    asked by Jazlyn
  12. Maths

    The median for a set of 10 numbers is 10. An even number is added, and the median is now 11 and the range is now 4. What number was added?

    asked by Rick
  13. math

    Peter spends 2 hours and 15 minutes doing his maths and another 1 hour and 30 minutes on English. what fraction of the day does he spend doing homework.

    asked by linzi
  14. Maths

    (Cos/1+cosec) + (sin/ 1+cot ) = sin + cos prove that

    asked by Sanjay
  15. operation research

    Express the total revenue (R) as a !@#$%^&tion of quantity (q) sold if the unit selling price is (20-0.01q) pesos. Evaluate R when q=150

    asked by Jill Mae
  16. math

    Write down the first 10 multiples of the following 3

    asked by zaheer
  17. math

    Estimate 420,983 + 39,932

    asked by Ann
  18. Math

    90% of students at a university use a backpack, while the rest do not. Of all the students, 50% carry their laptops with them and 5% carry neither a backpack nor laptop. What percentage of students carry their laptops and use a backpack?

    asked by Galo
  19. algebra

    a bank is owed $123 in interest on each of 24 customers loans. would this be best represented as a possible or negative value for the bank? how much are they owed in total.

    asked by lili
  20. algebra

    The balance is a checking account is $82.18 the owner of the account withdraws $100 the bank allows withdrawing more than the balance but charges a $33 fee. What is the new balance in the account?

    asked by lili
  21. Spanish

    I found this online to help with infinitives but what I don't understand is in the second example "el saber" is acting as a verb isn't it? because the translation is "knowing" so why did the writer say putting "el" in front of the infinitive makes it clear

    asked by Linda
  22. math

    Three students are sitting on a school bus. Leslie is 5.6 feet directly behind Sandra and 6.6 feet directly left of Dave. Leslie makes a paper airplane and throws it to Sandra. Sandra throws the airplane to Dave, who throws it back to Leslie. How far has

    asked by liza
  23. math

    Show that any dilation transforms any figure into a similar figure.

    asked by maath