Questions Asked on
August 11, 2017

  1. Math

    Find the savings plan balance after 2 years with an APR of 9​% and monthly payments of ​$250 Can someone help me? Idk if im right but do I multiply $250 by 9% an then divide?

    asked by chris
  2. Maths

    Under root x+ under root x up to infinite time =6 find x

    asked by Sanjay
  3. math

    A large mixing tank currently contains 100 gallons of water into which 6 pounds of sugar have been mixed. A tap will open pouring 20 gallons per minute of water into the tank at the same time sugar is poured into the tank at a rate of 1 pound per minute.

    asked by gigi

    The coordinate plane below represents a city. Points A through F are schools in the city. graph of coordinate plane. Point A is at negative 5, 5. Point B is at negative 4, negative 2. Point C is at 2, 1. Point D is at negative 2, 4. Point E is at 2, 4.

    asked by Tony K
  5. world history

    How did food surpluses change the way of life in early human settlements? A-villages needed to organize governments B-the population decreased C-more hunting and gathering was required D-humans needed fewer tools and possesions my best answer is A is that

    asked by Cassandra

    The graph shows the functions f(x), p(x), and g(x): Graph of function g of x is y is equal to 1 plus the quantity 1.5 raised to the power of x. The straight line f of x joins ordered pairs negative 5, 3 and negative 3, negative 1 and is extended on both

    asked by Tony K
  7. math

    A manufacturing company needs to construct a rectangular container that meets some customer constraints. The volume must be 242 cubic centimeters. Length must be 3 centimeters longer than the width and the height must be one-seventh the width. What should

    asked by gigi
  8. math

    A quantity x varies directly with the cube of y and inversely with the square root of z. If x = 457.33333333333 when y = 7 and z = 9, find x when y = 6 and z = 4.

    asked by gigi
  9. Maths

    9^x+2 - 6* 3^x+1= 0 find x Answer earlier I got confused

    asked by Sanjay
  10. Math

    My question showed a bar graph showing the number of days of class 20 students missed. "What is the average number of days that each student missed?" A) 1 B) 1.5 C) 1.7 D)2 E)2.3 **The answer's 1.7 (according to my teacher), but from solving it I either

    asked by eunice
  11. Math

    10 + h > 2 + 2h

    asked by Anne
  12. Math

    Find the length of the line segment joining whose coordinates are (-3,1) and (5,-5) (A) 10 (B) 2 radical 10 (C) 100 (D) sqrt 10

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Physics

    . Determine the temperature, T that results when 150 g of ice at 0°C is mixed with 300 g of water at 50°C. Given heat of fusion, l of water = 3.35 × 105 J/kg, cwater = 4186 J/kg∙oC.

    asked by Joyce
  14. American Government

    Creating a task force to implement regulations about making medicines safe for citizens is an example of what? (1 point) a) judicial power b) executive power c) legislative power *** d) military power

    asked by Wes
  15. world history

    what type of evidence would give a historian the best first hand account of what occurred in the past A.written C.artwork D.tombstone etchings

    asked by ananomous
  16. trigonometry(opt math)

    From the roof and basement of a house 20m high,the angle of elevation of the top of a tower are 45 and 60 degres respectively. Find the height of the tower. (Ans=81.97m)

    asked by Anamika
  17. Halp!

    “Why Boy” is a game the authors suggest we play while studying. True False

    asked by Blackboard
  18. Physics

    From the expression E = mgh for potential energy, how can I express the unit of energy, the joule, in terms of kilograms, metres and seconds? could anyone explain to me what this question is asking me for cuz I don't understand it, to be honest? thanks

    asked by Adam
  19. Food

    I need to unscramble these 30 letters to make 5 words in a recipe. EAABCGBNREIDNASGSE AUNDALTIKELS

    asked by Anna
  20. Maths

    What is added to 5,9,17,27 to be in proportion

    asked by Sanjay
  21. biostats

    what is the probability by Pr( X ≥ 8) years where X is normally distributed with mean 5.24 and sd = 1.90? HELP!!! thank you!

    asked by maria

    Find a degree 3 polynomial with real coefficients having zeros 2 and 4-3i and a lead coefficient of 1.

    asked by gigi
  23. science

    A stone is dropped from a height of 45 meter . what will be the distance travelled by it during the last second of its motion ? take acceleration as g=9.8m/s^2

    asked by Saurav Kumar Ray
  24. math

    A person invested 1100 rs in a company at compound interest compounded semi-annually.he received rs 1331 after one year.rate% is?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. math

    On a journey across munbai,a taxi average 20mph for 76% of distance,25 mph for 10% of distance and 8 mph for remainder.then average speed of whole journey is?

    asked by renjith
  26. trigonometry(height and distance)

    The shadow of a tower when the angle of elevation of the sun is 45 degree is found to be 5m longer when it is 60 degree. Find the height of the tower.

    asked by Anamika
  27. trigonometry(height and distance)

    The shadow of a tower when the angle of elevation of the sun is 45 degree is found to be 5m longer when it is 60 degree. Find the height of the tower.

    asked by Anamika
  28. math

    when price of article was decreased by 12%,2 more articles could be bought for 2160.find original price of article?

    asked by kiran
  29. Maths

    Factorise- x raise to 6 - y raise to 6

    asked by Aree

    The table below shows the fourth powers of different numbers: Number (x) 1 -1 2 -2 Fourth Power of the number (y) 1 1 16 16 Part A: Does the table represent y as a function of x? Justify your answer. (5 points) Part B: The total cost f(x), in dollars, for

    asked by Tony K

    Malia is observing the velocity of a cyclist at different times. After two hours, the velocity of the cyclist is 15 km/h. After five hours, the velocity of the cyclist is 12 km/h. Part A: Write an equation in two variables in the standard form that can be

    asked by Tony K