Questions Asked on
August 10, 2017

  1. Math

    Two kids are liars, three are telling the truth. Jane: "if onln Joey doesn't lie,then either Jane or John do" joey:"jack lies as does Jane or Julia, John: if Julia is telling the truth then Jane or joey do as well jack: If you round up Jane, Joey,and john

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Physics

    A bullet of mass 0.03kg enters a block of wood with a velocity of 600m/s and penrets to the depth of 0.02m.calculate the average force of the wood to the penetration of the bullet

    asked by Banu
  3. MATH

    A certain fast food restaurant wants to determine the increase in revenue per cheeseburger if sales are $45,000. Let the function [p=(120000-x)/(30000)] represent the price of x cheeseburgers.

    asked by HAMID
  4. algebra

    A 12 - ft ladder leans against the side of a house. The bottom of the ladder is 6 ft from the side of the house. How high is the top of the ladder from the ground? If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Richard
  5. probability

    Amy and Blake are each dealt two cards from a standard, 52-card deck. Amy's cards are known, Blake's cards are unknown. In which of these two scenarios is it MORE LIKELY that Blake has a pair: A) Amy: Queen Queen Blake: face down, face down B) Amy: Queen

    asked by unowen
  6. Science

    A Stone of 5 kg falls from the top of a cliff 50 m high and buries 1m in sand. Find the average resistance offered by the way sand and the time taken to penetrate.

    asked by GAurav
  7. ELA

    Identify the climax in the following example 1.A boy sees a snake lying still in the road. He bends close to look at it. Suddenly, the snake moves. The boy jumps back. A. A boy sees a snake lying in the road. B. The snake is lying still in the road. C. The

    asked by Hayley
  8. Art

    For which purposes was this piece of art most likely created? Aesthetics and expression. Entertainment and historical. Utilitarian and aesthetics. (MY ANSWER) Picture. Net pattern bowl by unknown artist.

    asked by Hayley
  9. Math

    Suppose a man is 30years old and would like to retire at age 65 ​Furthermore, he would like to have a retirement fund from which he can draw an income of ​$50,000 per yearlong dash—​forever! How can he do​ it? Assume a constant APR of 5​%. He

    asked by chris
  10. Geometry

    By how many degrees does the measure of an interior angle of a regular octagon exceed the measure of an interior angle of a regular hexagon?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Math

    Jana buys a dress for $25.98 and a blouse for $14.99. The sales tax is $2.46. a. What is the total cost of her purchase? b. If Jana pays with a $50 bill, how much change should she receive? $25.98 + 14.99 + 2.46 = $43.43 50- 43.43= 6.57

    asked by Hayley
  12. Chemistry-Balancing equations

    Write a single, balanced equation for the formation of ozone from the high-temperature reaction of atmospheric nitrogen and atmospheric oxygen.

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Physics

    A basketball player throws a ball from a horizontal distance of 10m. The basketball is 3m from tge ground and he releases the ball from a height of 2m from the ground. If he shoots at a 40° angle with the horizontal, at what initial speed must he throw so

    asked by Harley
  14. Art

    1. (Has a picture: Starry Night by Edvard Munch Artists are driven to create art for many different reasons. What seems to be the purpose for this artistic creation? For an aesthetic purpose.**** For an entertainment purpose. For a utilitarian purpose. Has

    asked by Hayley
  15. english 9 a

    which of these is a compound noun? A.flashlight B.birds C.butter

    asked by donnie
  16. algebra-math

    Combined, there are 184 ​Asians, Africans,​ Europeans, and Americans in a village.The number of Asians exceeds the number of Africans and Europeans by 61. The difference between the number of Europeans and Americans is 11. If the number of Africans

    asked by Kenny
  17. math

    if r varies partly as the square of v and partly as the cube of v.find the relationship of r and v

    asked by paul apinat
  18. Physics

    A body of mass 0.05kg falls from the height of 3m into a pile of send .the body penetrates the sand to a distant of 0.03m before stopping .what force is exerted by the sand

    asked by Banu
  19. Math

    Ed's new pickup cost $3000 down and $265 per month for 6 years. What is its total price?

    asked by Saschi
  20. physics

    Two point charges, Q1 = -2.3 μC and Q2 = +9.3 μC, are placed as shown in the figure. The y component of the electric field, at the origin O, is closest to

    asked by mik
  21. Math

    A kitchen measures 5 yd by 6 yd. How much would it cost to install new linoleum in the kitchen if the linoleum costs $2 per square foot?

    asked by Miho
  22. Essay Writing

    So I'm supposed to write an essay about promoting South East Asian Literature in general and I don't know how to make a good introduction and how to persuade people in general. Any tips/advice would be great. Thanks :)

    asked by Amy
  23. physics

    A small block is freely sliding down from top of a smooth inclined plane the block reaches bottom of inclined plane then the block describes vertical circle of radius 0.5m along smooth track the minimum vertical height of inclined plane should be Ans:1.25m

    asked by Thousif
  24. Math

    Alice reads an equal number of pages of a story each day. After another 4 days, she has 180 pages left to read. How many pages are there in the storybook?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Maths

    A cylindrical birthday cake of radius 23cm and height 12cm is to be shared equally among 18 people at a party,the piece of cake was shaped as AOB to give 20 degrees,hence prove that.Also calculate the area of cylindrical cake.

    asked by CHIKERE ANOZIE
  26. Maths

    Mr.sharma gave1/4 of his daughter,1/6 of his property to each of his three sons and the remaining to charity.If the charity received rs 2,50,000,what was the worth of the total property

    asked by Gurjot
  27. Algebra

    Click on "Explain" if you need help. A dart hits the square dartboard shown below at a random point. Find the probability that the dart lands in the shaded circular region. Each side of the dartboard is 15in , and the radius of the shaded region is 5in .

    asked by Anonymous
  28. social studies

    How are you going to respect the rights of others?

    asked by kritika
  29. Algebra

    ann finished reading a book in 14 hours. it took ben 855 minutes to read the same book. carly read the book in 50,000 seconds. who finished the book first. explain your answer. Aren't they all around 14 hours?

    asked by Nissa
  30. Maths trigonometric

    Find the value of sinx ,if 8sinx-cosx=4

    asked by Rookeya
  31. mathis

    if a man walks 700 m on a bearing of 040"how far east is he from his starting point

    asked by shifnaz
  32. Honors American Government

    A country has elections every other year to elect representatives. The people running for office all belong to the same political party. Would this type of government be considered more like a democracy or more like a dictatorship? a) It would be

    asked by Wes
  33. physics

    On a 60 km track,a train travels the first 30 km at a uniform speed of 30 km per hour. How fast the train travels the next 30km so as to have an average of 40 km per hour for the entire trip

    asked by Hage ado
  34. Math

    Alice reads an equal number of pages of a storybook each day. After 8days, she has 5/6 of the storybook left to read. Another 4days, she has 180 pages left. How many pages are the in the storybook?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. math

    man buys a article with 20% discount on original price.he makes a profit of 20% by selling it at rs 720.what is original price of article?

    asked by kiran
  36. Math

    Ali reads 900.pages in 2 weeks and 3 days how many pages will he read in the month of 31 days?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. math

    How many degrees are in the smaller angle formed by the minute and hour hands on a clock at 12:30?

    asked by Charlie
  38. math

    Ellie drove from Atlanta to St. Louis and then back to Atlanta. If her odometer read 26,473 miles before she left Atlanta and 27,949 after she got back to Atlanta, how many miles was the one-way trip? (assume she traveled the same path both directions?)

    asked by Hailey9
  39. matthematics

    Fiona has a a job that pays $7 an hour for a 40-hour work week and $10 an hour for every hour of overtime that she works. If she works 43 hours, how much money will she make before any deductions are made?

    asked by Justinne Lee
  40. Biology

    Hello! Which of the following are characteristics of all animals? A.multicellular, haploid cells that divide by mitosis, organisms with organ systems B.multistage zygote development, vertebrates, reproduce sexually C.99 percent invertebrates, heterotrophs,

    asked by ~
  41. maths

    a dog runs 50 m on a bearing of 230 degrees and then runs north until he is west of his starting point. how is the dog from its starting point

    asked by shifnaz
  42. math

    company A sells 53 cm model tv at price of 7000 whereas another B sells same model at price of 16800rs.what is ratio of their selling price?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Algebra 1

    Can someone help me solve for, the square root of 100 over 49? PLZ don't give the answer.

    asked by Algebra 1
  44. math

    Marie's room was covered with new wallpaper at a cost of $2 per square foot. Two walls measured 10 feet by 8 feet and the other two walls were 12 feet by 8 feet. What was the total cost of the wallpaper?

    asked by Hailey9
  45. History

    where was the Caribbean island located in the year 1770? I couldn't find it online.

    asked by cadence
  46. History, Social Studies

    I'm from the outside of the United States. What are issues currently facing the United States in the Middle East??

    asked by Apple
  47. math

    2000@4% and 4 year ki present value

    asked by Lalita
  48. Chemistry stoichiometry

    How many grs of H2SO4 is required to obtain 0.1 molal of 1 kg solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. math

    when price of article was decreased by 12%,2 more articles could be bought for 2160.find original price of article?

    asked by kiran
  50. math

    it costs rs 6500 to make a table.if it is to be sold for a profit of 40% after giving a discount of 13 1/3 %.find market price?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Science I reallllllyyy need help!!!!

    which of the following describes scientific inquiry? (1 point) a statement that describes what scientists expect to happen in an experiment facts, figures, and other evidence gathered through observation the diverse ways in which scientists study the

    asked by Hayley