Questions Asked on
August 13, 2017

  1. science

    2Zn+O2=2ZnO. What type of chemical reaction is it

    asked by Himanshu
  2. science

    a stone is thrown vertically upward,went up 98m and came down.How long was it in air?

    asked by lekshmi
  3. probability

    David has two boxes containing shapes. In box A there are 4 stars and 2 hearts. In box B there are 2 stars and 1 heart. David takes, at random, a shape from box A and puts it into box B.He then takes a shape from box B.

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Math

    I think of a number, subtract 23 and then divide by 8. The answer is 6. What was my starting number?

    asked by Odette
  5. Focus on the Caregiver

    Which one of the following recording methods would you most likely use to keep track of times and details about the daily routine? A. Daily log B. Running record C. Anecdotal record D. Individual journal my answer is a.

    asked by Priscila
  6. Biology

    Characteristics that biologists use to classify organisms are a. convergent evolution, cladogram, reproductive isolation. b. reproductive isolation, evolutionary history, shared derived characteristics. c. binomial nomenclature, shared derived

    asked by ~
  7. Help scott biostats

    The value of mammography as a screening test for breast cancer has been controversial, particularly among young women. A study was recently performed looking at the rate of false positives for repeated screening mammograms among approximately 10,000 women

    asked by maria
  8. 7th Grade Math

    The weight of an object on the moon varies directly as the weight of the object on Earth.A 90-pound object on Earth weights 15 pounds on the moon.if an object weights 156 pounds on Earth, how much does it weights on the moon? A.23 pounds B.26 pounds C.28

    asked by I dont get this :/

    A rectangular room is 1.2 times as long as it is wide, and its perimeter is 25 meters. Find the dimension of the room rounded to the nearest tenth. The length is: The Width is:

    asked by ryan

    A boy tosses a coin upward with a velocity of 20m/s What will be the maximum height? Time of flight? Velocity as it returns to the hand? Velocity as it hits the ground?

    asked by Valor
  11. Math

    Is the square of a rational number always greater than the number ?

    asked by Ana
  12. Phase Transformation

    Which of the following phase diagram shows liquid immiscibility ? Eutectic Peritectic Monotectic Eutectoid None of these

    asked by Nick
  13. Phase Transformation

    Change in Gibbs free energy is _____ related to interfacial energy and _____ related to radius of precipitate. directly, inversely inversely, directly directly, directly inversely, inversely

    asked by Nick
  14. Phase Transformation

    Concentration vs Distance plots resemble _____________ . Lognormal distribution Binomial distribution Lorentzian distribution Gaussian distribution

    asked by Nick
  15. Math

    Remainder theorem - 4x×x×x_12×x×x+11×x_5

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Physics

    Help with this please. No idea. Except for a 22.00 min. rest stop, Emily drives with a constant velocity of 89.5 km/hr north. How long does the trip take if Emily's average velocity is 77.8 km/hr north?

    asked by Rebecca
  17. English

    Speech about mythical character/legendary hero nd rreasons why i fear or admire him or her

    asked by mapaseka
  18. micro economics

    Assume short-run demand and supply curves for dry cleaning have the usual slopes, and each unit produced requires some amount of labour and exactly 1 unit of dry-cleaning fluid. What will be the short-run result of a decrease in the cost of dry-cleaning

    asked by bella
  19. Precalculus 11

    When subtracting 1 rational expression from another, when I'm multiplying the top & bottom of the first term by the denominator in the second term is that number automatically negative because the whole term is being subtracted? ex: (8a-3b)/7a - (2a+5b)/4b

    asked by Kayla
  20. Precalculus 11

    If when simplifying 2 rational expressions you got: (-2(x-3))/2-x would you multiply the top & bottom by -1? Thanks!! :)♡

    asked by Kayla
  21. Maths age problems

    Tom is 6 years older than James. In 5 years time their combined ages old are they now?

    asked by Michelle
  22. Math

    Rachel and Rena are sharing a bag of jellybeans. Rachel ate 1/5 of the jellybeans. Rena ate 1/6 of the jellybeans left. Rachel then ate 2/5 of the remaining beans. Rena then ate 2/3 of the ones left. Rachel then ate half which left them two yellow

    asked by Lily
  23. Math

    I have a question. Is it possible to calculate the length of a road between two towns. If we know when two vehicles travelling back and forth between the towns pass each other ? Also one vehicle is faster than the other one. Just need a hint or idea how to

    asked by Jenny
  24. science

    Why is filter paper a poor material on which to powder a solid before introducing it into a melting tube?

    asked by tonny
  25. math

    a sprinter runs 100 meters in 11.5 seconds.What is the runners average running rate in meters per second?Round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Jigsaw
  26. Math


    asked by Ayesha
  27. Precalculus 11

    (6a^2-15a)/(6a-15a^2) (3a(2a-5))/(3a(2-5a)) Multiply top & bottom by -1 -(5-2a)/(5a-2) is that correct? I have an answer here that's -(2a-5)/(5a-2) but I don't understand how to get there... Thanks :)

    asked by Kayla
  28. Math

    Jack sold a black jacket for $150 and took 25% profit. At the same time Jack sold a red jacket for $150 and took a 25% lost. A. He lost $20 B. He lost $25 C. He lost $30 D. He gained $20 E. He gained $30

    asked by Cindy
  29. math

    It takes Natasha 20 min to drive to work in the morning. She drives home using the same route, but it takes 11 min longer, and she averages 6 mi/h less than in the morning. How far does Natasha drive to work?

    asked by Anonymous