Questions Asked on
August 16, 2017

  1. Calculus

    The marginal cost for producing x units of a certain product is given by the formula MC = 0.001x^2-0.5x+66.5. A. What is the increase in the cost of the production if the production level is raised from 200 to 400 units? B. What is the average cost per

    asked by Kazuya
  2. World history

    which of the following most directly resulted from the neolithic revolution? A. populations increased B. complexed cultures blended C. religion became less important D. people relied less on trade My best answer is B is that correct

    asked by Cassandra
  3. Math

    Find the savings plan balance after 2 years with an APR of 9% and monthly payments of ​$200 Can someone help?

    asked by christopher
  4. chemistry

    Methane (CH4) is the main component of natural gas. It is burned for fuel in a combustion reaction. The unbalanced combustion reaction for methane is shown below. CH4 + O2 CO2 + H2O + heat When the reaction is balanced, how many carbon dioxide molecules

    asked by Sarah
  5. Math

    At age 25 someone sets up an IRA​ (individual retirement​ account) with an APR of 4%. At the end of each month he deposits ​$85 in the account. How much will the IRA contain when he retires at age​ 65? Compare that amount to the total deposits made

    asked by chris
  6. math

    Add or subtract. 1. (–183) + 289 = (1 point) –472 –106 106 472 2. (–10) – 1 = (1 point) –11 –9 9 11 3. 7 – (–8) = (1 point) –15 –1 1 15 4. At noon, the temperature was 12º. It rose 8º during the afternoon, and then dropped 28º by

    asked by Athena
  7. science

    Imagine yourself making a nice cup of tea on a cold winter day. You begin by boiling some water in a kettle. Next, you add the steaming liquid to your cup. Then, you open a tea bag and repeatedly dunk it into the water. You pour a dash of milk and drop a

    asked by lydia
  8. help scott biostats

    The proportion of deaths due to lung cancer in males ages 15-64 in England and Wales during the period 1970-1972 was 12%. Suppose that of 20 deaths that occur among male workers in this age group who have worked for at least 1 year in a chemical plant, 5

    asked by maria
  9. Physics

    a projectile is launched from a cliff 100m above level ground with a launch velocity angle of 20 degrees above the horizontal What is the horizontal displacement and time upon impact And the max height it traveled

    asked by Carmieee
  10. Math hellppp

    the balance listed on kims bank statement was $65 in April. in may, her balance was $-12. what equation represents the difference in her account balances from April to may? A. 65-12=53 B. 65 - (-12)=77 (MY ANSWER) C. -65-(-12)= - 53 D. -65+-12 = -77

    asked by Hayley
  11. Ed tech

    what is the most important reason to create a backup of your files somewhere other than your computer? a) to access them on another device b) because your computer may be damaged and you risk losing or not being able to access the file*** c) because your

    asked by Hayley
  12. Act sps

    the ratio of the sum to terms p and q terms of an a.p. is psquare:qsquare. prove that the common difference of the a.p. is twice the first term

    asked by sana
  13. Science

    After the experiment, scientists organize and __ the data. (The second letter is an n and the last letter is an e.)

    asked by Nerdy
  14. Physics

    An object floats in a liquid of density 1.2 kg/m3 with one quarter of its volume above the liquid surface. Determine the density of the object

    asked by Romanus
  15. Science

    A body is projected vertically upward with a speed of 40 m/s. Find the distance travelled by the body in the last sec of the upward journey taking g = 9.8m/s

    asked by Sahil
  16. Science

    A particle start moving with acceleration 2m/s^2.Distance covered by it in 5th half sec is?

    asked by Sahil
  17. Math

    A rectangular pool is 40 meters long and 30 feet wide. A walkway 3 feet wide surrounds the pool. What is area of the walkaway.

    asked by Abdulwahan
  18. Maths

    Find the interquartile range for a set of data if 75% of the data are above 2.6 and 25% of the data are above 3.7.

    asked by jacob
  19. Math

    The length of a rectangle is 2ft less than tree times width the area is 60 square ft. Find the length of the rectangle.

    asked by Nate
  20. Math scientific expressions

    Can someone please explain to me what exactly scientific notations are and what I need to know to solve them properly?? Also, provide worked out examples and explain the steps you followed. PLEASE, no joke responses... I just want a better understanding.

    asked by Moni
  21. science

    dose the flame of a gas stove emit light

    asked by sharad
  22. maths

    If a cosA - b sinA = c . Prove that a sinA + b cosA = _+√a^2 + b^2 - c^2

    asked by Hilariya
  23. Algebra

    For babysitting, Elissa charges $3 per hour plus an additional $2 for transportation. One evening she was paid $17

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Maths

    Please show the method of showing root 42 on number line.

    asked by Sanjay
  25. math

    A railroad tunnel is shaped like a semi-eclipse. The height of the tunnel is 28ft and the total width is 50ft. Find the vertical clearance at a point 13ft to the right from the center. Please show all work that leads to your answer. Round your final answer

    asked by Angie
  26. science

    which items would still be classified in the same way? Which items would be classified differently? • atoms • elements • compounds • molecules • matter please help

    asked by lydia
  27. Math

    How much time (in hour)does the earth take for1 rotation ? How much time (in hour) would the earth take for 123 rotation?

    asked by DEVIDAS
  28. Math probabilty

    Eric has a spinner that is divided into different colored sections that are the same size and shape. On any spin the theoretical probability of the arrow landing on the red section is 1/5. When Eric spun the arrow x number of times, the arrow landed on the

    asked by Hayley Green
  29. Math

    Simplify: 8^2 + 9(12 / 3 * 2) - 7

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    Mikayla wrote the equation below to calculate y, the total amount of money in dollars she will have saved after she has been saving for x weeks. y = 6x + 80 How much more money will Mikayla have saved after 8 weeks compared to 5 weeks? $8 $18 $98 $128

    asked by Abagail
  31. Math

    A model of a rail road station has a scale of 1 inch equals 3.5 feet. The dimensions of the model railroad are 34 inches by 18 inches. What are the dimensions of the actual railroad station? 3.5 feet by 18 feet 34 feet by 63 feet 102 feet by 63 feet 119

    asked by Abagail
  32. Is this correct?

    Amy is making scale drawings of different things in her neighborhood. One house she drew is 30 feet wide. Her scale drawing of the house is 5 inches wide. Which of the following uses the same scale Amy used to draw this house? A 54-foot-tall water tower

    asked by Abagail
  33. Math

    21% reptiles, 11% are birds. There are a total of 1,500 animals in the zoo. Is this the correct proportion that I wrote to solve? 21/100=r/1,500*** 11/21=r/1,500 11/100=r/1,500 100/21=r/500 What is the opposite of 62/7? 26/7 -7/62 7/62 -62/7****

    asked by Abagail
  34. Exponets help quick

    What is the simplified form of this expression? 5x(2x(2

    asked by Abagail
  35. maths

    Tebogo counts 190 cricket chirps in a minute.What is the temperature

    asked by khanyi
  36. Math Shapes

    Which figure could result from slicing the cylinder? Choices are ; triangle circle hexagon' octagon Obviously a circle right?

    asked by Abigail
  37. math

    Jaoquin Buys 3 dozen lightbulbs. After changing the lightbulbs in his house, He has 15 left over. How many lightbulbs did he use? Please explain how you got the answer.

    asked by MATHHELP ME PLZ!
  38. HELP plz

    A business owner wants to have a rectangular parking lot resurfaced. The lot is 93 feet long by 58 feet wide. Basesd on a cost of $2.47 per square foot, the owner incorrectly estimated that it would cost $12,000 to have the lot resurfaced. Which could be

    asked by Abigail
  39. math

    How do you insert grouping symbols to make this equation true? 9 plus 9 divided by 3 times 5 minus 3 = 12

    asked by milan
  40. Science

    Unscrsmble this word atsetlectoicnp

    asked by Letitia
  41. maths

    A pie chart says that there is a number of animals on a farm. If there ARE 55 COWS, 65 GOATS and 50 sheep. How many pigs are there?

    asked by indira
  42. independence university

    If a nurse deposits $12,000 today in a bank account and the interest is compounding annually at 11%, what will be the value of this investment nine years from now?

    asked by valonda moore
  43. Pre algebra

    the temperature in canada is -8 degrees. the temperature drops 5 degrees. what is the current temperature?

    asked by Alison jay
  44. Physics0

    how to estimate the root mean square speed of hydrogen molecules in the earth's atmosphere in km h^-1? thanks for your help, I'm actually teaching myself physics and that why sometimes I get stuck even with simple questions

    asked by Adam
  45. US History, History, Social Studies

    Can anyone please help me with my US history writing? I am currently writing a paper related to the US policy in the Middle East. I have to write three policy recommendation to the US. My first idea is "The US step back from the Middle East"... But I'm not

    asked by Apple
  46. Physics0

    A) What area of a black body kept at 300°C radiates 100W? B) If a 25m2 roof has a U-value of 0.4Wm^-2 °C^-1, how much heat, expressed in MJ, would escape through it over a day if the temperature inside the building was maintained at 7°C above the

    asked by Adam
  47. Math

    Find the orthogonal trajectory of the family of circle x^2 (y-c)^2 c^2 where c is parameter.

    asked by Anusha
  48. math

    Tell whether the first number is a factor of the second. 9;522 10. 8;508 11. 13;179 12. 17;3,587

    asked by PLZ.Help ME
  49. math

    Tell whether the first number is a multiple of the second.13;179 17;3,587

    asked by PLZ.Help ME
  50. Chemistry

    How many N atoms are there in 0.410 mol of NH3? Would it simply be 0.410 x 6.02x10^23?

    asked by Abby
  51. Math

    A girl spent two fifth of her monthly income for family expense, one third for charity and remaining for saving. What fraction of her income does she save?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. English

    I tried to change this sentence to indirect question 3) what was the moment when you finally said I am an Irish rocker but I’m also now fully engaged in this topic? Indirect question He asked Bono what had been the moment when finally you had said you

    asked by Alex
  53. Physics

    A 14.1kg cart travelling at 15km hr collides with a 23.4 kg cart travelling at 11km hr and the carts stick together. Find the final velocity and the amount of kinetic energy lost in the final collision.

    asked by Gunner
  54. Chemistry

    Why is meta-nitro phenol more basic than para-nitro phenol?

    asked by Josh
  55. Physics

    Paul and john have the same mass of 50kg.They both climbed a stairof height 5 meters. Paul climbed the stair in 10 seconds while john climbed the same stair in 15 seconds. Which of them performed greater work? Which of them has more power?

    asked by Christ